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RETURN To an Address to His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor, asking him to cause to be laid before this… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1902

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 2 Ed. 7
Japanese Labourers in Atlin District.
To an Address to His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor, asking him to cause to be laid
before this House copies of all papers, correspondence, letters and telegrams which
have passed between the Provincial Government, or any member thereof, and any
person or persons or corporations relating to the introduction of Japanese into the
Atlin District in the month of March, 1902.
By Command.
Attorney-General's Department, Attorney-General.
24th April, 1902.
Victoria, B. C, March 17th, 1902.
The Hon. the Attorney-General.
Deo\r Sir,—Kindly let me know what you have done since Friday re Japs for Atlin, and
Yours truly,
(Signed)        James Stables.
Attorney-G eneral's Office,
Victoria, B. C, March 17th, 1902.
James Stables, Esq., M. P. P.,
Victoria, Ii. C.
Sir,—It has been brought to the notice of the Government that a large number of
Japanese are about to be taken into the Atlin country to work on contract labour in the
mines in competition with white miners already there.
Needless to say that the Government do not in any way approve of this, but as the law
now stands they are powerless to restrain the entry of these Japanese into the district, or
from carrying on any lawful calling while there.
I have, &c,
(Signed) D.  M.  Eberts,
A ttorney-General.
Atlin, B. C, March 21st, 1902.
Hon. Attorney-General, Victoria.
One hundred men going on our property to interfere with workmen.    Demand protection
for our men and property from Government.
Atlin Mining Co., Ltd.,
R. D. Eetherstonhaugh, Mgr.
Victoria, B. C, March 21st, 1902.
Atlin Mining Co., Ltd., Atlin, B. C.
Cannot believe any Atlin miners have any desire to destroy your property.    Any infractions of criminal law Government Agent will attend to.
D. M. Eberts,
Attorney-General 844 Japanese Labourers in Atlin District. 1902
Atlin, B. C, 21st March, 1902.
Attorney-General, Victoria.
Riot threatened re Japanese labourers.    Sixty men just marched into town proceeding to
Fetherstonhaugh's house.    Am going down with constables.    Wire orders.
E. J. Thain.
Atlin, B. C, March 21st, 1902.
Attorney-General, Victoria.
No immediate danger.    Meeting to be held at one o'clock.
E. J. Thain.
Atlin, B. C, 21st March, 1902.
Attorney-General, Victoria.
Crowd proceeded McKee Creek avowed intention of ordering Japanese out.    Have sworn
specials and following.
E. J. Thain.
Provincial Government Offices,
Atlin, B. C, March 22nd, 1902.
Sir,—I have the honour to report for your information that the uprising against the
Japanese labourers brought into this district by Mr. R. D. Fetherstonhaugh, of which I wired
information yesterday, has passed over without any breach of the peace, and so far as reported
to me by the constables, and also by Mr. Fetherstonhaugh, without threats or intimidation of
the men, by the miners who to the number of about ninety, as near as could be ascertained,
had followed the Japanese from here to McKee Creek.
The majority of the Japanese left here this afternoon for Log Cabin en route to Vancouver, their expenses being supplied to them by subscription; with the consent of the miners
the cooks were allowed to remain.
I will report fully by the following mail as I find I shall be unable to do so to-day, as there
are some facts I wish to ascertain before doing so.
I have, &c,
(Signed)        Edward J. Thain,
The Hon. The Attorney-General, Acting Government Agent.
Edward Thain, Esq.,
Acting Government Agent, Atlin, B. C.
Attorney-General's Office,
Victoria, B. C, 2nd April, 1902.
Re Japanese Labourers in Atlin.
Sir,—I have the honour to acknowledge receipt of your communication of the 22nd,
ultimo, setting out your interim report upon this matter.
I have, (fee,
(Signed)       H. A. Maclean,
Deputy Attorney-General.
Printed by Richard Wolfenden, Printer to the King's Most Excellent Majesty.


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