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REPORT OF THE LIBRARY OF THE LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY. 1899-1900. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1900

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 64 Vict.
Report of Legislative Library.
To the Honourable the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia:
Mr. Speaker :
The undersigned has the honour to submit herewith the Fifth Report on the Library of
the Legislative  Assembly.
For the sake of convenience it has been deemed advisable that in the future the period
covered by the Library report should coincide in point of time with the fiscal year. Therefore
the present report deals with the eighteen months ending with June 30th, 1900.
It is a matter for regret that, on account of lack of funds with which to purchase much-
needed volumes, the Library has not progressed as rapidly as could be desired during the last
eighteen months. If, however, the number of books acquired has not been as large as usual,
yet many volumes have been placed on the shelves which greatly enhance the value of the
Library. Care has been taken that the character of the accessions should be in harmony with
the rules guiding selections in recent years, the main consideration being the fact that the
Library must of necessity largely consist of reference works, which are naturally the most
expensive. While an endeavour has been made to obtain, as far as possible, representative
works in all departments of knowledge, special attention has been given to acquiring the
Statutes of the Provinces of Canada, of the various States of the Union and of the Australasian
Colonies, and works on local, constitutional and national history, biography, constitutional
law, political and social science, aud works of reference. Efforts to complete the Library's
sets of the laws of the respective States will be persevered in, as these volumes contain many
legislative enactments of more than local interest.
The statistics given hereunder denote the growth of the Library during the last three
years :—
Volumes acquired by purchase	
Volumes acquired by donation and exchange .
In addition to these volumes some six hundred pamphlets, dealing with a variety of
subjects, have been received. These pamphlets will be carefully sorted and the more important
bound, in order that they may be preserved in a convenient form. Newspapers and Magazines.
In the Appendix to this report may be seen a list of the newspapers and periodicals fyled
in the reading room, and which are carefully preserved for future reference. All Provincial
papers and some others are bound annually. Unfortunately, the expenditure entailed by this
very necessary work is large and greatly reduces the appropriations made for the maintenance
of the Library. After the subscriptions to the papers and magazines and the expense of
binding a number of the same had been defrayed, only a small portion of the appropriation was
left for the purchase of new books in the period covered by this report. Hence the decrease
in the number of volumes acquired by purchase. In addition to the newspapers, many books
need binding, some of which have been on the shelves for a considerable period, but hitherto
there have been no funds available for this purpose.
Reference Department.
In a reference library, such as the Library of the Legislative Assembly must necessarily
be, it is obviously important that care should be taken to procure a good collection of dictionaries, encyclopaedias, year books, almanacs, directories, and works of a similar character, as
they are exceedingly useful for ready reference. Increasing attention is being bestowed on
this department.
With the consent of the Honourable the Commissioners of the Library, an effort will be
made during the present year to prepare for publication bulletins containing information on
various matters pertaining to the institution, which it is hoped will be of service to the
members of the Legislature and to those who use the Library during the recesses of Parliament.
It is suggested that the first bulletins take the form of reference lists on various pertinent
subjects.    It is believed that they would be found extremely useful.
Donations and Exchanges.
Through the courtesy of the governments of the United States, Australia, Cape Colony
and Natal, many interesting and valuable volumes have been received. Notwithstanding the
fact, however, that a vast number of works of general utility may be acquired by donation and
exchange it is apparent that many works which are greatly needed can only be obtained by
purchase. As heretofore, the various public departments at Washington have been most
liberal in presenting official documents and monographs on different subjects. Too much
cannot be said regarding the courtesy of the officials of the United States, who on all occasions
seem actuated by a desire to render every assistance to those requiring information concerning
their respective departments. Particular mention must be made of the Honourable the
Secretary of State, the Director of the United States Geological Survey, the Director of the
Smithsonian Institute, the Commissioner of the Department of Labour, the Secretary of
Agriculture and the Librarian of Congress.
Owing to the prominence which has been given to Alaska through the development of
the goldfields of the far north, and also on account of the long-standing dispute concerning
the demarcation of the international boundary line, it was deemed a matter of some moment
to procure as much information as possible regarding that territory. Through the kindness
of Mr. Herbert Putnam, Librarian of Congress, the Library has been presented with a
number of reports dealing with the various industries and institutions of Alaska, together with
the several treaties, accompanied by maps, affecting its territorial limits and occupation.
Professor George M. Dawson, of the Geological Survey of Canada, very kindly presented
a set of maps relating to British Columbia published by his Department. This set is particularly valuable as, owing to a number of the maps being out of print, they can only with
difficulty be duplicated. The set has been mounted, catalogued and numbered, so that it is an
easy matter to refer to any particular map. However, owing to lack of space, it has not been
possible to fyle the maps in a suitable manner. A few modern map cases would be of great
utility.    A list of the maps is appended hereto.
An effort has been made, with more or less success, to obtain information in regard to
some of the social problems of the Australian Colonies, particularly that of Alien Immigration.
A large amount of material was obtained which, when bound, may be found useful for purposes
of reference and comparison. 64 Vict. Report of Legislative Library. 977
The Department of Labour of New Zealand, in compliance with a request made by this
Department, forwarded some interesting material regarding the labour laws of that Colony.
The pamphlets dealing with the working of the Industrial Disputes Act will be found very
useful to those interested in such matters.
Among the more important accessions of the year the following may be mentioned:—
Annual Reports of the Bureau of Education, Washington, D. C.
Annual Reports of the United States Geological Survey, 1898, 12 volumes.
Fishes of North and Middle America.    By David Starr Jordan, 3 volumes.
History of English Law.    Sir F. Pollock and F. W. Maitland, 2 volumes.
Parliamentary Debates of New Zealand, 10 volumes.
Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia     10 volumes, 1899.
Seal and Salmon Fisheries and General Resources of Alaska, 1898.    4 volumes.
Fur Seals and Fur Seal Islands of the North Pacific Ocean.    4 volumes.
Charts to accompany the Report of the Fur Seal Investigation, 1896, 1897.
Year Books and the Official Publications of the Australian Colonies.
London Directory, 1899.
Journal of Captain Cook's Last Voyage to the Pacific, 1785.
Narrative of Captain Cook's Voyage to the Pacific in  Search   of  a  North-West
Passage.    By W. Ellis, 1783.    2 volumes.
Digest of the International Law of the United States.     3 volumes.
International Electrical Library.     6 volumes.
Dictionary of Anonymous and Pseudonymous Literature.    Halkett and  Laing.     4
Dictionary of Biographical Reference.    L. B. Phillips.
Works of Provincial Interest.
A great deal of attention has been paid to the collecting of books dealing with loca'
affairs, and some very interesting material has recently been added to the section devoted t°
works of Provincial interest. It may be stated that this section of the Library is one of its
chief features, and as time passes its value will, undoubtedly, greatly increase.
There are many valuable state papers in the care of the Department, including the
despatches of the early Governors of the Colonies of Vancouver Island and British Columbia,
which fortunately were removed from Government House some time before its demolition by
fire a little over a year ago. Hitherto these documents, which are of real historical value,
have not been classified or arranged in a manner which their importance justifies. They are
at present stored in one of the rooms in the basement of the Parliament buildings, but their
location is anything but desirable. It is respectfully suggested that proper accommodation be
provided for them in a fireproof vault, where they could be properly arranged and made readily
accessible. Careful search will be made for missing papers, and in the event of these not
being found, with the permission of the Honourable the Commissioners of the Library, an
application will be forwarded to London for duplicates of the same in order that the set may
be preserved as complete as possible. The importance of these documents to any future historian can well be imagined.
It was stated in the last report that a catalogue would Lc published during the year.
Unfortunately it was found impossible to complete this work within the time specified, as
much attention had to be given to other matters, notably in the Travelling Library Department. However, the energies of the Department will be exerted in order to make the
catalogue an accomplished fact at the earliest possible moment. The amount of labour
connected with such an undertaking, even in a small library, can only be realized by those
having a practical knowledge of what is comprehended by a catalogue constructed on modern
principles.    The card index to the volumes already catalogued is of great utility. 978 Report of Legislative Library. 1900
Need of Additional Accommodation.
Once again it is necessary to call attention to the pressing need of the Library for additional shelf space. The present stack room is wholly inadequate to the requirements of a first-
class library. As the years go by and the accessions become more numerous, as undoubtedly
they will, some way of largely extending the quarters must be devised. In addition to the
space set aside for the use of the Library in the basement of the building, it was found necessary
to secure yet another room where volumes may be placed for which accommodation cannot be
found in the Library proper. The inconvenience resulting from this arrangement is obvious,
not only on account of the additional labour which it necessarily involves, but more particularly because it interferes with the proper classification of the books. In order that the best
results may be attained, a proper method of classification should be adhered to. The present
quarters are so confined as to almost entirely prohibit the logical arrangement of the contents,
and this prevents the attainment of a high state of efficiency. There are many maps and
photographs of much historical interest in the Library which for lack of space cannot be displayed.
Travelling Library Department.
Satisfactory progress has been made in this branch during the last eighteen months.
Twenty libraries have now been made up, eighteen of which are in use in different parts of the
Province. The method adopted for transferring the libraries from one district to another has
worked smoothly except in a few cases. It is safe to say that the system is increasing in
popularity and there is little doubt that it is productive of much good. So far the libraries
have been sent chiefly to agricultural communities, and, such being the case, endeavours have
been made to make them attractive by including a number of standard works pertaining to
agriculture and kindred subjects. General satisfaction has been expressed through the
librarians as to the selection of books and as to the good work which the libraries have accomplished. Many enquiries with regard to the system have been received and it is reasonable to
suppose that applications for libraries will continue to arrive. The freight charges, which are
defrayed by those applying for libraries, are somewhat heavy. It is the intention of the
Department, however, to make representations to the transportation companies and endeavour
to induce them to aid in the useful work which is being carried on through the medium of the
Travelling Library Department by transporting the libraries at reduced rates. In the
Appendix will be found a list of the districts where libraries have been sent, together with the
names of the librarians in charge.
It may be interesting to add that British Columbia is the only Province in Canada which
has inaugurated a system of travelling libraries. It is understood that the Government of
Manitoba have been considering the advisability of establishing a similar system, modelled on
that of British Columbia, while in Ontario the idea has also been mooted. It is a subject for
congratulation that this western Province should have taken the lead in such an important
educational innovation. It may also be mentioned that at the Convention of the American
Library Association, held recently in Montreal, reference was made to the Travelling Library
Department recently established in this Province.
In conclusion, Mr. Speaker, in looking back upon the record of the Library since its
inception in 1893, it would appear altogether probable, taking into consideration the progress
which has been made since that date, that the future will see a yet more remarkable expansion and a wider sphere of usefulness established. You may rest assured that in the future,
as in the past, an earnest endeavour will be made to build up a library worthy of the Province.
It is the sincere wish of the writer to see the Library established on a firm basis and progress
in a methodical manner on certain well-defined lines.
All of which is respectfully submitted.
Librarian. 64 Vict.
Report of Legislative Library.
1. List of newspapers and periodicals.
2. List of maps donated by Professor George M. Dawson.
3. Places where travelling libraries are located with names of librarians.
4. List of Donors.
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Report of Legislative Library.
List of Newspapers and Periodicals.—Concluded.
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1. Geological map of a portion of British Columbia between the Fraser River and Coast Range.    George
M. Dawson.    1875-6.
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Vancouver and adjacent islands.    James Richardson.     1876-7.
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16. Map of placer mines and quartz locations in the vicinity of Williams Creek.    Amos Bowman.
17. Placer mines of Harvey Creek, Cariboo.    Amos Bowman.
18. Harvey Creek, section along, showing explorations of deep channel.
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22. Northern part of Vancouver Island.    Geo. M. Dawson.    1887.
23. Index map showing routes followed by the members of the Yukon Expedition.    1887-88.
24. Index map of the Yukon District, of the northern portion of British Columbia and adjacent regions.
Geo. M. Dawson.    1888.
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30. Portion  of  the   Yukon District with the adjacent northern part of British Columbia.    Geo. M.
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31. Portion of the Yukon District with adjacent northern part of British Columbia.    Geo. M. Dawson.
32. Portion of Yukon District with adjacent northern part of British Columbia.    Geo. M. Dawson.
33. Shuswap sheet, geologically coloured.    Geo. M. Dawson.     1898. 64 Viot.
Report of Legislative Library.
Place. Librarian. Trustee.
Abbotsford F. Munroe.
Aldergrove D. Shortreed  James Duff.
Armstrong H. H. Ireland Donald Graham.
Central Park George Rae.
Cumberland Miss M. Bissett Mayo Whitney.
Eburne W. F. Stewart R. McBride.
Gordon Head   George Slugget W. C. Grant.
Hall's Prairie CD. Moggridgo W. Brown.
Hazelmere Miss B. Mclnnes H. T. Thrift.
Langley A. H. P. Matthew T. W. Omrod.
Maple Ridge E. W. Becket H. Ferguson.
Mount Lehman   P. H. Alder J. W. Taylor.
150-Mile House S. T. Hall E. A. Carew-Gibson.
Port Kells Earle W. Clarke C. Yeomans.
South Saanich Fred. Turgoose John Camp.
Tynehead Leslie Bruce D. M. Robertson.
Upper Sumas T. F. York T. F. York.
Vernon J. J. Hull S. C. Smith.
Government of Canada.
/; Cape of Good Hope.
« Connecticut.
n Hawaii.
n Manitoba.
« Massachusetts.
n Michigan.
« Montana.
n Natal.
« New Brunswick.
« New Hampshire.
w New South Wales.
n New Zealand.
ii North-West Territories.
« Nova Scotia.
ii Ohio.
» Ontario.
// Prince Edward Island.
ti Quebec.
// Queensland.
// United States.
» Victoria.
a Western Australia.
// Wisconsin.
Tasmania.    Department of Mines.
Kansas. Bureau of Labour.
Ontario. Department of Agriculture.
United States.    Treasury Department.
» Post Office Department.
// Navy Department.
« Department of Justice.
/; Bureau of Foreign Commerce.
/; Bureau of Education.
« Department of the Interior.
n Department of Agriculture.
Hawaii. Department of Foreign Affairs.
// Department of the Secretary of State.
Ontario. Department of Education.
Straits  Settlements.     Department  of  the  Colonial
Nevada.    Attorney-General's Department.
Quebec.    Provincial Secretary's Department.
Maine.    State Insurance Commission.
California.    Board of Trade.
Ontario.    Board of Health.
London Board of Trade.
Vancouver Board of Trade.
British Columbia Board of Trade.
Geological Survey of the United States.
// Iowa.
it New Jersey.
« Canada.
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Societies and Institutions.
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Wesley College, Winnipeg.
Queen's College and University, Kingston.
New Brunswick University.
St. John's College, Winnipeg.
Knox College, Toronto.
Woodstock College, Toronto. 982
Report of Legislative Library.
(4.)—List of Donors.—Concluded.
Colleges and Universities.—Concluded.
McMaster University, Toronto.
Wesleyan Theological College, Montreal.
Manitoba University, Winnipeg.
Ottawa University, Ottawa.
St. Boniface College, Winnipeg.
Wyoming College, Laramie, Wyoming.
Presbyterian College, Halifax.
University of Bishop's College, Lennoxville.
Collegiate School, Antigonish.
University of St. Francis Xavier, Antigonish.
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Alma College, St. Thomas, Ontario.
Hellmuth College, London, Ontario.
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University of Toronto.
a King's College, Halifax.
a New York.
/; California.
// Cambridge.
// Edinburgh.
it London.
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Library of Cornell University.
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Maine State Library.
Missouri State Library.
Carnegie Library, Pittsburg.
Toronto Public Library.
Dayton Public Library, Dayton, Ohio
Pratt Institute Library.
Gazette, Montreal.
Globe, Toronto.
Mr. Charles Hill-Tout.
Mr. John B. Calkin.
Mr. Arthur Weir.
Honourable Mr. Justice Martin.
Honourable S. Shimizu, Japanese Consul, Vancouver.
Printed by Richard Wolkrnden, Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty.


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