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RETURN To an Order of the House for a Return showing :-- 1. The number of Crowns grants issued to "Burnaby… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1898

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 61 Vict Burnaby Small Holders. 807
To an Order of the House for a Return showing :—
1. The number of Crown grants issued to "Burnaby Small Holders" up to date,
and the price received for land granted.
2. The report or reports of the Government Agent as to the fulfilment of the pro
visions of lease by those to whom Crown grants have been issued.
3. The names of parties holding or applying for more than one lot under the same
lease or different leases, and reports of Government Agent in respect to such.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
17th March, 1898.
1. Two Crown grants ; $30.00 per acre.
2. The Government Agent under date of 2nd February, 1897, reports respecting subdivision No. 1 of lots 151 and 153, New Westminster District, leased to E. Spillrnan, containing
5.49 acres, as follows :—
One acre cleared ; well 14 feet in depth ; ditching, one chain ; house in course of erection,
37 feet by 41 feet, 1| story and basement.
The Government Agent under date of 4th May, 1896, reports respecting subdivision No.
17 of lot 153, group 1, New Westminster District, leased to R. Hoffmeister, containing 7.99
acres, as follows :—
Continuous occupation; house, wood-shed, hen-house, piggery, well; logged up, P acre;
about ^ of an acre in garden ; picket fencing about 150 feet.
Under date of 2nd February, 1897, the Government Agent reports respecting subdivision
No. 17, as follows :—
House, 18 feet by 16 feet; wood-shed, 14 by 12 feet; piggery, 10 by 10 feet; well, 15
feet in depth ; rail fence, 2 chains 40 feet; picket fence, 104 feet ; ditching, 100 feet; whole
claim slashed and partly burned ; garden about one third acre.
3. A lease of block 50, subdivision of lot 151, and block 6, subdivision of lot 153, group
1, New Westminster District, was granted to W. Maxwell Smith (in consequeirce of the small
area of the first named block).
The Government Agent under date of 2nd February, 1897, reports as to subdivision No
50 of lot 151, as follows:—
Store and Post Office, 24 by 12 feet, with small lean-to ; house, 24' by 16 feet; well, 12
feet deep ; chicken-house, 24 by 44 feet; grapery, 6 by 24 feet; cleared patches, 2 chains by
36 feet; ditto, 4 chains by 35 feet; 1 chain by 58 feet; fence posts, pickets, etc., on the
ground ; chickens; continuous occupation.
A small church is situated on this land.
Subdivision No. 6 of lot 153 :—
Shack, 12 by 18 feet; shed, 7 by 12 feet; fence (rail) 1 chain 54 feet; cleared and
planted, 1 chain 54 feet by 60 feet; small slashing; non-resident. 808 Burnaby Small Holders. 1898
The Government Agent under date of 16th February, 1898, reports as to subdivision No.
50 of lot 151, as follows :
A number of fence posts have been placed on this lot and some clearing and slashing done.
Occupation continuous.
As to subdivision No. 6 of lot 153 :
Is occupied by men allowed to live there by the lessee, who has neither by himself or his
family occupied the claim. It presents a desolate and miserable appearance to passers on the
Vancouver Road. The windows are out and altogether the claim is the one having the least
presentable appearance in the settlement.
Printed by Richard Wolfenden, Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty.


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