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RETURN To an humble Address to His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor praying him to cause to be sent down… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1898

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 61 Vict. Chinamen who are Tenants of the Crown. 1039
To an humble Address to His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor praying him to cause
to be sent down to this House a Return showing—
(a.) The number of Chinamen who are tenants of the Crown:
(b.) Particulars of property occupied, together with the area thereof, and nature
of tenure:
(c.)   Amount of rent and when paid.
By Command.
Chief Commissioner of iMnds and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
3rd May, 1898.
Victoria, B. C, September 12th, 1896.
Sir,—I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 29th June last,
furnishing information desired in my letter of the 1st June respecting certain lands occupied
by one Nam Sing (a Chinaman).
In reply, I beg to say that a Crown grant of Lot 85, Group I., Cariboo District, has not
been issued to Nam Sing or to any other person.
Your suggestion to notify Nam Sing and any other yearly lessees of lands from the Crown
to have surveys made defining the boundaries of their leaseholds is approved. Be good enough
to take such steps to notify the lessees as may be required.
Kindly ascertain and advise me of the names of all such lessees as Nam Sing, the date,
area and location of the land, by whom the leases were issued, and under what authority the
leases were granted.
I have, etc.,
(Signed)        W. S. Gore,
Jno. Bowron, Esq., Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Government Agent, Barkerville, B. C.
Richfield, 30th November, 1896.
Sir,—Replying to your communication of 12th September (which through press of business on my hands has remained unanswered till the present time), relating to " leases " of
plots of land in the vicinity of Quesnellemouth held by Nam Sing and others.
The last clause in your letter (requiring that I furnish you with names of such lessees,
date, area and location of the land, by whom issued and under what authority the leases were
granted) should be answered before putting the several parties to the expense of having their
land surveyed, which possibly they may be ordered to relinquish at any time.
The lands referred to are plots of from five to one hundred and fifty acres each, and of
which no leases have even been granted, but merely a receipt for a year's rental given, and so
from year to year, making the parties yearly tenants only. This custom has prevailed for
thirty years, being first adopted, I think, by Captain Ball, then Gold Commissioner, and was
solely in the interest of the revenue, and for which I am unable to find any authority ; but
hitherto no objection has been made, and, as it brings in quite a bit of revenue annually, I
think the custom should be continued, but possibly a more systematic manner might be
adopted by giving a regular lease for a term of years. I shall await your further instructions
before ordering the parties to have surveys of their holdings made, as directed in your letter.
I have, etc.,
(Signed)       Jno. Bowron, 67. C.
victoria, b. c. .-
Printed by RrCHARD Wolfenden, Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty. 


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