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 60 Vict. Correspondence—Rudd v. Collinson. 933
To an Order of the House for copies of all correspondence regarding Mr. J. W. Rudd's
claim to record a pre-emption on the north half of the north half of Section 7,
Mayne Island. Also, copies of all correspondence regarding issuance of a Certificate of Improvement to W. T. Collinson on said land.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
March Wnd, 1897.
Victoria, Sept. 10th, 1894.
To the Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Sir,—Finding that the north portion of Section 7, Mayne Island, and containing 160
acres, is unoccupied Crown lands, I hereby make application to have the said land recorded in
my name as a pre-emption.
John W. Rudd.
I hereby certify that the above statement is correct.
Thomas Bennett.
iipPLicATiON to Record.
Victoria,  British Columbia, Sept. 10th, 1894.
To the Land Commissioner,
Cowichan Land Recording District.
Sir,—I have the honour to request that you will record, in my name as a pre-emptor,
under the " Land Act," one hundred and sixty acres of unoccupied and unreserved Crown
land, within the meaning of the " Land Act," in the District of Cowichan.
The claim is described as follows, and is more particularly shown on the sketch map
drawn on the back of this application, viz..-—
The north half of the north half of Section 7, Mayne Island.
I herewith enclose (in duplicate) Declaration Form 2 in the Schedule of the " Land Act,"
and the recording fee of two dollars.
I have, etc.,
John W. Rudd,
Plumper Pass.
Declaration.    (Sections 7 and 8.)
I, John W. Rudd, of Mayne Island, do solemnly declare that the land for the record of
which I have made application, dated the tenth day of September, 1894, is unoccupied and
unreserved Crown land, within the meaning of the " Land Act," and is not an Indian settlement, or any portion thereof ; that I have staked off and marked such land in accordance
with the provisions of the " Land Act;" that my application to record is not made in trust 934 Correspondence—Rudd v. Collinson. 1897
for, on behalf of, or in collusion with, any other person or persons, but honestly on my own
behalf for settlement and occupation ; and I also declare that I am duly qualified under the
said Act to record the said land ; and I make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing
it to be true, aud knowing that it is of the same force and effect as if made under oath and by
virtue of the "Evidence Act, 1894."
John W. Rudd.
Declared and subscribed by the within-named on the)
11th day of September, 1894, before me, /
B. H. John, N. P.
Victoria, B.C., September 12th,  1894.
Sir,—It has been represented to this office that you have not occupied your pre-emption
claim in Mayne Island in accordance with the provisions of the " Land Act." You are, therefore, hereby notified that unless you can produce satisfactory evidence to the contrary within
thirty days from the date hereof your record of the land will be cancelled.
I have, etc.,
W.  T.  Collinson,   Esq.,
Mayne Island,, Plumper Pass,  B.C.
W. S. Gore,
Deputy Commissioner of L. and W.
Plumper Pass,  B.C., Sept.  15,  1894.
To the  Commissioner of Lands and   Works
at  Victoria,   B. C.
Sir,—In my application for pre-emption on Mayne Island I stated there were no improvements on the land.    It is a fact, but there is partly cleared land adjoining.
Mr. Collinson shows this and says it is on the pre eruption.
A few trees are lying about over a small space apparently burned down by accident.
Mr„ Collinson has been soliciting signatures from temporary visitors, and from persons
residing on different islands who know nothing about the lines, by showing adjoining property.
I can get plenty of sworn testimony, but would suggest that some one be appointed to look
at the land.
I hope you may think the land has been a wilderness long enough. I would improve it.
I have a family of ten, and if the land is to be held unlawfully for speculation so many years,
we may starve while looking for a home.
I remain, etc.,
John W. Rudd.
Mayne Island, B.C., September 14th,   1894.
To the Chief Commissioner of Lands and  Works.
Sir,—This is to certify that I am a resident of Mayne Island and have known Mr. Collinson for a number of years, and I am well acquainted with Mr. W. T. Collinson's property
and can sincerely and truthfully say that there are no improvements on his land. There are
a few trees burnt clown, but no permanent improvements of any kind whatsoever.
F. L. David   X
mark. 60 Vict. Correspondence—Rudd v. Collinson. 935
Mayne Island, Sept.  12th.
I hereby certify that there are none of the improvements required by the " Land Act "
on the north half of the north half of section seven on Mayne Island, nor any building whatsoever.
Robert Jack.
Hunter Jack.
In the Matter of the Collinson Pre-emption on Mayne Island, B.C.
I, George Georgeson, of Mayne Island aforesaid, farmer, make oath and say as follows :—
I, to-day, the 13th day of September, 1894, accompanied Mr. John Rudd over the preemption on Mayne Island aforesaid recorded in the name of W. T. Collinson, and the said
John Rudd pointed out the boundaries thereof; I could find no trace of any work having been
done or any improvements whatsoever made thereon, though a fire has run through about 2
or 3 acres on that portion thereof adjoining the land on which the said W. T. Collinson
resides, which, no doubt, occurred when the chopping on the last-mentioned land was fired.
Sworn at Mayne Island aforesaid,  this  13th day of Septem--
ber, A.D. 1894, before me, .-, „
-iVr   tt   iit VGeorge Georgeson.
W. H. Mawdsley,
Notary Public, Islands District, B.C.
I accompanied the above parties and can corroborate the above.
W. H. Mawdsley.
Plumper Pass, September, 17th, 1894.
Mr. Gore.
Dear Sir,—In regard to W. T. Collinson's pre-emption claim on Mayne Island, when
he received his notice on Friday, 14th, he came to me and asked me to sign his affidavit
certifying that he had $200.00 worth of improvements done on his pre-emption. I took his
word for it and signed his affidavit, but afterward on going over his line I found that he had
entirely misrepresented it to me, as I see he has only a small amount of slashing done and that
was done eight years ago.
I feel sorry for Collinson, but it is his own fault. Will you kindly oblige me by crossing
my name off his list.
Yours truly,
John Deacon.
Will you kindly give me information of this question as soon as convenient.
Can a person lawfully hold a pre-emption by seeding it down and otherwise improving it
but living on a homestead alongside 1    Or does the law  compel a man to build a house and
live on his pre-emption ?    Thanking you in anticipation,
Yours truly,
John Deacon.
Plumper Pass,  22nd September,  1894.
IF. S. Gore, Esq.,
Dear Sir,—When I left your office on Tuesday last it was with the understanding that
a survey of the section line was to be had before the matter was further discussed. Mr. Rudd
is now circulating a petition, and getting people unfriendly to me to sign it, that I did not
reside on my pre-emption ; and I will now ask you in equity and justice to confine Mr. Rudd
to facts and have a survey made and see if I have not done improvements to over $300.00 as
in place of two hundred dollars, and still occupying this pre-emption which, witli the big opening I made in it, is visible from the water miles away. I want to rely on a survey and facts,
not persecution from my enemies. I shall be obliged to bring the whole business into the
Supreme Court if I am harassed any longer.      I have spoken to my solicitors,  Messrs.  Drake, 936 Correspondence—Rudd v. Collinson. 1897
Jackson & Co., and as they are acquainted with the facts of this matter they consider it a
persecution and nothing more. If I cannot hold my pre-emption by occupying and improving
it as I am continuing to do, then every pre-emption on Mayne Island will be jumped whether
Crown Grant has been obtained or not, as none of them ever resided on their claims and some
did not do half the work claimed. Trusting to your love of equity and justice to confine Mr.
Rudd to facts,
I remain, etc.,
W. T. Collinson.
List of pre-emptions taken on Mayne Island and not resided on, some of which Crown
Grants have been obtained :
Deacon, William , Non-resident
Deacon, Dalton  n
Deacon, Andrew  n
Robson, Fred'k  n
Harris, F  n
Robson, James  n
Bennett, J.   W  n
Bennett, T  „
David, P. L  i.
Taylor,  W	
Some more of which I am not well informed yet; lots on Saturna, Pencler, Galiano. I
have more chopping and clearing done than nearly any single one of these, some of which
grants have been obtained, and I occupy mine every day of my life.
W. T. Collinson.
Be kind enough to give my son the number and date of my pre-emption record. I think
1881 date.
W. T. C.
Plumper Pass, Mayne Island, Sept. 24th,  1894.
W.  S.  Gore,  Esq.,
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and  Works.
Dear Sir,—Acting on your suggestion I have secured the services of Mr. S. A. Roberts,
Provincial and Dominion Land Surveyor, of 32, Langley Street, Victoria, and who has engaged
to be here during the present week.
I also beg to submit to you the enclosed names with regard to W. T. Collinson's non-
residence on the pre-emption.
I can get more if necessary, but wanted to save time.
Your obedient servant,
John W. Rudd.
Mayne Island, Sept.  20th,  1894.
We, the undersigned residents of Mayne Island, do solemnly declare that W. T. Collinson, of Mayne Island, has never, even for one day, resided upon or occupied the pre-emption
recorded by him on Mayne Island, during the whole period of our residence here.
No. of years on Mayne Island.
John W.   Rudd    2    years
Robert Jack    4 n
W. H. Mawdsley         4-1
W.  M.  Robson    16"
M. (?) Flanagen (?)  18 n      in the neighbourhood.
F. L. David, his X mark    5 n
T   Bennett 15 „
H.   Jack    4 ,,
G   Georgeson 21 n 60 Vict. Correspondence—Rudd v. Collinson. 937
Plumper Pass, 24th Sept. 1894.
W. S. Gore, Esq.,
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Dear Sir,—I got Mr. Albert J. Hill, Provincial Surveyor from New Westminster, to
run along the section line between my pre-emption and my improvements, buildings, etc., on
which I reside, and as Mr. Hill says the section line is very plain as surveyed by Mr. Turner
in 1874. Mr. Hill, like other disinterested parties, places a higher estimate on the improvements on my pre-emption than the modest sum which I made oath to and, when I finish what
I have in hand, in a few days I can ask for my certificate of improvements. Mr. Rudd, so
far as I know, has made no attempt to get a surveyor ; would you kindly get the notes from
Mr. Hill or have I to get them.
I remain, etc.,
W   T. Collinson.
Plumper  Pass, 6th Oct.  1894.
W S. Gore, Esq.
Dear Sir,—Not having heard anything definite re Rudd's attempt to jump my
pre-emption, I have at great expense been to work building a good lumber house on it; and
I shall now reside on it until I can obtain a certificate of improvements, which I trust will be
very soon. I have now more work done on it than any pre-emptor that has obtained a certificate on Mayne Island, but I would far rather be over than below the requirements of the
law.    Thanking you for your courtesy in the matter, I remain faithfully,
W. T. Collinson.
Plumper Pass, 17th October, 1894.
Mr.  W. S. Gore,
Deputy Commissioner of Londs and Works.
Dear Sir,—As Rudd is circulating reports that my land is to be turned over to him, I
naturally feel anxious, as it is of very vital importance to me and family. I have occupied
that land as the other old settlers have done. I have expended some of the best years of my
life clearing heavy timber of rocks, useless to me, in order to get the front of my pre-emption
open ; and if it is taken from me on any technical point, then there is a dozen more preemptions on this island that will have to go the same way, most of them not doing near as
much as I have done. Some obtained certificates of improvements, others Crown Grants, and
they never lived a day on their claim, and are not living on the land to-day ; and there are
just as many strangers waiting to jump these claims. On the other hand, I have lived continuously here and never left the place for two weeks at a time since pre-empting it.
Although I am informed that Mr. Roberts' report allows me 4| acres only, I have nearly
double that, and there was no accidental fire about it, as my neighbours will testify that we
chopped right into the heavy green woods nearly half across the pre-emption. Rudd is going
around intimidating neighbours friendly to me, and every low trick is practised to injure me.
Mr. Gore, all that I have to trust to is the integrity of the Department not to put me off my
land on any technical point. I am getting too old now to hunt up new settlements. I have
paid lots of taxes, where Rudd has paid none. Leaving it in your hands for an honest
decision, I remain faithfully,
W. T. Collinson. 938 Correspondence—Rudd v. Collinson. 1897
Plumper Pass,  15th Sept., 1894.
W. S. Gore, Esq.,
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Dear Sir,—Enclosed find confirmation of occupation with sworn testimony ; also plan of
improvements on both places, which conjointly will amount to over ($5,000) five thousand
dollars, which ought to be a good showing, and more going on. If this is not satisfactory
be kind enough to send up a surveyor. I am quite willing to have it investigated. In case
that my statement is incorrect I will pay his expenses.
W. T. Collinson.
Plumper Pass, 15th Sept., 1894.
This is to certify that Mr. W. T. Collinson, my father, has occupied his pre-emption
claim, Mayne Island, ever since the record thereof, and that I helped to chop and burn off
about ten acres of same as improvements thereon, and that our improvements extend from
father's purchase right across the pre-emption for over ten chains, and that there are three
grown sons of us who make our home there, and that we none of us have any pre-emption
Melville Collinson.
To  W. S. Gore, Esq.,
Deputy Commissioner Lands and Works.
In the matter of W. T. Cotlinson's Pre-emption on Mayne Island, B.
I, W. T. Collinson, of Mayne Island, aforesaid, postmaster and farmer, make oath and
say as follows :—
I have this day, the 15th day of September, 1894, traversed with Mr. W. H. Mawdsley
the east and west line of my pre-emption here and pointed out to him the original blazes on
the trees left standing, such line having been run by Mr. Turner in the year 1874.
Sworn at Mayne Island, aforesaid, this 15th day of j w   T   Collinson.
September, A. D. 1894, before me, j
W.  H. Mawdsley,
Notary Public, Islands District, B.  G.
Though entirely believing in Mr. Rudd's honesty of purpose I believe him now to be
mistaken as to the improvements made by Mr. W. T. Collinson on his pre-emption. Though
he (Rudd) showed Mr. Georgeson and myself the stakes, we had no compass and by reason of
the excessive growth of ferns on the cleared land I at least was deceived as to the amount and
value of the chopping done, which I now consider to be of the value of about $200.00.
W. H.  Mawdsley.
Plumper Pass, 14th September, 1894.
This is to certify that W. T. Collinson has done, improvements on his pre-emption claim,
Mayne Island, to the amount of ($200.00) two hundred dollars, and is in occupation of same
ever since recording the same. Improvements consist of chopped and cleared land now used
as pasture. Some of this pre-emption forms part of Mr. Collinson's present residence and
Josiah (?) Heck,
John H. Wespel (?),
John    Deacon.
Mr. Heck wishes to write vou a special letter and leave his name out.
W. T. C. 60 Vict. Correspondence—Rudd v. Collinson. 939
Plumper Pass, Sept, 17th,  1894.
Re Collinson's pre-emption.
Dear Sir,—Kindly take my statement as amended as follows .—
That if, as stated by Mr. Collinson, there are the quantity of acres chopped he declares,
viz., 10 to 12 acres, then such chopping would be worth $200.00, or thereabouts, but it is
impossible for me to survey the land, therefore I was compelled to accept his statement as to
quantity. If you would accept a suggestion I should make one to the effect that in the
interest of all parties it would be advisable to have the line run and chopping measured.
I am, etc.,
W. H. Mawdsley.
W.  S.   Gore,   Esq.,
Deputy Commissioner of Lands and Works,
Victoria, B. C.
Plumper Pass, 15th Sept., 1894.
W. S. Gore, Esq.,
Dear Sir,—Would you kindly inform me under what Act I took up my pre-emption and
if my improvements of over $5,000 cannot be used on both places to obtain a certificate of
improvements, if so, kindly send me forms for same. If it can't be done I will finish out the
improvements and take out the Crown Grant.
Faithfully yours,
W. T. Collinson.
New Westminster, Sept. 27th, 1894.
Dear Sir,—On Saturday last, in company with Mr.  W. T. Collinson and Deacon, I
traced the north line of the N.W. \ of Section 7, at Miner's Bay, Mayne Island. I find the
line, though old, well aud distinctly marked, and have no doubt of its identity and correctness.
South of this line so traced is a clearing amounting, by estimate, to between 8 and 9 acres,
the clearing of which, I judge from the nature of the forest, would cost from $25 to $30 per
acre. This amount of clearing is entirely south of the section line and though now somewhat
overgrown with small bushes, is available for pasturage and apparently used for that purpose.
Very respectfully yours,
Albert J. Hill,
Prov. Land Surveyor.
W. S. Gore, Esq.
Dep. Comm'r. Lands ds Works.
Victoria, B.C., October 1st, 1894.
Sir,—I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 27th ultimo,
reporting in reference to the north line of the north-west quarter of Section 7, Mayne Island.
I have, etc.,
W. S. Gore,
Deputy-Commissioner L. & W.
Albert J. Hill, Esq., P.I.S.,
Bew   Westminster, B.C. 940 Correspondence—Rudd v. Collinson. 1897
Mayne Island, Oct. 1, 1894.
To W. S.  Gore, Esq.,
Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, B. C. :
Sir,—I have the pleasure to present you herein the report of Mr. S. A. Roberts of the
survey of the north boundary of Sec. 7, Mayne Island.
Allow me to state that nothing has been done on the place for honest clearing purposes.
The large trees that have been felled were felled for their useful butts (the branches, &c.
proves this), and the few small ones chopped were chopped to make room to get the firewood,
&c, away.
I would willingly do as much work as has been done altogether (excepting the actual
making the firewood) for the sum of $10.00, so that the land remains, in my humble judgment,
unoccupied and unimproved.
I remain, etc.,
John W. Rudd.
29th September, 1894.
To Mr. J.  W. Rudd,
Mayne Island.
Dear Sir,—I have to inform you that I redetermined the north boundary of Section 7,
Mayne Island, on the 28th and 29th September, 1894, between the N.W. corner and the \
section post, 40 chains to the eastward. At 17A chains struck the edge of an opening in the
bush and ran through it to 28 chains, then measured at 20 and 27 chains at right angles down
to the Government road, as shown in following sketch, and estimated therefrom the acreage
of the partial clearing of land there situated, I estimate the opening, or partial clearing, to
contain about 4fj acres. Its length, on the north boundary, 10.00 ch. ; its breadth near west
end, 6.15 ; its breadth near east end, 4.35. At the S.W. corner the land is rocky and ridges
rise, and here the trees are less numerous.
I found that the ground had been partially slashed, but there were some 20 large trees,
varying from 1 foot to 2 feet 6 in. in diameter, still standing and scathed by fire, as if fire had
run through the place. Several trees I found had been burned down, showing no mark of
havi2ig been felled by hand. The ground was more or less covered by fire-scarred logs, branches
and trunks of trees, several of the latter uprooted. I should certainly not call this 4J acres
a " clearing."
I have, etc.,
Sydney A.  Roberts,
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Plumper Pass, B. C, Dec. 15th, 1894.
W. S.  Gore, Esq.,
Deputy Commissioner of L. and W.
Dear Sir,—As the delay in sending me the record of my pre-emption applied for is
causing my family loss and distress, I beg to call your attention to the fact.
On the 11th of Sept. last I was told at the Land Office that I would hear from there in a
month. I have never heard a word yet definitely. I have lately become aware that you
have been troubled by representations on the matter, therefore, will you kindly allow me to
say that—
If it can be shown that I have made even a shadow of a misrepresentation ;
Or, if any soul on earth knew anything of my intention to apply for that land one
minute before I spoke to you in your office (with the one exception of my wife);
Or, if I am not perfectly within my rights, according to the Act, I will willingly and
promptly give up all right and claim, and common honesty demands that it be shown. 60 Vict. Correspondence—Rudd v. Collinson. 941
Your instructions and suggestions have caused me to use what means I had to keep my
family through the winter, and I am kept here almost idle and thereby prevented from earning
their living through this delay.
I  am  aware that your time is  valuable,  still  I  am impelled  to ask, is the Land Act
intended to bring distress and wrong on innocent people ?
What is fun for the boys is death to the frogs.
I remain, etc.,
J. W. Rudd.
P. S.—I earnestly beg of you one definite word.
J. W. R.
Victoria, B. C, December 18th, 1894.
Sir,—I have the honour to acknowledge your letter of the 15th inst., and in reply beg to
say that cause to the satisfaction of this Department has not been shewn which would warrant,
the cancellation of Mr. Collinson's record, and thus bring distress and wrong upon one of the
oldest settlers on Mayne Island.
If you are desirous of securing a piece of land to make a home for yourself and family,
you can readily obtain a parcel of Crown land without prejudicing the claims of bona fide
I have, etc.,
W. S. Gore,
Deputy Commissioner of L. and  W.
John W. Rudd, Esq.,
Plumper Pass, B. C.
Plumper Pass, B. C, Jan. 7th, 1895.
W. S. Gore, Esq.,
Depiuty Commissioner of L. and W., Victoria.
Sir,—Referring to your reply of 18th ult., I will say it is very unsatisfactory and
ambiguous. +
On the 18th Sept. last you gave me particularly to understand that the whole matter
rested entirely on residence. Now, as I have sent you an abundance of incontestable proofs
that Collinson has never resided upon or occupied the land at all, why this change of front 1
If your reply hints that I have prejudiced the claims of any bona fide settler, it certainly
hints at what is untrue, when you have such positive proof of what I assert, and I can get
plenty more.
As it has been said that I want the land for the coal that may be in it, I say that is
false, and will at any time sign over all coal to the Jubilee Hospital, legal expenses deducted.
I want the land for no purpose but to improve, to make a home for my family, and every
letter of the law says I have a right to it; therefore, please send me the record.
If the Department cannot see the honesty and justice of my claim perhaps a jury can.
I remain, etc.,
J. W. Rudd. 942 ' Correspondence—Rudd v. Collinson. 1897
Victoria, B. O, January 9th, 1895.
Sir,—In reply to yours of the 7th inst., I must repeat what I said in my letter of 18th
ultimo., i. e., that sufficient cause had not been shown to warrant the cancellation of Mr.
Collinson's record. I cannot, therefore, grant your request, and I herewith return the $2.00
fee which you deposited in this office.
It has been and is the rule and practice of this Department that when an actual
settler is living in his house which is erected upon land adjoining his pre-emption, to allow
him to do so, and not to force him to build another dwelling house for which he has no need.
Such practice is fair and just, and if the pre-emptor in such a case makes reasonable use of
the land and improves it to the extent required by law, he is entitled to hold the same.
I have, etc.
W. S. Gore,
Deputy Commissioner of L. and W.
J. W. Rudd, Esq., Plumper Pass, B. C.
Plumper Pass, B.C., Jan. 25th, 1895.
Sir,—I must bring to your especial notice the fact that on the 11th of September I
applied for pre-emption record of north half of north half of Sec. 7, Mayne Island.
I was told by Mr. Gore that I would have to get another affidavit to support the one I
had there.    I came back here and got 6.
Then Mr. Gore, on the 18th Sept., told me I had forgotten the most important point,
that of residence, and said,  " It all depends on residence, you must reside on the land."
I then procured the affidavits of about 15 persons, who had lived on this Island for from
4Jr to 25 years, and all ready to swear that the land had never been occupied or resided on for
even one day. Then Mr. Gore suggested a surveyor, to give your department perfect satisfaction.    I employed a surveyor, whose report certainly proved the land was unimproved.
Instead of giving me the record, Mr. Gore then told my solicitor he would have to hold
an investigation and call witnesses, but even in this he has failed. And now, after 4 months'
waiting and expense, and apparently, finding I did not tire, sends me back my fee with the
statement that sufficient cause has not been shown to warrant the cancellation of the record
of W. T. Collinson of 10 years ago. Now, sir, the reason I write to you now is, I cannot
believe that you personally understand my case. I have certainly proved twentyfold the land
is unoccupied and unimproved Crown land, and can easily get 20 more witnesses if you think
it necessary, and beg that you will look into the matter.
W. T. Collinson has never even lived on his own place adjoining, for the Land Office
records show that the place he lives on, S.W. quarter Sec. 12, belongs to Judge Drake, or
Drake & Jackson. Collinson has never struck a blow on the pre-emption, except to steal about
a dozen trees to sell for cordwood on public wharf, and never will for improvement. .He is
holding it simply for the coal that may be in it.
I want the land to improve it, to make a home for my family, anybody may have the
coal for me.
I have made up my mind to bring this matter into Court and a jury would give it to me
in a minute, but I do not wish to annoy anyone, to give the department any trouble or to
bring out scandal or disgrace anywhere, and therfore I beg you to look into the matter, feeling
convinced that you will see the honesty and justice of my claim.
I served in the Royal Navy years ago, was Fenian-hunting in '65-'66 in Canada, and
believe I have as much right to a piece of Crown land in its primitive state, for a home, as
others have to hold so much of it fraudulently.
Allow me to be, etc.,
J. W. Rudd.
To the Hon. G. B. Martin, Chief Com'r. L. &. W., Victoria, B.C. 60 Vict. Correspondence—Rudd v. Collinson. 943
Victoria, B. O, February 4th, 1895.
Sir,—I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 25th ultimo,
in reference to your application for a record of the north half of section 7, Mayne Island.
In reply I beg to say that I will give the matter you refer to my best consideration as
soon as the pressure of my present Legislative duties will permit.
I have, etc.,
Geo. B. Martin,
Chief Commissioner of L. and W.
J. W. Rudd, Esq.,
Phimper Pass, B. C.
Plumper Pass, B. C, February 18th, 1895.
Chief Clerk Lands and Works Dept.,  Victoria.
Sir,—Will you kindly forward me the necessary forms for application for pre-emption.
J. W. Rudd,
Plumper Pass, B.C., June Sth, 1895.
To the Honourable G. B. Martin,
Chief Com. L. & W., Victoria.
Dear Sir,—Re my application for record of pre-emption of N. half of N. half Sec. 7,
Mayne Island, I beg to say that, instead of the inquiry you promised me last February, I
received the note you left for me at the Land Office on 15th ult. Since then I have discovered that a certificate of improvements has been issued to W. T. Collinson on said preemption.
That certificate was obtained by fraud and perjury. I am certain that you personally
had no knowledge of this, but Mr. Core knew it, and aided and abetted the perjury by issuing
it with perfect knowledge of the perjury. Collinson has stated that he got notice from the
Land Office to go on with his improvements a few days after my application was made on
Sept. 11th, last year, and my application and fee was in the Land Office four months.
Collinson received certificate of improvements before my fee was returned.
I charge Mr. Gore with complicity in the perjury. By prostituting his office in this
matter he has brought great distress upon my innocent family.
There is proof enough and to spare in the 20 or more reliable signatures which I sent to.
the Land Office, but which, to judge from the rest of this business, may very likely he
destroyed, hut I have other proofs.
I am determined not to let this disgraceful humbug and roguery go unchallenged.
Collinson had never made one dollar's worth of improvements on the place up to date of issue
of certificate of improvements, and Mr. Gore knew it.
Collinson's application for certificate of improvements was signed by his own son, who
was to sail about the next day for Japan, and a disreputable character from Victoria. Mr.
Gore knew this also.
Mr. Gore has been altogether too long in the Land Office.
It is in your power, sir, to straighten this matter out, and much as I want a home for my
family, I want as much to see such underhand villany put a stop to and punished.
I remain, etc.,
J. W. Rudd.
Printed by Richard Wolfenden, Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty.


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