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RETURN To an Order of the House for copies of all tenders for departmental book-binding received during… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1895

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 >8 Vict. Tenders re Book-binding. 491
To an Order of the House for copies of all tenders for departmental book-binding
received during the year 1894.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
4th December, 1894-.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
Victoria, 19th April, 1894.
Sir, — Sealed tenders will bo received by the undersigned, up to 12 o'clock noon of the
•30th instant, for the following Government book-binding, as per samples which can be seen at
the Government Printing Office, viz.:—
Journals of the Legislative Assembly;
Sessional Papers;
Tenders to state the lowest price per volume at which the work will be performed, including labelling.
Tenders to be based upon the work of 1893, be the number of pages more or less.
The Government reserve the right to let a contract for one or more years, and to terminate
the same at any time upon giving one month's notice to the contractor.
The successful tenderer will be required to enter into an agreement and furnish satisfactory security in the sum of  $1,000.00  for  the faithful  performance of  the contract.    The
contractor will be required to insure all Government work in his possession against loss by fire.
The lowest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted.
I have, etc.
(Signed)        A. Campbell Reddie,
Mr. Munro Miller, Victoria, Deputy Provincial Secretary,
and to Mr. R. T.  Williams,
and The Colonist Printing and Publishing Company.
Received, P. S. 0. 30 April.
28 Broad Street, Victoria, B. G,
27th April, 1894.
To the Honourable the Provincial Secretary.
Dear Sir,—I take pleasure in tendering for the book-binding work called for in your
favour of the 19th inst., on the following terms and strictly in accordance with your demands:—
1st. If I secure the work, and the remainder of the book-binding required by the Government comes to me at similar or even lower rates than those paid the present party doing the
work, I can well afford, considering the prices he has received (taking into consideration the
quantities), to do the Statutes, Journals and Sessional Papers free of charge, and allow at least
a $200.00 bonus, which I will pay the Government in cash, and do the binding in accordance
with your favour and give ample and approved security.
2nd. If I secure the remainder of all the Government book-binding by contracting for
the same, providing I am the lowest and can give the best satisfaction, I will make you a
satisfactory job of work as asked about in your favour at the following prices, all in \ sheep,
paper sides, (quite equal to any work you have had done.)
Statutes, 1894 16 cents each,
Journals, 1894 14    n n
Sessional Papers, 1894 22     u n
Paper Statutes, limp, sewn    5    n n 492 Tenders re Book-binding. 1894
3rd. If we are simply to bind only what is cited in yours of the 19th instant, and not be
given a chance to compete for the remainder of the Government book-binding, I will do the
work, guaranteeing the same in any way to your entire satisfaction, fully insuring as requested;
in fact in all cases carrying out any suggestions you may desire to have attended to in connection
with the work, at the following rates:—
Statutes 18 cents.
Journals 15     n
Sessional Papers 25      i
Paper Statutes (sewn)    5 J  n
This price you will no doubt consider reasonable, clue in a great measure to our excellent
facilities for handling a large job.
In 1884 we were compelled to handle and re-handle our work simply for the want of
space, in addition we paid 50 % more for our stock then than now.
At the present time the very best help obtainable for money is employed and every modern
convenience for the class of work you require.
There are five orphans in the establishment dependant upon labour to obtain a livelihood
for themselves, consequently I would very much like to secure the work feeling sure that our
work will give you every satisfaction.
I have, &c,
(Signed)        R. T. Williams.
Received, P. S. 0. 30 April.
Victoria, B.C., April 28th, 1894.
A. Campbell Reddie, Esq.,
Deputy Provincial Secretary,  Victoria.
Dear Sir,—We beg to submit the following prices for Government binding, details of
which were contained in your communication of 19th April. Prices are based upon samples
seen at Government Printing Office, and are subject to the conditions named in the letter of
April 19th.
600 vols Statutes \ sheep 25 cents each.
300    ii    , Journals         n       20 n
300     ii    Sessional Papers....       m        30 n
Paper Statutes, sewn    7 n
If above tender is successful in securing the work, we take it for granted that the whole
Government binding would be included, or at any rate tenders would be asked for any further
binding required.
Yours, ifec.,
The Colonist Printing and Publishing Company, Ld.,
(Signed) W. H. Ellis, Manager.
Received, P. S. O. 30 April.
Victoria, B. O, April 30th, 1894.
Mr. A. Campbell Reddie,
Deputy Provincial Secretary,
Dear Sir,—In compliance with your letter of the 19th, I herewith submit tenders for
the lines of binding called for in that letter:—
Journals 250 copies, per vol 29-J cents.
Sessionals   250 copies,      n       64^ cents.
Statutes (bound) 600 copies,       n        33|- cents.
ii        (pamphlet) 250 copies,      n        13i cents.
I have, etc.,
For the Estate of Munroe Miller,
(Signed)        Munroe Miller. 58 Vict. Tenders re Book-binding. 493
A similar circular to that of the Deputy Provincial Secretary was sent by the Queen's
Printer to
G. A. Roedde, Vancouver;
Marshall, McCrae & Co., Vancouver;
Pioneer Bindery & Printing Co., Tacoma;
The Carswell Company, Toronto;
Koch & Oakley Printing Co., Seattle;
from whom the following tenders were received: —
Received, Q. P. May 4.
Vancouver, B.C., May 3rd, 1894.
R.  Wolfenden, Queen's Printer, Victoria, B. C,
Dear Sir,—Yours of the first of May received, also parcel containing samples of binding.
I am very glad to supply you with the following prices which I am sure will be satisfactory :—
600 vols, of Statutes, 1894, \ sheep, as per sample, one hundred and sixty-five dollars
200 vols, of Statutes, 1894, in stiff paper cover, as per sample, forty dollars ($40.00).
300 vols, of Journals, 1894, \ sheep, as per sample, one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00).
300 vols, of Sessional Papers, \ sheep, as per sample, one hundred and eighty dollars
Regarding quality of work, I would refer you to the Bank of B. C, Van., Capt. T. O.
Townley, District Reg., the Government Agent, Mr. Warwick, or any of the leading business
houses or lawyers in this city.
Hoping to be favoured with the work,
I am, etc.,
(Signed)        G. A. Roedde,
P. S.—I have returned samples by to-day's boat. Practical Bookbinder.
Received, Q. P. May 8.
Vancouver, B. C, May 7th, 1894.
R.  Wofenden, Esq., Queen's Printer, Victoria, B.C.
Dear Sir,—We have now much pleasure in handing you estimate for binding, as per
yours of 1st inst., viz.:—
600 vols, of Statutes, 1894, { sheep    40 cents each.
200 vols, of Statutes in stiff paper cover    25    n n
300 vols, of Journals    35     n n
300 vols, of Sessional Papers    80    n n
Work to be performed in a business-like manner.
We shall be pleased to have the favour of your orders.
We are, etc.,
(Signed)        Marshall, McCrae Co.
Received, Q. P., May 10.
Tacoma, May 8th,  1894.
R.  Wolfenden, Esq., Queen's Printer, Victoria, B. C,
Dear Sir,—We are just in receipt of samples, as per your advice of the 1st inst., and
beg to submit prices as follows:—
600 vols. Statutes, 1894 420 pages, \ sheep    @ 38 cents.
200     ii n ..           ii n     paper    @ 15 cents.
300    ii    Journals,   n       300      „     \ sheep    @ 34 cents.
300    n    Sessional Papers 1140      m     \    n          @ 50 cents.
.Folding and pasting in maps, statistics, etc., 1 cent each.
We return samples per N. P. Ex.
Our prices are for goods f. o. b. Tacoma coming and going.
Hoping our prices are satisfactory, we are, etc.,
(Signed)    Pioneer Bindery & Printing Co.,
Per Phebe A, Howe.
P.S.—"We take it that you put the titles on the Journals.
'      " P. B. & P. Co, 494 Tenders re Book-binding. 1894
Received, Q. P., May 16.
30 Adelaide Street East, Toronto, May 9th, 1894.
R. Wolfenden, Esq., Queen's Printer, Victoria, B.C.,
Dear Sir,—In reply to yours of the 1st inst., we have the pleasure to quote you prices
for binding the following books, based upon the sample volumes sent us for 1893: —
600 Statutes, 1894 \ shp    22 cents each.
200 Statutes, 1894 stiff paper covers    11 cents each.
300 Journals, 1894 \ shp    19 cents each.
300 Sessional Papers, 1894 ± shp    35 cents each.
You to supply us printed covers and all the end papers to match the papers used in the various
books, or, if necessary, we will procure and charge for the same.
The Sessional Papers have quite a number of maps inserted, which increases the expense.
We take it that there will be a like number of maps in the Sessional Papers for 1894, but we
will take our chances as to there being a greater or less number.
We retain the Statutes, 1893, in ^ shp. and in paper.     We return to you the Journals
and Sessional Papers for 1893 prepaid, and debit you the charges, 35 cents.
Send us an. invoice for the Statutes retained by us, and oblige,
Yours truly,
(Signed) R.  Carswell.
Received, Q. P., June G.
Seattle, Washington, June 4th, 1894.
R.  Wolfenden, Esq., Queen's Printer, Victoria, B. C.
Sir,—Below we hand you an estimate of prices for binding for the Government of British
Columbia, per your favour of May 1st, 1894, all in accordance with samples received, and
which we return you by express to-day, as requested.
600 vol. Statutes, 1894, 1 sheep      $210
200   ii ii ii     stiff paper cover        35
300    ii   Journals,      n             90
300    ii    Sessional Papers        150
We should be pleased to hear that these figures are satisfactory, as we have cut them as
low as possible, and if tendered the work we will guarantee satisfaction.
We are, etc.,
(Signed)        Koch k Oakley Ptg. Co.
victoria, b. c. :
Printed by Richard Wolfenden, Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty,


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