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RETURN To an Order of the House for a Return showing-- 1. The number of leases granted for fishing stations.… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1896

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 59 Vict.
Leases granted for Fishing Stations.
To an Order of the House for a Return showing—
1. The number of leases granted for fishing stations.
2. The size and location of such fishing stations, and date when issued.
3. The conditions and terms of leases.
4. The rent derived (if any) from such leases.
5. The number of leases held by each individual or company.
6. The number of leases applied for not yet granted.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
2nd February, 1896.
Name of Lessee.
B. C. Packing Company, Ld.
B. C. Canning Company, Ld.
Robert J. Woods	
George  I.   Wilson,   George"!
W.  Dawson and Alfred J. y
Rivers Inlet.
Surveyed designation of the land.
Lot 101, Range 2
,i 58 „ 2
„     59       „      2
i,     60       ,i      2
when lease
of years
leased for.
1st April,
6th July,
6th Jan'y,
9th Jan'y,
$12 00
3 40
8 00
9 50
Form of Lease.
THIS INDENTURE, made the day of , A.D. 189    , between
, on behalf of the Government of British Columbia (hereinafter called "the
said lessor"), of the one part, and , British Columbia (hereinafter called "the
said lessee "), of the other part,
Witnesseth that the said , so acting as aforesaid, and under and by virtue
of all powers him thereto enabling, doth hereby demise unto the said
h        executors, administrators, and assigns, all that piece of land situate, lying and being in
and being conrposed of
containing in the aggregate acres, more or less, with the appurtenances.
To hold the same premises unto the said lessee, h        executors,  administrators, and
assigns, as a for the term of years from the day of the date
hereof, determinable nevertheless as hereinafter provided, yielding and paying therefor unto
the said Government, in advance, yearly and every year, the rent of
per acre  per annum  (clear of all taxes,  Provincial, municipal, or otherwise, and whether of
landlord or tenant, and outgoings whatsoever), and that payable on or before the
day of in each year, at the office of the Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Works
at , and whether demanded or not.    And the said lessee , for heirs,
executors, and assigns, hereby covenant    with the said and his successors in
the said office, and other the person for the time being duly authorized by the said Govern- 624 Leases granted for Fishing Stations. 1896
ment in that behalf, punctually to pay the said rent at the respective times and in the manner
aforesaid. And to observe all and singular the provisions of the Land Laws for the time
being of the said Province, and not to assign or sub-let this lease or the privileges and rights
hereby conferred, or any part thereof respectively, without the written consent of the Government thereto first had and obtained. Provided that in case of any dispute or difference
arising as to any matter or thing connected with this demise, or any matter or thing connected
with any provisions herein contained, or the interpretation thereof, the same shall be settled
finally, without appeal, by the said or other the person duly authorized
by the Government in that behalf. Provided, also, that in case of neglect or default of the
said lessee , h executors, administrators, and assigns, to observe, pay, or fulfil any, or any
part of any, stipulation or payment in this Indenture contained or referred to, it shall be
lawful for the said or other the person for the time being duly authorized in that
behalf, without further notice than a notification by the said or other the
person as last aforesaid, affixed to any conspicuous part of the demised premises, absolutely to
forfeit all or any portions of the said premises as in such notification shall be specified, and
all of the rights and privileges hereby conferred or expressed so to be from time to time in
any such notification, and thereupon this demise shall at once (as to the part so specified only)
be absolutely void and of none effect as if it had never been made. Provided that in the
construction of this lease rent not paid in advance shall be for all purposes deemed to be rent
in arrear, and carry with it all the incidents and remedies attaching by law to rent in arrear,
and the said rent, and each instalment thereof, shall be deemed overdue if not paid at the time
in that behalf hereinbefore in that behalf appointed, and that without demand. Provided,
also, that any assignment by operation of any law of Bankruptcy or Insolvency of the premises
and privileges hereby conferred shall of itself be a forfeiture of such premises and privileges,
but no forfeiture hereunder shall be deemed to affect any rights or damages which may have
accrued to the said Government against the said lessees by reason of any breach of any of
the provisions herein contained. Provided, also, that the privileges hereby granted shall be
for the purpose only of using the premises as a fishing station, and shall be subject to all
rights of free miners under the Mining Laws of the Province for the time being.
In witness whereof the parties hereto have hereunto set their hands and seals, the day
and year first above written.
Signed, sealed and delivered by the within named)
in the presence of /
Signed, sealed and delivered by the within named)
in the presence of /
Signed, sealed and delivered by the within named)
in the presence of /
Signed, sealed and delivered by the within named^
in the presence of j
6.  Number of leases applied for not yet granted,—two.
VICTORIA, b. c.:
Printed by Richard Wolfkndes, Pi-inter to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty


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