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PAPERS Respecting the desirability of placing the telegraph line and sevice between Victoria and Carmanah… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1896

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 o9 Vict. Cakmanah Telegraph Line. 1093
Respecting the desirability of placing the telegraph line and service between Victoria
and Carmanah Point, under the direct management and control of some Department of the Dominion Government.
By Command.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
June, 1896.
Extract from a Report of the Committee of the Honourable the Privy Council, approved by His
Excellency on the 28th April, 1896.
The Committee of the Privy Council have had under consideration a despatch, hereto
attached, from the Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia, dated 19th February, 1896,
transmitting a certified copy of an approved Minute of his Executive Council dated 12th February, embodying a resolution of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, respecting the
desirability of placing the telegraph line and service between Victoria and Carmanah Point
under the direct management and control of some Department of the Dominion Government,
with a view to its greater efficiency and utility in the public interest.
The Minister of Public Works, to whom the matter was referred, states that the General
Superintendent of the Government Telegraph Service, to whom the matter was referred,
reports that the present connection of the Cape Beale (Carmanah) line with Canadian Pacific
Telegraph office at Victoria is very convenient for the expeditious interchange of messages and
was made expressly for that purpose; and that the Telegraph Agent at Victoria acts under
the direction of the Canadian Pacific Telegraph Superintendent at Vancouver, who is at the
same time an officer of the Government Telegraph service. Under this arrangement with the
District Superintendent in a dual position, the business of the Cape Beale line is interchanged
with C. P. Co. as if our offices were part of their system, and the Government is not charged
for the exchange of service message over the C. P. R. line between the District Superintendent
and his Agent at Victoria, and to all intents and purposes his being telegraphically in constant
touch with the operator at Victoria answers as well as if he were on the spot.
The dissatisfaction experienced with the Cape Beale line appears to be properly attributable to the exceptionally rough character of the county through which it is carried, as the wire
is repeatedly thrown down by trees falling upon it during heavy storms that frequently occur
in that locality.
With a view to securing a more reliable connection with Cape Beale and Carmanah Point
than is afforded by the present line an item has been submitted for the estimates this year for
an alternative line from Alberni.
The Committee advise that a certified copy of this Minute be forwarded to the Lieutenant-
Governor of British Columbia.
(Signed)        John J. McGee,
Clerk of the Privy Council.
His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor
of the Province of British Columbia.
Printed by Richard Woli-ekden, Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty.


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