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RETURN To an Order of the House for a Return showing-- 1. The names and address of all persons to whom… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1894

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 57 Vict. Labour Statistics. 1005
To an Order of the House for a Return showing—
1. The names and addresses of all persons to whom the Commissioner and Deputy
Commissioner of Labour Statistics applied for such statistics, the replies and
information thus obtained:
2. A detailed statement of the expenditure incurred in connection with the working of the " Bureau of Labour Statistics and Industrial Disputes Conciliation
and Arbitration Act, 1893."
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
21st February, 1894.
List of persons to whom Forms of Statistics were sent with bequest that same be filled
in and returned to the deputy commissioner of labour statistics.
6. 27th September, 1893, Geo. Pollay, Secretary Shaftesbury Association of Knights of
Labour, Vancouver.
7. 27th September, 1893, Alex. Bruce,  Secretary Amalgamated Society of Carpenters
and Joiners, Vancouver.
8. 27th September, 1893, J. Brown, Secretary Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners,
9. 27th September, 1893, F. D. Burton, Secretary Brotherhood of Painters and Decora
tors, Vancouver.
10. 28th September, 1893,  C.  J.  Knowdell,  Secretary Plumbers and Steamfitters, Van
11. 28th September, 1893, C. R. Monck, Secretary Stonecutters' Association, Vancouver.
12. 28th September,   1893,  F.   Hopkins,   Secretary  Bricklayers and   Stonemasons, Van
13. 28th September, 1893, John Marshalsay, Secretary Building Labourers, Vancouver.
14. 29th September, 1893, Geo. Noonan, Secretary Mainland Steamshipmen's Association,
15. 29th September, 1893, A. Porter, Secretary Typographical Union, Vancouver.
16. 29th September, 1893, D. Holmewood, Secretary Stevedores' Association, Knights of
Labour, Vancouver.
22. 7th October, 1893, F. Wagstaff Secretary Miners' and Mine Labourers' Protective
Association, Nanaimo.
23. 7th October,  1893, Wm. Hutchinson,  Coal Trimmers'  Protective and Benevolent
Association, Nanaimo.
24. 9th October, 1893, J. Brown, Secretary Engineers' Protective Association, Nanaimo.
25. 9th October, 1893, Alex. McDonald, Secretary United  Brotherhood of Carpenters
and Joiners of America, Nanaimo.
26. 9th October, 1893, J. Bulman, Secretary Journeyman Tailors' Union of America,
No. 172, Nanaimo.
28. 10th October, 1893, William Kipling, Tailors' Union, Box 696, Victoria.
29. 10th October, 1893, Richard Lewis, Building Labourers' Union, Box 702, Victoria. 1006 Labour Statistics. 1894
30.    John Kay, Bricklayers' Union, Box 328, Victoria.
32.    11th October, 1893, William Jones, Sailors' Union of the Pacific, Box 362, Nanaimo.
42. 2nd November, 1893, W.  J.  Smith,  Bricklayers and Masons'  Union,  New West
43. 2nd November, 1893, P. Peele, Printers' Union, New Westminster.
44. 2nd November, 1893, William Crawford, Fishermen's Union, Steveston.
28th October, 1893, J. M. McKim, Representative of the Logging Industry, Vancouver.    (Delivered personally to Mr. McKim.)
Text of letters accompanying requests.
Under separate cover I send you copies of Forms intended for use in the statistical
branch of the Department.
These Forms A, B, C, D, E, and F comprise the uniform set of questions to be addressed
to all classes of trades and labour throughout the Province.
It is intended to address the questions of Forms A, B, C, and D chiefly to representative
officers of Trades Unions, while the questions of Forms E and F are intended for individuals
both of Trades Unions and Non-Unionists.
This Department desires your co-operation in furnishing the desired information as stated
on Forms A, B, C, and D.
You will kindly fill in the Forms at your convenience.
I have the honour to be,
Your obedient servant,
(Signed)        A. B. Gray,
Deputy Commissioner L. S.
List of persons to whom Forms of Statistics were sent by way of reference or information, BUT WHO WERE NOT ASKED TO FILL IN THE FORMS.
3. 25th September, 1893, Geo. Gagen, Secretary Trades and Labour Council, Box 697,
4. 25th September, 1893, John Howard, addressed as Secretary Victoria Trades and
Labour Council, 67 Henry Street, Victoria.
5. 27th September, 1893, Arthur Dutton, Secretary Victoria Trades and Labour Council,
Thistle Restaurant, Yates Street, Victoria.
17.     2nd October, 1893, W. Jones, Secretary Trades and Labour Council, Nanaimo.
Replies from Trades Unions, to Requests for Statistics, from the Boreau of Labour
(Letter No. 12.)
United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America,  Union No. 617.
Vancouver, October 13th, 1893.
To tite Deputy Commissioner of Labour Statistics :
Sir,—Your communication of September 27th came to hand in good time, but I did not
get the forms till two days ago.
I laid the forms before the Union at our regular meeting last night.
I hope to have them filled up before you come to Vancouver.
You might notify me when you come to town, and appoint a place where I could wait on
you and hand you the forms.
I remain, yours, etc.,
J. Brown,
Recording Secretary, 57 Vict. Labour Statistics. 1007
(Letter No. 14.)
Journeyman Tailors' Union of America, No. 172, Nanaimo.
Nanaimo, B. C, Oct. 9th, 1893.
Mr. Gray :
Dear Sir,—Your letter received, and   will say  in  answer that I  will attend to your
request in a few days.
When you come here step into Caldwell's Tailor shop, and I will have everything ready
for you.
I remain, yours respectfully,
Joseph Bulman.
(Letter No. 15.)
Amalgamated Society of Carpenters and Joiners, Branch 580.
Vancouver, October 16th, 1893.
The Deputy Commissioner of Labour Statistics, Victoria, B. C.
Sir,—As I am a little in the dark as to how some of the questions on the forms submitted
by your Department apply to Trades Unions ; and also as to the proper mode of answering
several of the questions inserted, I would willingly call on you at your Hostelry while in this
city, to gain a little information as to how to fill in the forms.
You may find, through the papers or otherwise, means of communicating to us the time
of your proposed visit to this city.
I am, your obedient servant,
Alex. Bruce,
Secretary A. S. C. & J.,
Sth Avenue, Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, B. C.
(Letter No. 17.)
Vancouver, October 19th, 1893.
A. B. Gray, Esq. :
Dear Sir,—Your communication, also papers under separate cover, addressed to our
Secretary, E. J. Knowdell, came duly to hand.
Our Union meets but twice per month, and your correspondence only came up last
evening for consideration ; this will in a measure explain this tardy reply.
I shall be pleased to meet you when you come to our city, as I wish to become fully
acquainted with the objects and the extensiveness of the operations of the Bureau you
I am, yours very respectfully,
Richard Swalwell,
Corresponding Secretary of the Plumbers' and Steamfilters' Union.
(Letter No. 18.)
Miners' and Mine Labourers' Protective Association, of Vancouver Island.
Nanaimo, B. C, October 16th, 1893.
Mr. Gray:
Dear Sir,—I have received your letter and forms, of which I will do my best to assist
I brought the matter before the Association, and it was thought .best to leave it until
you came up, and to then answer questions that lay in my power. 1008 Labour Statistics. 1894
Between the first part of the Association and the present there has been a great change,
as at first there were local lodges at Wellington, East Wellington, Northfield, and Nanaimo,
of which there is only Local Lodge No. 1 now in existence; so it will be rather difficult for
me to fill out those forms, as there are two ways of filling out those forms, to which I will
draw your attention when you come.
You will oblige if you will drop a post-card when you think you will be here, so as I can
arrange to meet you.
I remain, yours truly,
F. Wagstaff.
(Letter No. 20.)
Vancouver, B. O, October 27th, 1893.
To A. B. Gray, Esq., Deputy Commissioner,
Bureau of Labour Statistics,
Victoria, B. C.
Dear Sir,—Please pardon my delay in answering your communication of September 27th
ult., re information desired by the Bureau from me, as Secretary of Shaftesbury Assembly of
K. of L.
Officially, I am prevented up to the present to comply with your request, and I am also
sorry to be prevented by unforeseen circumstances to meet you personally this evening at the
Trade and Labour Council meeting.
I remain, dear Sir,
Respectfully yours,
George Pollay,
Secretary, Shaftesbury Assembly, K. of L.
(Letter No. 46.)
New Westminster Typographical Union, No. 235.
New Westminster, B. C, November 20th, 1893.
To A. B. Gray,
Deputy Commissioner of Labour Statistics :
Dear Sir,- —    *        *        *        *        * In regard to the forms you sent me to fill in,
if there is no particular haste, I would much rather defer doing so until after the meeting of
the Conference, as there are some questions I wish to ask, through the delegate, in the way of
Yours truly,
Percy R. Peele,
Acting Secretary, Westminster Typiographico.l Union.
25th November, 1893.
Re Request to Loggers, for Statistics.
The forms of Statistics were filled in, and on 25th November, 1893, handed to the Deputy
Commissioner, at Victoria, B. C, personally, by Mr. J. B. McKim, of Vancouver, B. C. 57 Vict. Labour Statistics. 1009
Replies from Trades  and  Labour  Councils to whom Forms for gathering STATisTics
were sent for reference.
(Letter No. 4.)
Vancouver Trades and Labour Council.
Vancouver, B. C, September 30th, 1893.
Mr. Gray,
Deputy Commissioner of Labour Statistics:
Dear Sir,—Yours of the 25th came to hand, also blanks. The same were before our
Council last evening, and, on motion, were handed to the Parliamentary Committee. Thanking
you for the same.
I remain, your respectfully,
Geo. Gagen,
(Letter No. 16.)
Vancouver Trades and Labour Council.
Vancouver, October 16th, 1893.
Mr. A. B. Gray :
Dear Sir,—At the last meeting of our Council it was deemed advisable, before filling up
the blanks sent by you, that a Committee be appointed along with myself with the hopes that
we shall have the pleasure of an interview when your are over here.
There are certain questions asked that are not very clear to the Council ; I would
respectfully suggest that if you could make it convenient to be present at a meeting of our
Council I have no doubt that it would be productive of much good.
We meet every alternate Friday in Union Hall, Hastings Street; our last meeting was
on the 14th.
I remain, yours respectfully,
Geo. Gagen,
Victoria Trades and Labour Council.
Victoria, September 30th, 1893.
Alex. B. Gray, Esq. :
Dear Sir,—I received the blank forms, and on next Friday evening, when our Council is
in regular session I will lay them before the Council, and will report to you their actions in
the matter.
I am, yours respectfully,
Arthur H. Dutton,
Secretary, Victoria Trades and Labour Council,
Victoria, B. G,
Thistle Restaurant, Yates Street. 1010 Labour Statistics. 1894
(Letter No. 10.)
Victoria Trades and Labour Council.
Victoria, B. C, October 14th, 1893.
A. B. Gray, Esq.:
Dear Sir,—Your communication of October 2nd was laid before our Council, and in view
of the fact that those in charge of the Department of Labour Statistics saw fit to ignore the
ranks of labour in making up said Department, the Council refuse (as you will see by the
enclosed resolutions, which were passed at our last meeting) to have anything to do whatever
with the gathering of statistics.
I am, yours truly,
Arthur H. Dutton,
Victoria, B. C,
Secretary, Victoria Trades and Labour Council.
Resolution of Victoria Trades and Labour Council.
Whereas the Provincial Government of this Province has established a Bureau of Labour
Statistics and Council of Conciliation and Arbitration; and
Whereas it is the opinion of this Council that efficiency in the work of the Department
demands that the interest of labour be recognized in an official capacity ; therefore be it
Resolved, That this Council refuses to recommend the trades affiliated with this body to
take any action in regard to the gathering of Labour Statistics ; but this Council at all time
will endeavour to induce the trades to take advantage of the Department in the settlement of
disputes through the Board of Conciliation and Arbitration.
(Letter No. 8.)
Nanaimo Trades and Labour Council.
Nanaimo, B. C, October Sth, 1893.
A. B. Gray, Esq., Deputy Commissioner :
Dear Sir,—Your forms and letter duly to hand, and while the Trades Unions in Nanaimo
are not in a very prosperous condition at present, I have no doubt but what the various
secretaries will do their best to comply with your instructions ; still I would like you to give
me a little more information, also whether it is necessary for the Sailors' Union of the Pacific
to fill in those forms; this Union has a branch office in Nanaimo, with its headquarters in
San Francisco.
Below you will find the names and addresses of the Secretaries of the Trades Unions of
Nanaimo :—
(Here follows list of Trades Unions, etc.)
The above completes the whole of the Trades Unions that are at present existing in
Nanaimo ; so, while hoping to hear from you in relation to the Sailors' Union,
I have the honour to be,
Your obedient servant,
William Jones,
Secretary. 57 Vict. Labour Statistics. 1011
Labour Bureau " Dates."
23rd September, 1893. G. Gagen, Secretary, Trades and Labour Council, Vancouver,
writes, asking for forms of Statistics, and he' furnishes names of Trades Unions.
27th September, 1893, to 11th, October, 1893. Forms of Statistics sent to the several
Trades Unions in Victoria, Vancouver, New Westminster, and Nanaimo.
9th to 16th October, 1893. Letters received from Trades Unions promising cordial
co-operation in furnishing statistics requested by the Department.
13th October, 1893. Victoria Trades and Labour Council refuse to advise Unions
affiliated with them to furnish statistics.
27th October, 1893. George Pollay, Knights of Labour, Vancouver, writes: "Officially
I am prevented to comply with your request " (for statistics).
27th to 31st October, 1893. Deputy Commissioner holds meetings with Trades Unions
at Vancouver, New Westminster, and Nanaimo, and is most favourably received at each city,
and the Bureau approved of. He is informed that the Unions will delay filling in forms of
statistics till after the meeting of Delegates to be held at Victoria, and of which meeting the
Unions were advised.
"Royal Commission Blue Books," showing manner of filling in the forms of statistics, were,
on request, left with the Unions at Vancouver and Nanaimo ; that left at Vancouver being
arranged to be at the disposition of the New Westminster Trades Unions.
Memo.—Nanaimo returned the Blue Book at the time of the meeting of Delegates.on
25th November, 1893. Vancouver still retains the Blue Book left with the Trades and
Labour Council.
25th November, 1893.    Delegation from Trades Unions meet Government at Victoria.
5th December, 1893.    Mass meeting of unorganized labour at Victoria.
17th January, 1894. Committee from unorganized labour meet the Government and
present resolutions.
Memo.—Text of invitation sent to Trades Unions to send Delegates to conference of 25th
November, 1893:—
It having been considered desirable that the Government should convene a conference
at Victoria of representatives of the several labour organizations in the Province to consider
the " Bureau of Labour Statistics and Industrial Disputes Conciliation and Arbitration Act,
1893," I beg to request that your Society send a Delegate to be present at such conference in
the Board of Trade Rooms, Victoria, on Saturday, 25th inst., at 7:30 p.m.
Travelling and ordinary hotel expenses will be borne by the Government.
I have the honour to be,
Your obedient servant,
A. B. Gray,
Deputy Commissioner Labour Statistics, 1012 Labour Statistics. 1894
Salaries and other Expenses to the 31st of January, 1894.
Deputy Commissioner, 7th September,  1893, to 31st January, 1894,
@ $150 per month    $720 00
Collector of Statistics, 7th September to 31st October, 1893, @ $100
per month      179 92
Clerk, 7th September, 1893, to 31st January, 1894, @ $60 per month    288 00
Travelling Expenses—
Purchase of buggy for Collector  110 00
ii          team of horses for Collector    180 00
ii          saddle horse                   n           50 00
n          harness, saddle, &c,      n            71 50
Care of horses and horse hire           n            14 00
Expenses in travelling,                        n            158 25
Travelling allowance, Deputy Commissioner, 10 days  40 00
Steamer and railway fares,          n                       24 15
Expenses of Delegates attending Conference  321  00
Tramway fares of Delegates to Premier's residence  1  50
Rent of office, Board of Trade building  80 00
Rent of room (2 occasions)  10 00
Cleaning office, (4 months)  16 00
$2,264 32
Memo.—The buggy, team, harness, and saddle are on hand. These, together with amount received for
the sale of one horse, are estimated at $375, which should be deducted from above, leaving the net expenses
Printed by Richard WOLFKNDElf, Printer to the Queen's Most Excellent Majesty.


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