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PETITION. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1889

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 52 Vict.
Mail via 150-Mile House.
To the Members of Cariboo, to the Hon. the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly
in Parliament assembled.
1. We the undersigned do humbly petition that we may have our road and mail route to
come via the 150-Mile House, crossing the Fraser River at Chimney Creek instead of coming
via Soda Creek.
Hitherto our mail and freight has had to go up to Soda Creek and come down the river
again to get into the section of the country where the settlers are; whereas if the road was
made from the 150-Mile House, via Chimney Creek, it would save a round of some 40 miles.
If we could get a good scow and cable put across the river at Chimney Creek, nearly all the
rest of the road is at present fit to haul freight on, with the exception of about half a mile on
the east side of the river. On the west side the road still wants to be made wider. The
reason we ask for a scow and cable is because the river is just midway between Chilcotin and
any trading place on the Main Trunk Road, and if there was merely a ferry and no scow we
would only be able to take our teams to the river and have no means of getting any further.
2. We the undersigned do also humbly petition that our mail may be a weekly mail
throughout the year, instead of a fortnightly mail in summer and a monthly mail in winter, as
is at present the case, and that the mail route may be continued further up the country to
Hance's Ranch, a distance of some thirty miles, that being the most thickly settled portion of
the Chilcotin District. This mail route would besides be every convenience for settlers on the
east side of the Fraser River, some six or seven in number, as well as for the settlers in
Archd. Macauley,
Dan. Nordberg.
George Evans,
J acinte Rojas,
Frank English,
Moses Wiley.
Joe Aguaye,
Henry Felker,
Alex. Graham,
Robt. Graham,
Ignaeis Sanchez,
James M. Campbell,
0. T. Hanoe,
E. Berkeley Drummond,
Basil Eagle,
John R. Hamilton,
Frank E. Dearden,
M. C. Ross,
Thomas Paxton,
Pedro Villa,
Wm. Schulz,
J. Hudson,
C. B. Eagle,
Geo. Johnston,
M. Minton,
Malcolm Ross,
Fred. Guertin, O.M.I.,
C. M. Johnson,
J. N. Hanes,
Aleck Vapaehe,
Ch. Marchal, 0. M. I.,
Thomas B. Humphreys,
Nelson Hanes,
Wm. Swanson,
J. D. Chioppini, 0. M. I.,
John James,
Frank A. Johnson,
Alex. M. Matheson.
M. Mansfield,
F. Borland,
Ira E. Johnson,
E. A. Carew Gibson,
Patrick Howley,
Robt. Borland.
John I^ullerton,
M. G. Drummond,
A Chisholm,
Joseph Stevens,
H. P. L. Rayliff,
F. M. Beaumont,
Francis McKay,
Gavin Hamilton,
Norman Lee,
L. H. Debber,
Joseph Lalande,
G. A. Vieth,
H. P. Lee,
D. Withrow,
W. F. Allen,
Wm. Pinchbeck,
Wm. M. Struve,
C. H. Heath,
Fred. Rose,
VICTORIA: Printed by Richard Wolfenden, Government Printer,
at the Government Printing- Office, James' Bay.


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