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PETITION. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1889

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 52  Vict.
Petition—Mail Service to Skidegate and Masset.
To the  Honourable the Speaker and Honourable  Members of the  Legislative  Assembly oj the
Province of British Columbia, now in Parliament, assembled:
The humble petition of the undersigned residents of the said Province, and interested in
the development and prosperity of that portion of the said Province known as the Queen
Charlotte Islands Group, sheweth :—
That the recent discoveries of coal and other minerals made on those Islands, the large
sums of money invested therein, and the importance attaching to that portion of the Province
from the valuable timber, agricultural and pastoral lands therein situated, have made it
desirable in the interests of the Province in general, and your petitioners in particular; that
some action should be taken to afford greater facilities of communication with the said Islands,
and especially a properly organized and regular mail service.
Wherefore your petitioners humbly pray that you may be pleased to take such steps as in
your wisdom you may deem best to secure the carrying of the mail to Skidegate and Masset
Inlets, by steamers having accommodation for passengers, once every month from the first day
of April to the last day of October in each year, and at least three times during the intervening winter season.
And, as in duty bound, your petitioners will ever pray.
James Shields, Jr.,
W. A. Robertson,
C. P. Bloom field,
H. MacNab Stuart,
Thomas Earle,
R. P. Rithet,
John Cameron,
J. Heywood,
B. VanVolkenburgh,
Robt. Hicks,
F. Campbell,
B. Stapledon,
Allan Graham,
W. S. Chambers,
T. Whitwell,
F. T. Sherborne,
John M. Wark,
George Steitz,
John Jardine,
A. McKenzie,
John Coughlan,
P. McQuade & Son,
G. Bishop,
Morris Moss,
M. C. Ireland,
R. Tennant,
A. J. Langley,
T. M. Henderson.
J. N. Henderson,
Marvin & Tilton,
Chas. E. Redfern,
Thos. Shotbolt,
H. Saunders,
J. A. Sayward,
Thos. E. Wood,
Chas. P. Barron,
W. F. Bullen,
Thos. Shaw,
James Fell,
Joshua Davies,
Dixi H. Ross,
Jno. Irving,
L>. F. Adams,
J. B. Harrison,
J. R. Adams,
W. V. Brown,
F. C. Marshall,
William Lorimer,
Wm. A. Steele,
H. H. Heywood,
Daniel Mills,
T. J. Burnes,
John Robertson,
W. Meyers.
VICTORIA : Printed by Richard Wolfenden, Government Printer,
at the Government Printing Office, James' Bay.


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