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PETITION. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1889

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 52 Vict.
Petition of Blacksmiths and Carriage-makers
To the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British Columbia:
We, the undersigned blacksmiths and carriage-makers of the City of Victoria, by this
our petition, do humbly represent:—
That in the year 1884 a Bill was passed by your honourable House known in law as "The
Legal Professions Act, 1884," chapter 18.
That subsequently, in the year 1886, a Bill was passed by your honourable House known
in law as the (British Columbia) "Medical Act, 1886."
That the principle embodied in both those Acts was protection.
That your petitioners are industrious people who earn their living by a trade to which as
long an apprenticeship is required as to the professions first above written.
That it is essential to the safety of the public that properly qualified workmen should be
employed in the above trades, because the vehicles for public hire and private use are liable at
any time to pass through their hands, and defective workmanship by a tradesman pretending
to be master of his trade might at any time lead to serious loss of life.
That your petitioners believe themselves to be entitled to the same protection as the Barristers and Physicians under the laws of this Province.
And therefore your petitioners humbly pray that you may be pleased to pass such legislation as will afford them protection in their respective trades as carriage-makers and blacksmiths,
and prevent strangers coming to this Province from entering into the said businesses and
competing with your said petitioners until such time as, by a year's residence, regular apprenticeship, and a certificate from a proper Board of Examiners, to be duly named by your petitioners,
they have proved themselves to be worthy and competent workmen and mechanics.
And, as in duty bound, your petitioners will ever pray.
W. A. Robertson,
J. R. McKenzie,
Wm. Hodge,
D. Nevin,
Jas. Walker.
John Meston,
William Veitch,
Alexander Semple,
Geo. Baker,
A. Shields,
Geo. T. Ledingham,
W. J. Ledingham,
W. Geddes,
J. W. Knight,
W. McKitriek,
A. McGregor,
F. V. Robertson,
John Barnett,
John McLean,
Wm. Grimm,
W. J. Mable.
VICTORIA: Printed by Richard Wolfenden, Government Printer,
at the Government Printing Office, James Bay.


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