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PETITION. To the Honourable the Speaker and members of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of British… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1887

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 50 Vic,
Petitions re Liquor Traffic.
To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of
British Columbia:—
Gentlemen,—We, the undersigned voters and residents of the Municipality of Chilliwhack, in the Province of British Columbia, respectfully represent to your Honourable House
the necessity for a thorough revision of the laws relating to the Liquor Traffic in this Province.
Your petitioners believe that it would be in the interests of all concerned if the maximum
number of licences issued were fixed so as to bear a certain proportion to the population ; that
licensed places be closed on the Lord's Day (commonly called Sunday) and during certain
hours on week nights, and that provision should be made for the efficient administration and
enforcement of such regulations as may be adopted.
Wherefore your petitioners humbly pray that your Honourable House may be pleased to
pass a law embodying the foregoing and such other provisions as you in your wisdom may
deem necessary to constitute a good licence law.
And your Petitioners, &c,
J A McLeod
James McCallan
Eddie Chadsey
W S Forsythe
C H Chadsey
Alex Cruikshanks
Sarah Ann Toop
Emily S Toop
Geo W Chadsey
Catherine McGillivray
Edna A Chadsey
Mary Vasey
Hannah Chadsey
Clara Chadsey
Louis L Chadsey
C W Gillanders
Arabella H. Gillanders
James McComiell
Donald Gillanders
Em Greyell
Abel Greyell -
Peter Greyell
Cory S Ryder
R Thompson
C Allitt
D F Greyell
J McConnell
John Barber
Anna Barber
H Gillanders
E Allitt
Alice Greyell
Maggie Ryder
M J P Bayly
Margaret Gillanders
D Y Nelmes
Theo Bryant
W H McGillivray
D R McWilliams
Chester Chadsey
Sampson Toop
Ida Toop
Henry Hall
Richard Toop
George H Hodgson
Thos H Irwin
Matthew Hall
D W Miller
Thos Lewis
Wm Hall
Hector Toop
Sarah Toop
Arthur Street
D Stewart
Geo Hall
Harry Barker
Thos Hall
Dan Maynard
Annie Maynard
A similar Petition from the voters and residents of Langley Prairie, signed as follows:—
Robert Brown
John McDonald
Henry Coghlin
Henry Hughes
J Jamieson
William Jenkins
H Harris
R H Holding
Alexander Holding
Isabella Holding
George Rawlison
Mrs 6 Rawlison
Peter Bellarga
John Latimer
Robt McKee
— Wilkie
J Elkines
David Towle,
George Goddard
W R Davey
E Graw
L Graw
Frd G White
Stanley Towle
Hamilton Edge
James G McAdam
John Maxwell
Thomas Mufford
Milicent Mufford
James McAdam
Henry Davis
Mr aud Mrs J M Johnston
Adam Stoddart
William H Rawlison
Simeon Carman
Z D Page
J Yeomans
William Sinclair
St Clair Blackett
Rolland J Elliot
A J Bovill
James Taylor
James Houston
M H Tait
Jannet Goddard
Eleanor Goddard
Richard Goddard
Alexander Tait, minister
John Tyre
Thomas Stoddart
Mrs Stoddart
Agnes Stoddart
L F Turnbull
F Worrell
R Oakes
Mrs Oakes
Mrs Worrell
Mrs Robt McKee
Mrs Robt Brown
D H Nelson
R Monahan
J H Nelson
J K Nelson
Mrs Nelson
Mrs Monahan
Mrs N Nelson
M A Patterson
M Hawk
Paul Hawk
Daniel McVey
Thomson Montgomery
Adam Morrison
Robert Norris, Sr
John Norris
Silas Norris
R Norris
Martha J Norris
Mrs R Norris
M E Norris
Joseph Mufford
Mrs Mufford
Abram F Mufford
Wm J Mufford
Mr W Cottell
Mrs W Cottell
John Boyes
James S Gray
Nathaniel Larmon
Mrs Larmon
James A Wood
George E Underwood
J Campbell
Jno E Murchison
A Murchison
Mrs A Murchison
Alex Murchison, Jr
Paul Murry
John Murry
Thomas Culbert
Mrs T Culbert
James Mackie
George A Towle
Samuel R Walker
Mrs Eliza Towle
Ida E Towle
J Jolly
Mrs Jolly
Simon Monahan 348
Petitions re Liquor Traffic.
A similar Petition from the voters and residents of Upper Sumas, signed as follows:
Chas Nicholson
Geo McKay
J R McGregor
R Ferguson
J Gillis
H Ross
A McCallum
A Gillis
Neil Craig
J Long
M Wright
J W Patterson
Benjamin Franklin
Wm Fadden
B Fadden
0 B Ackerman
J Fadden
Robert Brown
G Lawrence
Thonras Snell
W JCrull
John Ward
Samuel Walker
Peter Nedean
W 0 Kirby
W W Dingle
A F Goldsmith
John Berry
Richard Berry
John McDonald
Silas Hoff
J M Rich
B H Vanetta
John Watson
F Morr
J Duff
George C Webster
M J Dunn
A C Bowman
M F Amolet
A G Hopkins
Hy Barker
M A Roscoe
David Wells
John Ryley
A Ackerman
William Thomson
L Pogee
Fred Leclair
A similar Petition from the voters and residents of the Town  of Wellington, signed   as
Robt Scott
Duncan McArthur
David Moffat
Amos Godfrey
John Matthews
Thomas Coyne
John Fraser
George Shillito
Isaac Nash
William Bailey
James Strayr
Benjamin Shearing
Murdoch A. McDonald
Alex. Mcintosh
Joseph Livesley
William Pearson
Sober Tate
David Rogers
William Jenkins
Murdock Mathem
E Bates
James Hill
Saml Jones
J Q Hopkins
T Malpass
Thomas Bickle
Henry E Campion
James Turner-
Joseph W Lewis
A McKnight
Wm Badcock
Jas McNally
A N Moffat
Charles Tillur
D W Carruthers
W J Cunick
J Patterson, Sr
Geo Smith
James Smith
William Scouse
Alex Clarkson
Gon Washetti
Auguste Benot
John Miletto
Chris Sanders
Benjamin Dobson
Niel Clarkson
Richard Berry
Robert Bowron
Ezra Godfrey
Samuel McKinnon
Wm M Bray
William Manson
Hillis Coulter
Daniel Davis
Samuel Waters
Thomas Vogue
John Robinson
John Bowron
Daniel Kilpatrick
Robt Kilpatrick
Philip McLennan
Robert Shipley
Thomas White
John Pearson
George Williams
William Short
Samuel Hudson
Wm Noye
Richard Short
A similar Petition from the voters and residents of the District of Comox,  signed as
follows :—
James Christie
Jules Willemar
Robert Duncan
Mrs Barbara Duncan
John Urquhart
Harold Urquhart
John Fraser
H Pierey
Sarah E McFarlane
S F Crawford
T H Pierey
Matthew Pierey
S J Pierey
J A Coates
Mrs S J Pierey
Mrs Mamie Pierey
Isaac Davis
E A Parker
R T Carwithen
Mrs Carwithen
Samuel Creech
Mrs Samuel Creech
John Hetherington
M H Pierey
Mrs M H Pierey
Robert Cessford
Joseph T Grieve
Mrs T H Pierey
J J Grant
Mrs J J Grant
E Phillips
Mrs J T Grieve
Isabella Pierey
Ed J Millett
Hugh Stewart
Thos Grieve
John R Berkeley
Mrs J Berkeley
H W Ross
Mrs J Fitzgerald
Mrs M A Hetherington
Henry Grieve
J D McMillan
Frederick Grant
Thomas Woods
William Beech
Misses Beech
George Grieve
J A Fitzgerald
Janies Graham
David Jones
William H Grieve
T P Grieve
E J Grieve
Jane Grieve
John Grieve
B Grieve
Wm M Halliday
J H Halliday
E A Halliday
J C Halliday
0 Duncan
Chas Bridges
Mrs 0 Duncan
Jane Mundell
John Mundell
Mrs E B Crawford
William Duncan
Robert Duncan, Jr
W C Smith
C B Rabson
Alex Ledingham
Nathaniel Lambert
Sydney Thomas Rabson
James Reese
Peter Lindberg
E Duncan
Mrs H Grieve
Mrs Salmond
Mrs L Grant
A similar Petition from the voters and residents of Alberni District, signed as follows :
Alexander Dunn Thomas Fletcher
John Mollett Henry Hills
Richard C Russell David Little
William Swanson John Fraser
Charles Taylor, Jr J G Halpenny
William Leeson Frank McQuillon
Peter Nicholas John Stewart
Arthur Norris Walter Stirling
James Hills Geo A Smith
Annie Cox John C Mollett
Mrs M Sareault Geo D Clark, per J C M
M A Ward
H Hanson
Charles Hall
Thomas Kirkpatrick
John Orr
John S Jolly
William Armstrong
William Thomson
Chas A Cox
John Stewardson
Kenneth McKenzie
C F Bishop
Colin Cameron
F P Saunders
R W Thompson
James McNeil
Thos Paterson
Christian Soil
Geo A Huff
Robt McKittrick
Fred W Muller 50 Vic.
Petitions re Liquor Traffic.
A similar  Petition from  the  voters  and  residents of the  City  of Victoria,  signed  as
follows :—
Walter Barss
James O'Neill
J T Higgins
Geo Wilkinson
R Nelson
W J Smith
Wm F Patton
Allan C Stevens
Jessie Cameron
Lizzie E Chegren
S T Gowen
John Sluggett
S Whitley
Fanny Sluggett
W Carmichael
J Mcintosh
J Finlayson
James Hutcheson
J N Muir
R Johnston Plummer
Thos Gowen
Alex Clyde
C Squires
Edwin Shurgold
John Mathews
James Welsh
Andrew Thorn
T B Corder
James Millar
Mrs A J Clyde
C E White
C E Wightman
Thomas Black
C H Lewis
Lewis Lewis
T S Gardhouse
D P Pickard
D G Walker
J A Thomson
W C Archer
Mrs William Grant
M W Turnbull
T Deasy
John P McConnell
Thomas Newman Innes
Mrs John P McConnell
Harry Shakespeare
W Rudge
Richard Fawcett
J B Anderson
Wm Atwood
W Smith
Miss Sinclair
Thomas Worrell
John Turnbull
John Payne
R Chapman
Alfred Hughes
Samuel Gray
Henry Rudge
Wm L Burgess
James James
Thos Chas Hubbard
M Humber
Mrs J oel Broadwell
Mrs Arthur Langley
Colon Dawson
Lizzie Deasy
Marie Reide
E Logan
A M Booth
D Bamfield
Wm Hodge
J A Alexander
Thomas Alexander
C Hall
William Vetch
Jas W Speed
Charles Post
Came & Munsie
William Wilby
D McPhadden
George Dodd
Geo M Barker
C A Babington
R Medina
H H Roper
J A Bittan court
J A McGhie
George Leask
James Carson
Ed Johns
J H Hughes
W J Mable
S W Gray
H Cameron
F Stevens
John Richards
Mrs Colles
J W McConnell
Walter Poole
Janis Sunmers
A C W Arthur
A B Talmer
Charles Maynard
Henry A Munn
W F Archibald
Wm Christie
James L McDonnell
Jos Sommer
H Maynard
J J Daly
E B Morgan
Harry Meber
C E Wrightman
Robert Sinclair
W D McKillican
Robt A Anderson
D McBeath
D G McKay
M Gardiner
Jas Hogarth
Robert Semple
Walter Clark
Wm Johnston
R S Rendall
James C Flett
Wm Drysdale
J C Smith
Wm Rendall
Wm Munsie
W Walker
D Campbell
A Flett
Mrs Julia A Booth
Eva P Walker
Bessie H Walker
J Galley
R A Cunningham
Samuel Reid
M E A McKechnie
William C Kerr
R J Mcllveen
Henry R Sellick
Mrs Haughton
Thomas W Pierre
J Oliver Turnbull
Thomas Haughton
Fannie Northcote
D McMillan
T C McHilami
M E Cleveland
C W Rogers
A Gayton
E D McNaughton
M Heard
John Fisher
A E Wescott
J B Clark
F S Thomson
Ed C Stephenson
M F Bailey
Thos. Elliott
Joseph Grieve
Eli Hallitt
Peter Wilson
Catherine Gant
Jennetta Towers
John Knox
Mary F Barss
J Gant
J Cox
W H Shaw
G Creed
R M Lewis
Jacob Bennett
A A Clarke
M R Robbins
Richard W Roper
W Jackson
F J Jones
G R Lawrence
E D McNaughton
W P Winsby
G L Jones
David H Riddell
W B Thomas
Henry Warburton
James Halliday
John Irvin
George Titcombe
William Smith
Henry Burrup
A D Whittier
Beaumont Boggs
Henry Groos
Cyrill Masson
George Maynard
James E Sutton
Albert McKay
William Robbins
Richard Ferguson
C E White
W C Douglas
F W R Brown
Mrs Liddell
Mrs W Hooper
Mrs G Gall
Mrs K Campbell
F W Garland
Lewis Lewis
Wm Powell
A Brown
M Roberts
A A Campbell
M A Ledingham
W J Ledingham
R Ledingham
Lillie Heard
Geo T Leamgham
Ed Munn
S M Cummings
W G Cameron
W B G Naylor
Alexander Wilson
A J Clyde
J P Burgess
W H Mason
C T Penwill
Wm Wait
James Maynard
A B Erskine
A Wimmer
A Crawford
J B Gardiner
L W Haptonstall
Theodore Bahr
Charles H Sharp
A McLeod
P Mclnnes
George Pottinger
John Meston
George Hadden
J W Henderson
D M McLean
Robert Foster
J Smith
W E Losee
J Peterson
John Fullerton
John Frank
A McSwain
J A Halliday
R Erskine
Thornton Fell
Richard Willis
Wm Johnson
Fred Beyman
W Jacobson
Eliza Hodge
Mary Porter
Clara Hendry
C Spofford
Mrs McNaughten
L Booth
Mrs D Copeland
Mrs T W Gray
J Stewart
C H Lambkin
Wm Geo Norris
B Williams
John Pierey
Wm A Calhoun
R B Esnouf
W G Workman
Geo W Taylor
Gustav A Roedde
T Jones
Arthur Smith
J Russell
M McCahill
Edin Tyre 350
Petitions re Liquor Traffic.
Henry Grey
Ewen Morrison
Edgar Patton
H F Sweetser
F Essenvani
Eli Hallitt
W J Sutton
William Copeland
James Langley
M O'Keefe
John Wendt
H Farrell
Wm Dawes
John Hunt
David Pratt
Duncan McKenzie
Frank Wood
John Fullerton
B H West
A Booth
J D Matthews
W McCulloch
Geo W Haynes
AVilliam Boddy
Thomas Moffet
C G Ballentyne
C Braund
G L A Gall
Henry Gribble
David G Hoop
Wm Creech
W G Holley
W M Tazawa
T B Macabe
R H McMillan
Ed Beattie
Frank M S Miller
A Barnsley
Charles Ladner
G A McCulloch
Mrs I T Papst
Mrs T R McKittrick
Margaret McAdam
David Clunas
S S Lehman
Arthur Dobbs
Mrs Pear
Miss J osie Fisher
W Henson
Henry Warburton
John Vaio
Mary Vaio
Arthur Grant
W R Brown
William Prout
Alfred Hodnett
Hy Jewell
C W Motsey
G W Kennedy
M Wharton
John Parr
N Pointer
F G Wright
John Sayyea
Alex S Robertson
George F Giles
J F Beek
F D Sharp
J McLeod
J L Tuokfield|
John Brown
Hugh Calwell
J B Johnson
W J Pendray
W Ralph
C W Rogers
Thos Slaughter
T G Burnes
J M Hollins
A Hookway
L F Bauman
J S Shopland
William Spence
Kate G Gibbs
Annie Baird
Eva Ewart
John N Coburn
Wm Tyson
Robert H Scott, Jr
W F Fullerton
Miss M Riedl
E J Shakespeare.
M Shakespeare
H T Kinney
J Lane
A Hookway
S Banner
John Mathews
John Johnson
Thomas Douglas
E Whitworth
Mrs James McNaughton
James McNaughton
F Adams
William Thomson
Edward T Morris
Carl Rappe
Joseph Robertson
John Henry
Robert Ely
Robt McPherson
George Martin
Jno. Smith
Wm McNeill
A C W Arthur
R Watson
0 C Bunster
A similar Petition from the voters and residents of the City of New Westminster, signed
as follows :—
John C Brown
Robert Lennie
Chas Mallory
John French
Thomas Haddon
Mrs D G Turner
D G Turner
0 B Ackerman
Allan McLean
Mrs McLean
W R Austin
Mrs McKenzie
Mrs W R Austin
H L DeBeck
J S Grant
Mrs J S Grant
J W Sexsmith
W D Purdy
J Prestidge
J McMartin
D B Calbick
Mrs A 0 Lund
A 0 Lund
Thos A Mclnnes
J S Gordon
J P Holt
R G Gordon
G A Calbick
C L Street
W R Greig
F Price
B H Jones
John Anderson
D S Curtis
Wm W Forrester
Alexander Morrison
Mrs Wm Wize
Laura Wize
Major S Williams
T Mathers
M A Mathers
Miss A Robinson
Miss M Galbraith
Mrs H Galbraith
John Hendry
Mrs J Hendry
Mrs D McMillan
Mrs W Preston
Mrs D Murehie
D Murehie
Maggie J Murehie
J C Hudson
Wesley Peck
T R Pearson
Mrs M S Terhune
Charles Digby
AMD Macfarlane
N Magee
Miss Magee
Mrs Magee
John Townsend
Mrs Townsend
Mrs Corbould
Miss Rogers
Walter Gilley
Nellie Gilley
James R Gilley
M DeBeck
Mary E Turner
John J Turner
Mrs D S Hennessey
Mrs C D Grant
Mrs J Calvick
Fannie Raith
Agnes Murray
J G Smith
Bessie Kelly
Annie Kelly
Joseph Robertson
Mary A Donn
M F Crake
Henry Mathers
Mrs M Harvey
Jas Galbraith
James Turnbull
J B Tiffin
J Patterson
Mrs D S Milligan
J Holland
Gavin Towle
Hugh McKay
Robert English
Wharton Brunskill
John Garrow
Mrs Brunskill
Mrs T Watson
Kenneth McDonald
Chas Wellington
John Kelly
Henry Whittaker
F J Crake
Henry H Lennie
S W Kerr
Marshal Sinclair
John P Hale
W Kennedy
P Collins
A Peele
S DesBrisay
Capt Johnson
George A Hyde
Gussie DeBeck
Georgie DeBeck
A C Lund
Mrs D Whiteside
Julia Neil
George H Grant
H E Johnson
Alex Hamilton
John H Watson
L J D'Herbomez
Edward M J Horris
P Durien
J M MeGuckin
J M Bourdre
E C Chirouse
John Mulvaney
J A Martin
F J N Jayol
E B Macstay
James Bunting
W T Homeran
K E Brown
C G Major
Humphrey Jones
Chas J Robson
Alex Peers
William Fraser
Mrs Wm Fraser
Fred Germain
Mrs E B Keith
E B Keith
M Seers
J Beere
H McMartin
J McMartin
Wm Turpin
C Watson
C E C Brown
H H Williams
W H Patterson
J P Holden 50 Vic.
Petitions Re Liquor Traffic
William Wize
Mrs J Rankin
Mrs J M McLeod
J M McLeod
Mrs M D McLennan
Miss J B McKenzie
Miss H McLennan
Charles A Fraser
Mrs T W Kerr
Mrs J S Bryson
Mrs Elizabeth Bryson
Mrs J W McPherson
Mrs W Johnson
Mrs Flux
Miss Flux
Mrs C L Street
C H M Hunter
Elizabeth Hunter
Mrs C S Windsor
Mrs J S Cox
Laura Crake
Mrs R Preston
C H Colclough
Mrs C Colclough
John McKenzie
A Eades
Thos Johnson
Henry E Donn
0 A Crandrell
0 Gustafson
Miss Isabella Hardison
Mrs L Plumb
Mr R Hume
George Munday
Mrs J Munday
Chas Scott
Mrs C Scott
Mrs L Green
Miss L Green
Mrs M J Devoy
Mrs S Hutchinson
Mrs H Young
Mrs J Armstrong
Mrs C H DeBeck
Mrs Coulthard
Hamilton McKee
Jane McKee
C Dawson
K Dawson
M Insley
A InsJey
Mrs Wm Rae
Jno S Clute
W H Falding
James Wilson
T S Hall
J M Wilson
C M McNaughten
Mrs Gunn
David Gunn
Mrs Rand
Miss Johnson ,
Mrs Clarkson
William Clarkson
Thomas Cunningham
Mrs T Cunningham
A Clow
Mrs A Clow
Mrs Chas H Clow
Mr Matthew Gray
Mrs M Gray
Mrs J B Peters
Mr Lord
Mrs Lord
Mrs M Ledoux
Mrs Williamson
Mrs Mackie
M McCloud
Mr John Susie
Mrs John Susie
Mrs M Grant
Mrs C Murray
Mrs F Allatt
Margaret Leamy
Maggie McNeill
Jennie McNeill
Mrs J Reid
Mrs A M Nelson
Mrs S J Pearce
Mrs Beauchamp
Mrs J French
Minnie French
May French
Samuel Randell
Mrs Bushong
Mrs Coutts
M E Turnbull
Jennie Simpson
H M Cunningham
Mrs C E C Brown
Mrs DeWolfsmith
W A DeWolfsmith, M. D
0 E Darling
Mrs R Wintemute
Mrs A B Wintemute
Miunie Irving
Mrs M L Hadley
Mrs James J Currie
J C Clute
Mrs M E Williams
Mrs Sprott
Janet Sprott
Mrs J Gillis
Linnie McPhee
E B Davidson
Annie Davidson
Dicey Davidson
Mrs D McMillan
W McMurphy
Lizzie Vasey
Agnes McMurphy
Mr McMurphy
Mrs J McMurphy
Miss Mary McMurphy
D McMurphy
John McMurphy, Jr
J L Stamford
Mrs Stamford
Mrs Ross
Mrs Feeney
Elmer Crandell
D S Gray
Ira Ewing
J R Robinson
Sarah Bowes
M A Cunningham
Chas R Austin
Jno M Smith
Jno D McLeod
Mrs A H McLeod
Mrs C Watson
Carrie Pearson
Chas H Clow
James Greig
Frank Case
John Tate, sr.
Mrs McKenzie
Miss E E Major
Miss K G Clute
Mrs J W Sexsmith
Thos Millar
J Taffendale
G A Calloway
Peter H Atkinson
J F Kingdom
Alex McDougali
Mrs Sivewright
Miss H M Clarkson
Barbara L McDougali
Mrs Chas J Robson
May McDougali
Emma J Robson
A J McDougali
W McDougali
John H Mclnnes
S L Coffin
A C Barnes
Miss Minnie Coe
Miss Annie Ward
Lubmann Mounce
Wm Pottinger
Archie Burns
Henry Morr
Walter Morr
Mrs Johnson
R Johnson
Joseph Wintemute
Edwin Rand
J D B McDonald
Findlay Stewart
Lizzie Hall
Mrs B Douglas
Edward Glawson
Mrs Alport
Miss Alport
Mrs Elliott
Mrs M Walshe
Mrs Johntson
R Dickinson
S E Hitchcock
A C Robinson
Mrs J Mclnnis
M W Webster
H J McColl
M F McDonald
Alexander Begg
John Grant
H M Cooper
W H Holden
M J Holden
Peter Orford
D Whiteside
Robt Keary
Arthur Whiteside
Fred W Whiteside
Francis A Ake
Mrs M Ake
James Patterson
William Mackie
C D Grant
G B Murray
John P Gregan
John E Patterson
D McGregor
Thos Hare
Mrs J M Taylor
Mrs J F Strong
J W Anderson
S C Anderson
Mrs Warren DeBeck
Mrs D G Armstrong
Mrs M McLeod
Mrs Gregg
Phineas Manson
Mrs F Raith
Mrs T W Gray
R B Bell
Mrs C E C Brown
John McNab
Mrs McNab
Edith McNab
Mrs Cochrane
K V Cochrane
Mrs R Lennie
M A Aikman
Mrs Irving Lloyd
Minnie Crocker
Mrs U G Crocker
Mrs M D Crocker
Mrs D B Crocker
David Lyal
Mrs J Wrert
Miss F Wert
Mrs J H Wert
H Burr
H C Curtis
S Bunting
Mrs J D Milne
William C Coatham
J M McLean, M D
Mrs McLean
Allat J Hill
Mrs B W Shiles
Mrs A Grant
Miss E Grant
Thos R Mclnnes
Mrs F Hacker
Miss Hacker
Esther Read
Mary Mills
John Sutherland
Mrs J Sutherland
Mary Sutherland
Mrs M J Gowdy
Miss J McLean
A similar Petition from the voters and residents of Esquimalt, signed as follows :-
James H Innes A Cartmel M J Bogle Robert Cessford
H Logan R J Creber John Bogle James Cessford
A C Muir E Cartmel Chas McSharry Colin Cluness
E A Kelynack G H Williams James H McGreevy J Gill 352
Petitions re Liquor Traffic.
D Cartmel
A Shildriok
F S Innes
J M Innes
E C Innes
A Innes
T Sydney Dobbin
Gervis A Wake
Fred Davey
Kenneth McKenzie
Philip D Goepel
Alfred J E Frith
Cabel Bishop
Geo McLagan
W H Newham
Wm Wilson
Walter Davie
John Fawcett
Fred Francis
Joseph Lismore
E A Wilby
M J Campbell
M Muir
M A Muir
R Keeler
Mrs Keeler
John J Goodwin
A B Cameron
Mrs Cameron
J Mockler
Rev H J W Head
Joseph White
Mrs White
A W Barnett
Alex McNiven
John Sullivan
Henry Burke
W Gibson
A Thomas
Thos Anderson
M Connely
Henry Eagles
Henry Shiekland
Henry Smythe
Ola Anderson
D Smitch
F McDonald
D MacRae
W J Muir
A similar Petition from the voters and residents of Sooke, signed as follows:—
Thomas Murray.
Hugh Milne
John A Murray
Adam Ross
Marion M Ross
Maggie Jennings
Tillie Muir
Edie J Muir
Alice Muir
Mrs M Muir
Christina J Muir
Isabella Muir
William 0 Muir
Curtis T Muir
Robert C Muir, Jr
Johnnie S Muir
Mrs Robert Muir
Robert Muir
Annie Muir
John Muir
Merritt W Sanborn
Edward Milne
Jessie Milne


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