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RETURN To an Order of the House for copies of all correspondence between the Government, or any member… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1887

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 50 Vic. Correspondence—Campbell River Bridge. 429
To an Order of the House for copies of all correspond3nce between the Government,
or any member thereof, and the Corporation of Surrey, concerning the letting of
a contract for the Campbell River Bridge, in Surrey Municipality, New Westminster District, and showing the amount of the contract price, the amount paid,
and the amount outstanding.
For Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
25th February, 1887.
The Clerk Municipal Council, Surrey, lo the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Hall's Prairie, Surrey, B. O,
July 6th, 1886.
Dear Sir,—In another letter I have forwarded to your department this mail a plan and
specification for a bridge over the Campbell River, in this Corporation. The Hon. Provincial
Secretary gave instructions that this contract should be let by this Municipal Council; also
that copies of plan, specification, and contract should be forwarded to Victoria at as early a
date as possible—all of which you will find in my other letter.
I am, &c.,
(Signed)        Henry T. Thrift,
C. M. C., Surrey.
The Surveyor-General to the Clerk Municipal Council, Surrey.
Victoria, B. C, 9th July, 1886.
Sir,—The plan and specification for a bridge over Campbell River, forwarded by you,
have been duly received. The Hon. Provincial Secretary, noting that you had let a contract
for the construction of the bridge for $598, desires me to remind you that he only authorized
the expenditure of $500 on account of the Government. He presumes the Council intend to
make up the balance.
May I ask if tenders were invited for this work; and if so, will you kindly send me a list
of the bids received ?
I am not able to judge of the amount of grading to be done, but leaving that aside, the
contract price is double what such a bridge should be built for.
I am, <fee,
(Signed)       W. S. Gore,
Surveyor-General, 480 Correspondence—Campbell River Bridge. . 1887
The Clerk Municipal Council, Surrey, to the Surveyor-General.
Hall's Prairie, Surrey, B. O,
July 21st, 1886.
Dear Sir,—Your communication of the 9th July to hand, and contents noted. In reply
would state, 1st: The letter of the Hon. Provincial Secretary authorizing this Council to let
the contract for construction of bridge did not state what amount was to be the limit, but
simply stated that would authorize the Council to let the contract as cheaply as possible. I
would also state the tenders were advertised by notices in numerous places ; that two bids
were received, viz : Mr. A. A. Hart's was $685, and Mr. A. Milton's $598. This being the
lowest, it was accepted. In regard to the amount being double the ordinary cost, I would
state the bridge is about 310 feet in length over all, and that if you will refer to Mr. Sprott's
report on this bridge you will, I believe, find he estimated the cost at $650.
Respectfully yours,
(Signed)        Henry T. Thrift,
C. M. C.
Tlie sum of five hundred  dollars has been paid in full of the amount agreed to be


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