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RETURN To an address of the Legislative Assembly for a copy of the Executive Oath of Office. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1888

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 51 Vic. Executive Oath of Office. 295
To an Address of the Legislative Assembly for a copy of the Executive Oath of Office.
By Command.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
17th February, 1888.
The Oath of the Members of the Executive Council.
You, , do solemnly promise and swear that you will serve Her Majesty truly
and faithfully in the place of Her Council in this Her Majesty's Province of British Columbia,
you will keep close and secret all such matters as shall be treated, debated and resolved on in
the Executive Council without publishing or disclosing the same or any part thereof, by word,
writing, or any otherwise to any person out of the same Council, but to such only as be of the
Council, and yet if any matter so propounded, treated and debated in any such Executive
Council shall touch any particular person sworn of the same Council, upon any such matter as
shall in any wise concern his loyalty and fidelity to the Queen's Majesty, you will in no wise
open the same to him, but keep it secret, as you would from any person, until the Queen's
Majesty's pleasure be known in that behalf. You will in all things to be moved, treated and
debated in any such Executive Council, faithfully, honestly and truly declare your mind and
opinion, to the honour and benefit of the Queen's Majesty and the good of Her subjects,
without partiality or exception of persons, in no wise forbearing so to do from any manner of
respect, favour, love, meed, displeasure, or dread of any person or persons whatsoever. In
general you will be vigilant, diligent and circumspect in all your doings touching the Queen's
Majesty's affairs. All which matters and things you will faithfully observe and keep, as a
good Councillor ought to do, to the utmost of your power, will and discretion.
So help you God.
VICTORIA : Printed by Richard Wolfenden, Government Printer
"at the Government Printing Office, James' Bay.


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