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RETURN To an Order of the House for a Return of all petitions, letters, and telegrams between the Provincial… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1888

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 51 Vic. Correspondence—Liquor Licences, Rock (Jreek. 351
To an Order of the House for a Return of all petitions, letters, and telegrams between
the Provincial Government, or any of its members or officers, including the
Superintendent of Police, and any person or persons, relating in any way to
the application or granting of liquor licences on Rock Creek, since January 1st,
Minister supervising the Attorney-General's Department.
Attorney-General's Office,
23rd February, 1888.
Granite City, June 22nd, 1887.
Hon. A. E. B. Davie :
Dear Sir,—I have made an application to Mr. G. C. Tunstall, S. M., to grant me a
liquor licence for Rock Creek quartz mines ; he will not do so until he has instructions from
the Government. There is no doubt but there is going to be a town, as there are already a
great many men in the camp, and no hotel accommodation. I have some specimens of the
rock now in my possession that came from there to-day, by a very reliable man, in which can
be seen streaks of free gold as thick as a knife blade. Mr. Tunstall can vouch for this statement for I have shown them to him. I have been keeping hotel at Granite City for the last
year, and always kept a respectable house.
If you require any reference about me, I can refer you to Mr. Frank Barnard, Captain
John Irving, or Mr. A. Henderson of the Transfer Co.
Hoping you will give this your attention,
I remain, &c,
(Signed)        Stephen Tanner.
Attorney-General's Office,
28th June, 1887.
Mr. Stephen Tanner,
Granite City:
Sir,—I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of   the 22nd inst.  in
reference to an application made by you to Mr. Tunstall, S. M., for a licence to sell  liquor in
Rock Creek.
The Attorney-General does not interfere with the decision of the Stipendiary  Magistrate
in such cases.
I have, &e,
(Signed)        P. M. Irving,
Deputy Attorney-General. 352 Correspondence—Liquor Licences, Rock Creek. 1888
Victoria, B. C, 4th August, 1887.
Honourable Jno. Robson,
Provincial Secretary.
Dear Sir,—On behalf of Messrs. McDonald and McBeath we beg to apply for a  licence
for the sale of liquors on Rock Creek.
These parties for some years past have had a licence on Granite Creek, and are trustworthy, and we have no hesitation in recommending them as fit and proper persons for holding
such a licence.
Trusting you will favourably consider this application,
We remain, &e,
(Signed)        Welch, Rithet & Co.
Victoria, B. C, 4th August, 1887.
Gentlemen,—-I   am   in   receipt   of   your  letter  of   even  date  recommending  Messrs.
McDonald & McBeath for a retail liquor licence at Rock Creek.
Should it be deemed necessary and advisable to issue a licence for the locality in question
your recommendation will receive due consideration.
I am, (fee,
(Signed)        Jno. Robson,
Provincial Secretary.
Messrs.  Welch, Rithet & Co., Victoria.
Camp McKinney, August 9th, 1887
To the Honourable
The Provincial Secretary :
Sir,— We, the undersigned, free miners of Rock Creek, beg respectfully to draw your
attention to the necessity of a hotel at Camp McKinney, to meet the requirements of the
many travellers, in addition to the present mining population. Without any desire to
encourage the indiscriminate sale of intoxicating liquors by the establishment of numerous
whisky saloons, we are fully alive to the necessity and benefits of a respectably conducted
hotel, affording to the numerous visitors to our camp the accommodation which otherwise would
be wanting.
In recommending Mr. Stephen Tanner as a fit and proper person to be entrusted with a
liquor licence, we do so with a full knowledge of his competence, and with the utmost confidence that the hotel business in his hands will be conducted in a manner creditable to himself
and with due compliance with the law.
Names Location.
W. L. Bumtany  Amelia Co.
Henry Nicholson The Emma Claim
Wm. McKenzie The Comstock
Wm. T. Smith  Do.
Alfred McKinney Cariboo Co.
D  O. Carmichael Ontario
Henry Prior      Do.
J. H. East    . Nellie
John Moffatt	
H. M. Duane Helen Taylor
A. H. Simpson Virginia
W. H. Simpson Tip Top
G. F Graves Olive,
John W. Reade Gladstone
F. Rice Cariboo
T. Bruihl Grissley 51 Vic. Correspondence—Ltquor Licences, Rock Creek. 353
Names. Location.
H. A. Huntley Grissley
John Sprole Bodie
Jos. Bramley Black Bess
W. Edwards Highland Chief
Edw. Buehler	
Geo. Wilkinson ...    Johnny Bull
James Copland        Bay State
Hugh Cameron	
G. J. Sheehan Hidden Treasure
Frank Hall Caledonia
Fred. Gwatkin Cora
N. Peterson Denmark
John Dayten Eureka
Thomas Woodland Elliot
H. G. Chapman Hermit
Harvey Willcox   	
C. G. Thrasher Carbinet
Geo. Thrasher.., Climax
B. B. Thrasher      Do.
W. S. Howenstine	
John Moran Kamloops
A. Hamner Daisy
Edward James Iron
Jas. Lynch Maple Leaf
Thomas Curry Bay State
Robert Oert Hidden Treasure
Thomas Johnstone Bellevue & Sir John Macdonald
James Schofield  Do. Do.
W. B. Chapman Prince of Wales
D. S. Fuller	
A. E. Jordan 	
Edmond Lefevre Amelia Company
Wm. S. Boies Minnie Mine
J. S. Grant	
Joe Murphy	
Timothy Cox	
John Meehan	
J. A. Gallagher	
John Dunn	
Th. Krurger Eldorado
Chas. Winkler Okanagan Claim.
Victoria, B. C, 12th October, 1887.
Sir,—We have the honour to refer to the Provincial Secretary's letter to us of   the 4th
August last regarding the application of   Messrs.   McDonald  & McBeath for a  retail  liquor
licence at Rock Creek.
Not having heard anything further about the matter we shall be glad (if not too much
trouble) if you will advise us the decision arrived at by the Government in regard to the
licence referred to.
We have, (fee,
(Signed)        Welch, Rithet <fe Co,
T. Elwyn, Esq.,
Acting Provincial Secretary,
Victoria, B. C. Office of Superintendent of Provincial Police,
Victoria, B. C, 1st December, 1887.
Gilbert M. Sproat, Esq., S. M.,
Dear Sir,'—A Mr. R. E. Lemon has applied to me for a licence at Rock Creek.    Would
you kindly say if you consider him a proper person to conduct a tavern.
Yours, &e,
(Signed)        H. B. Roycraft,
Victoria, B. C, November 23, 1887.
H. B. Roycraft, Esq., City.
Dear Sir,—A client of mine, Mr. Robert E. Lemon, of Revelstoke, is anxious to obtain
a licence (hotel) at Rock Creek, B. C, and on his behalf I wish to apply for the same. Will
you kindly advise me whether it can be granted.
Yours truly,
(Signed)        T. Davie.
Per Bodwell.
Office of Provincial Superintendent of Police,
Victoria, B. C,  16th January, 1888.
The Honourable
The Attorney-General, Victoria :
Sir,—I have the honour herewith to enclose two applications for the granting of liquor
licences at Rock Creek. I believe this will be a large camp near the boundary. No doubt a
great deal of illicit whisky will be sold. It will be better to have a few good licensed houses,
than have the liquor peddled.    These two applicants I can safely recommend.
Very respectfully, &e,
(Signed)        H. B. Roycraft,
Provincial Superintendent of Police.
Farwell, 6th December, 1887.
Dear Sir,—Mr. Lemon holds a retail licence here. He is one of the two large storekeepers here, and has made money. I don't think he proposes to abandon his store here, but
to associate himself at Rock Creek with Joe Wilson, a man of good character, who has, during
the summer, had charge of Mr. G. B. Wright's pack-train at Illecillewaet, and has now gone
to Rock Creek.
Lemon says they mean to have a store at Rock Creek, as well as a saloon.
Yours, &e,
.     (Signed)        G. M. Sproat.
H. B. Roycraft, Esq.,
Superintendent of Police, Victoria. 51 Vic. Correspondence—Liquor Licences, Rock Creek. 355
Victoria,  B.  C, 8th January, 1888.
Mr. Roycraft:
Dear Sir,—As I am determined to move to the new mines above iRock   Creek  early in
the coming spring, and as you know me for some years at Fort Yale  and  Esquimalt as saloon
and hotel-keeper, I hope you will do  me  the favour of granting me  a  licence for to keep a
hotel with saloon attached, or saloon separate.
By so doing you will oblige,
Yours respectfully,
Endorsed by— (Signed)        Thomas Doyle
(Signed)        W. T. Livock, H. B. Co.
J. H. Todd & Son.
Victoria, B. G, Jan. 9th, 1888.
Dear Sir,—Herewith I make application, through you, to the proper authorities of the
Province for a licence to sell liquors at Rock Creek.
If granted, I am ready to furnish proper and ample security for the proper conduct of the
I am, &e,
(Signed)        Wm. F. McCulloch.
H. B. Roycraft, Esq.,
Superintendent of Provincial Police.
Oriental Hotel, Victoria, B. C,
February 3rd, 1S88.
Mr. H. B. Roycraft :
Dear Sir,— We hereby make application for a licence to sell wines and liquors, by retail,
at Rock Creek, in Yale  District.    Should  our application meet your  views, it  will  be  our
earnest endeavour to faithfully fulfill the requirements of the law.
We have the honour to remain,
Yours respectfully,
(Signed)        Wm. McKeon & Son.
Office of Provincial Superintendent of Police,
Victoria, B. C, 21st February, 1888.
Geo. Tunstall, Esq.,
Gold Commissioner, Granite Creek:
Dear Sir,—I enclose a licence (spirit) for  S. Tanner, Rock Creek, which you will please
hand to him on his paying $200.
This amount be good enough to forward to my office.
Very respectfully, cfec,I
(Signed)        H. B. Roycraft,
Superintendent of Provincial Police.
VICTORIA : Printed by Richard Wolfenden Government Printer,
at the Government Printing Office, James* Bay.


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