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PETITION. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1888

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 51 Vic.
Petition—Fences, Canadian Pacific Railway.
To the Honourable the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, in
The Petition of the undersigned residents and property owners of the District of New
Westminster respectfully sheweth :—
That they are owners and occupiers of land in the said district, along the line of the
Canadian Pacific Railway.
That they most respectfully call the attention of your Honourable House to the state of
the fences erected by the said Company along their line of railway.
That as at present constructed the said fences are not continuous along the whole line of
railway passing through the district, but are only put up on lands that are occupied.
That said fences are mostly of wire, and are so loosely put together that cattle pass
through and over them wherever they please.
That by reason of the faulty construction of said fences, and also by reason of the long
stretches where no fences exist, cattle are continually straying on to the said railway, and as a
necessary consequence great numbers are annually destroyed, to the great loss and damage of
your petitioners.
Wherefore, your Petitioners humbly pray that your Honourable body take this matter
into your consideration, and have it brought before the proper authorities, or deal with the
same in such a manner that some measure be devised whereby your Petitioners may have protection against the evils complained of.
And your Petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray
Joe Derocher
Joseph Corron
A Dano
Alphonse Prifontaine
Chas A Young
George Nicholls
W G Lowes
John Sabiston
William Bentley
Joseph Farr
Alfred Bantley
John McDonald
H VV Holtby
J A McDonald
C Agassiz
W E Walker
E Walker
L A Agassiz
Henry Albert
Felix Parant
Emery Tremblay
Clarke Bros
Wm Charters
Samuel McDonald
Henry E Miller
Alex McDonald
John J aggers
Geo Lux
T T L Miller
Thos Patton
Hazen Magar
Samuel Trethewey
Valentine Richmond
John Morrill
Hazen Magar
Wesley G Fee
Henry Vasey
Thomas Morian
Ferdinan Morian
John R Wren
Thomas W Wren
F W Hughes
George Munro
David Bain
Lawrance Hudson
Robert Angus
Alexander Greig
Wm Pickles
Victor Briche
A Lagace
Wil Martin
Albert Dion
R Hudon
John Hudon
D Hudon
U Garneau
Oc Cote
No Leneville
Geo Rouleau
A H Abercrombie
J A Catherwood
Thos Solloway
James Trethewey
Rev A Martin
P Harkens
C Yerney
J McBride
J Wolff
Rev E C Chirouze
John Strong
Thomas Branagan
William Perkins, J P
Gabiiel Lacroix
Lorenzo Baker
N C Johnson
R G McKamey
Mrs Trethewey
John Morton
M Cleary
D McRae
P Edwards
P Perkins
J W Wells
Jno Joshua Wells
M Lacroix
John T Moore
William McEwen
VICTORIA : Printed by Ftchabd Wolfenden, Government Printer,
at the Government Frinting Office, James' Bay.


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