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VICTORIA: Printed by Richard Wouenden, Government Printer,
at the Government Printing Office, James' Bay.
1882.  45 Vic. Report of Public Works. 363
Year ending SIst December, 1881.
To the Honourable Clement F. Cornwall, Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of British
May it Please Your Honour,—
The Annual Report of the Department of Lands and "Works is herewith respectfully
submitted, in compliance with the provisions of the " Public Works Amendment Act,
Geo. A. Walkem,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B.C., 31st December, 1881.  45 Vic. Report of Public Works. 865
&c,   &c,   &c
The Provincial Public Works undertaken since the publication of the last Report
have been of the usual local character. Alterations, improvements, and repairs have
been made, where required, to public buildings, bridges, and highways; all of which have
been maintained and are now in good condition. Increase of population and loss of
buildings by fire have necessitated the erection of several new school houses in different
parts of the Province, in the construction of which present and future requirements
have been considered.
Victoria City District.
A Home for convalescents and incurable patients has been erected on lots 25 and
26, Spring Ridge, now belonging to the Government, and situated to the east of and
adjoining the Royal Hospital, Victoria. The building is well constructed, and the
fittings are good. It contains a large ward, matron's room, dining room, kitchen, halls,
closets, bath room, lavatory, &c. Water is laid on and thorough drainage secured.
The total contract price of' the work was $2,951.65, being $451.65 more than the
Legislative vote for the purpose. This extra cost was assumed and paid to the contractor, Mr. John Turner, by the Directors of the Royal Hospital, as agreed upon with
this department.
At the public school, Victoria, two additional glass partitions have been placed in
the main room on the ground floor, dividing what was originally an inconveniently
large room into three class rooms of about 20 by 40 feet each, with a passage way about
10 feet wide loading from the boys' entrance. The small class rooms on the ground and
first floors have been enlarged and remodelled, and each has been fitted witb a door for
direct and separate access to and from the vestibules. Throughout the building the
wood-work has been repaired and painted, and walls and ceilings whitewashed. On the
east side a large shed has been erected for the accommodation of the boys in wet
weather. Necessary repairs have been made to the High School building. A fence
has been made to separate the play grounds of the boys and girls. The fence enclosing
the school reserve has been repaired and renewed in places. Gates, picket fences, &c,
have been erected at the Yates and View street entrances.
The ceilings and walls of several of the rooms at Government House have been
repaired, kalsomined, and colour-washed, and the floors, windows, roof, and outside
walls of the building, have been put in good order. Carpets have been taken up, cleaned,
and relaid, broken furniture repaired, and the household effects generally well cared
for. The tank and cisterns have been thoroughly cleaned, and their filter beds relaid
with fresh charcoal and gravel. The lodge, green-house, stable, drains, and fences in
and about the grounds have been substantially repaired.
JS'ecessary repairs have been mado to the Government buildings and fences. James'
Bay, and to the Victoria Gaol. A two-inch water pipe has been laid from the main on
Langley Street into the gaol yard, and fitted with screw taps for attaching a hose in
case of fire. 366 Report op Public Works. 1881
Victoria District,
The maintenance of the Saanich Roads by contract, which was tried last year and
proved satisfactory, has again been adopted, and the contracts renewed for another year
from 30th June last.
The cross-roads in Saanich have been much improved this season, several of the
settlers having again voluntarily given the use of their teams to aid in the work.
Tenders were invited for the extension of the Cedar Hill Road, North-westerly
along Cordova Bay, but as the lowest bid exceeded the sum available for the purpose,
the work was not let. Subsequently, however, an arrangement was made with Mr.
Philip Touet, a settler in the vicinity, to make a sleigh road along the surveyed line
which should be fairly passable for a loaded waggon. His undertaking has been carried
The Victoria-Gorge Road has been re-graded, ditched, metalled, and gravelled
throughout, a work which will be of great benefit to the farmers of Metchosin, Sooke,
and Highland Districts, as well as to the travelling public generally.
Repairs have also been made to existing roads, bridges, and culverts in various
parts of this district.
Esquimalt District.
A new school house, measuring 22 by 40 feet, and 13 feet from floor to ceiling, has
been erected this season in the town of Esquimalt. The building is enclosed with rustic
siding, is lath and plastered, and painted, and is fitted with black board surface, and
seats and desks for sixty children.    Mr. John Turner was the contractor.
Throughout the district, roads, bridges, &c, have been repaired, and in many places
much improved. Some new grading, gravelling, and forest clearing have been done by-
contract upon the Rocky Point, Albert Head, Happy Valley and other roads; and
Sooke, Goldstream, and Highland Districts have received the usual attention.
San Juan Trail.
In July last a party in charge of Mr. Peter Irvine was sent out to open up and
improve the trail from Leech River to San Juan River. Mr. William Ralph, surveyor,
blazed a line for a trail from near Martin's Gulch, on the Leech River Trail, up the
North Fork of Leech River, for a distance of some five or six miles, along which Irvine's
party have cut out and made a good trail. Mr. Ralph also marked out deviations from
the old trail at points where grades could be improved, &c. These were followed by
the party. He also made a track survey from Leech River to San Juan River, and has
furnished the department with a map showing the trails and topography of that section
of country.
Mr. Irvine reports that his party have very much improved the old trail, and extended it from the point where Baker left off in 1878, to the San Juan River, about five
miles. He also reports having prospected for gold in several places with favourable
Esquimalt Graving Dock.
At the date of my last Report the construction of the Dock had been fairly commenced. The progress made since that time, and other matters in connection with the
work, will appear in the following report of the Resident Engineer :—
"Engineer's Office, Esquimalt,
"31st December, 1881.
"Sir,—I have the honour to submit my annual report on the progress of the
Esquimalt Graving Dock, and in doing so have to express my regret that the progress
of the work has been very unsatisfactory, and that all my efforts made from time to
time with the contractors to have the work pushed forward, even at a reasonable pace,
have proved unavailing. The fact that the contractors have only done enough work
to entitle them to a payment of barely more than one-tenth of the contract sum in 13
months, when the works should have been completed in 28 months, is more than
sufficient evidence of the very slow rate of progress made.
" The excavations have been in hand nearly the whole year; no work, however, in
this line, with the exception of blasting, was done between 18th August and 11th
November.   The hauling engine has been removed from its old position at the eastern 45 Vic. Report of Public Works. 367
end of the quay wall, and re-erected at the head of the dock. The dump cars commenced running on the new incline on 6th June.
" The driving of the row of sheeting piles in front of the apron, and at toe of
harbour quay wall, was commenced on the 9th and finished on 31st March.
"Rock blasting, for foundations of pump wells, was commenced on 19th April, and
for the caisson recess, engine house foundations, and body of dock, subsequently. This
work has been continued to date.
" The auxiliary pump was taken to pieces, thoroughly overhauled and cleaned, in
May, as was also tbe boiler in connection therewith.
" The Cofferdam is still in an effective condition, as proved by the very small
amount of leakage from it.
" Brick making, by hand, was commenced on 7th May. The first load of bricks
was delivered on the works on 29th June; the first load of sand on 29th July, and bricklaying for the foundations at entrance to dock was commenced on 17th August. The
trenches under the inverts were, however, ready to receive the brick-work at the end of
May. The two patent concrete mixing machines, lent by the Government to the Contractors, having been put together and erected, the concreting of the cells, between the
brick foundation walls, was commenced on 8th September, and both bricklaying and
concreting were carried on, with the exception of a few odd days when there were no
bricks on the ground, till 11th October, when work had to cease until the last kiln of
bricks for the season had been burnt. Bricklaying was resumed on 31st October, and
finally stopped on 10th December, the supply of bricks being exhausted.
" The concrete foundations for the harbour quay wall (east side) were commenced
on the 5th October, and continued to the 23rd December, when the wall having been
brought up to the height of 19 feet below coping level, or 22 feet above foundation level,
further work on it had to be suspended for want of tbe sandstone required to face it
with above this height.
" The circular pier heads at entrance to the Dock, constructed of bricks in cement
compo, are also at the height to receive the sandstone with which they will be faced,
namely, at 28 feet below coping level, or 18 feet 6 inches above their foundation level.
The brick-work in the inverts is in a partially completed state.
" The dressing of the granite blocks which are to be used as a meeting face for the
Caisson, was commenced on the 25th November, and one or two hands are now employed at this work.
"The bricks are made near Parson's Bridge, at the head of Esquimalt Harbour;
suitable clay and sand is found there in abundance, and water is obtained from Thetis
Lake by means of a flume. The yard room lor drying the bricks is not nearly large
enough, and one brick moulder only can be employed for want of drying space; and as
one man can, on an average, mould but 750,000 bricks in a season, this inadequacy of
accorrmiodsition, and the want of brick making machinery, is a serious matter, taking into
consideration the total number of bricks required for the work, which will, at the least,
amount to 3J millions.
" Sand, for the cement compo, is brought from the brick yard and from Albert Head;
both samples are of good quality, and when mixed with cement, two-thirds of the former
are used with one-tbird of the latter.
" The Contractors have decided on opening a quarry at Salt Spring Island, a sample
of sandstone having been approved of from that locality, and on the 28th November
the necessary plant was sent off from the works. The first cargo is expected down in
a fortnight's time.
" The sand and shingle for concrete is obtained near Belmont, in Esquimalt Harbour.
" Excavations for the Dock were commenced on 27th September, 1880, since which
date to 7th November, 1881, when I made up the last measurement, the amount of work
done is as follows :—
"Excavations in sand, shells, clay, &c 30,377 cubic yards.
" Excavations in rock   2,924
"Timber in sheet piling and walings  2,328 cubic feet.
" Iron-work in pile shoes and bolts   2,278 lbs.
"Brick-work   1,197 cubic yards.
"Concrete    ^753 ;;
" Cement used to 31st December, 1881     482 tons. 368 Report op Public Works. 1881
" The material excavated has been deposited to form the future quay room round
the Dock, and a portion of tbe rock blasted has been used for concrete.
" The amounts paid to the Contractors, under Certificates Nos. 1, 2, and 3, have
been as follows:—
" For work executed from 27th Sept., 1880, to lOth'March, 1881, $ 9,891 00
Do. do. 10th March,   „    to    5th August,  „       12,899 24
Do. do. 5th August, „    to    7th Novr.,     „       11,682 73
$34,472 97
This amount represents the net sum after deducting 10 per cent, on the full value of the
work, as per terms of the contract.
" The cement, of which I have made continuous tests since construction started,
has turned out very satisfactory.
" I regret to say two serious accidents have occurred on the works during the year,
the first on 6th August, by which Wm. Smethurst lost his life; the second on 19th
October, when John Crawford had his leg broken; both were caused by a fall of clay,
and were purely accidental.
" No contract for the Caisson has been made, and the letting of it must necessarily
be governed by the progress of the present Dock work.
" 1 have, &c,
(Signed)       " W. Bennett,
" To the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of " Resident Engineer.
" Lands and Works,  Victoria."
Cowichan District.
Considerable repairs to the wharf at Cowichan have been made. The Clem-clem-
aluts and Kokasailah River bridges have been strengthened, and a new bridge built
across a slough near the Kokasailah Village. Throughout tbe district general repairs
have been made to roads and bridges—in nearly all cases by contract. In Chemainus
the river has encroached so far upon the trunk road that next season it may be necessary
to make deflections in places.
Nanaimo District.
A substantial new school house has been erected at Wellington, upon the site of the
old building, which has been moved so as to form an |_ with the new one. The latter
is 22 by 40 feet, enclosed with rustic siding, lath and plastered, and painted, and furnished
with desks for fifty scholars.
The upper story of the girls' school in Nanaimo has been partitioned and completed
for use, and has been connected by stairs with the ground floor, and fitted with desks
and other requisites.
The sum granted to aid in the construction of a Hospital at Nanaimo has been paid
over to the Board of Directors.
The district appropriation has been expended in repairing roads and bridges, and
in constructing new pieces of road.
The Nanaimo River bridge is an arch beam suspension bridge of 160 feet clear span,
built some eight years ago. Owing to various causes the bridge lost its curvature,
more particularly on one side, which caused a cant in its roadway, and rendered it
dangerous. To remedy this, a contract was awarded last August to Geo. H. Baker, of
Victoria.    The contractor completed his contract after one or two unsuccessful attempts.
Comox District.
General repairs have been made to roads and bridges in this district, under the
superintendence of Mr. A. Milligan. Some repairs have also been made to the wharf,
which will require several new piles next season. A portion of the district appropriation has been expended upon Denman Island roads. 45 Vic. Report op Public Works. 369
New Westminster District.
In this district the expenditure has been exclusively confined to repairing existing
highways, among the more important of which are the New Westminster and Yale
Trunk Road, Burrard Inlet Road, North Arm-Granville Road, North Road to Port
Moody, &c, &e.
An excellent wharf and approach was built, early in the season, at the terminus of
the Trunk Road opposite the City of New Westminster.
The Insane Asylum has been maintained and repaired.
A good school house has been built at Chilliwhack, and another at Langley Prairie,
upon the site of the old building which was burnt last year.
Matsqui Dyke.
The work of reclamation, under the "Sumass Dyking Act, 1878," at Matsqui, has
been accomplished. On the 6th September last, Mr. Hunter, who was selected by the
department to take charge of the works, reported the satisfactory completion of the
dyke and the various works connected with it. Mr. Derby, the promoter, assigned his
interest under the Act to Mr. Sword, who refunded the balance due to the Government
for advances on surveys and salary for superintendence, &c, and received a Crown
Grant of about 6,000 acres, according to the terms of the Act.
Yale District.
A new school house has been built in the town of Yale, on the site of the old building
which was burnt down. A contract for new buildings, to replace the Court House and
Gaol completly destroyed by fire in the town, has been awarded to Mr. John Turner, of
Victoria, and is now nearly completed. The loss by fire was covered by insurance
in the Commercial Union.
The new Court room and offices are all on one flat, and the building will be more
convenient than the old one.
.Nicola Biver Bridge, which was carried away by ice in the beginning of last March,
was re-built, under the superintendence of Mr. A. Stevenson, and opened for traffic at
an early date. At the same time the west end of the Thompson-Nicola Road was placed
in repair. Subsequently, a contract was made with Mr. John Wilson, of Nicola, to
maintain this road between the Thompson River and McDonald's Creek, Nicola, up to
the 15th' November last, which he has done.
The trails from Hope have been cleared of fallen timber, slides, &c, and generally
In the Kamloops and Osoyoos divisions of this district, the various roads and bridges
have been maintained in a fair condition for traffic. A now road between the Salmon
River Bridge (on the Kamloops and Okanagan Road) and the Spellamacheen-Okanagan
Road, has been opened up for the accommodation ot a number of settlers, and as offering
a better mail route.
Lillooet District.
The Government buildings in this district have been put in good condition.
Work upon the new Dog Creek Road, commenced last year, has been continued,
and there now only remains a short piece of grading to complete it.
General repairs have been made to the district roads and trails, which have been
kept in as good order as the unusually wet season would permit.
Cariboo District.
The trails throughout this district have received careful attention. Continuous
and heavy rains during the season made it almost impossible to keep them in good
order. Owing to new discoveries of gold on Harvey Creek, and increase of population
in that section, a fair share of the appropriation was expended in that direction. The
trail up Cunningham Creek, and over the mountain to Harvey, was made as serviceable
as possible. Antler, Snow Shoe, Jack of Clubs, Slough Creek, Canon, Hardscrabble,
and other trails, have been improved in places. The Omineca trail has been cleared of
fallen timber. Section No
370 Report op Public Works. 1881
Main Trunk Road.
In compliance with a resolution of the Legislature at its last Session, tenders were
invited, on the the 27th of last June, for the maintenance of the Yale-Cariboo Trunk
Road, which was divided into six sections, as follows, viz.:—
from Yale to Boston Bar, distance about 25 miles.
„     Boston Bar to Cache Creek, 85    „
„     Cache Creek to Bridge Creek, 79    ,,
„     Bridge Creek to Soda Creek, 78    „
„     Soda Creek to Quesnelle, 58    „
„     Quesnelle to Barkerville, 55    „
Tenders were to be for one or more sections, and to state an annual lump sum for
which the service on each section tendered for would be done. The bids received appear
in the schedule annexed.
Sections 1 and 2 were awarded by Order in Council to Mr. J. B. Henderson, of Yale,
for a term of three years from 1st September last, and sections 5 and 6 to Mr. W. A.
Johnston, of Lytton, for a term of five years from 15th September last. No bids were
received for sections 3 and 4. On the 30th September, tenders were again invited for
the latter sections ; but as the lowest bids received exceeded the average cost of maintenance heretofore no contract was let.
The agreements entered into require the contractors to maintain the road with all
its appurtenances in good order for general traffic, at all seasons of the year, during the
term of their contracts. Due precautions have been taken to ensure satisfactory and
permanent work. Experienced superintendents have been appointed, whose duties are
to guard the interests of the public, and to see that the contractors faithfully fulfil
their agreements, and to send to the department, at the end of each month, a report
and certificate of the value of the work done during that period.
Complaints have been made of obstruction to traffic on the lower section
by railway construction. The railway contractor was called upon to remove the
obstructions and prevent their recurrence in the future. Assurances have been received
from him that every attention would be given to the matter. He has also stated that
the railway as located could not be built without occasioning more or less temporary
inconvenience to parties using the road.
Cassiar District.
Spring freshets in this district damaged bridges, corduroying, and trails to an unusual extent. The upper bridge across McDame Creek was carried away by an ice
flow last fall. It has been replaced by a more substantial one at a higher grade. The
bridges and corduroying upon the main trail from Glenora to Dease Lake, have been
repaired and renewed, and this and other trails kept free from fallen timber, &c.
Some money has been spent in removing snags and other impediments to navigation
on Dease River.
Kootenay District.
The McLeod Trail has this season been opened up to the plains, east of the Rocky
Mountains, and Elk River bridged. A bridge across Bull river, and a trail to connect
the two bridges are required to make this road practicable for travel during the best part
of the season.
Roads and trails throughout tho district have been cleared of fallen timber and
kept in repair. Bridges on the Mooyia and Walla-Walla trails will require thorough
repairs next year.
Subjoined is a detailed statement of the above and other works and matters appertaining to this department. 45 Vic. Report of Public Works. 3?1
Victoria City District.
Gates and Fences, Victoria School Reserve.
Johnson and Anderson, Contractors, $245.
To furnish all material and labour (except for excavation) for the construction and
erection of two entrance gates, three turnstiles and one hundred and forty feet of
picket fencing, in conformity with plans and specifications.
Repairs to the Public School, Victoria.
Charles Hayward, Contractor, $793.
To furnish all plant, labour and material required. To construct and erect two
glass partitions in the Boys' School-room, each about forty feet long and sixteen
feet high. To take up and re-arrange the desks in the Boys' room and in four
class-rooms. To remove and rebuild a lath and plaster partition. To make new
entrances to the class-rooms and to fit with doors. To alter po'sition of lavatories,
&c, and to repair all floors, walls and ceilings. Also, to build a shed 25 feet by
51 feet; to put up 200 feet of close board and battened fence, and to make sundry
repairs to the High School building, the water-closets, &c, &c, as specified.
Painting and Whitewashing Public Schools, Victoria.
Charles Hayward, Contractor, $93.
To whitewash the whole of the interior of the Public and High Schools, and to repaint the wood work in the former.
Convalescent Home, Victoria.
John Turner, Contractor, $2,793.
To furnish all plant, labour and material required to erect and complete a frame
building to be situated upon a lot adjoining Boyal Hospital, in accordance with
plans and specifications.
Repairs to Fencing, Victoria School Reserve.
Wm. Constantine, Contractor, at 20 cents per lineal foot.
To furnish all material and labour and to erect 285 feet of new picket fence, in
three pieces.    To put up small gate and cattle guard, repair old fencing, &c.
Subsequently, Mr. Constantine made some additional fencing and repairs at the
School Reserve by special agreement.
Victoria District.
Bridge near Speeds', on Saanich Road.
Joseph Goyette, Contractor, $50.
To construct a new bridge, or large culvert, near Speeds', 26 feet x 10 feet, cribbed
with cedar logs at sides and ends, covered with 3-inch plank.
Victoria-Gorge Road, Repairs.
James Baker, Contractor, $1,371.
Ditching (about) 4,000 yards.    Re-grading, forming and gravelling, 2,640 yards.
Repairs Gorge Bridge to Burnside Cross-Road.
A. H. Peatt, Contractor, $219.
Ditching, 880 yards; grading, 547 yards; gravelling, 670 yards.    Filling ruts and
holes, making road-crossing, &c 372 Report op Public Works. 1881
Repairs to Craigflower Bridge.
George Baker, Contractor, $222.
To furnish and drive 35 new piles; old braces removed and replaced with new
ones, planking and hand-railing repaired, &c.
Cutting down Hill on the Victoria Gorge Road.
Joseph Goyette, Contractor, $295.
Cutting down hill near Deep Gulley Bridge, 125 yards long, 0 feet to 4 feet deep,
being 688 cubic yards of excavation, much of which was through solid rock.
Ditching 220 yards, 2 feet wide, 6 inches deep; metalling and gravelling, 125
yards, 12 feet wide, and 6 inches deep.
Repairs to Gordon Head Road.
Wm. Baker, Contractor, $132.
Grubbing and clearing, 188 yards, 20 feet wide; forming and grading, 188 yards,
16 feet wide; gravelling, 188 yards, 10 feet wide; ditching, 376 yards, 2 feet
wide, 6 inches deep; culvert, 2J feet by H feet by 20 feet.
Repairs to Saanich Trunk Road.
Sections 1 and 2, Joseph  Goyette, Contractor, $700.   Victoria City boundary to
Prairie Tavern,
Section 3, H. Simpson, Contractor, $225.    Prairie Tavern to Ryan's.
Sections 4 and 5, George Thomas, Contractor, $345.   Royal Oak to Waine's (West
Each section to be maintained in thorough repair for one year from 1st July last.
Cordova Bay Road.
Agreement with Philip Touet to make a sleigh-road to form a continuation of the
Cedar Hill road in a north-westerly direction along Cordova Bay, distance about
two miles, for $100.
Day Work.
Repairs to Mount Newton Cross-Road.
Peter Imrie, Superintendent.
Grading, 30 yards, 18 feet wide; gravelling, 275 yards, 9 feet wide, 6 inches deep;
two culverts repaired.
Repairs School Cross-Road.
Peter Imrie, Superintendent.
Grading, 230 yards, 18 feet wide; gravelling, 210 yards, 9 feet wide, 6 inches deep;
raking in gravel and filling holes, 960 yards; culvert, 18 feet by 2 feet by 2\ feet.
Repairs to Waine's Cross-Road.
Peter Imrie, Superintendent.
Grading, 257 yards, 16 feet wide; gravelling, 130 yards, 9 feet wide, 6 inches deep;
cutting down hill 2 feet deep, 12 feet wide; three culverts, 17 feet by 2 feet by
1J feet.
Repairs to Brown's Cross-Road.
Peter Imrie, Superintendent.
Grading, 325 yards, 18 feet wide; brushed, 185 yards, 20 feet wide; two culverts,
18 feet by 2\ by 1J feet; removing stumps and filling ruts and holes with stones.
General repairs have been made to roads, bridges, and culverts in various parts of
the District, as occasion required, by day labour. 45 Vic. Report of Public Works. 8T8
Esquimalt District.
School House at Esquimalt.
John Turner, Contractor, $743.
To furnish all plant, labour and material to erect and complete a frame school-house,
22 by 40 feet, enclosed with rustic siding, lathed and plastered, painted two coats,
fitted with desks, cloak hooks, blackboards, &c, &c.
Repairs Albert Head and Metchosin Road.
Joseph Goyette, Contractor, $250.
Forest clearing, 141 yards, 20 feet wide; grading, 418 yards, 16 to 18 feet wide;
ditching, 836 yards, 2 feet wide, 6 inches deep; gravelling, 400 yards, 10 to 12
feet wide, 6 inches deep; cutting down " Hens' Rest" hill, opening water channel
under bridge, &c.
Repairs to Rocky Point Road.
Arthur H. Peatt, Contractor, $284.
Grading and forming 546 yards, 16 feet wide; gravelling, 546 yards, 10 feet wide, 6
inches deep; ditching, 1000 yards, 2 feet wide, 6 inches deep; ditching, 333 yards,
3$ feet wide, 15 inches deep; culverts enlarged and recovered; tail drains cut;
forest clearing, 40 feet in width, between Parker's and Vine's.
Repairs to Happy Valley Road.
Wm. Baker, Contractor, $141.
Forming and grading 210 yards, 16 feet wide; grubbing and clearing 160 yards, 20
feet wide; ditching, 258 yards, 2 feet wide, 6 inches deep; gravelling 210 yards,
10 feet wide, 6 inches deep; clearing out drift timber under Moll's bridge, and
levelling bents in bridge.
Esquimalt District Road Repairs.
A. H. Peatt, Contractor, $104.
Re-forming grade, 253 yards, 16 feet wide;  gravelling, 462 yards, 10 to 12 feet
wide, 6 inches deep; ditching, 550 yards, 2 feet wide, 6 inches deep; clearing out
drains and culverts.
Happy Valley and Metchosin Roads.
A. Peatt and A. Weir, Contractors, $70.
Cutting out roots and trees and removing stones, filling ruts and holes, and generally repairing the north portions of the Happy Valley and Metchosin roads.
Repairs to Sooke Road.
Samuel Morrow, Superintendent.
Grubbed and cleared 90 yards, 20 feet wide; graded 120 yards, 16 feet wide;
metalled, 70 yards, 10 feet wide, 6 inches deep; gravelled, 185 yards, 10 feet
wide, 6 inches deep; two new culverts, 17 feet by 3 feet by 2 feet; general
Victoria and Esquimalt Road (Day Work).
Gravelling, (about) 600 yards, 12 feet wide, 6 to 8 inches deep.
Filling ruts and holes, and cleaning out ditches, &c.
Cowichan District.
Repairs to Cowichan Wharf.
James Boal, contractor, $155.
To furnish all labour and material and drive, in position, 26 new piles, from 20 to
35 feet in length, and to bolt on to piles 48 new braces of 3 to 10 in. plank. 874 Report of Public Works. 1881
New Bridge and Approach.
Alexander Blyth, contractor, $75.
Building a two bent bridge across a slough near the Kokasailah village, and cutting
out a road 300 yards in length.
Repairs to the Mill Bay Road.
Eugene Burnham, contractor, $130.
One new bridge of two bents, with 3 stringers, cedar covering, hand-rail, &c.
Repairing culverts, straightening line of road, filling ruts and holes, ditching, forest
clearing, and placing the road generally in a good condition for travel.
Repairs to Road, the Parsonage to the Priest's House.
David Evans, contractor, $158.
Grading, gravelling, ditching, and general repairs.
Repairs prom Kokasailah Bridge to Dobson's Road.
Joseph Dougan, contractor, $87.50.
Grading, gravelling, forest clearing, and general repairs.
Repairs to Road from Drinkwater's Bridge.
David Evans, contractor, $230.
General repairs, as per specifications.
Some other small contracts and verbal agreements for road and bridge repairs in
this district have been made.
Nanaimo District.
Additions to Girls' Public School.
G. H. Frost, contractor, $400.
Constructing stairs and fitting up first floor of Girls' School, as per plan and specifications.
Construction of School House, Wellington.
J. W. Stirtan, contractor, $748.
To furnish all plant, labour, and material required to erect a frame building, 22 ft.
x 40 ft., enclosed with rustic siding, lath and plastered, painted two coats, and
having all the requisite fittings, including seats and desks.
Victoria Trunk Road (change of line).
Wm. MePherson, contractor, $200.
Forest clearing, 530 yards, 30 feet wide.
Grading, 530     ,      14       „
2 culverts, 16 ft. by 2 ft. by 2J ft.
Repairs to Nanaimo River Bridge.
Geo. H. Baker, contractor,
To find all plant, labour, and material to raise the roadway of bridge to a camber
of 5 inches at centre ; to restore the lost curvature of the arch beams, to make
them vertical; to furnish and place in position three new swing beams and six
Struts, and bolt them as specified; to guarantee the stability of the repairs, and
upon completion of the work to leave the bridge restored to its proper symmetry
and strength. 45 Vic. Report of Public Works. 375
Repairs to Wellington Road.
Alex. Easson, superintendent.
Gravelling, 1,620 yards, 12 feet wide, 5 inches deep.
Clearing out ditches and culverts, &c.
Repairs to Comox Road.
Alex. Easson, superintendent.
Forest clearing (new road), 760 yards, 30 feet wide.
Grading, 728 yards, 14 feet wide.
2 culverts, 16 ft. by 2 ft. by 2J ft.
Repairs to Departure BAy Road.
Alex. Easson, Superintendent.
Forest clearing (new road) 1,140 yards, 30 feet wide.
Grading 1,140 yards, 16 feet wide.
250 12
Five culverts, 18'feet by 2 feet by 2J feet.
Repairs to Stark's and Overton's Road.
Alex. Easson, Superintendent.
General repairs, filling up ruts and holes, cutting out roots and stumps, &c.
Gabriola Island Roads.
Alex. Easson, and Jas. Degnen, Superintendents.
Cutting trail from Foster's to School House, and general repairs to existing roads.
Comox District.
Day Work.   A. Milligan, Superintendent.
Changing line of road at McCutcheon's hill.
Forest clearing 840 yards, 24 feet wide.
Grading „        „      18       „
Gravelling 300     „      10       „
1 bridge, 34 feet by 14 feet by 8 feet.
Renewing piles, and repairing braces and planking, Comox wharf.
Repairing and re-covering bridges on Point Holmes Road.
Sundry grading, gravelling and bridge repairs on trunk road.
Forest clearing and repairing Denmann Island roads, &c.
Repairs to Denman Island School.
R. T. Swan, contractor; $50.
To lay T. & G. floor, to line walls with T. & G., to make new window casings, to
build wood-shed, &c.
New Westminster District.
Wharf at Termination of Trunk Road.
Jas. Turnbull, contractor; $1,049.
To find all plant, labour, and material required to construct and complete a first class
wharf, measuring 60 feet by 64 feet, with an approach 150 feet long and 17 feet
wide. Piles in approach and wharf to be driven 8 feet by 15 feet apart, centres
braced with 3-inch by 10-inch sway braces, and 4-inch by 10-inch walings;
flooring of 3-inch lumber, fitted with mooring and fender posts, guard, slip, &c. 376 Report of Public Works. 1881
Langley Prairie School House.
Adam Innes, contractor; $380.
To find all plant, labour, and material to erect and complete a frame building, 18
feet by 30 feet, with ceiling 12 feet high.     Frame enclosed with rustic siding;
interior lath and plastered, painted, &c; outeside whitewashed.
Chilliwhack School House.
A. C. Henderson, contractor; $645.
To furnish all labour and material to erect and complete a frame building, measuring 22 feet by 40 feet, with ceiling 13 feet above floor; enclose with rustic
siding, lath and plaster; paint interior and exterior two coats; supply requisite
fittings as specified.
New Westminster and Yale Trunk Road.
General repairs from Brown's Landing to above Langley. Clearing out brush,
grading, gravelling, ditching, and repairing bridges and culverts.
North Road.
The old road between New Westminster and Port Moody made passable for traffic.
Burrard Inlet Road.
Brushing, grading, gravelling, and repairing bridges, culverts and corduroy.
General repairs have been made where most required on roads and trails in various
parts of the district.
Yale District.
Government Buildings at Yale.
John Turner, contractor; $3,180.
To furnish all plant, labour, and material requisite and to erect and complete a one-
story frame building, containing a Courtroom, Judge's room, Jury room, office and
Government Agent's quarters, &c, &c. To be first class in point of workmanship
and material, and fitted with sundry necessary furniture. Also to build a Jail, or
Lock-up, containing three cells and a Jailer's room, and to make certain fencing,
&c.    The whole to be completed in accordance with the plans and specifications.
Yale School House.
J. B. Henderson, contractor; $690.
To furnish all labour and material necessary, and to erect and complete a one-story
frame building, consisting of one room 18 feet by 30 feet, with an entry 6 feet by
7 feet; enclosed with rustic, lath and plastered and painted, &c, and fitted with
desks and other requisites.
Thompson-Nicola Road Repairs.
John Wilson, contractor; $300.
To place in good repair and to maintain the Nicola waggon road between the
Nicola River Bridge and McDonald's Creek Bridge, from the 25th of June to 15th
November, 1881.
Re-building Nicola River Bridge.
A. Stevenson, Superintendent.
Total length of bride re-built 235 feet, in 2 spans of 50 feet; one span of 60 feet; 3
spans of 25 feet.    The three long spans are trussed, and rest on two new diamond
crib abutments.
Waggon road approaches repaired. Repairs Cache Creek-Savona Road.
A. Stevenson, Superintendent.
Repairing bridges at Bates' Flat and Rocky point.
Building 40 feet of stone wall, 5 feet high; grading gravelling, ditching, &c.
Subsequently necessary repairs to this and other roads in Kamloops and Osoyoos
division of this district were made under the direction of the Government Agents.
Lillooet District.
New Dog Creek Road Construction.
J. Chenhall Superintendent.
Grading 15,800 feet, 11 feet wide.
Forest clearing 640 feet, 20 feet wide.
Cribbing 600   „     4   „    high.
Blasting 143    „    10    ,,    wide, 5 feet deep.
3 bridges 14 feet long, 7 feet high.
Ditching, Corduroying, metalling &c.
Repairs to roads and trails in various parts of this district were made under the
superintendence of Mr. J. Kaitting.
28 378
Report of Public Works.
Yale-Cariboo Waggon Road.
Statement of work performed on Sections 1 to 5, under various Superintendents.
Section 1.   Yale to Boston Bar.   25 Miles.
N. Black, Superintendent.    Salary, $130 per month.
Nature of Work.
No. of men.
No. of days.
Rate per diem.
Repairing Boston Bar Bridge (damaged by freshets); new
piers, sills, &c	
General repairs to road	
73 feet cribbing, 12 to 16 feet high	
142 feet stone wall, 7 to 8 feet high	
347 yds. gravelled, 12 feet wide, 10 inches deep	
1 Bridge, 35 feet long, 18 feet wide, 12 feet high	
2 Culverts, 18 and 22 feet long, 3 to 18 feet wide, 3 feet deep
Rock walls, plank covering	
35 feet cribbing, 13 feet high	
140 feet stone wall, 4 to 8 feet high	
General repairs	
Removing rocks, stones, and general repairs	
246 yds. gravelling, 12 feet wide, 6 to 10 inches deep	
1 Culvert, 18 feet long, 6 feet by 2 feet, stone walls covered
with round timbers	
591 feet cribbing, 7 to 14 feet high	
32 feet stone wall, 10 feet high	
General repairs, removing slides, gravelling &c	
Getting out timbers for two new bridges	
228 feet bridging, 18 to 22 feet wide, 32 to 37 feet high, covering squared to 7 inches thick	
General repairs, removing rocks, slides, &c	
Hewing 10,400 feet covering, 7 inches thick	
228 feet bridging, 18 feet wide 18 to 23 feet high, covered
with 7-inch squared timber	
43 feet cribbing, 10 to 11 feet high	
Removing rocks, slides, gravelling, &c	
Excavating bed for weighing scales, 10} feet wide, 18 ft. long,
6 feet deep	
Repairing 130 feet bridging, covering 7 inches thick, handrail, &c	
Putting new posts to 3 bridges	
81 feet cribbing, 13 feet high, filled with rock	
160 feet abutment, 12      „ „        „       	
19 Whites
18 Whites
13 Whites
11 Whites
10 Whites
}■   10 Whites
) to 3 19
2 OOto 3 19
290 45 Vic.
Report of Public Works.
Section 2.   Boston Bar to Clinton.   Ill Miles.
A. Stevenson, Foreman; $130 per month.
Nature of Work.
Shovelling snow slides and drifts, and cutting ice	
Shovelling snow slides and drifts, and cutting ice	
Clearing Rock and gravel slides	
Clearing gravel slides, &c., clearing water ditches, filling ruts,
and mud holes, blasting rocks, preparing timbers for
Driving piles in bridge at School House, Cache Creek	
1 bridge, 35 feet long, 18 feet wide, 20 feet high, timbers and
covering, roundlogs	
Clearing gravel slides, ditches, filling ruts &c	
Bridge at Mud Slide, 2 abutments	
Round timbers and coverings	
48 feet flume under Mud Slide Bridge	
Grading 35 yds. new road and widening out 200 yards of road
at Mud Slide	
Widening 32 yds. road near Nicomin	
62 feet bridging, 18 feet wide, 8 to 25 feet high	
Clearing gravel slides, ditches, &c	
Hewing 12,000 feet flooring for bridges	
Trimming timbers and building abutment for Tilton Creek
Re-building Tilton Creek Bridge, 108 feet long, 18 feet wide,
25 feet high	
88 feet bridging, 16 feet to 25 feet wide, 6 to 35 feet high	
General repairs, clearing gravel and rock slides	
3 culverts, 18 feet long, Hx2 feet	
169 feet bridgina:, 16 to 18 feet wide	
Re-covering 123 feet bridging, 5-inch flatted timber	
100 feet bridging, 16 feet wide, 33 feet high	
Re-covering 100 feet bridging, 5-inch flatted timbers	
1 small bridge, 8 feet long, 25 feet wide, 6 feet high	
No. of men.
4 Whites
4 Indians
7 Whites
6 Indians
25 Whites
1 Indian
24 Whites
1 Indian
24 Whites
17 Whites
1 Indian
17 Whites
1 Indian
No. of days.
Rate per diem.
$1 00 to 3 00
1 50to3 29
1 00to3 !
2 70to4 00
1 00 to 4 00 380
Report of Public Works.
Section 3.   Clinton to Soda Creek.   130J Miles.
W. Boyd, Foreman; $130 per month.
Shovelling out slides, ditching, filling ruts, clearing fallen
195 yards grading, 5 to 8 feet wide	
"" yards gravelling, 14 feet wide, 12 inches deep	
18 feet bridging, 12 feet wide, four feet high	
102 feet culverts repaired, 5 to 7 feet wide, 2 to 3 feet deep...
40 feet cribbing, 7 feet high	
Removing stones, filling ruts, &c	
705 yards ditching, 2 feet deep, 12 inches wide	
,,     grading, 6 feet wide	
254    „    gravelling, 12 feet wide, 14 inches deep.
25      „    corduroying, 18 feet wide	
20 feet bridging, 21 feet wide, 4 feet high	
98 feet culverts, 3 to 5 feet wide, 2 to 3 feet deep..
474 yards ditching, 3 feet wide, 2 feet deep	
43      „    grading, 8       ,, 	
222    ,,    gravelling, 12 feet wide, 14 inches deep	
272    „    corduroying, 18 feet wide	
119 feet bridging, 16 to 21 feet wide, 3 to 10 feet high.
21    „   culverts, 18 feet wide, 2 to 3 feet deep	
32    ,,   cribbing, 6 feet high	
Nature of Work.
Removing timber, stones, &c	
1140 yards ditching, 2 feet wide, 12 inches deep	
69      „     graded,   6      ,, 	
508    ,,     gravelling, 12 feet wide, 18 inches deep.
350    ,,      corduroy,   18       „ 	
18 feet bridging, 18 feet wide, 3 feet high	
~ ~ feet culverts, 4 feet wide, 2 feet deep	
Clearing ditches, removing rocks, &c	
691, yards ditching, 21 feet wide, 16 inches deep...
1 mile forest clearing, 66 feet wide	
534 yards gravelled, 16 feet wide, 18 inches deep...
150 yards corduroying, 17 feet wide	
82 feet bridging, 20 feet wide, 4 feet high	
150 feet culverts, 3 to 6 feet wide, 2 to 3 feet deep.,
40 yards cribbing, 4 feet high	
Cache Creek to Bridge Creek.
Taking out rocks, clearing timber, &c	
153 yards ditching, 21 feet wide, 14 inches deep..
31 miles forest clearing, 60 feet wide	
96 feet grading, 41 feet wide	
54 yards gravelling, 14 feet wide, 18 inches deep.
46    ,,    corduroy, 20      „ 	
105 feet bridging,    18       ,, 3 feet high	
61    ,,   culverts, 3 to 4 feet wide, 3 feet deep	
Bridge Creek to Soda Creek.
General repairs, removing stones	
182 yards ditching, 3 feet wide, 18 inches deep.
125     ,,    gravelling, 12 ,, ,, ,,
66 feet corduroying   18 „ 	
63 feet culverts, 2x4 feet	
Cutting out timber, removing stones	
11 miles forest clea-ing, 66 feet wide	
200 feet grading, 4 feet wide	
205 yards gravelling 12 feet wide, 14 inches deep.
36 feet culverts, 2x3 feet	
270 feet cribbing, 4 feet high	
General repairs, clearing stones, &c	
3| miles forest clearing, 80 feet wide	
30 yard" grading, 3 feet wide	
220 ys-rd j gravelling, 14 feet wide, 12 inches deep.
No. of men.
10 Whites
9 Whites
-     9 Whites
9 Whites
10 Whites
7 Whites
11 Whites
10 Whites
No. of days.
Rate per diem.
§1 92 to 3 25 45 Vic.
Report of Public Works.
Section 4.   Trunk Road.   Soda Creek to Quesnelle.   58 Miles.
J. H. St. Laurent, Foreman; $150 per month.
Nature of Work.
General repairs, clearing slides, scouring ditches, clearing
fallen timber	
Removing rock slides	
General repairs, &c	
Hauling 75 tons rock to piers of Quesnelle Bridge	
100 feet cribbing, 6 feet high	
General repairs, clearing slides and fallen timber	
Ditching half mile, 18 inches deep, 2 feet wide	
96 yards gravelled, 10 feet wide, 6 inches deep	
90 feet culverts, 2 feet by 18 inches	
75 feet cribbing, 9 feet high	
General repairs, clearing ruts, clearing water	
Repairing two bridges	
1 bridge built 50 feet long, 16 feet wide, 10 feet high	
General repairs, &c., shovelling slides	
350 yards gravelled, 10 feet wide, 6 inches deep	
80 feet culverts, 4x2 feet	
200 feet cribbing, 4 feet high	
General repairs, forest clearing &c	
No. of men.
4 Whites
4 Whites
2 Whites
3 Whites
3 Whites
2 Whites
No. of days.
Rate per diem.
$3 00
Section 5.   Trunk Road.   Quesnelle to Barkerville.   55 Miles.
J. H. St. Laurent, Foreman; 150 per month.
Nature of Work.
No. of men.
No. of days.
Rate per diem.
General repairs, removing slides and rocks, clearing ditches
and filling ruts	
General repairs, 50 yards gravelling, 10 feet wide, 6 inches deep
80 feet culverts, 4x3 feet	
125 feet cribbing, 4 to 10 feet high	
General repairs	
500 yards gravelled, 10 feet wide, 6 inches deep	
240 feet culverts, 2x3 feet	
115 feet cribbing, 21x6 feet	
General repairs	
500 yards gravelled, 10 feet wide, 6 inches deep	
42 feet bridging, 16 feet wide, re-covered	
192 feet culverts, 2x4 feet	
497 feet cribbing, 2 to 9 feet high	
General repairs	
Widening 3 miles of road (3 feet wide)	
192 feet cribbing, 6 to 8 feet high	
}     3 Whites
t-     4 Whites
5 Whites
9 Whites
7 Whites
$3 12 to 3 30
3 12 to 3 60 382
Report of Public Works.
DURING   THE   YEAR   1881.
Naturb or Work.
Name of Tenderer.
Victoria City District.
9 793 50
908 00
975 00
1.019 00
1.020 00
93 00
107 00
2,793 00
2,842 00
2,880 00
3,100 00
3,498 00
1,371 00
1,615 00
2,002 00
800 00
222 00
225 00
235 00
132 00
140 00
147 00
200 00
240 00
295 00
318 00
362 00
435 00
450 00
219 00
322 00
376 00
390 00
395 00
425 00
250 00
256 25
275 00
325 00
360 00
284 00
315 00
329 00
382 00
141 00
171 50
200 00
225 00
260 00
104 26
135 00
159 00
159 00
139 00
225 00
743 00
799 00
805 00
814 50
860 00
T. R. Mitchell	
Smith & Clark	
Victoria District.
Repairs to Victoria-Gorge Road :—
W. Baker        	
»           ii
A. H. Peatt 	
N. LeClair	
N. LeClair	
W. Bond	
Repairs to Road from Gorge Bridge to Burnside Cross Road
A. H. Peatt	
W. Baker	
W. Smithurst	
Esquimalt District.
A. H. Peatt	
A. Weir	
W. Baker 	
A. H. Peatt   	
A. Weir	
W. Baker 	
W. Baker .
A. H. Peatt	
A. Weir	
Repairs to Metchosin and Esquimalt District Roads 	
A. H. Peatt	
J. H. Scafe	
W. Bond	
W. Calvert	
W. Baker	 45 Vic
Report of Public Works.
Nature of Work.
Name of Tenderer.
Cowichan District.
$ 156 00
185 00
195 00
217 00
130 00
135 00
20 00
23 00
25 00
76 00
158 00
180 00
216 00
200 00
87 60
145 00
125 00
230 00
244 00
260 00
55 00
75 00
70 00
200 00
270 00
748 00
762 00
898 00
1,203 00
400 00
462 00
436 00
500 00
500 00
1,049 00
1,125 00
1,660 00
380 00
444 00
645 00
695 00
695 00
696 00
756 90
690 00
790 00
3,180 00
3,688 00
4,000 00
3,606 00
300 00
per annum.
10,000 00
10,000 00
10,520 00
8,900 00
11,500 00
13,800 00
16,000 00
15,000 00
11,775 00
3,978 00
5,968 00
8,000 00
W. J. Sutton	
A. Blyth	
Hugh Bell	
Evans & Blyth	
G. Kier 	
Evans & Blyth	
Thos. P. Windsor 	
A. W. Campbell	
Nanaimo District.
G. H. Frost	
D. W. Gordon	
G. H. Frost 	
J. W. Stirtan	
New Westminster District.
Yale District.
School-house at Yale	
H. Hoy 	
Bruce & Turnbull	
Main Trunk Road maintenance :—
„     2            	
Not awarded.
W. H. Vaden	
S. Walker	
„     6 	
Awarded. 384
Report of Public Works.
■s a
CO CO t- w


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