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PETITION. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1888

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 51 Vic.
Petitions—Liquor Traffic.
To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of British
Columbia, in Session assembled.
The humble petition of the undersigned residents of Victoria, British Columbia, sheweth:—
That whereas your petitioners have observed, with great regret, the evils arising from the
absence of restriction in the sale of intoxicating liquors, with respect both to the hours during
which those liquors are exposed for sale, and to the number of places where they are sold;
And whereas, your petitioners believe that a thorough revision of the laws relating to the
liquor traffic is desirable in the interests of the community at large;
Now, therefore, your petitioners do humbly pray that your Honourable House will be pleased
to pass such a measure as shall secure—
1st. The closing of all places for the sale of intoxicating liquors from midnight until six
o'clock in the morning on all week-days, and during the whole of Sundays;
2nd. That the maximum number of licences to be issued be fixed, so as to be fewer than at
present in proportion to the population;
3rd. That efficient machinery be provided for enforcing such regulations as may be enacted.
And your petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray.
ET Fletcher,
W S Jemmette,
S P Tuek,
H Mofiatt,
William Hick,
James Woolcock,
J M Sparrow,
J C Newbury,
Geo Frye,
H VV Graves,
W T Marvin,
John E Gardner,
Richard Jones,
Chas Perkins,
Chas Kent
W M Pike,
Bishop of Columbia,
Wm Gordon,
Isabella Gordon,
Cecilia Gordon,
Isabella Gordon,
William Charles,
W B Charles,
M A Charles,
C Charles,
L Robertson,
Alex Calder,
Annie Calder,
M J Courtney,
John T Papst,
Margaret Papst,
Robt J Stevens,
Mrs Robt J Stevens,
Henri Jorand,
Mary Jorand,
James Fell,
Joseph Sears,
S Whitley,
Edward G Tilton,
Florence Tilton,
Eleanor F Jackson,
Arthur Beanlands,
Laura Maud Beanlands
Lilla Marion Hills,
James Doughty, Jr,
George Crowther,
James Fisher,
Alexander Wilson,
W Wilson,
Thos Wilson,
W A McLean,
J Stewart,
R Roberts,
James A Grant,
Hugh MacLean,
Edgar Marvin,
W C Ward,
Keith Wilson.
Robt Croft,
Chas Dempster,
Wilfred R Jones,
Hugo Beaven,
W P Winsby,
J Aden,
J Finlayson,
W K Bull,
Hy Moss,
J Hawkins,
Beaumont Boggs,
Thos S Gore,
R Godding,
R C Fawcett,
W S Goodwin
F Pauline,
Herbert W Pauline,
James E Martin,
A Scroggs,
W E DeVeulle,
George Doughty,
D G Gray,
Fanny Bickford,
D Simpson,
E A Wyld,
H Rhodes,
T S Milligan,
T J Jones,
R T Fawcett,
Wm Newbury,
Philip Harman,
Jos Sommer,
R B Esnouf,
E Walbey,
E M Genn,
J B Johnson,
A Hartley,
W Smith,
Mrs Caroline Fraser,
Mrs C A Goffin,
Charles A Goffin,
Skene Lowe,
Annie MeK Lowe,
Mrs T Bamford,
Thos G Mason,
Mrs T G Mason,
Edward Cridge,
Mary Cridge,
Elizabeth Cridge,
Maud Cridge,
Nellie Cridge,
A A Green,
G G Green,
S D Pope,
C L Pope,
E A Smith,
Joseph Hunter,
Frances E Hunter,
F W Robson,
J E McMillan,
Alex Holmes,
Alfred Flett,
J Anderson,
Jno Robson,
A Campbell Reddie,
D Wilson,
Tom Kains,
Agnes Deans Cameron,
L A Barron,
D E Kerr,
E M Carmichael,
A Keast,
S A Robinson,
J P McLeod,
J A Halliday,
R Offerhaus,
Christina W Forrest,
James Kaye,
Mrs Alex Wilson,
M P Thomson,
Mrs J W McKay,
Mrs A Porter,
Mrs Dumbleton,
I J Askew,
Mrs E A Bates,
Cecily Scriven,
Austin Scriven,
Frances Arrowsmith,
FC Gamble,
M R Lawson,
M Vidler,
Mrs C Squires,
Miss Sota Squires,
W F Boland.
S E Squires,
William Irvine,
Tom Jelfs,
A Grace Nicholas,
Emily Russell,
Mrs James Lyon,
Mrs William Scott,
Mrs William Elliott,
Mrs Thos A Brydon,
George Pottinger,
Philip Swan,
Lily Swan, 312
Petitions—Liquor Traffic.
Mary Swan,
Mrs E A Carlow,
Mrs A M Rollins,
J J Sheppard,
William J Masleu,
S Myrdal,
H Thorstimson,
S Jackman,
Mrs Jackman,
A Winsby,
M A Hodgson,
Mrs W Sellick,
Percival Jenns,
Henry Rudge,
Geo Rudge,
George Sangster,
J M Hughes,
H M Luker,
Jas Maynard,
Sarah Jane  Maynard,
A J Rowbotham,
Mr3 L E Ferguson,
Mrs J Townsley,
Mrs Geiger,
P A Jenns,
Mrs Vipond,
Mrs Easealet,
M V Storey,
W A Stevens,
Mrs Jas Stevens,
Jas D Stevens,
Allan Stevens,
Mrs Jennings,
M Jennings,
M A Callanach,
S A Morrow,
S Swan,
E O'Brian,
Elizabeth A Woods,
Emily H Woods,
Ella Lome,
G Simpson,
C E Perry,
Marie L G Perry,
Mrs A Wright,
Mrs W Munsie,
Miss B Brooks,
Margaret Horton,
Uriah Nelson,
E Linetsen,
Mrs Elliott,
Mrs Chislet't,
Edith Castleton,
John D Manson,
Mrs A Dods,
Mrs Williams,
Mrs T G Mitchell,
J Sheppard,
T Graham,
Mrs Graham,
H L Ferguson,
Mrs Johnson,
Hugh Johnson,
Mrs McLachlon,
Mrs Hamilton,
Miss Nelson,
Mrs Leiser,
Ida DeBlois Roper,
Richard W Roper,
John Clarke,
Daniel McPhaden,
Thomas Cullim,
Donald Geo MacKay,
Alexander McLaren,
Halcrow P Johnson,
G H Drew,
T M Tyson,
W J Muir,
W Atkins,
J Dobinson,
F Lakin,
A Lakin,
M A Lakin,
R Copeland,
E Matthews,
Mrs Eliza Corris,
Mrs Emily Compton,
Mrs Donald Cameron,
Mrs Vidler,
W J Macdonald,
Miss E Macdonald,
Miss F Macdonald,
Miss L Macdonald,
Mrs W J Macdonald,
Mrs P Dempster,
Mrs F Taylor,
J O'Connor,
Hariet Connor,
Ada Davis,
Mrs F S Morey,
Mrs L Bowles,
Miss Y Eilandson,
Mrs T VV Baker,
James Allison,
J F Jueck,
John Barnsley,
J Savannah,
O C Hastings,
Jas Hastie,
Benj Ashton,
Mrs Gerow,
J P Burgess,
D Campbell,
J W Morrison,
R Jamieson,
E Fleming,
H Fleming,
L Wilson,
F Page,
W Shears,
WHS Perkins,
J M Smith,
David Spencer,
J Simson,
C Jennings,
T Scott,
H Martin,
L Horton,
S Blake,
A Brown,
Thomas Wilson,
J E Starr,
A Steers,
Mrs T Elliott,
Mrs Miess,
J W Mellor,
Mrs Janet P Hibben,
Mrs A Clements,
James Murray,
M A Waitt,
M Williams,
Mrs W Denny,
Mrs Sarah Griffiths,
Mrs D Nevin,
Mrs Bush,
Mrs McMillan,
H A Fox,
Geo T Fox,
C G Fox,
Mrs J Alexander,
Mrs M Ceaser,
Mrs Carter,
Mrs L Vigelius,
W J Dwyer,
Geo Herd,
Ethel Phcebe Nash,
L Goodacre,
T Moody,
Mrs T G Moody,
A Huxtable,
Mrs Wm Halpenny,
Mrs M Halpenny,
J B Halpeuny,
M L Rugg,
C R King,
Mrs Rugg,
Mrs Lucy Smith,
Mrs G F Grant,
Gordon Grant,
Mrs J B Lambert,
Grant, Wm, Mrs,
Mrs A G Rowbotham,
Mrs Hopper,
J T Hopper,
Mrs J U Flett,
Mr J C Flett,
H A Munn,
VV C Douglas,
D E Kerr,
Thos Brengan,
Rev D xMcRae,
Wm Losee,
Walter Kinnaird,
VV Ward,
Arthur Holmes,
Jane Gribble,
Jenie Morley,
Mrs Scott,
Mary Jenkins,
Hy Jewell,
A Hodnett,
D Sharp,
Mrs Sharp,
R J Butler,
Thos VV Pierre,
Mrs M A Barry,
Miss M A Barry,
A E Wescott,
F H Curry,
Richard Hilbert,
R Atwood,
Jno Teague, jr,
E Wilde,
Geo Taylor,
D Davis,
J Black,
J Brooks,
D R Whelter,
James Cohen,
A Gregg & Son,
R A Cunningham,
S Reid,
Jas Millar,
John Piercy,
Geo Tite,
Mrs Geo Tite,
V J Tite.
M J Rex,
Jane A Rex,
M M Jamieson,
Aleen McNiven,
L G Jamieson,
L P Jamieson,
M Fitzgerald,
Cecilia B Francis,
Mrs A Sargison,
A A Sharp,
W F Gold,
Maurice Kramer,
Maurice Lopsateeki,
A McDonald,
Mrs J Crowther,
Chas Mackie,
A E Burbidge,
M F Campbell,
A Mel Beveridge,
Francis Bourchier,
Jas McCurdy,
Jane McCurdy,
A JE Chadbourne,
Mrs Bouchier,
Donald Fraser,
L R Fraser,
L Withrow,
A L Ellis,
Mrs Withrow,
James Elsworth,
Mrs J Elsworth,
VV J Smith,
Mrs VV J Smith,
John P McConnell,
Mrs J P McConnell,
F Gilchrist,
R Lang,
Mrs Lang,
J W Arnnold,
A Arnold,
S Arnold,
A T Bloor,
Wm Turpel,
George Smith,
Mrs VV Turpel,
John Elliott,
Daniel Fulton,
A E Wade,
Mrs E Coley,
Mrs M Porter,
Alfd Barnsley,
J H Stewart,
E James Gray,
C Whillet,
Mrs S Cummings,
S M Cummings,
Mrs G C Mesher,
J H Hughes,
Mrs J H Hughes,
F T Stevens,
Mrs J F Beek,
J F Beek,
Henry Rudge,
E Teague,
P Teague,
Kate Teague,
Maggie McTeigh,
John Leonard,
Teresa Leonard,
C Johnson,
Elizabeth Taylor,
Richard J Keyes,
Emma Irving,
M Green,
M Keefe,
Mrs M Keefe,
Mrs W G Fraser, 51 Vic.
Petitions—Liquor Traffic.
W G Fraser,
Wm Petit,
W H Burkholder,
Mary J Burkholder,
Esther Logan,
Leonard Langley,
Ernest M Skinner,
W Ridgway Wilson,
Mary McDone.ll,
Wm McLachlan,
Robt Butler,
Robt Todd,
Jenny Jorand,
Agnes Boyd,
Alice Northeott,
Wm W Northeott,
Clive Northeott,
Joseph R Northeott,
ThosL Fawcett,
Henry Mitchell,
Edwin Johnson,
Ann Mitchell,
Ellen Lindsay,
Mary Lindsay,
Alice M Kains,
Mary E Johnston,
Elizabeth S Nuttall,
Mrs S Field,
Mrs W Field,
Mr William Field,
Peter Wilson,
E R Estes,
A E Estes,
Mrs Jas Graham,
Mrs Ann O'Brien,
Mrs J Travis,
W H Phillips,
C Phillips,
Clark H Lambkin,
Mrs Lambkin,
Jul Barran,
Sam Meomiak,
James Meomiak,
William Murray,
Mrs Ragazzoni,
Mrs Walker,
Bessie Walker,
Eva P Walker,
Donald G Walker,
Mrs Booth,
Mrs McDonald,
Mrs Somers,
A C Couves,
Mrs Couves,
Mrs Wharton,
William C Kerr,
Mrs Carman,
Mrs S Lowell,
Mrs T Clarke,
Mrs Galer,
Mrs Copeland,
Miss Magirl,
Miss Copeland,
Mrs Esnouf,
Mrs Levy,
Jas H Haughton,
Mrs Drake,
Mrs Bowman,
Miss A L Holley,
Mrs James Borker,
Mrs Garner,
James Kelly,
Godfrey Rennell,
Murhula Rennell,
Mrs Costello,
Emma Bushell,
M R Robbins,
R Foster,
Mrs McHugh,
Mrs LeLievre,
Mrs Waterson,
J M Scott,
John Jessop,
Mrs Jessop,
Jas Auld,
Mrs C Townsend,
Mrs W C Robinson,
Mrs M Henderson,
Shirley V Simpson,
G Simpson,
James Pottinger,
Mrs James Pottinger,
Archibald McLarty,
Mrs A McLarty,
Wm Davis,
Mrs A Morrison,
J R Morrison,
A B Murray,
E Coffin,
L Vinall,
Jas Dawson,
L Tierney,
N P Stramberg,
Mrs Wm Johns,
S S Lehman,
R S Rendall,
J Graham,
L Mallandaine,
Mrs Pittock,
M Pittock,
Geo Powell,
George Imbert,
T H Compton.
Mrs Albaney,
C Christensen,
Mrs Christensen,
John 0 Kelly,
Maria Kelly,
Mrs Sullivan,
Mrs Bailey,
Mrs J D Warren,
L T Thompson,
David Kennedy,
M Robinson,
Mrs Wm Angus,
Mrs Chantrell,
Mrs A Flett,
Mrs R Jones,
Mrs Walker,
Mrs James Jack,
Mrs T L Irving,
Mrs D Stephen,
Peter Graham,
Wm Johnson,
W S Gore,
W A Baillie-Grohman,
Ormond Fletcher,
C C Pemberton,
William Ralph,
H H Wootton,
Annie M Pinder,
Mrs Murray,
M Murray,
A Murray,
Jane A Dorman,
Philippine Ebert,
Lily Lormer,
Lizzie Deasy,
Geo Rogers,
Lizzie D Chandler,
M Angus,
Alexander Ross,
Ada Flewin,
Chas Neaves,
A Noble,
M H VcMunn,,
Chas Mc V3 unn,
M Noble,
Mrs R P McLennan,
Mr R P McLennan,
Mrs A Donaldson,
Mr Alex Donaldson,
Mrs A J Smith,
Jas W Smith.
Mary Ethridge,
Jane Longworth,
Susan Robson,
Emma Spencer,
Hannah Ausbury,
L C Dodgson,
H C Criswick,
Fanny Mason,
E Nicolson,
A N Nicolson,
Annie J Fawcett,
E L Fawcett,
Mary Leech,
Frances G Hammond,
Jane Munro,
Mary J Crosson,
Katie Appleton,
A Crosson,
Jessie Cameron,
Mrs J Cameron,
Mrs J Lissett,
Bella Morrison,
C E Mallette,
H G Waterson,
T R Cusack,
C Spencer,
Wm Wilson,
W Coiley,
Jennie Johnson,
L O'Brien,
W Johnson,
J R Kerr,
G H Brown,
J Houtson,
W Pottinger,
J Hughes,
C S Stannard,
W H Bone,
J P Hibben,
T N Hibben,
Jas Hutcheson,
H Young,
Chas Warren,
Frank Sylvester,
J H Baker,
W H Brooks,
Henry Gribble,
Ewen Morrison,
— Brown,
S McHugh,
C Braund,
Jno B Ferguson,
G L A Gall,
T M Henderson,
J N Henderson,
Robt. T. Roberts,
Jno Pugh,
W H DeWolf,
Wm O'Leary,
Robt E McKeil,
J W Hewitson,
F S Findlay,
G W Kennedy,
John Rich,
AD Whittier,
John Black,
M L Wright,
J H Guthrie,
B Gouge,
W E Osterhout,
Andrew Gibson,
Daniel H McDonald,
E W Pugh,
Thomas Grieve,
G H Marsh,
A Grant,
Mary H Beaven,
J K Greenwood,
Catherine Greenwood,
William A Taylor,
A Glover,
William Wait,
George Crocker,
E Cramer.
Eliza Horseley,
Samuel Horseley,
Rilla VanAuken,
Joseph Bennett,
M Wentworth,
Mr and Mrs Gilchrist,
Mrs Thos Russell,
Mrs Edwin Michael,
Mrs C F Todd,
Mrs J W Todd,
Miss F Deakin,
Mrs Ferguson,
G Borthwick,
Geo F Giles,
E E Giles,
T Johnson,
E Johnson,
Mrs M Watson,
Maggie Watson,
Mrs A Vigelins,
Ella Cowie,
Mrs E Nicholas,
Mrs E Monk,
C Kent,
Mrs F H Baernstein,
Mrs R Todd,
John Grimason,
W C Grimason,
John McDonald,
J W Graham,
James Farnsworth,
James A Hoy,
M J Grove,
Mrs J Moss,
Miss R Speed,
Mrs North,
Mrs G Leiser,
Mrs R Lawson,
Mrs H B Randell,
Mrs H C Halpenny,
Mrs C R Thompson,
Mrs Brooker,
Mrs Capt D Munro,
S Munro,
Mrs Coates,
John Nichol,
Annie Nichol,
Mrs W Murray,
L Andrews,
Mrs Exhersley,
Mrs Atwood,
Mrs Clark, 314
Petitions—Liquor Traffic.
Mrs McCormick,
Hugh Calwell,
William Williams,
James Thomas,
Mrs Heay,
Mrs W Bond,
Mrs Mary A Phillipps,
Mrs Adelina Phelps,
Miss Mary Phelps,
Mrs E A Fowler,
Mrs H Rhodes,
W J Clark,
Mrs C Hall,
Mrs C Kent,
Mrs G Hampton,
Mrs H Berryman,
Mary E Oliver,
Mrs James Cohen,
Mrs A Hendry,
Lizzie H J Hansen,
Mrs E Thomson,
Wm R Brown,
R Miller,
H M Beckwith,
A Davey,
B E Olsen,
Mrs G P Rossen,
Mrs A G Day,
Kate Randall,
Lizzie Ruthvens,
Mrs Mary Mar wick,
Mrs Wm Limpkins,
Mrs A Reid,
Mrs Joe Clark,
Mrs F A Renwick,
E J Todd,
Mrs W R Jackson,
Miss Kerg,
Miss O'Brian,
Miss L Kerg,
Miss Cameron,
Miss M Chinas,
Henry William Mills,
Myra Mills,
William Bates,
P H Donovan,
Mrs Sarah Donovan,
E Frank,
Mrs Christie,
A Christie,
Mrs. McLelan,
K Beegan,
E M Gillespie,
Mrs H Warner,
Mrs Leash,
Mrs Goudie,
Mrs A E Pierre,
Mrs C N Spotts,
Mrs Eliza Gosnell,
Miss Alice Gosnell,
Mrs R Liddell.
G W (Jnwin,
Mrs J B Wood,
Mrs J C McLagan,
Thos Cavin,
Guy H Cavin,
Mrs T Cavin,
Jessie M Fowler,
Mrs. W C Bryant,
Mrs Jas Burrell,
J Keown,
Mr WT G Lawson,
C R Lawson,
T Lawson,
Mrs W G Lawson,
Mr William Stark,
Mrs Jane Stark,
Mrs Fletcher,
Mrs Hart,
M H Watkins,
William McKay,
Charles Ladner,
M F L Nesbitt,
Miss Anderson,
Mrs G B Lyall,
Mrs Jas Keown,
Mrs E J Jewell,
W J Ledingham,
H C Disher,
Geo T Ledingham,
Wm Duncan,
Mary Heard,
Milly Heard,
Lilly Heard,
Isaac Heard,
H P Pellew Crease,
S Crease,
Z Crease,
E Brandson,
James Gwennap,
Mrs Gwennap,
Mrs George,
A Thompson,
A Smith,
Mrs G L A Gall,
Mrs McDougall,
Mrs E A Jackson,
J E Jackson,
A Baker,
Mrs M Baker,
Mrs Curall,
Mrs Chance,
Mrs D H Ross,
Sarah Beattie,
C Todd,
Mrs Ridgman,
C Ridginan,
A F Turner,
Mrs A F Turner,
C H Hiscock,
Mrs C H Hiscock
C T Penwill,
Mrs C T Penwill,
Mrs Greenway,
Mrs J no Clarke,
F J Hall,
E Hall,
J Meston,
Mrs S Meston,
J H Baker,
Mrs J H M Baker,
A M Janes,
John Ward,
F E Ward,
A Ward,
Jane E Ward,
Mrs A DeR Taylor,
C Gant,
E Hilbert,
E Hick,
A Rowe,
Mrs Wm Hodge,
Miss Walsh,
Mrs Coates,
A M Cusack,
J Johnson,
A H Wescott,
D P Pickard,
W W Ralph,
R S Hale,
M M Robertson,
E Snider,
W Snider,
Mrs Say yea,
John N Muir,
Thos A Brydon,
H MacLaughlin,
Wm L Burgess,
Richard Bennett,
E H Fisher,
J E Crane,
Mrs J E Crane,
S J Y Burgess,
Mrs Sarah Kelly,
E A Wilby,
A McPhadden,
Mrs W J Dwyer,
Mrs Alex Stirling,
William Stirling,
William Stevens,
F Deveo,
Mary Deveo,
Mrs Geo Pottinger,
E  Willson,
Mrs Chas Marston,
Edward Bragg,
Mrs E Bragg,
Claiborne Harris,
L Harris,
S E King,
M A King,
A B King,
D M McLean,
Mrs Jane Rudge,
Mrs VV Luuey,
W Luney,
P E Luney,
Mrs A Gregg,
Arthur Gregg,
Alice Gregg,
George Glover,
Mrs G Glover,
Mrs John Waddell,
Mrs E Etheridge,
E L Etheridge,
C E Wightman,
Annie C Wightman,
A Catterall,
T Catterall,
Mrs A Adams,
Mr A Adams,
Mrs L Cousins,
Wm Gonnason,
Alice Mesher,
Lilly M Mesher,
J E Thomas,
Emma Sellick,
Robert Sellick,
G Jeeves,
R P Dowdall,
William Lang,
Beirj Gonnason,
A Gonnason,
P De Ridder,
Mrs De Ridder,
Mrs W S Beckwith,
Arthur Hookway,
Blanche Hookway,
Esther Collis,
Ed Collis,
Alex S Robertson,
Anna M Robertson,
M D Gleason,
Maggie M Gleason,
Lizzie Gleason,
William A Gleason,
Fredk McLearn,
Mary McLearn,
Mrs Thomas,
Annie K McCarter,
C D Riddell,
D H Riddell,
John Jardine,
J K Jardine,
J Hogarth,
Mrs Philip T Johnson,
Mrs Thos Earle,
Mrs Wm Wilson,
Mrs D W Higgins,
Mrs J L Raymur,
Mrs R Jamieson,
Mrs Trutch,
Mrs W Whyte,
Mrs J G McDonald,
Miss E WTatkins,
Mrs M Watkins,
Sarah Gamble,
Philip D Goepel,
Mrs P D Goepel,
Miss Flo Powell,
Ada Howitt,
E R Powell,
Agnes Jack,
Alex Jack,
Jane Newbury,
Jennie Newbury,
Jessie, Newbury,
Mrs Medana,
Pauline Medana,
Rose Medana,
Lou Medana,
C J Bren ton,
T K Watson,
A M Dickinson,
Thos W Garde,
G Mackie,
Annie Pollard,
E F Doran,
Nellie AYolfenden,
Annie Monro,
Katie Todd,
L M Caldwell,
F E Armstrong,
M J Henderson,
S Page,
Jessie Fell,
M C Wilson,
Lizzie Harrison,
Lizzie Cathcart,
E A Harrison,
Alice Ward,
Nelly Ward,
L Ward,
Mrs Brodrick,
Mrs Ladner,
Jno T Fee,
D L Foster,
Mrs F Carne,
Amelia Carne,
Lizzie Carne,
Mrs McKi trick,
John W Wadman,
Mrs J W Wadman,
S Bates,
Mrs W H Collister,
Mrs H G Downer,
Mr H G Downer,
Mrs H Findley,
Mr H Findley,
W R Munger, 51 Vic.
Petitions—Liquor Traffic.
M A Gillespie,
W Gillespie,
E L Brady,
Mr Kennode,
Mrs Kermode,
Mrs P Babington,
Gordon Babington,
S A Haynes,
Mrs Cessford,
Mrs Clark,
Mr Clark,
Mrs Holland,
Mrs Tyson,
Mrs Hogg,
Mrs Heathorn,
Thomas C Petch,
S F Mcintosh,
R Cessford,
Isaac Modeland,
D E Barrett,
T J Peatt,
W H Kettle,
H Walker,
Mrs Walker,
James MacKenzie,
Mr Shirk,
Mrs Shirk,
C J Williamson,
Mrs John Frank,
Mrs J J Walsh,
J J Walsh,
Mrs H Dodgson,
Mr H Dodgson,
Mr N Campbell,
Mrs N Campbell,
Mrs Wm Watson,
Mrs R Draney,
R Draney,
Mrs Willocott,
Mrs Roblard,
Mrs Madigan,
Mrs Booth,
Mrs Warren,
Mrs Colvin,
William Manson,
Mrs G W Cavin,
Mrs G Smith,
R Colbert,
Mr R Foster,
Mrs J McKinley,
Mrs McKay,
A McKay,
Mrs E C Johnson,
H F Bishop,
Mrs H F Bishop,
Mrs Alex Clyde,
Alex Clyde,
Annie Clyde,
Wm A Clyde,
Mrs A McGregor,
Mrs G Petherick,
Mrs S Branch,
W Petherick,
Mrs George Clark,
Mrs E Fredette,
Ed Fredette,
Mrs Wm Eckert,
Susy Eckert,
Mrs Mcintosh,
Mrs J Taylor,
0 Jackson,
Mrs 0 Jackson,
Eliza C McConnell,
Mrs D Gibb,
Mrs J Baird,
J Q Hewlings,
E J Hewlings,
M Hewlings,
Mr Alex Anderson,
Mr Hugh Anderson,
Mr Andw Anderson,
Mr Alexr Simpson,
Sophia Page,
F Richard,
Claressa Richard,
David Gibb,
J Baird,
Mrs A Williams,
Mrs G Frye,
Mrs R T Clan ton,
Mr R T Clanton,
M L Weeks,
M Petit,
Mrs S WT Gray,
Mrs Kettle,
Mrs G Weeks,
Fred S Humber,
Robt Fish,
Ellen Fish,
M Humber,
J Gihbard,
Geo Whiteside,
R Thornhill,
Charles Maynard,
F G Heal,
Chas Russell,
J Porter,
J Bullen,
Hugh McDonald,
M J Smith,
James Welsh,
Eli Hallet,
S D Fannon,
Geo Maynard,
W Walker,
Geo Gowdy,
R H Scott,
D Haggart,
John C Jessop,
John Cox,
J T Martin,
B R Seabrook.
C F Barron,
J Frank,
James March,
Andrew Tounsley,
James Tounsley,
J B Hall,
T G Rayner,
W Henson,
H O'Neil,
Mrs Hooson,
Mrs J Auld,
Mr Edward  Williams,
Mrs E Wallace,
Mrs J M Hughes,
M Flint,
M A Vigor,
Mrs G W Dillon,
Mrs H Smith,
Miss Ladner,
Mrs Flumerfelt,
W G Luker.
Mrs Hallitt,
W H Warburton,
Arthur Smith,
John E Tyson,
Mrs Wilson,
Mrs J D Milne,
S Wilson,
Mrs J Kinsman,
Mrs Walsh,
Mrs A G Murray,
Mrs J Baker,
B H West,
James Edington,
Wm C Grant,
Andrew Murray,
John Taylor,
Mrs McCarter,
Jabez J Russell,
D J Jenkins,
Chas N Spotts,
E C Smith,
R L Kelly,
A Simpson,
Richard Jones,
Miss Wall,
Mrs Russell,
Mr Kelly,
W L Moore,
Mrs Capt G Brown,
C Ward,
Miss Leake,
Mrs Brooks,
Mrs Carter,
W J Ledingham,
A Findley,
R Finlayson,
E B Carmichael,
E D Carmichael,
Mrs Carmichael,
W G Luker,
Mrs Luker,
Francis Hinds,
Richard Lang,
Mrs Pridham,
Mrs Gray,
Mrs E H Fisher,
Mrs E J Gray,
A similar Petition from the residents of the City of New Westminster, signed as follows:—
Charles Woods, Archdeacon of Columbia,
A M Brunskill,
Caroline M Dickinson,
Amy Bentley,
Maria Woods,
L A Wroods,
Herbert Lister,
G C Falding,
C Croucher, Vicar of
E M Woods,
R I Bentley, M B,
C M Beecher,
W L Johnson,
Robt McLean,
D G Turner,
T W Kerr,
Jas H Sharpe,
R J Rickman,
Ira Ewing,
J A Calbick,
Walter Walker,
A W Homer,
M A Wolfenden,
Helen Scholefield,
A Turner,
E Dickinson,
Flora Ross,
M A Moresby,
M J Edwards,
A F Fooks,
Hecter Draper,
S F Armstrong,
E H Zealand,
J G Strickland,
G J Flux,
I W Wells,
R Smithers,
L 0 Lewis,
W A Johnstone,
J E Murphy,
G W Gilley,
T F Casserly,
W Gilley,
R W Armstrong,
Albert J Hill,
A Peele,
Jno S Clute,
Geo Turnbull,
J A Cunningham,
H M Cunningham,
T M Cunningham,
J S Bryson,
E L Kirkland,
C Deacon,
William Clarke,
Geo H Cooper,
Thos Cunningham,
M Davey,
J S Long,
Ezra Rankin,
C L Street,
Robert M Murphy,
Andrew Anderson,
Peter Latham,
Mrs Sophy J Street,
Jas D Kelly,
M DeBeck,.
Georgie DeBeck,
Mrs C Rogers,
J French,
Mrs J French,
May French,
A G Armstrong,
W J Armstrong,
Mrs C R Monck,
Mrs M Preston,
E E Pearson,
David McNair 316
Petitions—Liquor Traffic.
S DesBrisay,
A 0 Connor,
D Price,
Mrs Lord,
Hannah Hicks,
Emma Hicks,
Isaac Hicks,
Mrs W Johnson,
Mrs J Linn,
Mrs I McPherson,
Mrs M Reid,
Mrs T W Kerr,
Benj Burr,
M A Burr,
Miss Flux,
Mrs Flux,
Mrs H W Peters,
Mrs E Hunter,
Cha,rles A Fraser,
William Fraser,
M M French,
George A Hyde,
E E Hitchcock,
Katherine Fletcher,
Kate Murphy,
Marguerite Murphy,
Catherine Fraser,
Katherine A Keary,
Emily Elliott,
Margaret Strang,
Asberry Insley,
Margaret A Insley,
James Kennedy,
Caroline Kennedy,
M E Kennedy,
C Dawson,
K Dawson,
Mrs F McKenzie,
John McKenzie,
Thomas Haddon,
Nellie Fraser,
James McColl,
E K Black,
J F Black,
C E Lewis,
Catherine Freeze,
Mrs J A McDonald,
W R Lewis,
Margaret M Lee,
Katie J Mutton,
Mrs Mutton,
Russell J Grant,
Mrs W H Higgins,
Clara Higgins,
E Lister,
E Grant,
Mrs J Wilson,
Ralph Wilson,
W J Whiteside,
W A Pride,
A E Rand,
Mrs John Sutherland,
Mrs W A Pride,
Mrs A Reidt,
J Disment,
Mrs E S Scoullar,
Mrs D Drysdale,
, Mrs Lund,
Mrs F Raith,
Mrs J Reid,
Mrs W R Austin,
Mrs H Roxberry,
Mrs A C DesBrisay,
Ella DesBrisay,
W S Fraser,
James Cunningham,
Mrs J Rousseau,
M Sutherland,
Mrs C Murray,
B WT Shiles,
Mrs E A Shiles,
Alexr. Peers,
M Peers,
E B Keith,
R G M Keith,
E Oliver,
David Gunn,
Catherine Greig,
James Lord,
Mary Lord,
Mr M Gray,
Mrs Gray,
Mrs Warren DeBeck,
Mrs D G Armstrong,
John Lusie,
Mrs John Lusie,
Mrs Gunn,
Mrs W P Grant,
Mrs Mary McLoud,
Mrs John R Paterson,
Mrs R B Bell,
Jean Conner,
Mrs Edward Fitzgerald
Mrs Hilton,
Mrs W Peck,
Sada A Peck,
Mrs J Guest,
Wm Wolfenden,
Jas W Harvey,
David Vvps,
George Turner,
A Smither,
E A Jenns,
T R Figg,
J Beer,
Peter Peebles,
N C McKeen,
John E Lord,
Robert Wintemute,
Jno S Clute, Jr,
Mrs J H White,
Mrs D Robson,
Mrs J Cunningham,
Edwin Rand,
Fred Germain,
Martha Bter,
Jno Parke,
Jno 0 MacLeod,
Mrs A H MacLeod,
Mrs L Ferguson,
B Douglas,
F Crake,
J M Lawson,
M M Williams,
Philip Jackman,
A H McBride,
F Raith,
Rev. Robert Lennie,
Catharine Lennie,
Henry H Lennie,
Geo L Schelley,
L J Campbell,
W Smith,
N Smith,
A L Hill,
L C Hill,
Mary E Major,
Nettie G Connor,
Thos Turnbull,
D S Curtis,
Jennie McLean,
Mrs Rand,
Mrs Hainsworth,
Mrs G W Gilley,
Mrs F Allan,
Mrs Deighton,
S J Pearca,
Ida Pearce,
M S Crake,
Anna J Beecher,
E M Doming,
M E Turnbull,
Mrs Berridge,
Mrs Jas Trodden,
Mrs Sarah Johnson,
Miss Emma Johnson,
Mrs T C Alcock,
Mrs Bushong,
G 0 M Dockrill,
A Peebles,
Isabel Blake,
B Mackintosh,
Mrs Sirrs,
M A Mathers,
Mrs 0 B Ackerman,
Bertha Rhoadej,
Annie Gilley,
Mrs C J Robinson,
Alinda Robinson,
W C Coatham,
Maggie Galbraith,
Mrs. H. Galbraith,
Mrs Anderson,
Miss McEwan,
Mrs Burr,
Mrs D G Turner,
Mrs A C McDonald,
Mrs W Ross,
Mrs W L Johnson,
Mrs W T Davis,
Wm A Handcock,
— Barry,
Spencer Dove,
John Tomas,
J W Heckley,
Wm D Beadle,
John JStarratt,
Henry Burke,
Alexander Begg,
Peter Orford,
John Ferguson,
William Harvey,
Jno M Smith,
J Carter Smith,
Willis H Burns,
W H Holden,
William Kent,
Henry Kelly,
A V Compton,
W N Draper,
C N McNaughton,
Chas S Keith,
Wm H Kelly,
J B Montgomery,
HL DeBeck,
Jas Paterson,
Thomas Allen,
James Hall,
James Best,
Rev. James H. White,
T R Pearson,
VV Dyson,
W A Duncan,
Gordon E Corbould,
J S Grant,
Mrs F S Grant,
B H Jones
Humphrey Jones,
A Cooper,
John M McLeod,
R W Fraser,
Joseph Wintemute,
Mary Wintemute,
Jas Perry,
James Taffendale,
Jacob C Perry,
H M Williams,
Geo H Grant,
Miss J Wize,
Miss L Wize,
M Phillips,
A P Cotton,
H B W Aikman,
Charles Major,
D McPhee,
C D Rae,
A Mclntyre,
D. Robson,
Jno L Caldwell,
Fred R Glover,
John J Johnston,
Thompson Sherman,
Hamilton McKee,
Finlay Mcintosh,
T Ackerman,
Mrs S Calbick,
Miss E S Howay,
A B English,
Newton A White,
C J Robson,
Geo A Calbick,
Mrs J Peters,
Mrs Manson,
W McRae,
Alex Dick,
E Brenchley,
D S Milligan,
Mrs D S Milligan,
G W Aikman,
H F Peters,
J Fletcher,
L D Lamoreux,
A C Wark,
S T Mackintosh,
0 W Pease,
W H Winter,
Jos Shannon,
J C Vermilyea,
D P Currie,
H A Porter,
Edward Hurdman,
C R Monk,
J McMurphy, Jr,
John Macdonell,
J Wilson,
T J Trapp,
WD Purdy,
M Sinclair,
J Rae,
Wm Rae,
Wm Beine,
G W Grant,
A H Scbimmel,
D McPhaden,
G B Murray, 51 Vic.
Petitions—Liquor Traffic.
John Kelly,
W E Townsend,
0 B Ackerman,
E W Ogle,
T C Atkinson,
Frederick Harrison,
Walter Lyman,
E Robinson,
H W Peters,
Wm L Armstrong,
C Eaton,
Andrew Leishman,
J oseph Saint,
J B Davis,
George B Conner,
James Armstrong,
Fiulay Stewart,
George Mackenzie,
W H Patterson,
J Roberts,
Jno G Frazer,
John Wintemute,
A G Mathews,
Henry W alf ord,
Thomas Thornton,
E B Clarke,
Geo. Kennedy,
John Reid,
W Kennedy,
J W Prentis,
S S Phillips,
Lucy A Bate,
M A Gillev,
E S Trapp,
C A Pogue,
Jamie Jones,
Gilbert Lawrence,
Emily Lawrence,
Mrs J Hazen,
Fanny M Raith,
Mary A Wharton,
Mrs E Wharton,
Mrs D McLennan,
Mrs Beechamp,
H M Clarkson,
Mildred Major,
Mrs Murchie,
Mabel Millard,
Thomas Cook,
Jno McGuckin,
Laura Crake,
Mrs C J Robson,
Mrs J C Brown,
Mrs J D Rae,
Mrs G W Grant,
Rev Thomas Scouler,
Lellias W Scouler,
Rev Robert Jamieson,
Alicia Jamieson,
Ettie Jamieson,
F Welcome McCrady,
M H McCrady,
Mrs J McNab,
Edith T McNab,
Mrs Wm Johnston,
Bessie Johnston,
Mrs R Sayer,
Fred Bishen,
H Whittaker,
J E Felker,
W Howay,
R S Williams,
F W Winn,
H E Johnson,
Edward H Port,
A DesBrisay,
J M Wise,
M DesBrisay,
D S Gray,
A Kilgour,
W B Mathers,
Wm H Vianen,
Henry Jas Goater,
James Calbick,
Mrs J Grant,
J McLean,
IVlrs C H Clow,
Agnes Murray,
J G Smith,
Mrs M Gray,
Mrs Jas Anderson,
Mrs J A Calbick,
Mrs T W Gray,
Mrs T J Trapp.
Mrs E Bowe,
Mrs M E Williams,
Mrs J Sprott,
Mary Sprott,
Janet Sprott,
John Sprott,
Mary A Murray,
M A Fletcher,
H A Fletcher,
S Fletcher,
Mrs J V Rankin,
Mrs J L Stamford,
Mrs W M Cochrane,
W R Austin,
Thos Johnson,
C T Robinson,
J 0 Gage,
R T Gage,
Wm Johnson,
Samuel Calbick,
W F Stewart,
T Brenton Hall,
T Gifford,
Wm W Forrester,"
Daniel McPherson,
James J Forrester,
Alex McDougall,
J A McDougall,
M E McDougall,
Jas Anderson,
S Anderson,
J F Strang,
Mrs Helen Strang,
Mrs R H Baker,
Mrs John Wintemute,
Anna Taylor,
John Taylor,
E A Cunningham,
Mrs M A Bothwell,
Mrs W Bothwell,
D Whiteside,
Mrs D Whiteside,
Mrs J Wintemute, Sr,
Mrs C McNaughton,
Henry Mathers,
Hugh Burr,
Mrs David McNair,
Harriet Sivewright,
Minnie Lyal,
Barbara S McDougall,
John Budy,
Katie G Clute,
Mrs W A Johnston,
Marion F Steele,
Jane Clarkson,
Jennie E Brown,
Mrs J E Sulley,
J M Whiteside,
Mary Howison,
W J Harrison,
Janet Wilson,
Mrs Hacket,
Mrs Trew,
M Aikman,
J A Aikman,
W L Fagan,
John Sutherland,
C E C Brown,
A Pogue
A similar petition from the residents of the City of Vancouver, signed as follows:
T G Newbery
Robert Hendry
Owen Hughes
Charles Sully
Charles Phillips
Henry H Layfield
Chas E Holland
John Shannon
M Kennedy
Frank Taylor
Chas R Hoye
Robert Bell
Percy Haseltine
Mrs McCartney
Jos Tretheway
Walter W Collis
John M Hardy
Lawrence O'Brien
Michael McDonald
Chas. Holmwood
A Cossar
Wm Page
Geo Boyd
James Filler
Leon Ridley
Harold Ridley
K Cowderoy
D B Cash
Daniel Cairns
Ira Mcintosh
Thos G Munro
Robert H Nicholl
P J Smith
Robert Smith
Roland Fox
George Fisher
Edwin Sanders
Annie Rose
Mrs A Wilds
Mr A Wilds
M L Campbell
C Lilley
C L Brown
A D Kearney
C Lymon
WT fl Mortimore
E R Collett
J Nettleton
John Hooper
John Edgar
J Kemp
W C Macy
Geo Walker
Jesse Love
William Barker
Kate Barker
M Lorenzo Lloyd
W A Rannie
Jessie McKay
B J Short
John M Duval
William Pitman
John Hill
John Rannie
W J Robinson
J Beaton
J Wolfer
Julia Wolfer
J Taylor
W Taylor
Geo Prattey
John Wonnacott
Mrs Prattey
Alex McLellan
H A Perkins
J H Harris
J Haider
W VV hitelock
J L Robinson
F B Lang
Wm McKay
C Foley
Robert Livingstone
Charles Hart
Lucy Harrison
Mrs A A Gerrard
A A Gerrard
Mina L Gerrard
Mrs C W Murray
Mrs J Taylor
T J Freeman
Theodore Simpson
Isabella Simpson
Jennie Simpson
Mrs M Matheson
Alice Berry
Alex A Anderson
Joseph Hoskin, Sr
Mary Ann Hoskin
Mrs Wm Bailey
Jessie Bailey
H G Neelands
A E Sanders
Mrs Sanders
Mrs R Bell
Mrs J Kellough
Mrs W A:Calhoun
Mrs J W Ward
Mrs McPherson
Mrs John May
Mrs Ann Blatchford
Mrs C V Knowdell 318
Petitions— Liquor Traffic.
H Mulhall
Mrs A Reid
W Houston
Mrs Cordiner
Mrs Whipple
Mrs Ridley
William H Russell
Wm Mashiter
E C Britton
Miss L Thomas
Mary Brown
J VV Harvey
B Hamilton
J K Ranson
G Thomas
E LeGallais
C A Rounsefell
A L Clements
Frank Gladwin
Clarance Campbell
Wm Clark Bell
H T Scurry,
L K Alvord
George B Harris
Isaac Henderson
Jno B Henderson
T W Clark
W Harrison
M P Stewart
Geo Gordon
H Mitchell
J W Newton
G W Phipps
J J Irwin
Mrs Brown
Alex McAlaster
Hugh Hamilton
W V Glover
C Hawley
A Cook
J R Alcock
Walter Daney
John Moore
W Wells
J W Oldfield
Paul Marshall
Geo T Rounsefell
James R Payne
Mrs D H Fawcett
D J McPhalen
T B Spring
Mrs J D Cameron
Henry Edwards
W S Willson
Mrs W S Willson
M Franklin
W Charlton
C Brazell
Miss A McHardy
Mrs J R A McNeill
Mr J R A McNeill
A F McClenathen
H G F Clinton
Walter C Hargraves
Norman Fraser
Mrs Norman Fraser
Hellen Mitchell
John Garvin
Susannah Barker
J T Mcintosh
A D Robertson
C Mcintosh
AT Mcintosh
G W Smith '
Jno Collie
Mr H Graham
Wm Sumner
W7m Laws
H Mumford
B Amamakers
D Thomson
C McPhalen
Mr C McKay
Mr J Andrews
A Disney
T H Alcock
Richard Guse
Dan McRae
Mrs J G Martin
Geo Rae
Mrs J W Cameron
Mrs D McLellan
C McLellan
T J Beatty
Mrs J Abrahams
Arthur W Sullivan
Mrs Anna Shields
Geo D Conkling
William B Steele
George Mee
Geo Hemsley
Norman Hoshel
Sarah E Hamilton
John Robertson
Geo B Fisher
Mrs A Symons
J Rogers
Robt Barker
T G Cooney
W J Waters
Anderson McCabe
C Rannie
Samuel Macey
Geo Macey
E Robson
Sydney J Peake
Arthur Hyde
William Hyde
Henry Hyde
J Mahoney
Thomas Crompton
Herbert Stevenson
Mrs G W Phipps
Jos Codling
Mrs J S Papin
Mrs W A Dell
Mrs E Dell
Mr E Dell
Mr Ogle
A M Ogle
S R Conner
Emily J Conner
Neil McLean
Mrs W G Crocker
E G Crocker
M F Alcock
J C Stewart
A J Matheson
W E Johnstone
E A Brown
DG McDonald
James Z Hall
William Shannon
Jas McDonald
John Robinson
J A Kemp
G D Rodney
G H Gregory
C Smith
Mrs T VV Clark
T Waterous
W L Davis
S Taleman
D Stewart
James Smith
Jacob Gunderson
J W Palmer
R V Palmer
D McCallum
Jno Strathorn
Mrs Strathorn
Mrs Macey
Nellie Macey
Alice Macey
Mrs S Macey
Frank Murray
A C Fraser
J Clandening
H Mutrie
W H Mutrie
Jno Pollock
Arthur W Benson
W P McDonald
Jon McAllister
William Knox
Wr H Sanders
J H Carlisle
Julia Clarke
Edward C Bridgeman
Marian K Bridgeman
Grace Tyson
Mrs C S Windsor
J H Gillespie
M W Thain
John Cawker
C D Mussenden
Z M Hawkins
Levi Henry
Charles Cawker
Edith Henry
Ettie Henry
Robert McDonald
Anna L McDonald
Mrs S Stamford
Joseph Watson
Mrs E W7atson
F H Holt
C Barker
Mrs W Smith
W J Laponitx
Wm Smith
Marjr IV arrion
Mrs H Mutrie
Jery Moroney
Robert Robertson
A M Tyson
Jno Munro
Mrs Jno Munro
Mrs A W Scoullar
S Goodmurphy
Mrs C F Gibson
Alice E Ellis
E R Major
W A Morgan
Alfred Stone
Matthew Rockett
Rev T G Thomson
John M Murray
Arthur Balkwill
Benjamin Smithson
VV H Gallagher,
John Mitchell
J G Melvin
James Andrews
Chas S Scott
C S Winder
James S MacLeod
John Tait
John A Mateer
Wm Hamilton
A VV Cameron
H E Campbell
F. A McFaul
H A MacLean
J B Babington
Thos Dunn
G J Allan
Robert Grant
R Mills
A S Miller
Jas F Rolls
W J McMillan
A Dutch
M J Granville
Duncan McRae
D J Campbell
J Parker
Howard Foster
Carolina Foster
Mrs D Carmichael
Mrs Geo Gary
George J Sentell
Miss Marion Sentell
Mrs E Sentell
Miss Lottie Sentell
Miss Florence Sentell
Miss  Annie Hemphill
F W Sentell
E B Sentell
Edward Sentell
A J Sentell
Thomas Hooper
Rebecca Hooper
Robert Smith
J B Jopson
M A Sim
W Cullon
R McDonald
Thos K Dryden
Mrs E McGarrigle 51 Vic.
Petitions—Liquor Traffic
A similar Petition from the residents of North Arm, Fraser River, signed as follows:—
Alexander Mitchell,
Mary Rowling,
Wm H Rowling, sen,
W K Rowling,
Lizzie Rowling,
James Frederick,
James Rowling,
H S Rowling,
D McAllister,
William Daniels,
Sarah Daniels,
Jane Daniels,
Elizabeth Mitchell,
S W Parker,
M M Harding,
Edith Magee,
May Magee,
Carrie Magee,
Ella Magee,
Henry Eburne,
J T Errington,
D Smith,
John Mackie,
D E Daniels,
D Waling,
C W Magee,
H McDonald,
Alex Gochore,
Alf Hooper,
Chas J Wrood,
F McCleery,
H Mole,
H T Mole,
Jas Cormack,
Thos Cridland,
H G Wyatt,
W S Abercrombie,
C J Sweet,
Albert Evans,
H C Magee,
F D Taylor,
R Martinson,
A H Daniels,
James Rea,
Angus Secord,
Herbert Vermilyoa,
J W Sexsmith,
George Carscallen.
A similar petition from the residents of Langley, signed as follows:—
James Mackie,
Walter Wilkie,
Alice C Wilkie,
Annie 0 Mackie,
George Rawlison,
John Maxwell,
Otway J J Wilkie,
Jacob Haldi,
Samuel Titmus,
Herbert Titmus,
Simeon Carman,
G C Carter,
Christina S Carter,
Elizabeth Rawlison,
Joseph Houston,
Henry Wilkie,
Jessie M J Wilkie,
Edwin Emptage,
R J Plaxton,
Nancy Plaxton,
Kenneth Morrison,
Alexander Morrison,
Willie Morrison,
Lucy Morrison,
Donald J Stewart,
W D Armstrong,
Isabella Campbell,
Alexander Mavis,
H W Hughes,
StC Blaekett,
Mary Mavis,
George Goddard,
Jannet Goddard,
Alexander Tait,
J M Johnston,
Archie Mclntyre,
M L Laing,
Jane Johnston,
William Morrison,
F D Boyes,
N Larmon,
John Smith,
John Latimer,
Alex Holding,
Thomas Stoddart,
Samuel McKee,
A Morrison,
Alex Murphy,
J Boyes,
Thomas Mufford,
Melena Mufford,
Henry Davis,
Henry Holding,
James Innes,
Stanley Towle,
Jno W Lowes,
Robert Oakes,
Frank Worrell,
J W Patterson,
Robt McKee,
J C Murphy,
Richard Goddard,
Adam Stoddart,
John Denman,
Frank Stevens,
Bazel Haines,
Wm H Haines,
Jas Rimm,
George E Underwood,
G Lehman,
G A Boothroyd,
Joseph Shannon.
A similar petition from the residents of Nicola, signed as follows:—
Geo Carpenter, Methodist Minister,
W R McDonald,
Mrs W R McDonald,
Thos Bulman,
J Morrison,
D J Buchanan,
Wm McLeod,
Mr R Scott,
Emma Woodward,
J H Morrison,
Miss S J B Scott,
B B Scott,
Mrs R Scott,
Mrs Manning,
Wm Munro,
R J Scott,
S J Scott,
Mrs W Riley,
W E Woodward,
Mrs Smith,
William Riley,
William Smith,
A L McQueen,
Dan McDonald,
Mrs Murray,
A R Carrington,
A E Howse,
G B Armstrong,
Agnes Howse,
Eleanor Irwin,
R M Woodward,
Jennie Woodward,
Saml Bowell,
Thos Woodward,
E A Jamieson,
Frank Woodward,
Mrs Henry Woodward
A similar petition from the residents of Nanaimo, signed as follows:—
J B Good, Rector of
St Paul's,
James Millar, Minister,
Presbyterian Church
Joseph Hall, Methodist Minister,
Geo Cruickshank,
James M Brown,
Edwin Pimbury,
G H Blakeway,
Arthur Bullock,
J WThydell Maurie,
T Louck Browne,
William Pool,
Edward B Paul,
Samuel M Robins,
M Bray,
M Bate,
W Stewart,
C C McKenzie,
D W Gordon,
John Hilbert,
Alex Shaw,
James Abrams,
John Horner,
Geo Cavalsky,
John Whitfield,
Samuel Gough,
George Norris,
Wm Earl,
Geo Bevilockway,
E A Praeger.
A similar petition from the residents of Kamloops, signed as follows:—
J A Macdonald,
John Shaw,
P S Renier,
A D Clyde,
George Sinclair,
Peter Renier,
Chas H Aston,
John S Bennet,
Rev A Shildrick,
J A Mara,
Wentworth F Wood,
Jas C Tunstall,
H C M Ridley,
L McLean,
R E Smith,
Chas Wm Robson,
J Ogden Grahame,
J S Wood,
Jas Smith,
Mrs R J Smith, 320
Petitions— Liquor Traffic.
G C Tunstall,
E T W Pearse,
Thos Roadley,
Seth Woodbridge,
Jas B Uren,
J Lamont,
A F Hautier,
John F Smith,
A R Dempster,
William Grant,
John Chisholm, Presbyterian Minister,
James Turner, Methodist Minister,
James D Reid,
E Stuart Wood,
Maynard F Tylton,
H McCutcheon,
D F Fairbiorn,
J A Clarke,
D M Nulty,
D J King,
Marshall Gordon,
James D Gordon,
Jno W Turner,
J Bannerman,
Jas Booth,
Fred J Conway,
C Boffine,
Joseph Power,
Antonio Pine,
W Hickens Smith,
Wm H Christopher,
G A Boyle,
W R Kemp,
Colin McLeod,
J Mulvery,
Wm Rowe,
Thomas Morison,
John B Evans,
J Johnson,
S Morgan,
R G Veal,
W McKenzie,
D Leggatt,
D M Blake,
D C McGillivray,
Donald McRae,
J D Ross,
D D McLennan,
C E Stevenson,
Wilson Hill,
John Fox,
H D M Smith,
J L Browne,
Fred H Robson,
J Stewart,
H McSorley,
A Daniels,
S C Hill,
Wm Scully,
John Whiteside,
A Hill,
J Johnson,
G F Risteen,
Thomas Sweeney,
J F Sidgmon,
D M Hosker,
Thos Eckersley,
Duke McKenzie,
A Shumway,
C T Cooney,
L Campbell,
D W Gillies,
E Saucier,
J R Barber,
D K Robertson,
Joseph Leigh,
John Woodlands,
John Campbell,
E C Davison,
A H Stevens,
G B Smith & Co,
Geo Rankin,
Alex McDonald,
G P Raven,
E M N Woods,
Jas Mcintosh,
W A Simmons,
S C Hill,
W M Cochrane,
J R Park,
E H Jones,
N Sylvester,
A J Venn,
Simeon J Tunstall, MD
F W McKecknie,
J Goodfellow.
A similar petition from the residents of Comox, signed as follows:
Robert Duncan,
Barbara Duncan,
Oliver Duncan,
Robina Duncan,
Eric Duncan,
Robert Duncan, jr,
William Duncan,
J Holmes,
E A Halliday,
George Grieve,
William H Grieve,
John Grieve,
Berkeley Grieve,
Mrs George Grieve,
Lizzie Grieve,
Mrs J Berkeley,
J R Berkeley,
T H Piercy,
Jane Piercy,
Selina Piercy,
Matthew H Piercy,
Mrs M H Piercy,
Mrs A Fitzgerald,
Henry Grieve,
Mrs H Grieve,
Maud Smith,
Edwd E Potts,
William Beech,
Amelia A Smith,
John Hetherington,
Henry Piercy,
John Mundell,
Jane Mundell,
W M Halliday,
Horace Smith,
S J Piercy,
Mrs S J Piercy,
M A Piercy,
George J Grieve,
Matthew Piercy,
Archibald Milligan,
R T Carwithen,
Mrs R T Carwithen,
Samuel Creech,
Chas Bridges,
W J Mil er,
Isaac Davis,
Maggie Mathewson,
Wm Rennison,
Walter Bently,
Kate Bentley,
William Manson,
Saml J Cliffe,
Smith Tompkins,
D McLennan,
W H Piercy,
James McDonald,
John W McKenzie,
John Fraser,
A 0 Huran
Nathaniel Lambert,
George Howe,
C W Belas,
C R Rabson,
Walter Gage
Stafford McKelvey,
A McKelvey,
James Rees,
Fred Burns,
Thomas Kirby,
A Maitl Stenhouse,
Arthur G H Potts,
John J Honeyman,
Wm Harmston,
W A Mathewson,
G Kelland,
Joseph Rodello,
Leonard Davis,
Harold Urquhart,
Alexander Cowie,
Joseph Knox,
A Urquhart,
Edward Creech,
Thos Beckensell,
Matthew Lyttell,
Jules X Willimar.
VICTORIA : Printed by Richard Wolfenden, Government Printer,
at the Government Printing Office James Bay


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