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PETITION. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1888

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 51 Vic.
Petition—Columbia and Kootenay Railway.
To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of the
Province of British Columbia:
We, the undersigned voters and residents in West Kootenay, humbly represent to your
Honourable House :
That the Kootenay Lake and Fort Shepherd subdivisions of this district promises to be
one of the best silver and gold mining sections in the Province.
That there will be there this summer probably 1,000 to 1,500 prospectors.
That the mining produce of that section cannot be profitably marketed without a railway
through the gap from Kootenay Lake to the Columbia River.
That without a railway there, connected by steamboat with the Canadian Pacific Railway,
the trade of the Province and of Canada with that section will be carried on under the most
adverse conditions in the competition with the trade route to the United States, via Bonner's
Ferry, and in all probability will be wholly lost.
Your Petitioners therefore pray that your Honourable House may be pleased to regard
writh favour any application from responsible parties for the immediate construction of this
railway to facilitate and protect our mineral developement and our trade, and that your
Honourable House will grant such aid to the undertaking as your Honourable House with
wisdom may deem necessary.
And your Petitioners will ever pray.
James McDonald
R C Barker
James Delaney
John Hetherington
Stephen Wilson
John Miles
W T Strother, MD
A A Babcock
Samuel D Crowe
Jos Quinn
Ed Becker
Patrick Murray
W Cowan
W O Lewis
Thos M Ward
Henry Shoran
John Egan
B E Lemon
D J McKenzie
John Blackhall
Richard Condell
Wm H Vickers
James Liberty
F F Bradford
A F McKinnon
George McCreery
S H Green
R F Green
Albert Stone
John Stone
George Nixon
August Ramgrist
H Crombie
Marshal Daragh
F Cluson
E W Kirkpatrick
John Malings
Peter Furnis
William Allen
John Cranston
W M Brown
J Serson
W D Haywood
A F McLeod
D A Fraser
J M Haywood
Thos Phillips
John Neilson
Fredk Fraser
George Platte
Duncan McGillivray
A V Smith
A Wallace
A McDonald
J Fred Hume, JP
Wm Kirkup
John L Dick
J H Matheson
Robert Kelly
Robert McVeigh
Ernest Harrop
Alex Johnson
John Abrahamson
C Abrahamson
C E Williams
P R Aenderson
P Anderson
J T Nelson
Andro Abrahamson
Thos Downs
John J Martin
August Granat
Thos Dunlop
Wm Miller
C Smith
John Eccles
Jas Root
James Prostern
Sam Hackney
Jno Oates
H Deacon
J Tallmore
L McQuarrie
Chas Rossiter
F E Hobbs
Alfred Vye
Jos Lanzo
John McLeod
H N Cam seed
J S Smith
J R Mclntyre
P A Millar
H J Bourne
L R Reed
Wm Tomlinson
John Peel
M Kelly
A R Harrington
J Clancey
P J Gallagher
W Pulsifer
F B Wells
John Tibb
H Creelman
J Simon
T Johnston
Fred Dyer
A Denman
Jas Pritchard
E McCormick
John J Sand
L Levesque
Robt Law
A Collins
Jos Carrier
W A Skinner
George Corrillard
Ferdinand Bauthen
Jo Kozak
Wm R Barnfather
S Whyte
T D Harris
W Carter
Wm B Little
W Van Hemerfc
A McDonald
George Mountford
C E McFadden
Arch McLellan
Mike Leonard
G M Banks
Fred Bellemare
L McDonald
Mark Russell
Peter Roy
Chas Norlien
John Dow
Thomas Barnes
Thos Kilpatrick
William Wall
Geo C Clark
J J Harris
J Stewart
Thos Stinson
W Miller
W Hartle
Peter M Arthur
W Perdue
A J Strand
Joseph Lorenzo
James Mackey
John Sabo
Kanta Menjberg
Thos A Sprout
Oliver Redpath
S McDonald
W Wallace
Iver Halland
John Richardson
Robert Newson
Ike Hanson
Patrick Ryan
Joseph Dolan
James Patrone
Salvatore Lanzilotta
George Butte
Pietro Bagone
Gaetono Perri 364
Petition—Columbia and Kootenay Railway.
Angelo Perri
Antonio Scalzo
Francesco Mascara
Francesco Maruca
Garpero Cardamone
Giuseppe Cardamone
Vincenzo Lio
Guiseppe Ruberte
Sarafino Lio
Vicenzo Lio
Antonio Moscoro
Michell Bussett
John Shobra
Frank Brash
James Treesten
Niclie Walltear
John Sandowr
M Barordino
Alex Petano
G Runo
A Perri
Pasquale Luccio
Guiseppe Franose
John Genoveso
J Currey
John Richardson
F McCarty
James Scott
J J Driscoll
Peter Roy
Harry D Beck
Andrew Gaudin
Thos Henderson
Alex Dan
B Haney
J Fisher
Isak O Norland
James Meyers
Frank Tharenthon
James Cullbert
Daniel Stewart
Sam Morgan
Kenneth McLeod
H Langrell
Gilbert Gemer
W Burbee
Casimir Paumel
Liger Lioplol
David Jones
Vict Cors
W Lardmeire
A Sylvester
Charley Crockey
J Marshand
Charles Oberg
John Shorgstrom
John Cameron
ACM Arthur
Swan Anderson
F Zlatanich
James Scott
John Maher
W H Corson
August Johnson
Ole Sundberg
Angus Mclntyre
Isaac Hanson
Jos Dunn
W E Lindley
Daniel Lamey
Jas A Sinclair
Angus McKay
H H Moody
Seymour Fox
W Snider
Fred Gee
W H Cornish
Robt Graham
John Norris
Hugh McDonald
Wm McDonald
Francis Greer
R F Green
James Eves
John Wilson
R Watmore
Thomas Richardson
John Brooks
Arthur P Godin
Walter Scott
James Carstairs
Wm Sargent
Oscar Thompson
J B Nolan
Chas T Ibbotson
John Taylor
G Anderson
Thos Shaw
G A Callaway
W T Atherton
W McMillan
VICTORIA: Printed by Richard Wolfenden, Government Printer,
at the Government Printing Office, James' Bay.


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