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RETURNS Received from the Boards of Directors of the Hospitals throughout the Province receiving Government… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1882

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 45 Vic. Hospital Returns. 441
Received from the Boards of Directors of tbe Hospitals throughout the Province
receiving Government aid, for the year 1881.
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
11th March, 1882.
Royal Cariboo Hospital.
Barkerville, 31st December, 1881.
Sir,—Your circular letter bearing date the 8th October, requesting information
relative to the Royal Cariboo Hospital, was duly received and laid before the Hospital
Board, who, desirous that the fullest information should be supplied, have instructed me
to forward for your information the enclosed reports, which were read before the last
annual public meeting held at Barkerville and Stanley. I am also further instructed to
submit, as the views of the Hospital Board, as follows:—
That from the exceptional circumstances attendant upon the maintenance of a
Public Hospital in Cariboo, the adoption of a uniform system which might be eminently
just and satisfactory to the lower part of the Province, might be wholly inadequate to
the requirements of Cariboo. The Hospital, since it has come under the control of a
Board (one of whom is appointed by Government, and four elected annually at general
meetings) has been conducted in a most satisfactory manner and with as much economy
as a due regard to the requirements of patients would admit of.
The intimation, therefore, that possibly a reduction in the Government grant would
be made in the future creates great concern in the community, and it is feared that
should any such considerable reduction be made, this most valuable institution must
close its doors, as the continual heavy draft on the people of Cariboo to assist the
unfortunate sick either to a milder climate or in some other form of charity, is so great
that the people are really not able to stand an increase of these burdens. A man now
lies in the Hospital with both his feet amputated, for whom at least $1,000 must be
subscribed by the people of Cariboo; a subscription list is now in preparation. It will
be observed by the accompanying report that the greatest item of expense in maintaining the Hospital here is the cost in the procuring of medical attendants. The amount
paid for this service may appear largo, but although every effort has been made, the
amount cannot be reduced and a due regard to the requirements of the patients be
This difficulty in procuring cheap medical skill for our Hospital is owing to the
limited number of outside practice for medical men, consequent, no doubt, partly from
the few families here resident, but at the same time this limited number of families in
the district is one of the most potent arguments in favour of the maintenance of the
Hospital, as the means of accommodation for the sick must be in proportion to the
number of families. It is but just that it be here stated, that in making engagements
with the Hospital physician, one of the conditions of his engagement is that he shall
attend the prisoners in Richfield gaol when required, free of charge. This has been in
the past a great saving to the Government, and it is trusted that in considering the
matter the Government will bear this in mind.
33 442 Hospital Returns. 1882
The Board feel quite unable to offer any suggestions as to the establishment of a
uniform system in dealing with the various Hospitals in the Province, but on the
contrary believe that where circumstances and surroundings are so much at variance as
may be found in this Province, any uniform system that could be adopted would prove
unjust to some parts of the Province.
I have, etc.,
(Signed) Wm. Rennie,
Secretary Royal Cariboo  Hospital Board.
Hon. T. B. Humphreys,
Provincial Secretary.
Sixth Annual Report of the Royal Cariboo Hospital Board.
We, the members of the Royal Cariboo Hospital, for the year ending 1st June, 1881,
take pleasure in reporting the affairs of the institution in a satisfactory condition.
No pains has been spared to render the Hospital as comfortable to its inmates as
circumstances would admit, and as no complaints have been received during tbe year
from patients (who in accordance with the Hospital Rules, are required upon being
discharged, to report to the Board their treatment), your Board infer that their efforts
in this particular has been entirely successful.
Referring to the report made by patients to a member of the Board upon their
leaving Hospital—in some instances rumors quite at variance with the detailed report
made to the Board, have been currently circulated. We would suggest to the new
Board the propriety of adopting the rule of having in every instance these reports in
writing signed by the patients so reporting, and placed on file with the Secretary for
future reference.
During the year a new floor has been laid in the old ward, the entire building
re-chinked and plastered or mudded, and a sui>ply of new cooking utensils has been
purchased for the kitchen. The incoming Board will require to look to some further
improvements to the building.
The annual financial report will be submitted to you, containing full details of
receipts and expenditure.
The medical officer's report annexed will inform you as to the number of patients
and the nature of the diseases treated during the year.
A question has arisen which, although not strictly within the province of a Board
elected to look after the interests of the Hospital, nevertheless we consider it our duty
to lay the matter before you:—
Complaints have been received of what is termed the exorbitant charges made by
medical men in the district, and asking if the Hospital Board, having the disbursement
of a large sum granted by the Government to the district, could not place certain restrictions upon the medical officer under their control, a certain protection to those who were
not in a position to receive the benefits of the Hospital. These complaints were submitted by your Board to the Hospital physician, who at once signified his willingness
to be governed in his outside practice by a scale of charges which he submitted to the
Board, and which are herewith appended. While not expressing an opinion upon these
charges we cannot but observe with what facility any scale of charges might be obviated,
but inasmuch as the Hospital physician is entirely under the control of the Board, the
matter might be left in abeyance to be dealt with whenever it might be advisable to do so.
(Signed) Wm. Rennie,
Chairman, J. Bowron,      )
T° HARmNG       f Board of ManaSement-
H.'jMoDermott, j 45 Vic. Hospital Returns. 443
Annual Report Royal Cariboo Hospital.
To cash on hand at last annual report  $   269 26
„      ' received from Government grant     4,163 31
„ „ paying patients         35 00
Total receipts  $4,467 57
J. C. Devlin, groceries  546 13
Mason & Daly, beef and milk  261 31
T. Harding, bread  114 50
Vegetables  24 25
Hodgkinson & Lock, cordwood    150 00
Madame Coulon and Mrs. McFarlain, washing  55 58
Repairs to building  94 00
J. Bibby and E. Pearson, tinware  35 75
Making" 7 beds and 10 pillows   10 00
Barnard's Express, charges on box of eggs  2 50
Additional assistance for the Steward  30 00
Discount on cheque from Victoria  1 00
$1,325 12
Dr. Grange, salary and medicines      2,050 00
Charles H. Gray (Steward), salary       1,050 00
3,100 00
Total expenditure  $4,425 12
To total receipts      $4,467 57
By total expenditure       4,425 12
Balance on hand  $42 45
(Signed)       Wm. Rennie,
Secretary and Treasurer.
Compared with Book and found correct.
(Signed)    J. C. Devlin,
Medical Officer's Annual Report for 1880-81.
The number of patients under treatment from May 21st, 1880, to May 1st, 1881, or
for a little over 11 months, is 25, of whom there is one in hospital at present.
It becomes our painful duty to state that there has been two deaths in hospital
during the year, both of which cases were shown by post mortem examination to have
been hopelessly diseased before admission.
1 patient was treated for severe scald; 2 for bronchitis; 1 for brain softening;
1 for erysipelas ; 1 for inflamed glands; 1 for abscess; 2 for excessive use of
ardent spirits ; 1 for orchetis and ulcer; 1 for sprained ankle; 1 for fractured
femur; 3 for rheumatism and indigestion; 1 for inflammation of the eye; 1 for incised
wound; 1 for syphilitic ulcer; 1 for indigestion and constipation; 1 for diseased lungs;
1 for ulcerated ear; 1 for exzema; 1 for inflammation of the eyes and rheumatism; 1 for
apoplexy, inducing compression of the brain; 1 for injury of the lungs by a fall,
Nearly all the patients admitted were cured. Of those not cured, all were more or
less benefited. Two Mrent down the country for treatment; of these one died, the other
is incurable.    Some were admitted for constitutional diseases, which, strictly speaking, 444 Hospital Returns. 1882
are incurable, yet they were greatly benefited and rendered comfortable by judicious
treatment. The Steward has been attentive to his duties, and through the liberality of
the Board the hospital has been rendered more comfortable by the improvements made
upon the building.
(Signed) Jas. Grange, M.D.,
Physician and Surgeon Royal Cariboo Hospital.
Scale of Medical Fees referred to in Report.
Consultation and Medicine, $4; subsequent do. do., $2.50; 1st visit in town, $4;
subsequent do., $2.50; do. do. night, $4; confinement, plain, $25; do. complicated or
unusually protracted, extra charge; examination of heart or lungs, $4; extraction of
teeth, $3; dressing wound, from $1, according to the nature and severity.
(Signed)       James Grange, M.D.
Barkerville, April 4, 1881.
General Rules.
1. That no medical man be allowed to interfere with the treatment of patients in
the hospital, except by the ex])ress wish of the Medical Officer appointed to the hospital.
2. That no insane person be admitted on any pretence into the hospital.
3. That on the doctor's certificate to the effect that a patient is incurable, the same
be discharged.
4. That the charge for a paying patient shall not exceed $12 a week.
5. Any patient known to leave the hospital yard without leave of the Surgeon (or,
in certain cases, by the leave of the Steward), shall be immediately discharged from the
6. That any person desiring to be admitted to the hospital as a patient shall obtain
an order signed by one member of the Board of Management, and shall then present
himself at the hospital for examination by the Surgeon, who shall, if he decide the case
to be a proper one, enter his name on the Register, and he shall then be considered a
Regular Board Meetings will be held on the first Monday of every month, when all
communications will be received and considered.
Rules for Patients.
7. Patients shall implicitly obey the Surgeon and Nurses.
8. Patients shall keep themselves clean and orderly.
9. Patients shall do all in their power to assist each other, and treat their fellow
patients kindly.
10. Patients shall give such assistance in tho Ward as may be required of them by
the Surgeon.
11. No oaths, improper language, or abuse to any one, shall be used by a patient,
under pain of instant dismissal.
12. Patients shall not smoke in the ward unless by leave of the Surgeon.
13. Patients shall not give money, presents, or gratuities of any kind to the attendants on any pretence.
14. Patients are requested to report immediately to their Surgeon or the Board
any inattention, or unkindness, or want of regularity in the administration of their food
or medicine on the part of the Surgeon or the attendants, and unhesitatingly to lay
before him or them any complaint they have to make.
15. Patients are recommended to hand over money or valuables to the Surgeon for
transmission to the care of the Board, who will be accountable for their safe-keeping.
If they do not do so, no cognizance will be taken of their loss.
16. Patients shall comport themselves decorously, quietly, and in an orderly manner.
17. Patients infringing any of the above Rules shall be liable to be dismissed.
18. Patients on their dismissal from Hospital will immediately report to some member of the Board. 45 Vic. Hospital Returns. 445
Rules for Visitors.
19. The time for visiting patients shall be from half-past 1 p.m. until half-past 6 p.m.
20. Any person wishing for admission to visit patients must apply to the Surgeon
for admission.
21. Strangers are not allowed to convey, or have conveyed, to patients anything
edible or potable without the Surgeon's sanction.
22. No visitor shall enter a Ward until admitted by the attendant.
23. Visitors admitted to see a friend shall confine themselves to the object of their
visit, and shall make as little disturbance as possible to the other patients.
24. The Surgeon has power to prevent, for sanitary purposes, visitation to any
Rules for Attendants.
25. The attendants shall be most kind and attentive to the patients.
26. The attendants shall give medicine and food to the patients at stated hours.
27. The attendants shall give to the patients such food and medicine only as may
be ordered by the Physician.
28. The attendants shall see that the Rules for visitors and patients are strictly
29. The attendants, in the absence of the Physician, shall have full power over the
inmates of a Ward, visitors or patients, and will in such absence be held responsible for
the preservation of order, the maintenance of comfort and cleanliness, and the strict
observance of the Hospital Rules.
30. The attendants shall themselves implicitly obey the orders of the Physician in
the management of patients, and shall see that the latter do likewise.
31. The attendants shall report to the Board immediately any infringement of the
Hospital Rules by patients or visitors.
32. The attendants shall keep themselves and the patients neat and clean.
33. The attendants infringing any of the above Rules shall be brought before the
Board, and shall be liable to dismissal.
By order of the Board.
Nanaimo Hospital.
Nanaimo, January 9th, 1882.
Sir,—In accordance with the request contained in your circular of the 8th October,
1881, I herewith transmit to you a copy of the Auditor's statement of the receipts and
expenditure of the Nanaimo Hospital, from the 1st January, 1880, to the 30th June, 1881,
also D. Cluness, M.D., Hospital Physician's report of the number of patients admitted,
discharged, &c, for the fiscal year.
The Board of Directors instructed me to inform you that, after years of experience,
they cannot, with due regard to the comfort and treatment of patients, retrench the
expenditure of the Hospitai to a more economical basis than heretofore.
1 have, &c,
(Signed) Eric B. McKay,
Hon. Secretary.
Honourable T. B. Humphreys,
Provincial Secretary.
Nanaimo, 16th July, 1881.
Gentlemen,—I beg to submit the accompanying statement abstracted from the
Hospital books, giving the names of the patients with their diseases, date of admission
to, and discharge from, the Hospital, and also showing those at present in the Hospital.
The Board will perceive that those admitted to treatment in the Hospital during the
fiscal year number in all 42. Of this number 1 sustained a simple fracture of the titud;
1 compound comminuted fracture of both bones of the leg with other injuries; 1 a simple
fracture of the femur (thigh bone); 1 a simple fracture of both bones of the leg; 1 a 446
Hospital Returns.
compound comminuted fracture of both bones of the arm; 1 a fracture of the acromion
process of the scapula (shoulder-blade); 1 had his leg carried away by the explosion of
a shell, necessitating amputation; 1 a simple fracture of a rib; 1 a fracture of a rib wounding the lung; 5 had received other injuries in the mines and elsewhere; 1 suffered from
heart derangement; 3 from pneumonia; 4 from bronchitis; 1 from phthisis (consumption);
4 from rheumatism; 1 from chronic diarrhoea; 1 from Addison's disease of the supra
renal capsules; 3 from tertiary syphilis; 1 from opthalmia; 1 from whitlow; 1 from
neuralgia; and 7 from general debility.
Only three deaths occurred during the year,—one from tetanus after amputation
of the leg necessitated by the limb having been shattered by the explosion of a shell.
This case was despaired of from the first, and it may in truth be said that the patient
was carried to the hospital to die; 1 from consumption; and 1 from Addison's disease of
the supra renal capsules, a somewhat rare and always fatal disease. Of the 42 patients,
only 4 at present remain in the hospital; 1 suffering with chronic bronchitis; 1 suffering
from general debility resulting from an incurable ill-conditioned old scald of the leg; 1
under Dr. Gamble's treatment, who had sustained a simple fracture of the thigh-bone
about 8 months ago; 1 case of simple fracture of both bones of the leg, in hospital about
a fortnight and progressing favourably.
It will thus be seen that of the 42 patients received into the hospital during the past
fiscal year, 35 have been discharged cured, 3 have died, and 4 remain in the hospital,—
a result which, considering the nature of the injuries and diseases with which the
patients were afflicted may be considered very satisfactory. I would further mention
that the Hospital Steward, H. Leicht, paid strict attention to the cleanliness of the
Hospital Wards and beds and unremitting attention to tho orders and directions given
him, treating the patients with uniform attention and kindness throughout, not one complaint to the contrary having been made to me during the year.
In conclusion, I would take this oj>portunity of acknowledging the co-operation and
assistance rendered me by the members of the Board in the discharge of my duty as
physician to the hospital.
I am, &c,
(Signed)       D. Cluness, M.D.,
Physician Nanaimo Hospital.
Board of Management Nanaimo Hospital.
Statement of the Receipts and Expenditure of the Nanaimo Hospital,
From 1st January, 1880, to 30th June, 1881.
January 1, 1880.
,, Government grant from date to June 30,
,, Subscriptions collected at Wellington
,, Donation of W. E. Webb	
... 9
§     80 40J
3,000 00"
40 00
10 00
28 50
160 00
Collected of patients :—
„        ,,            O'Connell	
19 00
2 00
7 50
,, Board and lodging, John J, Landale...
§3,318 90J
1881, June 30—To cash on hand .
1881—June 30.
By paid Herman Leicht, Steward, salary 16
months to 15th May  $
,, Dr. Cluness, salary to 15th June ....
,, Thos.  Wall, 9 months' rent to 1st
November, 1880 	
„ Provisions, A. Meyer §363 00
„ „ Jas. Harvey    643 12
Meat and Vegetables:
,, paid James Akenhead  125 00
„          S. Erightman  62 03
„          C. H. Robinson  9 00
,,   Liquors	
,,   Water, Washing, Fish, &c	
,,   Milk, W. Kiddy	
„   Bread, W. E. Webb	
,,   Lumber, C. Carpenter	
„   Goods, W. Earl	
,,       ,,      John Hilbert	
,,   Printing, &c., G. Norris	
,,   Walter Wilson, Tinsmith	
„    Hauling, Marwick	
,,   Washing Water Closet	
,,   Sundry small accounts	
,,   Balance cash on hand	
960 00
407 00
906 12
196 03
197 50
180 25
72 00
64 35
17 12
22 50
24 75
27 50
53 62J
24 00
20 00
39 50
52 66
83,318 90-!-
Nanaimo, July 1st, 1881.
(Signed)        W. F. Herre, Auditor, 45 Vic. Hospital Returns. 447
Royal Columbian  Hospital.
New Westminster, March 14th, 1882.
Sib,—Enclosed please find statement of Eeceipts and Expenditures of the Eoyal
Columbian Hospital to 31st December, 1881.
The item of wearing apparel is incurred by the admission of patients from the
railway works at Yale, who arrive at the Hospital in the worst state of filth.
There has been an improvement in the sanitary state of the Hospital, which needs
a great addition to the drainage still.
The Board cannot see nor recommend any reduction in the expenses. All that is
needed for the Hospital is asked for by tender, and purchased at the lowest market
The Board would ask that you nominate two members to act as Government
Members of the Board for the coming year.
I enclose Surgeon's Eeport.
I have, &c,
(Signed)       W. H. Keary,
Hon. Secretary to the Board.
To the Hon.
The Provincial Secretary, Victoria, B. C.
Eoyal Columbian Hospital, March 14th, 1882.
Sin,—I have the honour to enclose a statistical report of the movement of patients
in the Eoyal Columbian Hospital for the year ending December 31st, 1881.
I have also to bring to your notice the following facts which require immediate
attention to.
1st. Drainage.—The drainage system is defective in every respect. Strictly speaking, there is no drainage, and as a result the improved water-closets or cesspools, will
soon become a greater nuisance than the old ones were, if a proper drainage system (or
sewer) is not arranged for at once.
2nd. The state of the floors of tho wards, corridors and kitchen, is bad. In the
wards there is but one thickness of flooring, in many places very much worn ; the floor
has, in fact, not been renewed since the building was erected. The coldness of the
floor and the draughts through its chinks very much retard the return to a state of
convalescence of the patients and are a constant source of complaint.
3rd. The fences around the Hospital grounds are in a broken-down condition. No
use of the grounds for gardening purposes can be had until this is repaired.
4th. No suitable building or room is available for a Mortuary. Although we do not
have many deaths, we ought to pay proper respect to the remains of those who end
their days in the Hospital. Other improvements of lesser importance might be pointed
out, but tho above I consider demand immediate attention.
I have, &c.,
(Signed)       C. Newland Trew, M. D. &c,
Surgeon, Royal Columbian Hospital.
Eeturn of Patients admitted to and discharged from the Eoyal Columbian Hospital
for tho year ending December 31st, 1881.
Number of Patients in Hospital on January 1st, 1881 ,  17
Number admitted during year  75
Total under treatment during year  92
Number of Patients discharged from Hospital during year  80
Number remaining in Hospital on December 31st, 1881  12 448
Hospital Returns.
Discharged during year:—
Cured  53
Believed  18
Died  9
Total     80
(Signed)        C. Newland Trew, M. D. &c,
Surgeon Royal Columbian Hospital,
Financial Statement, Eoyal Columbian Hospital,
For the year ending 31st December, 1881.
To Subsidy from Government  §4,250 00
„ Public Subscriptions        399 00
,, Cash from paying patients        113 50
Jan. 1st—To Balance, cash on hand
§4,762 60
504 59
By Steward and Cook   $   960 00
„ Bread  193 70
„ Milk    208 02
„ Vegetables    142 65
,, Furniture and Bedding     85 62
„ Fuel and light .'  388 45
,, Drugs and medical appliances   363 06
„ Groceries  671 43
,, Medical attendance    40 00
„ Sundries     3 87
„ Fish  11 75
,, Wearing apparel  78 10
,, Medical comforts     90 62
„ Printing  61 00
„ Stationery  11 00
„ Meat  367 64
„ Repairs  276 00
,, Washing and scrubbing   120 00
„ Funerals    140 00
,, Insurance  45 00
,, Balance, Cash on hand  504 59
§4,762 50
Examined and found correct,
J. W. Harvey,
(Signed)       W. H. Keary,
Royal Hospital, Victoria.
Number of patients admitted to Eoyal Hospital in 1881:—
In-patients  89
Out-patients  200
Of whom 14 have died from following causes:—
Exhaustion    3
Chest disease  4
Kidney disease  2
Fever  1
Apoplexy   1
Aneurism  , ,  1
Cancer  2
and 68 have been discharged.
14 45 Vic.
Hospital Returns.
Eoyal Hospital, Victoria.
Dr. The Treasurer in account with the Royal Hospital, Victoria, March 1881 to 1882. Or.
Balance on hand at date of last Report:—
Dominion Government Savings Bank.... $1,079 00
Bank of British Columbia     1,012 81
Grant from Provincial Government, twelve
months to 28th February, 1882	
Received from paid patients and cash found
on deceased patients after death	
Christmas Donation—City Council	
Kitchen refuse sold	
Interest on Savings Bank deposit to June,
Subscriptions (as per list)	
Collections (in part balance to Nanaimo
Hospital) per Councillors Windsor, Duncan and Miller	
2,091 81
4,999 92
145 08
20 00
22 50
52 02
650 00
21 75
88,003 08
Groceries, including Flour and Eggs  9   692 72
Butcher's Meat, Fish and Poultry  522 70
Vegetables, including Potatoes  90 47
Bread  181 25
Milk  173 43
Wine, Porter and  Spirits  224 09
Water and alteration of Water Service  101 44
CoalandWood  188 25
Coal   Oil  34 50
Washing (labor only)  73 50
Furniture, Bedding, Boots for patients, &c. 82 39
Repairs to Euildings  106 90
Painting and Whitewashing  109 80
Scavenger.  60 00
Drugs and Surgical Appliances  480 21
Fire Insurance on Furniture  12 50
Postage, Stationery and sundries  25 87
Funeral Expenses and Cemetery Fees  126 50
Printing and Advertising   79 00
Commission to Collector of Subscriptions... 45 00
Salaries:—Steward and Matron  $   900 00
Nurse  480 00
Extra and night Nurses  345 75
Visiting Surgeon  500 00
Total cost Hospital establishment 1881-2	
Paid to Provincial Government balance of
cost of Building for Convalescent Home,
in excess of Government Grant	
Balance on hand:—Dominion   Government
Saving Bank     1,131 02
Bank of British Columbia        784 14
2,225 76
85,636 27
451 65
1,915 16
Victoria, B. C, 13th March, 1882.
I hereby certify that I have examined the Treasurer's Accounts, found them to be correct, and sup
ported by proper vouchers.
(Signed)      Thos. Russell,


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