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RETURN To an Order of the House for a copy of the Report of the Board of Management of the Royal Columbian… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1884

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 47 Vic.
Report of Royal Columbian Hospital Boaed.
To an Order of the House for a copy of the Report of the Board of Management
of the Royal Columbian Hospital, New Westminster, in reply to the Report
of the Commission appointed to enquire into the working of the said Hospital.
Provincial Secretary's Office, Provincial Secretary.
15th February, 1884-
New Westminster,
7th February, 1884.
Sir,—The Board of Management of the Royal Columbian Hospital having before them
the Report of the, Royal Columbian Hospital Commission, dated 16th September, 1883, beg
respectfully to state,—
The statement in the first paragraph of said report is quite without foundation, as the
only official communication that took place between the President and the Commissioners was,-
when the President was requested by letter to attend the meeting of the Commissioners and
positively declined doing so, on the grounds that the Board were not officially informed of the
appointment of the Commission; and as to the remark attributed to him, he merely made the
same jocularly in private conversation after his distinct official refusal.
The secretary and treasurer was never officially requested to attend and give information,
and therefore could not have declined doing so.
The Board are of opinion that the Commission must have founded their views with
respect to new floors on hearsay, as otherwise they could hardly have ignored the fact that in
the west ward and dining room first class floors wore laid a few months before the Commission
held its sittings.
With respect to that part of the Commissioners' Report referring to the visits of the
members of the Board, the Board wish most respectfully to state that the same is untrue.
That the visitors' book is no index to the number of visits paid by each member of the Board
to the Hospital, as the members very seldom enter their names when visiting; but even if the
Commissioners had taken the trouble to look at the visitors' book, they would have found that
Mr. Keary had paid the Hospital thirty-eight visits instead of three, and Mr. Corbould sixteen
visits instead of eight. The Commissioners do not seem to have been aware, or taken the
trouble to find out, that the present Board only took office at the end of April, 1883.
The statement that no organized attempts have been made to increase the funds of the
Hospital outside of the Government subsidy is untrue and inexcusable, as two members of the
Commission at least were personally aware that a subscription list was circulated. The revenue
from this source, between the 1st May, 1883, to .1st January, 1884, exceeded eight hundred
With respect to the railway patients, some of them paid, and with regard to the others,
the Board were placed in this position, they had either to admit these men to the Hospital or
see them die on the streets, and on more than one occasion the Board in their annual reports
called public attention to the fact.
(Signed)        W. Norman Bole, President.
,, J. W. Harvey,       Vice-President.
„ W. H. Keary,        Secretary-Treas.
,, James Cunningham.
,, Gordon E. Corbould.
„ C. M.  McNaughten.
„ H. Elliott.
To the lion. John Robson,
Provincial Secretary.


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