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RETURN To an Order of the House for copies of all correspondence, tenders, accounts, and vouchers, in… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1886

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 49 Vic. Correspondence—Supply of Drain Pipe. 441
To an Order of the House for copies of all correspondence, tenders, accounts, and
vouchers, in connection with supplying vitrified drain pipe for the new gaol at
New Westminster, stating size of pipe for which tenders were asked, size and
- quantity supplied, price per foot, name of contractor, quantity of pipe used,
disposition of pipe not required, the name of the superintendent of the work of
constructing the gaol, and by whom recommended to the Government.
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
23rd February, 1886.
New Westminster, B. C,
W. S. Gore, Esq., 7th August, 1885.
Surveyor-General, Victoria.
Sir,—We hereby tender to supply thirteen hundred feet of  eight-inch vitrified iron-stone
sewer piping (a, 70c. per foot, F. O. B. wharf, New Westminster, B. C.
We have, &c,
(Signed)        Woods, Turner & Gamble.
Memo, of Mr. Cunningham's offer to supply 8-inch diameter pipe for New  Westminster
Gaol :—
8-inch sewer pipe will cost about 60c. per foot—1,300 feet.
Victoria, B.C., 11th August, 1885.
Jas. Cunningham, Esq., M.P.P.,
New Westminster, B. C.
Sir,—Your proposition for the supply of sewer pipe for the gaol has been favourably
considered, but instead of 8-inch, which is deemed too expensive, it has been decided to lay
6-inch pipe. The great fall from the site of the building will irrsure a constant scouring of the
pipe and prevent any possibility of its becoming choked.
Will you kindly drop me a line to say that you have ordered the pipe, &c, and please
mention about what the price will be.
As soon as possible, the chain-gang should be ordered to do the excavating for the sewer,
iind also excavate to grade line for the gaol fence.
I have, (fee,
(Signed)        W. S. Gore,
New Westminster, B. C,
W. S. Gore, Esq. August 12th, 1885.
Dear Sir,- -Sewer pipe, six-inch, will cost laid down, with our commission, thirty-seven
cents per' foot if ordered now, owing to our contract for freight expiring this month. We take
no risk in breakage or loss at this price. We will order it and charge 5 % on cost price.
Your agent can inspect the bills here. We will get the number of feet from Kennedy and
order it probably by this evening's mail. As there is an abundant supply of water on the
premises, the six-inch will sweep everything into the river.
Truly yours,
(Signed)        James Cunningham & Co. 442 Correspondence—Supply of Drain Pipe. 1886
New Westminster, B. C,
W. S. Gore, Esq. September 14th, 1885.
Dear Sir,—Kennedy gave us the measurement two thousand feet. - I know nothing of
its correctness. Presume it is not far out, as the ground is not level. We have now a great
rain, and smoke and fog all gone.
Truly yours,
(Signed)        J.  Cunningham.
Victoria, B. C, Sept. 17th, 1885.
Sir,—I have the honour' to enclose herewith a voucher' for $716.63, irr payment for sewer
pipes supplied for new gaol.
You will be good enough to sign this voucher.and return it to this office, when a cheque
for the amount will be remitted. ,
1 have, irc,
James Cunningham, Esq., M.P.P., (Signed) W. S. Gore,
Nea: Westminster, B. C. Surveyor-General,
James Cunningham it Co., Or. for the undermentioned, on account of Requisition No. —,
Warrant No. 912.
New West-minster Gaol.
Sept. 8th, 1885. ---Sewer pipe for new gaol, as per vouchers annexed    $716  63
Certified correct,
(Signed)        W. S. Gore.
Victoria, B. C, Sept. 24th,
;-...  . for ,Iune 30th, 1885.
Received from the Government of British Columbia the above sum of seven hundred and
sixteen dollars sixty-three cents.
(Signed)        James & Co.
New Westminster, B. C, Sept. 8th, 1885.
Provincial Government, for new jail,
• To James Cunningham <fe Co., Dr.,
To bill, sewer pipe, 2,000 feet  $361  32
freight  225 44
duties     90 25
To insurance,  f %  2 75
„  exchange,   f %    2  75
$682 51
Commission, @ 5 %         34  12
= 35Jc. per foot. $716 63
September 7th, 1885.
James Cunningham,
To Canadian Pacific Navigation Company's (Limited) steamer Western Slope, Dr.,
To freight on 1,002 packages sewer pipes, 1,178 feet    $ 73 25
,, advance charges      137 94
,, wharfage         14 25
$225 44
Received payment for the Company,
(Signed)        Briggs. 49 Vic Correspondence—Supply of Drain Pipe. 443
San Francisco, August 29th, 1885.
James Cunningham & Co.,
Bought of Gladding, McBean & Co.,
2,000 feet 6-inch pipe @ 30c    $600 00
1 8 to 6 reducer  1   20
1 6-inch ^ curve  1  00
$602 20
Less 40 %  ..      240 88
True copy, . $361   32
(Signed)        J. Cunningham k (Jo.
For Duty.
New Westminster, Sept. 8th, 1885.
Imported by Cunningham & Co. per steamer G. W. Elder-,  , Master, from San   Francisco to New Westminster, goods purchased in the United States.
1,002 pes. pipe, valued at $361, fe 25 % duty    $90 25
(Signed)        Peter Grant,
for Col. [Stamp.]
Victoria, B. C, 24th September, 1885.
James Cunningham, Esq., M.P.P.,
New Westminster, B. C.
Sir,—Enclosed herewith please find cheque for $716.63,  in  full  payment for  2,000  feet
6-inch sewer pipe, &c.. for the new gaol.
I have, ffic,
(Signed)        W. S. Gore,
Surveyor- General.
Victoria, 19th February, 1886.
Chas.   Warwick, New Westminster.
Wire me number of feet of sewer pipe laid from gaol to river.
(Signed)        W. S. Gore.
New Westminster, 20th February, 1886.
W. S. Gore, Surveyor-General.
Seven hundred  fifty joints,  or  fifteen  hundred  feet,  six-inch pipe.    Two hundred fifty
joints stored at gaol
(Signed)        C. Warwick.
James Kennedy was the superintendent of the work of constructing the gaol.


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