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RETURN To an Order of the House for a Return showing the names of all persons who have tendered for… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1884

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 47 Vic.
Tenders eor Savona Ferry Bridge.
To an Order of the House for a Return showing the names of all persons who have
tendered for the construction of the Bridge at Savona Ferry, and all correspondence connected therewith
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
14th January, 1884-
Including a Draw-bridge.
Without a Draw-bridge.
J. McMullen 	
$14,887 00
15,500 00
15,600 00
15,495 00
$14,487 00
14,500 00
W. E. Blackett	
D. F. Adams	
15,000 00
* Angus McDonald	
13,995 00
* This tender was received one day too late.
Mr. C. A. Semlin to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Dominion Ranch, October 8th, 1883.
Dear Sir:—I beg to call your attention to vote No. 131 of last Session, by which the
sum of ten thousand dollars was appropriated for construction of a bridge at Savona's Ferry.
I have watched every issue of the Gazette expecting to see a call for tenders for this work,
and am not surprised at the disappointment and irritation apparent among the electors at what
to me is an unaccountable delay, and what to them seems an intentional one. The money was
voted by the Assembly and if not used this year will lapse and require another vote of the House
which may not be so easily obtained. Knowing this as we do, we, who for years have contended for this work, feel that we are taking unnecessary chances.
I therefore beg to know if it is the intention of the Goverement to prosecute this much
needed work this season, and if you have determined not to go ahead with the work, will you
have the kindness to let me know the reasons for not following the instruetions of the House
as per vote No. 131?
I wish to make public use of your answer, and beg to remain,
Yours truly,
Chas. A. Semlin,
The Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to Mr. C. A. Semlin.
Victoria, B. C, 22nd October, 1883.
Dear Sir :—I have the honour to acknowledge yours of the 8th instant, enquiring about
the Savona Ferry Bridge. In reply, I beg to say that during the last Session of the Legislature
the Government asked for and obtained authority to expend the sum of $10,000 for the erection of a bridge at Savona; that at the time the amount was placed upon the estimates by us,
as a Government, we considered the expenditure would be judicious, and in the interest of an
important section of the Province. We have not since changed our opinions upon the subject,
and if there has been some delay in the undertaking it las been entirely due to the fact, that
the amount of $250,000, Dry 1 ock refund, upon which, as you know, the estimates were
framed, was not received as anticipated. 330 Tenders for Sanona Ferry Bridge. 1884
We have recently received a portion of the refund from Canada, and upon the strength of
that, I have instructed the Surveyor-General to call for tenders for the Savona Ferry Bridge
without further delay.
I have made it generally known in Yale District, by correspondence and otherwise, that
the bridge would be undertaken as soon as ever the department was in a position financially to
proceed with it.
Messrs. Mara & Ward wrote me upon the subject some time ago, and I explained the
delay to them, and assured them, as I now do you, that no time would be necessarily lost in
starting the work.
I may mention to you that Vote 131 is not the only one which has not been expended.
Vote 83 for $10,000, Vote 121 for $10,000, and Vote 126 for $5,000, have all had to stand
over for the same reason.
Yours faithfully,
Wm. Smithe,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Victoria, 28th March, 1883.
Arthur Stevenson, Lytton.
Take advantage of low water to examine site for bridge at Savona, consult J.  Jane
and report.
(Signed)       Wm. Smithe,
per. W, S. Gore.
Mr, Stevenson to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Nicomin Road Camp, April 14th, 1883.
Sir,—According to your instructions by telegraph, I went to Savona's Ferry and examined
bridge site.
I have taken measurements and soundings in two [places. Firstly—at the Ferry,
Secondly—about five or six hundred yards below.
I enclose herewith a rough sketch of each place, showing high and low water mark,
measurements and soundings, which I have taken, as correctly as possible in a rough way.
I have no doubt, in my own mind, that the lower place is cheapest and easiest to build a
bridge, but the people living at the Ferry think it a hardship, that if a bridge is built it would
be five or six hundred yards away, leaving them that distance from the road.
I am very doubtful if it would be practicable to build a Pile Bridge at the Ferry. I
have doubts about the bottom being favourable, and even if it should be for pile driving the
length of pile required is an objection.
Water at present, 20 feet, raise 25 feet, allow 6 feet above high water, 10 feet for driving, in all 61 feet.
I have some experience in pile driving and know it is very difficult to drive a pile of
this length in a hard bottom. There is too much spring to a stick of this length to drive well,
and if the bottom should be hard it would almost be impossible.
There is another objection, that is, there would be from 14 to 20 feet of piles under
water and consequently could not get bracing into this portion of pier; in fact the only thing I
see in favour of this place is still water; there is hardly any current.
Five hundred or six hundred, yards below Ferry.
This place you will see by sketch is only 175 feet across low water. On the north shore the
water is shallow for about 20 feet out, then drops perpendicular to 17 feet deep from low to
high water mark. There is a bar, distance 197 feet. Bar is gravel and washed boulders on top.
I sunk through the gravel in two places and found clay,    You will see, marked clay on sketch. 47 Vic. Tenders for Savona Ferry Bridge. 331
There are about 120 feet in centre that I could not get any correct soundings; the current
is so swift that I could not get the lead to bottom with any certainty. I think the water
may be 30 feet deep in centre, on the south shore bar 238 feet, clay showing on the surface.
All indications are favourable for driving piles.
I am told the current is very swift here at high water. However Mr. Mara will have a
very good idea of this as he has been through with steamboat.
The building of bridge here will have to be done at low water. The timber should be
made and delivered at bridge site during the Summer months, so that the work of building
could be pushed on as fast as possible during the Winter.
You will see by sketch that in building here it will be necessary to make one span at
least 140 feet. I do not consider it safe to go very close to edge of north shore, where the
bank drops off perpendicular to 17 feet of water; there may be danger of the bank washing.
The approach to bridge site, on south side of river, is very easy; north side not so easy, but
no great difficulty in reaching.
I hope, with what I have said here of the sketch enclosed, you will be able to make out
the information required.
The road from Cache Creek to Savona's I find very rough and having a very neglected
appearance. The bridges are in a very dangerous condition, especially one known as Graves'
Creek Bridge; however, I am in hopes it will hold out two or three weeks, if so, I will get the
road from Lytton to Spence's Bridge in fair order, then I will move up and build a new one
and make other necessary repairs on the Savona section.
I have, &c,
(Signed)       A. Stevenson,
Road Superintendent.
The Surveyor-General to Mr. John Jane.
Victoria, B. C, 25th October, 1883.
Dear Sir,—Plans and specifications for the construction of Savona's Ferry Bridge,
together with blank forms for tender and notices, &c, are forwarded to you herewith, per
British Columbia Express Company.
I have taken the liberty of announcing that the plans, &c, could be seen at your residence,
and trust you will pardon omission to ask your permission, which the necessity for dispatch
May I ask you to be kind enough to post the notices in conspicuous places, and if you
will drop me a line to say you have received the documents you will oblige,
Yours faithfully,
(Signed)        W. S. Gore,
Mr. John Jane to the Surveyor-General.
Savona Ferry, 5th November, 1883.
Dear Sir,.—The plans of the bridge have been on view here since their arrival, and the
notices were put up so that people could see them. A bridge is much needed here. Last Monday and Tuesday, during a storm, no crossing could be made with a scow, and when the wind
subsided it was found that the bottom of the scow was much damaged.
I don't think you will get any tenders from this part of the country, unless perhaps Mr.
Mcintosh. I should think that with his s;:,w-mill he would have a great advantage over any
other contractor.
Yours truly,
(Signed)       J. Jane.
If you like I will measure the distance across the river now and tell you how it looks as
regards site for piers,   Water getting low, 332 Tenders for Savona Ferry Bridge. 1884
Lytton, 9th November, 1883.
W. S. Gore:—
Would you receive tenders for Savona Bridge after fifteenth; would like to tender but
cannot see specifications in time.    Answer.
(Signed)        A. McDonald.
10th November, 1883.
W. Dewdney, Yale:—
Post notices.    Time for receiving tenders Savona's Bridge extended to twentieth instant.
(Signed)       W. S. Gore.
Memo.—Similar notices are sent to Lytton, Spences' Bridge, Cache Creek, Savona's, Kam
10th November, 1883.
A. McDonald, Lytton :—
Time for receiving tenders Savona's Bridge extended to twentieth instant.
(Signed)       W. S. Gore.


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