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RETURN To an Order of the House for copies of all telegrams, correspondence, and other papers in connection… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1885

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 48 Vic. Correspondence—Marble Canyon Road. 461
To an Order of the House for copies of all telegrams, correspondence, and other
papers in connection with the construction of a sleigh road through the Marble
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
11th February, 1885.
VlCTOKIA,   B.  C,
11th October, 1883.
Sir,—I have the honour to instruct you to make an instrumental survey of a route for a
waggon road to connect the Lillooet-Clinton Road with the Main Trunk Road, via Marble
Canyon. You will mark salient points with large stakes, numbered consecutively, and make
full notes of the necessary grading, bridging, etc., etc., required for the proper construction of
a waggon road between said stakes; also give an estimate of the probable cost of constructing
a road, with light gradients, having a carriage-way eighteen feet wide, based upon local prices.
I have, (fee,
Wm. Allan, C. E., (Signed)        W. S. Gobe,
Clinton, B. C. Surveyor-General.
23rd August, 1884.
Sir,—By direction, I have the honour to enclose herewith a copy of an advertisement
inviting tenders for the construction of a sleigh road, via Marble Canyon and Hat Creek, for
your information.
I have, etc.,
F. Soues, Esq., Government Agent, (Signed) S. Phipps.
Clinton, B. C.
Attokxe v-General's Office,
To Robert Carson, Victoria, 18th August, 1884.
Construction Marble Canyon waggon road impracticable at present.
Propose constructing sleigh road, which, with frozen lakes, can be used during winter
months, and be eventually made waggon road.
Consult neighbours concerning feasibility of scheme, and wire me suggestions Government
Give copy O'Halloran. (Signed)       A. E. B. Davie. 462 Correspondence—Marble Canyon Road. 1885
Clinton, B. C,
To A. E. B. Davie, Victoria. 27th August, 1884.
Have seen neighbours about road, all wish to have waggon road built, but consider it too
late to do the work. Was surprised to learn last-night that tenders were called for construction
of sleigh road. Letter by mail explaining views of settlers. Sleigh road would benefit me
very much if built in proper place, but if built where surveyed will benefit no one except
(Signed)        R, Carson.
Pavilion, 25th August, 1884.
Sir,—In reply to your telegram respecting road through Marble Canyon, we, the undersigned settlers of Pavilion and vicinity, are agreed that the waggon road is what we want, but
in the meantime if a sleigh road was opened out on the line for the waggon road, it might be
a benefit to some of us this winter, but as the season is now well advanced, there is scarcely
time to make a sleigh road to be of use this coming winter, it is, therefore, the wish of all
that the waggon road be constructed, and that the work be commenced as soon as possible, and,
furthermore, that it be clone by contract. There is a portion of the surveyed route which is
not where it ought to be. We wish that the line for road leave the last crossing of Hat Creek
(at the Rancherie) and go through Morgan's flat, and coming in junction with the Trunk
Road two miles below Cargyle's, instead of as at present surveyed to Cargyle's. This change
will shorten the distance to Cache Creek two miles at least, and will give a better grade and
good sleighing in winter; whereas by taking it the other way it will run through open country
where there will be little or no snow. By making this change the cost of making that portion
will not be more than half what it will cost to make the same distance towards Cargyle's.
The enclosed sketch will give you a fair idea of the unreasonableness of the line as at present
As the opening of this road is intended principally for the settlers of this vicinity, the
Government therefore are deserving of censure in not notifying us of their intention of sending
a surveyor to survey the route. We ought certainly to have had notice, in order that one of
our number could have gone with Mr. Allan, the Surveyor, and selected the best route. We
can see no reason why the line was located to Cargyle's, unless it was through the influence of
our junior representative, Mr. Edward Allen.
(Signed)        C. O'Halloran,
,, A. McDonald,
,, John Curbie,
T. J. Cole,
G. R. Tinker,
„ P. Garrigan,
A. E. B. Davie, Esq., „ R- Carson,
Victoria, „ M. Gillen.
Clinton, B. C,
To W. S. Gore, Esq.. September 2nd, 1884.
Three tenders for Marble Canyon Road—Thirteen thousand seven hundred and forty
dollars; eight thousand dollars; six thousand four hundred dollars. Particulars by mail tonight.
(Signed)       F. Soues. 48 Vic Correspondence—Marble Canyon Road. 403
Clinton, B. C,
September 2nd, 1884.
Sir,—I have the honour to enclose herewith three tenders received by me to-day for the
construction of a sleigh road through Marble Canyon.
In the event of one being accepted by the Government, I would suggest that the following
be put in the contract, the matter fully explained and understood by the contractor:—" That
all timber used in the construction of bridges, culverts, and cribbing, must be peeled, and the
dimensions of stringers, <fee, given."
To the best of my recollection available timber on the line of road is yellow pine, which
commences to decay as soon as it touches ground, with the bark on. In the event of none of
these tenders being accepted, I would suggest that before moving in the matter again, the
outcome of the road at Hat Creek should be gone over again by survey. Perfectly uninterested
parties have assured me that it could be brought out to join Section 3, Main Trunk Road,
about 1J miles below Hat Creek, on a better grade, and at a much less cost in construction.
I have, &c,
IF. S. Gore, Esq., (Signed)        F. Soues,
Surveyor-General, Victoria, B. C. Government Agent.
Memo.—The tenders enclosed were as follows:—
Philip Park $ 6,400
Uriah Nelson    13,740
T. 0. Clark      8,000
Victoria, B. 0.,
10th September, 1884.
Sir,—I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your communication of the 2nd
instant, forwarding tenders received by you for the construction of a sleigh road, via Marble
Canyon and Hat Creek.
In consequence of views expressed hy a number of the settlers it has been decided not to
proceed with the work this season.
I have, (fee,
Fredk. Soues, Esq., (Signed)        W. S. Gore,
Government Agent, Clinton, B. C. Surveyor-General.


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