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RETURN To an Address of the Legislative Assembly, dated 12th April, 1880, for copies of all correspondence… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1880

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 43 Vic. Correspondence—Queen v. Johnson. 455
To an Address of the Legislative Assembly, dated 20th April, 1880, for copies of
all correspondence between the Judges and the Government in the case of
the Queen v. Johnson, of Cassiar.
By Command,
T. Basil Humphreys,
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
May, 1880.
The Deputy Provincial Secretary to Eli Harrison, Jr., Esq.
Victoria, B.C.,
19th February, 1880.
Sir,—I am instructed by the Hon. the Provincial Secretary to enclose a copy of a
dispatch dated Ottawa, 4th October, 1879, referring to the case of Johnson, an Indian
convicted of the crime of murder.
Mr. Humphreys desires me to say that he has reason to believe that the sentence
has not been carried into execution, and he requests you to apply to the Hon. Sir
Matthew B. Begbie for a copy of his report upon which the order of His Excellency
the Govern or-General was based.
I have the honour, &c,
T. Elwyn,
Deputy Provincial Secretary,
The Under-Secretary of State to the Lieutenant-Governor.
Ottawa, 4th October, 1879.
Sir,—I am directed to inform you that His Excellency the Governor-General in
Council, by Order in Council dated 4th inst., has ordered that in the case of Johnson
alias Altos, an Indian, tried before the Honourable Sir Matthew B. Begbie, Chief Justice,
at the recent Glenora Assizes, Cassiar, for the crime of murder, and having been convicted thereof was sentenced to death, such sentence to be carried into execution within
two months, the law to be allowed to take its course.
I have, &c,
(Signed)       Edouard J. Langevin,
Under-Secretary of State. 456 Correspondence—Queen v. Johnson. 1880
Eli Harrison, Jr., to the Chief Justice.
Victoria, B.C., 20th February, 1880.
Sir,—I have the honour to state that I have been directed to request that, for the
information of the Provincial Government, your Lordship will be good enough to
furnish a copy, or permit one to be made, of your Report to the Secretary of State of
the case of the Indian Johnson, convicted of murder at last Assize at Cassiar, it appearing that the sentence of death passed on him has not been carried into execution.
I have, &c,
(Signed;       Eli Harrison, Jr.,
Solicitor, Attorney-General's Department.
The Chief Justice to Eli Harrison, Jr.
Court House, Victoria,
Monday, Feb. 23rd, 1880.
Sir,—I do not think I have any copy of my Report to the Secretary of State in
Johnson's case. It was acknowledged as received, and I was informed that the sentence
was directed, at Ottawa, to be carried out.    He is called "Jackson" in the answer.
My Report to the Secretary of State was probably very curt: the murder was witnessed by several people.
I have, &c,
(Signed)       Matt. B. Begbie, C.J.


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