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RETURN To an Address of the Legislative Assembly for copies of all correspondence between the Government,… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1878

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 41 Vic. Kesident Physician, Lunatic Asylum. 443
To an Address of the Legislative Assembly for copies of all correspondence between
the Government, or any member thereof, or any person acting on their behalf,
and the applicants for the position of Resident Physician of the Lunatic
By Command.
A. C. Elliott,
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
25th February, 1878.
Application of W- Wymond Walkem, M. D.
Victoria, B. C, 12th May, 1876,
Sir,—I have the honour respectfully to apply for the position of Medical Superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum.
I have, etc.,
(Signed) W. Wymond Walkem, M. D.
To His Excellency
the Lieutenant-Governor in Council.
The undersigned hereby recommend Dr. Wymond Walkem as a suitable person to
fill the post of Superintendent to and Resident Physician of the Provincial Lunatic
Asylum. (Signed)
A. W. Vowell, Charles Gallagher,
John Ash, Robert Smith,
J. W. Douglas, A. E. B. Davie,
William Morrison, W. M. Brown,
Frederick Williams, John Evans,
Wm. Smithe, John A. Mara,
E. Pimbury,
And Mr Bryden, who has not signed as yet.
Application of Wm. Jackson, AI. B. C. S. E.
.     Victoria, B. O, May 17th, 1876.
Sir,—Understanding a Resident Medical Officer is required for the British
Columbia Lunatic Asylum, I beg to apply for the appointment, and would state I have
had eleven years experience as Besident Medical Officer of Victoria Boyal Hospital,
where all classes of patients are treated, and refer to Dr Helmcken and A. F. Bern-
berton, Esquire.
I have, etc.,
(Signed) Wm. Jackson, M. E. C. S. E.
To the Honourable A. C. Elliott. 444 Resident Physician, Lunatic Asylum. 1878
Application of Thomas B. Mclnnes.
New Westminster, May 29th, 1876.
Dear Sib,—Allow mo to apply for the situation of Medical Superintendent of tho
Lunatic Asylum, now in course of erection in this city.
I have, etc.,
(Signed) Thomas R. McInnes.
To the Honourable E. Brown.
Application of John Chipp.
Barkerville, June 2nd, 1870.
To Hon. A. C. Elliott:
I solicit the appointment of Medical Superintendent to Lunatic Asylum.
(Signed) John Chipp.
Application of W. Macnaughton Jones, M. D.
Barkerville, June 10th, 1876.
Sir,—I beg respectfully to lay before you, for the favourable consideration of His
Honour the Lieutenant-Governor, an application for the position of Medical Superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum.
I am Doctor in Medicine, Master in Surgery, and Bachelor in Arts, of Dublin,
Before admission to my examination of M. D., it was necessary to produce a certificate of attendance on a public Lunatic Asylum, and of acquaintance with its management.
The certificate I produced for tho Board of Examination was from the Cork Lunatic
Asylum, where there were about 800 patients, and it stated that I was in attendance
there for two years.
This document, of course, I do not hold.    The M   D. degree implies its possession.
Management of the insane comprised a subject of Sbat degree examination.
I am, etc., .
(Signed) W, Macnaughton Jones.
To the Honourable
the Provincial Secretary.
Application of Henry Landon, AI. D.
London, Ontario, July 10th, 1876.
Sir,—I saw in a Columbia paper that it was the intention of the Government to seek
an experienced physician to take charge of the Asylum erecting in your Province.
My experience extends over a quarter of a century, and before being a candidate
for your Asylum, I should like to know the salary and what other provision is made as
to residence or allowance for a house, whether maintenance for the Superintendent and
family, or private practice allowance, and lastly when it will be ready for occupation.
I have, etc.,
(Signed) Henry Landon, M. D.,
Superintendent of London Asylum.
To the Honourable
the Attorney-General of British Columbia. 41 Vic. Resident Physician, Lunatic Asylum. 445
Application of Arch. Alex. Riddel.
Toronto, Canada, 18th July, 1876.
Sir,—Understanding that the office of Medical Superintendent of the Provincial
Lunatic Asylum at Victoria is vacant, I respectfully7 apply for the position.
For the information of the Government, 1 may state that I am fifty-seven years of
age; that I am a member of the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons; that I am
also a licentiate of Mexico, in which country I practiced over three years; that I have
had charge of the Toronto Small-pox Hospital whenever that institution has been in
requisition since 1871, at $8 per day; and that I have been for years, and still am, a Coroner
for this city and the county of York.
Should my application not be too late, I can furnish testimonials as to character
and qualifications, that I feel assured will prove acceptable. In the meantime, Kenneth
McKenzie, Esq., Q. O, who is well known to his Excellency Lieutenant-Governor
Eichards, has kindly7 permitted me to make use of his name; and so also has Joseph
Workman, Esq., M. D., who, after a service of twenty-two years as medical Superintendent of the Asylum in this city, which contains some six hundred patients, resigned
the office last year on account of his age.
(Signed) Arch. Alex. Riddel.
To the Honourable
the Provincial Secretary.
An application for the position of Medical Superintendent of the Lunatic Asylum
was also received from Dr. Trew, of New Westminster, but has been mislaid.
Becommendation of Dr. Jones.
Langley Street, April 18th, 1877.
My Dear Elliott,—Some time ago we had, if you recollect, a conversation relative
to the appointment of Medical Superintendent of the Provincial Insane Asylum, whether
it would be better to get some one to fill the office from England or not.
I have not written you before on the subject, as I knew your time was fully occupied,-
but now as the Session is over and the time approaches when the office has to be
filled, I think it only right to say that, in accordance with most of my professional
brethren here, I am of opinion that instead of trying some one of whom you are not
likely to know much, it would be better to appoint Dr. Macnaughton Jones, as he is a
gentleman we all know, and his professional acquirements entitle him eminently7 to seek
an appointment of this description. To show that I am right as to the opinion of my
professional brethren, I will request them to read and countersign this note. Please
excuse my taking up so much of your valuable time,
And believe, etc.
(Signed) J. B. Matthews,
J. S. Helmcken,
Jno. C. Davie,
I. W. Powell,
John Ash,
James Trimble.


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