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PETITION. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1884

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 47 Vic. Petition op Woman's Temperance Union. 387
To the Honourable the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia:
May it please your Honourable Body :—
The petition of the "Woman's Christian Temperance Union" of Victoria, B. C, representing a membership of over two hundred, humbly sheweth:
That your petitioners, being sincerely solicitous for the best interests of this Province,
whilst they would not assume to pronounce upon the question, regarding which the most
eminent authorities in the Dominion are divided, as to whether the Federal or Provincial
Government has jurisdiction in" the matter of legislation relating to Saloon and Tavern
Licences; they would nevertheless, respectfully submit that, to assert, as does the resolution
upon this question brought forward by a member of Your Honourable Body, that the "Dominion Licence Act of 1883 is inapplicable to this Province and unjust to its inhabitants," is a
reflection upon the morality of our people that would be as unworthy the dignity of Your
Honourable House to make, as it is uncalled for by the facts, and is calculated to bring this
Province into disrepute not only with the rest of the Dominion but also throughout the
civilized world.
Your petitioners therefore earnestly pray that, at least, the obnoxious clause referred to
may be struck out from the resolution, and if possible, consistently with the duties and dignity
of Your Honourable House, the question of jurisdiction be left to the decision of the Courts
where it is sure to be finally carried, lest any action of Your Honourable Body should be
construed into a protest against vigorous and progressive legislation in relation to the monster
evil domesticated amongst us indeed, but which we cannot fail to deprecate as the dreaded foe
of our sacrecl homes and institutions:
And your petitioners will ever pray.
(Signed)        Mrs. A. J. McLellan,
„ Mrs, D. Jenkins,


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