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RETURN To an Address of the Legislative Assembly for copies of all correspondence, including telegrams,… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1876

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 39 Vic. Graving Dock, 675
To an Address of the Legislative Assembly for copies of all correspondence, including telegrams, if any, respecting the Esquimalt Dock, which may have
passed between the Dominion and Provincial Governments, or between any
member of or person authorized by the Provincial Government and the Dominion Government, or any person or persons whomsoever.
By Command.
Forbes Geo. Vernon,
Lands and Works Office, Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
19th April, 1876.
The Lieutenant-Governor to the Secretary of State for Canada.
Government House, British Columbia,
13th April, 1876.
Sir,—I have the honour to enclose herewith, for the consideration of His Excellency
the Governor-General, a copy ofa Minute of my Executive Council, and of the certified
statement therein referred to, respecting the Graving Dock at Esquimalt now under
construction; and in accordance with the advice of my Ministers expressed in this
Minute, I beg to make application for the payment of the sum of fifty thousand six
hundred and fifty-five dollars and fifty cents ($60,655 50) therein specified, by the
Government of the Dominion to this Government upon the said enclosed Certificate of
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works of this Province, under the provisions of
Cap. 17, 37 Vic., of the Statutes of Canada, and of the Statute of British Columbia
No. 4, 38 Vic.
1 have, etc.,
(Signed) Joseph W. Trutoh.
Copy of a Report of a Committee of the Honourable the Executive Council, approved by
His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor cm the 13th day of April, 1876.
Upon a Memorandum from the Honourable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works, in relation to the Graving Dock at Esquimalt, stating that by Section 1, of Cap.
17, 37 Vic, of the Statutes of Canada, it is provided that—"Advances may be made
" from time to time by the Governor in Council, out of the Consolidated Eevenue Fund,
" for the construction of such Graving Dock, upon certificates of the progress of the
" work, such advances not to exceed in the whole two hundred and fifty thousand
That the sum of fifty thousand six hundred and fifty-five dollars and fifty cents
),655 50) has been expended by the Lands and Works Department of British
Columbia, on account of this work, of which expenditures a statement of particulars,
certified by the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, is appended hereto. And
recommending that application be made to the Dominion Government for the payment
of that sum, under the provisions of the Statute above mentioned, as an instalment of
the sum of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars to be paid on that account.
The Committee advise that the recommendation be approved, and that should this
report be adopted, a copy thereof, together with the accompanying certificate, be forwarded by Your Excellency to the Government of Canada, with a request that the sum
of fifty thousand six hundred and fifty-five dollars and fifty cents (§50,655 50) therein
specified, be paid to this Government.
(Signed)       T. Basil Humphreys,
Clerk of the Executive Council. 676
Graving Dock.
Schedule of Payments made by the Provincial Government of British Columbia on
Account of Graving Dock, Esquimalt.
Bank of British Columbia (paid in London):—
Drafts for purchase of Cement and Machinery ~j
Freight,   Shipping  Disbursements,   Insurances, &c,   included  (Cement y
now stored at Esquimalt) J
Custom House Duties on Cement and Casks 	
Port Warden's Certificates of condition	
Storage of Cement to 28th February, 1876	
Cost of landing cement and machinery	
Surveyor's disbursements, Work on dock site	
Cleaning machinery	
Advertising for tenders for construction	
Salary of Resident Engineer to 31st March, 1876	
Cooper and repairs to casks	
Telegraphic messages 	
Exchange on drafts for payment of newspaper accounts	
James Watt & Co., instalments on contract for machinery	
Bank of British Columbia, interest on payments made in London	
Moving coal from shed on dock site	
General average certificate, shipment ^jj " Aboyne " 	
15,084 IT
T,380 45
3,243 43
25,708 05
1,745 20
100 00
879 67
390 T5
77 75
24 00
605 15
1,557 93
24 50
38 95
5 76
18,900 00
252 00
19,152 00
294 00
51 T9
345 T9
$  50,655 50
Lands and Works Office, Victoria,
13th April, 1876.
(Signed)       John J. Austin,
Forbes Geo. Vernon,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.


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