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British Columbia,
VICTORIA: Printed by Richakd Wolfenden, Government Printer,
at the Government Printing Office, James' Bay.
27  44 Vio. Report oe Public "Works. 387
Year ending 31st December, 1880.
To the Honourable Albert Norton Eichards, Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of
British Columbia.
May it Please Your Honour,—
I beg to respectfully submit, as required by the " Public Works Amendment Act,
1873," the Annual Eeport of the Department of Lands and Works, for the year ending
31st December, 1880.
Geo. A. Walkem,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, 31st December, 1880.  44 Vic. Report of Public "Works. 389
&c, &c, &c.
Existing public roads, bridges, and buildings throughout the Province have been
maintained for the past twelve months, and are at present, generally, in a good state of
Victoria City District.
The works commenced last year in this District, and unfinished at the date of my last
Eeport, have been completed, and the balance of the appropriation expended. Belcher
street, which, a short distance beyond Government House, was formerly a " cul-de-sac,"
has been extended to Pemberton street, and the latter graded and gravelled through to
Fort street. The new Gorge road has been gravelled from Government street to the
city boundary.
Necessary repairs have been made to the Government buildings, fences and
grounds. A portion of the roof of the Gaol has been re-shingled and the interior
slightly repaired.
At the Public School, each of the large rooms has been divided into two separate
apartments by a glass partition. Eepairs have been made to the flooring and walls, the
black-board surface increased and improved, and two coats of lead paint given to the
metal roof.
At Government House the repairs have been slight.
At the Port street entrance to the School Eeserve a substantial gate, with two turnstiles, has been erected and a suitable fence commenced. Excavations for the foundations
of similar gates, &c, have been made at the View and Yates street entrances, and considerable grading has been done in the school grounds.
Victoria District.
A new School-house has been built in South Saanich on part of two acres of land
granted and conveyed to the Crown by Messrs. John Slugget and Geo. Stelly. The
building consists of a single room, 18 feet by 30 feet, with a ceiling 12 feet high, and an
entrance 6 feet by seven feet. The building is enclosed with rustic siding, is hard-
finished, painted throughout, well ventilated, and furnished with patent black-board
surface, and desks and seats for forty children. Messrs. Jenkinson and Ure, of Victoria,
were the contractors.
On the 8th June last, tenders were invited for thoroughly repairing the Saanich
roads in five different sections, and for maintaining and keeping them in good condition
for the space of one year. Contracts for the work were subsequently awarded as
follows, viz.:— 390 Report of Public Works. 1880
To Joseph Goyette, Sections 1 and 2, from Victoria City boundary to Simpson's
(Prairie Tavern).
To Henry Simpson, Section 3, Prairie Tavern to Eyan's.
To George Thomas, Sections 4 and 5, Eoyal Oak to Wain's.
Each contract gives the contractor the privilege of renewing it for a year longer in the
event of his work being satisfactory.   I may add that up to date the work has been
well done.
Previous to letting the contracts a slight change was made in the East road, in the
vicinity of Anderson's farm, whereby a bad piece of swampy corduroy was avoided and
the road straightened.
In North Saanich, the School and Wain's cross-roads have been placed in excellent
repair; and I have much pleasure in acknowledging the assistance contributed by
several farmers in the vicinity, who voluntarily lent their teams to aid in the work.
The Cedar Hill, Burnside, Eichmond, and other roads in the district have been repaired
and gravelled where necessary.
Esquimalt District.
General repairs have been made to the main and cross-roads throughout this
district. Steep grades have been cut down and unsafe bridges have been replaced by
new ones. The Metchosin road has been placed in good order. The boom at Sooke
river bridge, which had broken away from its mooring, has been replaced and made
Esquimalt Graving Dock.
The final settlement, last February, of a series of negotiations, which more or less
occupied the attention of successive administrations of the Dominion and the Province
since 1873, has at length enabled the Local Government to commence this important
work under very favourable circumstances, and with every prospect of successfully
completing it.
The excavations have been well advanced by the contractors (Messrs. McNamee &
Co.), though the weather has of late been very unfavourable for the purpose. Quarries
for the necessary sandstone have been opened at Newcastle, while the granite, which
consists of large blocks of excellent quality, has already been quarried and placed on
the dock site. The reports of the Eesident Engineer upon the tenders, the progress
of the structure, the explorations for stone, and the various matters connected with the
supervision of the work, are appended hereto.
"Engineer's Office, Esquimalt, B.C.,
"31st December, 1880.
" Sir,—I have the honour to submit my report on the progress of the Esquimalt
Graving Dock during the past twelve months.
" In my last report I was able to announce the satisfactory completion of the
Cofferdam, and that the tidal water had been let back into the space enclosed by the
dam on the 4th January, 1880, for the purpose of relieving the dam from unnecessary
pressure till such time as the contractors for the Dock were prepared to commence with
the excavations.
" 1 now beg to state that the Dam and plant, of which I made a careful inventory
when possession of the works was taken in June, 1879, were carefully watched and 44 Vic Report of Public Works. 391.
maintained in good order, and the auxiliary pump worked periodically to September
last by the' Government employes, when work on the Dock was commenced.
" Ten tenders for the construction of the Dock were received at the Lands and
Works Department,—two from San Francisco firms, five from Eastern Canada, and
three from local firms. The contract, as you are aware, has been awarded to the lowest
tenderers, Messrs. F. B. McNamee & Co., of Montreal.
" Arrangements between the Local and Dominion Governments as to the payment
of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars on certificates from the Engineers as the
work progressed (see Sessional Papers, 1880,) having been satisfactorily concluded and.
subsequently assented to by the Dominion Parliament, the contractors were in June,
1880, directed to commence work at once.
" Mr. F. B. McNamee arrived here on 24th July, and, having made arrangements
for the early commencement of the works, left again for the East on 30th August.
" The pumping out of the Dock site for the second time was completed on the 9th
September following.
" On 13th September work may be said to have commenced by sinking a temporary
sump-hole for the pump, which had to be lowered between nine and ten feet for the
purpose of keeping the works dry during their construction. This was successfully
accomplished, and the pump was at work again in its fresh position on November 17th.
" In the meantime a pier on piles, some 230 feet long by 55 feet wide, had been
constructed at and over the eastern end of the Dam for the unloading of stone or other-
material, and a derrick is erected at one end of the same.
"An incline on trestle work, with a stationary engine at the head, was constructed
from Thetis- Island, westward, by means of which the cars containing the material
excavated for the quay wall are hauled by an endless chain from the bottom to coping
level, the material being then dumped to form the future quays around the dock
" Double teams and waggons were employed to remove the sand and shells over the
site of the Dock and quay walls, from 27th September to 8th November, when the cars
commenced running, and work on the excavation has progressed steadily to date, bad
weather alone preventing.
" Offices for the Eesident Engineer and for the contractors, a boarding house for
the workmen,. Carpenter and Smiths' shops, have been erected. The works, however,
could not well have been started at a worse season of the year, and I think, under the
circumstances, the contractors are doing their best.
" The plant belonging to Messrs. Reed Bros. & Co., contractors for the Cofferdam,
was sold at public auction on the works by W. E. Clarke & Oo. on 15th September.
" Acting under your instructions, I. was absent for a few days on a prospecting tour
for sandstone. My report on that subject I have already had the honour of submitting
to you (see letters Eesident Engineer to Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Aug.
23 and 26.)
" The sandstone required for the Dock will be quarried at Newcastle Island, near
Nanaimo, where the contractors have already put the buildings into habitable order for
the quarrymen. The granite required has been quarried at Jervis Inlet, and was discharged at the works on December 10th. The sample of stone has my decided approval,
being even in grain and colour, and very similar to the celebrated grey Cornish granite.
" Tenders for the Caisson were received in February last through Messrs. Kinipple
& Morris, Engineers-in-Chief.    The contract has not yet, however, been awarded.
" From tests recently made, I find the cement retains the greater portion oi its
originally excellent qualities.
" At the present rate of progress, I anticipate the excavation for the quay wall will
be completed, provided the weather is more favourable than at present, within a month.
The rock will then be benched out at either side to receive the wall, and excavation for
the pump foundation and Dock side walls then proceeded with.
" I have called the attention of the contractors to the necessity of getting supplies
of timber, sand, gravel, sandstone, and bricks delivered at the works at an early date,
and I confidently hope and expect to see work in full swing in the spring.
"I have, &c,
"W. Bennett,
"Resident Engineer.
" To the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works,
" Victoria, B.C." 392 Report of Public Works. 1880
"Victoria, B. O,
« 1st April, 1880.
" Sir,—In reply to the letters addressed to this Department respecting the account
between the Government and Messrs. Eeed Bros. & Co., 1 beg to inform you that it was
impossible to definitely answer them during the absence of the Honourable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works from the Province.
" I am now requested to state that it would appear from the Eesident Engineer's
Eeport, that a sum of over $5,000 is due by Messrs. Eeed Bros. & Co. to the Government
under their contract.
" A copy of the account will be furnished you with as little delay as possible.
" I have, &c,
" W. S. Gore,
" C. E. Dawson, Esq., C. E., " Surveyor-General.
" Agent for Messrs. Reed Bros. & Co."
" Victoria, B. C,
"3rd April, 1880.
" Sir,—I beg to correct an error in my letter to you of the 1st instant. The sum
mentioned as due by Messrs. Eeed Bros. & Co. to the Government, should read over
< $3,000,' instead of over ' $5,000.' " I have, &c,
" W. S. Gore,
" C. E. Dawson, Esq., C. E., " Surveyor-General.
'• Agent for Messrs. Reed Bros. & Co."
Memo.—The amount "$3,000" should be "$2,367 34|."
"Victoria, B. 0.,
" April 6th, 1880.
" Sir,—I beg to acknowledge the receipt of your letters of the 1st and 3rd instant,
which, permit me to observe, do not contain a reply to my letters of the 27th December,
1879, and 27th January, 1880, or to the letters from Messrs. Drake & Jackson, which
were addressed to His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor on the 14th February and 30th
March, ultimo..
"It must be needless for me to remark that your communications are not satisfactory; however, you have the contract before you, and I now desire to be informed
what course the Government intend to pursue in the matter.
" I shall, of course, be glad to be furnished with a copy of the accounts with as little
delay as possible; and it appears to me that the absence of the Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works from the Province is not a sufficient reason for the accounts not
having. been furnished, and my previous communications attended to, long since.
" I have, &c,
" To the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of " C. E. Dawson.
"Lands and Works."
"Victoria, B. C,
" April 7th, 1880.
" Sir,—I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 6th inst.,
just received, and enclose you a copy of the account between your firm and the Government, as made out by the Eesident Engineer.
" Any delay in supplying this account, ought not, I venture to think, have put you
to any inconvenience, as it is framed under the terms of the contract, of which you have
a copy. The cost of maintaining the Cofferdam could not well have been known until
submitted to tender, and you will observe that this contingency is charged at $12,000,
whilst the lowest contractor estimates its value at $15,000.
" I have, &c,
" Geo. A. Walkem,
" C. E. Dawson, Esq., C. E., Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
« Victoria, B. C," 44 Vic
Report of Public Works.
Approximate Statement of Account between Messrs. Eeed Bros. & Co. and the Government of British Columbia, to 30th November, 1879.
To amount paid for work executed on Cofferdam, including advance on  materials, as
per Certificates Nos. 1 to 10  $30,357 42
To balance of advance on materials,
-As per Statemant A, viz.: on Iron. .§337 10
On Timber 747 68
    1,084 78
To   sundry accounts chargeable to Messrs.
Reed Bros. & Co. as per Statement B        779 43J
To maintenance and removal of Cofferdam,say 12,000 00*
Note.—This sum of $12,000 should be dependent on the price at which the Contractor for the dock offers to execute the
To amount due, as per contract, for failure to
complete Contract No. 1, from 31st July,
1877 (date of expiration of second extension
of time limit) to 30th November, 1879, viz.:
122 weeks @ $100 per week  12,200 00
To balance       632 654
-$57,054 29
By work executed, as per Certificates Nos. 1 to 13 $47,301 06
By balance on extra works, as per
Certificates Nos. 1 to 13     5,555 37
By 80 per cent, on  52,856 43—42,285 14
By value of materials belonging to Messrs.
Reed, and used by Government in completing   Cofferdam, as per   Statement C,
viz.: by Iron $595 24
By Timber.  177 65
        772 89
By certain plant and material, the value of
which can best be ascertained on letting of
dock contract, say      2,500 00
By amount due on 30th May, 1880, 10 per
cent, on $52,856 43      5,285 64
By amount due on 30th Nov., 1883, 10 per
cent, on §52,856 43      5,285 64
By interest from 30th May, 1880, to 30th Nov.,
1883, 3i years @ 5 per cent, on $5,285 64...        924 98
 $57,054 29
Correction.—*The tender for this work is $15,000, which will make the balance due by Messrs. Reed Bros. & Co. $2,367 34J.
" Victoria, B. O,
" April 14th, 1880.
" Sir,—I have the honour to direct your attention to my former correspondence,
commencing on the 30th December last, to which you have not, as yet, favoured me
with a reply.
" Whilst acknowledging the receipt of your letter of the 7th inst., enclosing a printed copy of your Eeport for the year ending 1879, in which you have inserted that which
is termed an approximate account between my principals and the Government of British
Columbia to 30th November, 1879, and which, although apparently furnished to you by
your Eesident Engineer on the 22nd December last, was withheld from my principals
until the 8th day of April inst., and renewing my protest against the action of the
Government in interfering with the works, and protesting against the maintenance and
removal of the dam being given out by contract at tho present time, I, without prejudice
to any claim my principals may have against the Government of British Columbia and
with the view of placing myself in a position to effect an immediate settlement with the
British Columbia creditors of my principals, am willing to take on myself the responsibility of accepting the sum of $25,647 in full of all demands, if paid to me immediately.
" I arrive at the amount as per accompanying approximate statement, which is
based chiefly on the reports of the Eesident Engineer.
" I must beg you to observe that until I received your above mentioned report I
was left in ignorance as to when the Cofferdam Works were considered to be finished,
whereas the contract required the Government to give notice of their completion to the
" I have, &c,
" C. E. Dawson,
" Agent for Messrs. Reed Bros. & Co., London,
" To the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works." 394
Report of Public Works.
Approximate Statement.
The Government of British Columbia in account with Messrs. Reed Bros. & Co.
N. B.—This statement does not include any sum to which Messrs. Beed Bros. & Co. are entitled as compensation on account
of alterations, additions, &c., &c., made in the works, or on account of the action of the Government in stopping payments, and in
seizing the Works, &c.
1879. $   cts.      S   cts.
Mar. 31st, By work executed as per jCertifi-
cates No.  1 to 13 52,856 43
Nov. 30th, By work executed by Government
for   Reed   Bros.,   to  complete
Cofferdam as per report Resident
Engineer Dec. 31st, 1879 12,337 16
Total amount of Contract    65,193 59
„         By value plant seized by Government, June 27th, 1879    5,017 14
Less 25 per cent, for wear and tear.   1,254 28
     3,762 86
„         By value materials seized by Government June 27th, 1879     1,621 15
„ By removal workshops from Thetis
Island to Mainland, executed by
Government (statement B.) not
chargeable to Reed Bros  84 05
,, By new plant purchased by Govern
ment less cost lengthening bolts
(as per   statement of  Resident
Engineer)       453 22
Less 25 per cent, for wear and tear.     138 30
        314 92
„        By discount on 33,000 for maintenance at the rate of 12 per cent.
say for 2 years        720 00
„ By discount on $8,000 to retain for
removal, thus—on the difference
between $6,519, which is the sum
the Government would have had
the right to retain as guarantee,
and the $8,000, viz:  $1,481 at
12 per cent for4 years        710 88
Say at Apr. By Interest, from say 15th Decem-
15th, 1880. ber, 1879, on$21,797 45, beingthe
difference between $52,154 87
(80 per cent, on value works executed) and $30,357 42 the amount   received on  account,   4
months at 1 per cent        871 88
,, By Interest for four months at 1
per cent, on the following sums
which were payable say on the
15th December, 1879, as above,
viz    2,762 86
1,621 15
84 05
314 92
5,782 98       231 32
73,510 65
Balance brought down.
25,647 34
1879. $   cts.
At   Novr. To amount paid by Government
30th. for works executed, including
advance on materials as per
^Certificates Nos. 1 to 10, (as
per   statement of    Resident
,, To expended by Government in
completing Cofferdam, (as per.
report Resident Engineer, December 31st, 1879.)	
,, To sum to retain for maintenance,
(estimate of Resident Engineer
July 14th, 1879.)	
,, To sum to retain for removal of
dam,   (estimate   of  Resident
Engineer July 14th, 1879.)	
Say at Apr. To discount on 10 per cent, of
15th, 1879.     $65,193 59 for \\ months at the
rate of 1 per cent	
,, Balance payable to Messrs.  Reed
Bros. & Co	
$   cts.
30,357 42
6,408 11
3,000 00
8,000 00
97 78
25,647 34
73,510 65
" Victoria, B. O,
" 25th May, 1880.
" Sir,—In consequence of Mr. Dawson being unable to get any reply from you as to
course the Government intend to pursue relative to the claims of his principals, on
account of their contract for construction of the Cofferdam at Esquimalt, he has instructed us to request that all matters in difference between Eeed Brothers & Co. and the
Government of British Columbia may be settled by arbitration, as provided by the
contract. " We have, &c,
" Drake & Jackson.
" The Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works."
" Victoria, B. C,
" 27th May, 1880.
" Gentlemen,—I am directed by the Honourable the Chief Commissioner of Lands
and Works to acknowledge the receipt of your letter of the 25th inst., requesting that 44 Vic. Report of Public Works. 395
the accounts between the Government and Messrs. Reed Bros. & Co. should be left to
arbitration, and to state that the request cannot be acceded to, but that the Government
will settle the Contractors' claims (if any ?) on the basis set forth in the Statute of last
Session, entitled "An Act respecting the Esquimalt Graving Dock."
" It is to be distinctly understood that this offer is made without prejudice to the
right of the Government to debit the Contractors with all forfeitures and charges
accruing under their contract, in the event of their not accepting, in writing, the
conditions contained in the Act alluded to. " I have &c,
" W. S. Gore,
" Surveyor-General.-
" Messrs. Drake & Jackson, Solicitors, &c."
" Ottawa, June 9th, 1880.
"\Hon. G. A. Walkem.
"The following cable telegram just received:—'Esquimalt Dock. Her Majesty's
Government approve agreement embodied in Order in Council, twelfth February.' Draft
agreement suggested by Admiralty sent by mail.
"John A. Macdonald."
" Victoria, June llth, 1880.
" Gentlemen,—Tour tender having been accepted, and a Contract entered into by
you with the Government of this Province for the construction of a Graving Dock at
Esquimalt, I have to direct you, in accordance with Section 25 of the specifications, to
commence the work as agieed upon. I have been informed, by telegram from Sir John
A. Macdonald, that the agreement made between the Dominion and Provincial Governments in February last has been approved of by the Imperial Government. I have
telegraphed you to-day.
" I have, &c,
" Geo. A. Walkem,
"Messrs. F. B. McNamee & Co., Montreal."
Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works.
Victoria, June llth, 1880.
" Messrs McNamee & Co., Montreal.
"Have written to-day directing commencement construction Esquimalt Dock,
according to section twenty-five specifications.
" Eeceived telegram from Sir John Macdonald that Imperial Government approves
agreement which I showed you in Ottawa and Montreal.
" (Signed) Geo. A. Walkem,
" Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works."
" Engineer's Office, Esquimalt, B. C,
" 23rd August, 1880.
" Sir,—Acting under your instructions, I have the honour to inform you I left
Victoria on the 21st instant, on the steamer < Sir James Douglas,' for the purpose of
examining the quality of the sandstone formation on sundry Islands on the south side
of the Straits of Georgia.
" Mr. McNamee, contractor for the Esquimalt Graving Dock, and others, accompanied the expedition.
" We first of all inspected the rock at Deep Cove, Saturna Island, but found it
unsuitable, not only on account of the rock dipping from the sea, which would render
the quarrying of the stone unprofitable, but because the Cove is open to the Straits of
Georgia and has no shelter at all from the south-east winds.
" We then went on to a spot locally known as Canoe Pass, Mayne Island, which is
well protected from the wind from almost every quarter. The rock here could be
quarried without much trouble, but the stripping would be expensive.
" We then visited Montague Harbour, Galiano Island, in which there is excellent
anchorage; the sandstone bluff, however, is too high to be worked to advantage. 396 Report of Public Works. 1880
" From Montague Harbour we steamed along close to the shore for nearly the
whole length of Galiano Island. The rock, as a rule, dips to the north or north-east, and
away from the sea. I think, however, at a spot about midway between Montague
Harbour and Eetreat Cove, a quarry could be successfully worked, the bed of the rock
being but little out of the horizontal.
" From Galiano Island we crossed to Admiral Island, better known by the name of
Salt Spring Island, and examined the rock some two miles south-east of Southey Point,
which is the north-western extremity of the Island. I have no hesitation in saying a
quarry could be opened here at a very moderate outlay. The rock dips to the sea, the
stripping would be nil, and safe anchorage, I believe, is to be had in the immediate
" From here we went to Maple Bay, Vancouver Island. The rock there is finer in
the grain than any we had examined, but about the same in colour, a brownish grey. It
did not appear to me to be in sufficient quantity, handy, to warrant the expense of
opening a quarry in this locality. As a shipping point, however, it would be hard to
" Generally speaking I consider the sandstone we have examined to be, apparently,
of a good durable quality, brownish in colour and tough in the grain. As far as I am
aware, the stone, with but one exception, namely, that from Salt Spring Island, has not,
in a worked condition, had the test of time to try its durability. As regards the one
instance quoted, I may say the stone for a monument in the old Cemetery in Victoria
was quarried from the spot we visited, some 16 years ago, I believe. During that period
neither summer heats nor winter rains have in any way impaired its condition, the
chiselled arrises and mouldings being as fresh to-day as they ever were.
" On the accompanying chart the localities we visited are denoted by a cross in red.
" The quarries near Nanaimo will form the subject of a future report.
" I have, &c,
" W. Bennett,
" To the Hon. the Chief Commissioner of " Resident Engineer.
Lands and Works, Victoria,"
" Engineer's Office,
"Esquimalt, B. O,
" 26th August, 1880.
"Sir,—At your request I visited the North and South quarries on Newcastle
Island, about a mile and a half above Nanaimo, on the 24th inst., and have the honour
to inform you I consider the sandstone equal to, if not superior, to any I have yet seen
in this Province.
" The quarries were opened some years since, and I am informed 10,000 tons were
shipped to San Francisco for the construction of the mint. The stone has, 1 understand,
given every satisfaction, with the exception of a portion from the lower stratum which
became discoloured. This fact would not be of so much importance in the construction of
a Dock where the sea water will naturally leave a scum oa the face, as it would be when
used in a building such as I have referred to, although uniformity of colour is a
desideratum in works of any kind.
" Since the shipment to San Francisco local builders have, from time to time, obtained small quantities from the same quarries. The stone for the Penitentiary at New
Westminster was taken from the South quarry, but from want of proper attention, the
stone having been quarried in a hap-hazard way, the quarry is at present in rather a
rough condition and the shipping pier is rotten. I think however for a moderate amount,
say $1,500, the quarry could be put in good shape and a new pier built,
" I would recommend that the upper stratum be worked, provided this quarry is
selected for Dock purposes. The supjdy of stone seems ample, and I believe local firms
could be found who would be willing to contract for the amount of stone required,
quarry-scabbled, at a reasonable rate.
" 1 have, &c,
" W. Bennett,
"Resident Engineer,
" To the Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works." 44 Vic. Report of Public Works. 897
'• Engineer's Office,
" Esquimalt,
« 27th August, 1880.
" Sir,—I have examined a sample of stone left at the Lands and Works Department by the proprietor of the Bellingham Bay Quarries, and have the honour to inform
you that I consider it wholly unfit for Dock purposes, on account of its soft nature.
" I have, &c,
" To the Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works."
" W. Bennett,
" Resident Engineer.
Victoria, B. C,
" September 9th, 1880.
" Sir,—On behalf of Messrs. Eeed Bros, we protest against the sale as advertised
of the tools and plant of the Cofferdam, the seizure of which we claim to have been
unauthorized in its inception. The proposed sale by auction is equivalent to making a
present of the plant to the contractor of the Dry Dock, as no one else requires the
articles. A sale by valuation made by a competent person would be not so wholly objectionable. We may remind you that no inventory or list has ever been taken, and we
reserve to Messrs. Eeed Bros, the right of claiming damages for these proceedings.
" We are, &c,
"Drake & Jackson.
" The Hon. the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works."
"Victoria, B. O,
" 6th November, 1880.
" Sir,—I have the honour to request that I may be afforded opportunity of examining the drawings and specifications for the Esquimalt Dock, and of inspecting the
works there now under construction, in order that I may report thereon to the Dominion
" I am, &c,
" The Hon. G. A. Walkem, " Joseph W. Trutch.
" Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works."
" Victoria, B. C,
« 6th November, 1880.
" Sir,—In reply to your letter of to-day's date, I am directed by the Honourable
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to forward you a copy of Esquimalt Dock
specifications, and to inform you that the plans will be placed at your disposal for
inspection in the Land Office at any time. ,
" I have, &c,
"W. S. Gore,
" The Hon. Joseph W. Trutch, \ " Surveyor- General.
"Dominion Government Agent, &c"
"Victoria, B. O,
" 6th November, 1880.
" Sir,—With reference to my note to you of this morning, I shall be obliged by you
placing me in communication with the Provincial Government Engineer in charge of
the Dock works at Esquimalt, with a view to my visiting the works in company with
him on Monday next, if convenient.
" I am, &c,
" The Hon. G. A. Walkem, " Joseph W. Trutch.
" Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works." 398 Report of Public Works. 5J88O
"November, 8th, 1880.
" Sir,—I have only now received your note of the 6th instant, asking to be placed
in communication with Mr. Bennett, the Government Dock Engineer.
" I have tried within the last ten minutes to communicate with him by telephone,
but have not succeeded.
" If you intend, however, going down to-day, I feel sure that he will give you all
the information you require about the works, as he is aware that you are acting for the
Dominion Government, and that his certificates for payments, of which forms have
recently been printed, are to be countersigned by you.
" I have, &c,
" Geo. A. Walkem,
" The Hon, Joseph W- Trutch, " Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works.
" Agent of the Dominion Government."
Cowichan District.
The district appropriation has been expended in making general repairs, and in
improving grades and alignment of roads, where required. The work has been done by
contract. Chemainus Biver Bridge and the long bridge at Clem-clem-aluts Eanch have
been considerably strengthened,—the latter by the addition of raking piles, and a boom
ranged to conduct drift timber clear of the bents. The Court House has also been
Nanaimo District.
In this district substantial repairs have been made to Departure Bay, Comox,
Nanaimo Eiver, Sabiston and Home's, Victoria and Nanaimo, and other roads.
Nanaimo Eiver Bridge, which was reported unsafe, has been carefully examined by
an expert, who reports that one of the arch-beams has settled at the crown, and bears
rather heavily on the stone piers, but that all the timbers are perfectly sound, and that
no apprehension as to its instability need be entertained. He advises that some repairs
which will be necessary should be done at low-water, next season. The road and trails
from the wharf to the upper and lower end of Gabriola Island have been repaired, and
new bridges and culverts made. A foundation of cement and rubble stone has been built
under the lower half of the Court House, and stone pillars placed under intermediate
sills.    The Girls' School lot has been enclosed by a picket fence, with suitable gates, &c.
Comox District.
Beads, bridges, and culverts in this district have been well attended to during the
past season. New piles have been driven at the wharf and its approach, to replace
those destroyed by worms, and bracing and planks renewed where necessary. An
agreement has been made with the settlers on Denman Island to construct a sleigh
road along the Western shore, from McMillan's to McDonald's farm, a distance of some
six miles, which will give access to the steamboat landing. Eepairs have also been
made to the road leading to the school-house.
New Westminster District.
In this district contracts have been let and completed, for repairing and gravelling
Mud Bay Trunk Eoad; for repairs to Burrard Inlet Eoad, at the Long Bridge; for
repairs to False Creek Bridge; for furnishing material and erecting a Government
Agent's Office, in New Westminster; for repairs to and enlargement of the Public
School, in the same city ; and general repairs have been made to roads and trails in
different parts of the district.
The school-house at Langley Prairie was destroyed by fire on the 8th instant. The
loss is covered by insurance.
Tale District.
The discovery of gold mines on the Skaget Eiver, and the difficulty of access to
them through American territory, made it advisable to explore the country East of $4 Vic. Report of Public Works. 399
Hope, for a route to them through our own territory. A party of four miners was
therefore organized, late last season, and furnished with provisions by the department,
:in.consideration of their blazing a trail, by way of Hope, to the Skaget. The favourable report made by this party led to the organization of a stronger one, under Mr. O
McMillan, who was instructed, in May last, to cut out a trail suitable for pack-animals,
commencing at a point on the Hope-Similkameen Eoad, about 23 miles from the former
iplace^thence following the North branch of the Skaget and old Boundary Commission
trail, to the International Boundary line.
The Similkameen and Nicola trails have been cleared, and have had bridges rebuilt
;and repaired. On the Nicola Waggon Eoad great damage was done by the spring
freshets. Several large bridges were washed away, entailing a heavy expense for their
renewal. General repairs, of an extensive nature, have also been made to cribbing,
culverts, and roadway.
The Public Schoohhouse in the town of Yale was destroyed by fire, last July. The
loss was covered by insurance. Tenders were invited for a new school-building, but the
lowest bid was in excess of the sum available for the purpose.
In the Kamloops division of this district, general repairs have been made to the
main road from Cache Creek to Okanagan, to the Kamloops-Nicola Eoad, to the Tranquille Eoad, and to the North Thompson Eiver Eoad. The labour required to place
.these.roads, in.good. order was greater this season than usual, owing to the unprecedented
snow fall, and consequent freshets.
jn July last, tenders were invited for the right to maintain a ferry at Savona. Only
one bid was received, and that was such as could not be accepted.
The public buildings in the district have been cared for. The Gaol yard at Kamloops has been surrounded by a new and substantial fence.
Lillooet District.
The rapid melting of deep snow, and subsequent heavy rain-fall, was the cause of
much damage to roads and bridges throughout this district. Springs breaking out in
places on the roads where they had never appeared before necessitated much new cribbing. Many old bridges were carried away, and have been replaced by new ones.
Substantial repairs of a general nature have been made to roads and trails in the district.
Tenders were invited for the construction of about four miles of new road, from Dog
Creek towards Alkali Lake, but the bids received so much exceeded the estimated cost
that it was deemed advisable to do the work by day labour. About 1% miles only have
been completed this season,—the difficulties of construction proving greater than were
anticipated, owing in a measure to the presence of numerous boulders which frequently
required blasting before they could be removed.
Tenders were solicited, last July, for the right to maintain a ferry across the
Fraser Eiver, at Lillooet, for a term of five years, but no bids have been received.
Cariboo District.
Eoads and trails throughout the district have received the usual attention. Those
in the Keithley Division having sustained greater damage from floods than elsewhere,
have been especially well repaired. Beaver Lake Bridge, which was carried away, has
been replaced by a new structure, sufficiently high to protect it from future disaster.
The Omineca Trail has been cleared of fallen timber, culverts repaired, and Blackwater
Bridge rebuilt. General repairs have been made on Antler, Grouse, Mosquito, Hard-
scrabble, Lowhee, Jack of Clubs, and other trails.
Yale-Cariboo Trunk Road.
Spring freshets, which were unusually heavy, carried away, or otherwise injured,
many of the bridges on the waggon road, and, in places, washed out cribbing;and roadway.   The bridge at the Australian Banch has been destroyed on several previous 400 Report of Public Works. 1880
occasions. In rebuilding it, this season, precautions have been taken which it is hoped
will prevent similar occurrences. Quesnelle Eiver Bridge was thoroughly repaired and
strengthened last winter, and resisted the action of high-water, this season, without
The roadway and bridge at Soda Creek were washed out and have been renewed,
and many smaller bridges have been replaced.
The cost of maintenance of the lower section of the road was much increased by
the extra expense of keeping a sleigh track open during the early months of the year,
when frequent and heavy snow falls occurred.
Eailway construction has, in places, necessitated diversions in the line of the waggon
road. The changes have been made by the railway contractor, and measures taken to
secure as good a grade and alignment as possible. These works have at times, unavoidably, caused a temporary obstruction to traffic.
The customary general repairs have been made upon all sections of the road, which
is reported to be in excellent condition.
Cassiar District.
The following trails have been cleared of fallen timber, and the corduroying and
bridging repaired and renewed :—
Glenora to Dease Lake, Dease Creek, McDame Creek, Telegraph Creek, and Thibert
and Defot Creek trails.
Kootenay District.
The Kootenay and Fort McLeod trail has, this season, been opened, so that horses
and cattle have been driven over it. The bridging of the rivers on this trail will open a
practical route to and from Montana. The Walla-Walla and other trails in the district
nave been cleared and generally repaired.
A statement, in detail, of the foregoing and other public works is submitted below,
and a return of land transactions appended.
Victoria City District.
Widening Pemberton Street.
Eobert Elford, contractor; $60.
Taking down, removing and rebuilding 1,217 feet of board fence on the east side of
Pemberton street, and furnishing all necessary new material. (Note.—$52 of
the above sum has been repaid by the property-owners interested.)
Grading Pemberton and Belcher Streets.
Wm. Baker, contractor: $500.
Grading 620 yards, 20 feet wide.
Gravel,  620     „     15       „
Macadam 370   „      „        „
Ditching 1,200 „        2        „
2 culverts.
Grubbing and blasting where necessary. 44 Vic. Report of Public Works. 401
Gates and Fence, Victoria School Eeserve.
Johnson & Anderson, contractors; $150.
To furnish' all material and labour (except for excavation) necessary for the construction and erection of one entrance gate, two turnstiles, and one hundred feet
of fencing, in conformity with plans and specifications.
Gravelling Gorge Eoad.
Willis Bond, contractor; $245.
Gravelling 350 yards, 18 feet wide, 6 inches deep.
Fencing at Government House Grounds.
Eobert Franklin, contractor; $79.
Taking down, removing and rebuilding 142 yards of fencing, putting up 57 yards
of new fence, moving barn back, re-hanging gates, &c.
Partitions, &c, Public School
J. F. McDonald, contractor; $387.
Eepairing walls and floors, putting up new wainscoting, patent black-board surface,
putting up two large glass partitions, &c.
Painting Eoof of Public School, and Fence, James' Bay.
Thos. E. Mitchell, contractor; $90.
Painting tin roof of Public School, and fence in front of Eeserve, James' Bay, two
good coats of lead paint.
Victoria District.
Change in Saanich Eoad.
W. H. Snider, contractor; $160.
Grubbing and clearing 261 yards, 30 feet wide.
Grading „     „      20       „
Gravelling „     „       10       „ 8 inches deep.
Ditching '„     „ 2       „ 10 „
2 culverts 24 feet by 2 feet by 1J feet.
Tail drains cut.
School House, South Saanich.
Jenkinson & TJre, contractors; $570.
Eustic frame building, hard finished, one room, 18 feet by 30 feet; porch 6 feet by
7 feet; ceiling, 12 feet high; fitted with seats, desks, patent black-board, cloak-
hooks, &c.
Eepairs to Saanich Trunk Eoad.
Sections 1 and 2, Jos. Goyette, contractor; $700. Victoria City boundary to Prairie
Sec. 3, H. Simpson, contractor; $255.    Prairie Tavern to Eyan's.
Sees. 4 and 5, Geo. Thomas, contractor; 345.    Eoyal Oak to Wain's.
Each section to be placed in thorough repair and so maintained for one year from
1st July last.
Eepairs to School Cross Eoad, North Saanich.
Peter Imrie, Superintendent.
Grading     250 yards, 16 feet wide.
Gravelling 960    „ 9       „ 6 inches deep.
VICTORIA B* a 402 Report of Public Works. 1880
Eepairs to wain's Cross Eoad, North Saanich.
Peter Imrie, Superintendent.
Grading     618 yards, 15 feet wide.
Gravelling 421     „        9        „ 6 inches deep.
5 culverts, 18 feet by 2J feet by 1 foot.
Eepairs to Pollock and Spence's Eoad.
Wm Hassard, Superintendent.
Grading   200 yards, 16 feet wide.
Gravelling,,        .,     10       „ 6 inches deep.
Ditching 400       „       2
1 culvert, 18 feet by 10 in. by 10 in.
Eepairs to Cedar Hill Eoad.
Wm. Hassard, Superintendent.
Gravelling 159 yards, 12 feet wide, 5 inches deep.
General repairs, filling ruts and opening ditches.
Eepairs to Eichmond Eoad.
Wm. Hassard, Superintendent.
Gravelling 400 yards, 11 feet wide, 5 inches deep.
General repairs, filling holes with gravel, backing gravel and opening up ditches,
Eepairs to Finnerty's Eoad.
Wm. Hassard Superintendent.
Grading    255 yards, 16 feet wide.
Gravelling 228    ,,        9        „ 5 inches deep.
Ditching on both sides, repaired culvert.
Cut ditches and rounded up road to Uplands.
Eepairs to Burnside Eoad.
Wm. Hassard, Superintendent.
Grading   94 yards, 18 feet wide.
Gravelling 644 ,,     10        ,, 5 inches deep.
Backed up gravel, cleaned out ditches, raked off stones, repaired culverts and bridges.
Esquimalt District.
Eepairs, Highland District Eoad.
A. Peatt, contractor; $59.
Grading   211 yards, 12 feet wide.
Gravelling 211    ,,       9       „ 6 inches deep.
Gravel backed up 18 inches.
Eepairs to culvert and tail drain.
Eepairs, Happy Valley Eoad.
James Baker, contractor; $57.
Eoad formed and filled in with  broken stone, 100 yards, 12 feet  wide, 12 inches
deep, gravelled 10 feet wide, 3 inches deep.
Bridges on Albert Head Road. *
Wm. Tierney, contractor; $290.
Taking down and removing two old bridges, building new ones to replace them,
total length 156 feet, width, 12 feet.
Grading and gravelling approaches. 44 Vic Report of Public Works. 403
Repairs Metchosin Eoad.
James Baker, contractor; $238.
Grubbing   611 yards, 20 feet wide.
Grading       „  "    „     16       „
154      „     12       „
Gravelling 256      „     10       „ 6 inches deep.
1 culvert, 18 feet by 6 feet by 2 feet.
1       „      14       „    2       „    1J „
1       „      18       „    2       „    11 „
New hand-railing, and repairs to two bridges.
Repairs Craigflower Eoad.
Wm Baker, contractor; $228.
Cutting down hill 80 yards, 4 feet deep.
Filling 93 yards with material from cut.
Metalling   80 yards, 12 feet wide, 6 inches deep.
Gravelling 173    „      12       „ 6 „
Ditching and cribbing.
Repairs Sooke Boad.
J. M. Nelson, contractor; $175.
Forest clearing and grubbing 317 yards, 20 feet wide.
Forming and grading „        „      16        „
Gravelling „        „      10       „ 6 inches deep.
Backing up gravel, ditching on both sides.
1 culvert, 18 feet by 2 feet by 1J feet.
1 culvert lengthened.
Grading " Eussel " Street.
P. Gilligan, contractor; $75.
Forest clearing and grubbing 186 yards, 20 feet wide.
Forming and grading „        „      15        „
Crowned 10 inches, ditched on both sides.
Box drain of 2-inch plank, 10 inches by 14 inches by 24 feet.
Eoad to Graving Dock.
E. Copeland, contractor; $65.
Grading   108 yards, 10 feet wide.
Gravelling 108    „        8        „ 6 inches deep.
Ditched on both sides.
2 box drains, 8 inches by 12 inches by 16 feet.
Repairs to Eoads Throughout District.
Saml. Morrow, Superintendent.
General repairs, filling ruts and holes, gravelling, opening ditches, diverting water
from road, repairing culverts and bridges, &c; repairing and replacing boom at
Sooke Eiver Bridge.
Travelling Esquimalt Eoad.
Wm. Hassard, Superintendent.
Gravelling 100 yards, 20 feet wide, 4 inches deep, in Esquimalt Town.
187     „     17       „ 5
660     „      12       „ 4
Filling up holes, raking off stones.
Repairs Williams' Cross Eoad.
General repairs, grading, gravelling, ditching, and renewing culverts. 404 Report of Public Works. 1880
Eepairs Craigflower Eoad.
Grading   22 yards, 18 feet wide.
Gravelling 144    „    11        „ 5 inches deep.
Filling mud holes with stones, and opening up ditches.
Cowichan District.
Eoad Eepairs from Parsonage to Priest's House.
James Evans, contractor; $83.
Formed and graded 274 yards, 16 feet wide.
Gravelled 194      „      10       „ 6 inches deep.
3 culverts, 16 feet by 3 feet by 2 feet.
Ditches, tail drains, &c.
Eoad Eepairs from Priest's House to Lemons.
David Evans, contractor; $85.
Forest clearing 192 yards, 20 feet wide.
Grubbing 522      „     12        „
Grading 522      „     12
Gravelling 192      „'      9        „ 6 inches deep.
1 culvert, 16 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet.
Cutting hill, filling holes, &e.
Eoad Eepairs from Gravel Hill to Post Office, Somenos.
David Evans, contractor; $130.
General repairs, cutting down hills, filling low places, straightening and widening
road, making siding, grubbing, gravelling, ditching, and repairs to bridges and
Eoad Eepairs from Flats towards McLay's.
Eobert McLay, contractor; $75.
New road for 350 yards, grubbed and graded 12 feet wide, gravelled 8 feet wide,
6 inches deep; clearing away obstructions from bridge on Kokasailah road.
Eoad Eepairs from Duncan's to Foot of Gravel Hill.
Evans & Blyth, contractors; $159.
New road for 575 yards, forest cleared and grubbed  12 feet wide, knolls cut down
.and hollows filled up, side hill cut down to a fair grade.
1 culvert, 16 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet.
Ditching, tail drains, &c.
Eoad Eepairs from Harris' Landing to Top of Hill.
James Love, contractor; $137.
Grading   550 yards, 12 feet wide.
Gravelling 550   „       8       „ 6 inches deep; ditched on upper side.
1 culvert, 12 feet by 3 feet by 2 feet.
Filling ruts and holes with gravel 400 yards more.
Eoad Eepairs from Drinkwater's, Somenos, to Eichardson's, Chemainus.
J. P. Windsor, contractor; $180.
General repairs, grading, gravelling, grubbing; filling up ruts and holes with stone
and gravel; repairs to bridge.
6 new culverts, 12 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet.
Ditching, tail drains, &c. 44 Vic. Report of Public Works. 405
Eoad Eepairs from Eichardson's Bridge, to Fuller's, Chemainus.
N. W. Campbell, contractor; $150.
Grading and gravelling 324 yards, 8 to  10 feet wide, filling ruts and holes with
stone and gravel, 75 yards brushed, removing and replacing fence.
1 culvert, 16 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet.
New bridge, 36 feet long, 36 feet wide.
Nanaimo District.
Eepairs to the Court House, Nanaimo.
A. Summerhayes, contractor; $170.
Building stone foundation under the lower half of Court House, foundation levelled
of 2J feet wide, first course of stone laid in cement, then up to wall plate, of uncoursed
rubble stone laid in good mortar finished under sills 18 inches wide, walls having equal
batter, old sills brought to general level, and new timbers furnished where necessary,
wooden piers under intermediate sills replaced with stone.
Fencing at Girls' School.
Fletcher & Thames, contractors; $175.
924 feet of dressed picketed fencing, posts well planted and braced, gates, &c.
Alex. Easson, Superintendent.
Eepairs Victoria and Nanaimo Trunk Eoad.
Forest clearing 640 yards, 22 feet wide.
Grading 640      „      14        „
Gravelling 600      ,,      12       „ 10 inches deep.
3 culverts, 15 feet by 3 feet by 1J feet.
General repairs, filling ruts and holes, &c.
Eoad Repairs, Nanaimo Eiver Section.
Forest clearing 782 yards, 30 feet wide.
Grading 782      „      14       „
5 culverts, 15 feet by 3 feet by 1J feet.
General repairs.
Eoad Eepairs, Nanaimo and Comox Section.
Forest clearing 260 yards, 30 feet wide.
Grading 260      „      14       „
3 culverts, 15 feet by 3 feet by 1J feet.
Eepairs Comox Eoad.
Forest clearing, 905 yards, 30 feet wide.
Grading, 905      „      14       „
1 culvert, 15 feet by 3 feet by 1} feet.
2 bridges repaired.
Eepairs Departure Bay Eoad.
Forest clearing, 1,388 yards, 33 feet wide.
Grading 1,219      „     16        „
1 bridge, 28 feet by 14 feet by 7 feet.
6 culverts, 17 feet by 3 J feet by 1J feet.
Eepairs Sabiston's and Horxe's Eoad.
Forest clearing, 690 yards, 36 feet wide.
Eepairing Mill Stream Bridge. 406 Report of Public Works. 1880
Eoad Eepairs—15-Mile Post to Oyster Bay.
E. Hughes, contractor; $20.
Clearing out fallen timber.
Eoad Eepairs, Gabriola Island.
Trails cut    300 yards, 6 feet wide.
Sleigh road 250      „     9        „
Grading       240      „   12        „
Corduroying 90      ,,
1 bridge,   24 feet by 12 feet by 7 feet.
1      „ 48        „     12        „    10    „
1 culvert, 12        „       7        „     2J „
2 14 2 2
General repairs.
Comox District
A. Milligan, Superintendent,
Eoad Eepairs from the Wharf to the Mission.
Grading    554 yards, 18 feet wide.
Gravelling 901    ,,      10        ,, 6 inches deep.
2 culverts, 19 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet.
Hand-railing of Courtney Eiver Bridge, repaired.
Eoad Eepairs from the Mission to Gordon^.
Stone wall • 400 yards, 2 feet high.
Grading 320      „   16 feet wide.
Gravelling 100      „   10       „ 6 inches deep.
Ditching 700      „     2        „
Clearing off rocks 1,000      ,,
4 culverts, 15 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet.
General repairs, filling holes, &c.
Eoad Eepairs from Gordon's (North.)
140 yards of swampy ground heavilj- covered with brush and earth.
Eoad widened and ditches cleaned out.
1 bridge, 30 feet by 14 feet by 3 feet.
1 culvert, 14 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet.
Eoad Eepairs from the Mission to Brown's.
Grading     414 yards, 16 feet wide.
Gravelling 264      „     10        „ 6 inches deep.
Macadam.,   13      ,,     12        „ 6 ,,
1 bridge, 125 feet by 14 feet by 10 feet.
2 culverts, 14       „       2        „       2    „
Eoad Eepairs Wilson's Junction to Thomas'.
Filled with stone 24 yards, 15 feet wide, 2 feet deep.
Gravelled 156      „      10        „ 6 inches deep.
1 culvert, 15 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet.
Eepairs to planking and hand-railing, Tsolum Eiver bridge.
General repairs have boon made to other roads in the District, and to the wharf.
Tho construction of a road on Denman Island is now being carried on. 44 Vic. Report of Public Works. 407
New Westminster District.
Side-Walk on Prevost Street.
Fry & Calbick, contractors; $71.
Side-walk laid from the North-Bast side of Gaol to Court House door, in accordance with plans and specifications.    All material furnished by contractors.
Eepairs to Burrard Inlet Road at "Long Bridge."
Wm. Litster^contractor; $375.
Grading and filling 360 yards, from 3 inches to 2 feet 8 inches deep; raising and
repairing ends of bridge.
Eoad Eepairs—From West end of Trunk Eoad to junction of Mud Bay Eoad.
Wm. Holmes, contractor; $300.
Gravelling 12 feet wide, 6 inches deep, and general repairs.
Eepairs False Creek Bridge.
Wm. Litster, contractor; $425.
Six new spans of about 25 feet each; each bent formed of four piles, well driven and
securely braced; new caps, corbels, stringers, planking, hand-railing, &c.
Eepairs to Public School.
P. Fry, contractor; $287.
Eoof stripped and re-shingled; new zinc flushings and gutters; new tongue and
groove floors in two rooms, and repairs to floor in third room; partition moved
back; new addition, 14 feet long; new ventilator, platform, front steps, &c.
Government Office.
Thomas McKay, contractor; $1,560.
New building, 40 feet by 20 feet, containing two offices, fire-proof vault, 6 feet by
10 feet, counter, shelving and fittings complete; a first class building, finished
externally to correspond with Court House.
General repairs have been made by day work under the superintendence of L. F.
Bonson, to the Burrard Inlet and Granville, North Arm, and other roads.
" Sumass Dyking Act, 1878."
With respect to the Matsqui Dyke, constructed under this Act, I append the Eeport
of the Engineer in charge.
" New Westminster, B.C., 30th December, 1880.
" Sir,—As instructed, I have the honour to report upon the Matsqui Dyke, the only
work which has been undertaken under the above Act.
" While acting as Eesident Engineer, since the month of March last, I have from
time to time reported the progress made on this work, and have recommended such
changes in its character and management as seemed to me essential to secure success in
the dyking scheme, as far as the Matsqui district is directly concerned. I see no reason
to change any of the opinions which I formed, or to alter any of the recommendations
which I have made; and it is therefore only necessary for me, without entering into
details, briefly to summarize my previous reports upon the subject,
" At the time of my appointment the work was not progressing with that steadiness
or rapidity which would have insured its completion before the flood of 1880, and I
frequently urged upon the promoter the necessity of increasing the force at work, and
making a strong effort to have the dyke so far finished as to reduce to a minimum the
dangers of inundation. These suggestions, although received in a proper spirit, were
not acted upon for reasons best known to those directly interested, and the force
gradually dwindled away, until, when the time of high water had drawn near, only a comparatively small and discontented few were left, and it became evident that the
completion of the dyke in time would be an impossibility. In order, therefore to provide
against the encroachments of the river during high water, temporary measures had to
be taken with the unfinished portions of the work. These precautions were unavailing.
The river overflowed its banks at a point where it was not expected to do so, and carrying away a portion of the unfinished bulkhead, on 3rd July flooded the lower portions
of the Matsqui Prairie. This accident seemed to have a generally demoralizing influence,
and, due watchfulness not having been exercised over other portions of the work, a
break occurred in the dam on Slough No. 2, which, with ordinary care, might have been
"Since the date of the break in the bulkhead, although a little work has been done
on the peat bed near the Sumass mountain, the works of construction have been practically at a standstill.
" From the effects of high water it is quite apparent that the reclamation of the
greater portion of the Matsqui prairie is a perfectly feasible undertaking, but it has also
been shown that there are defects in the present work which must be remedied before
that end can bo attained.
" These defects have been fully reported upon, and plans and specifications for
completing the whole work at a cost of $7,500 have been forwarded to the Department.
No time should be lost in resuming operations. Certain portions of the work can be
satisfactorily performed only at extreme low water, preparations for which, if not immediately commenced, will render it more than probable that the Matsqui prairie will be
again flooded in 1881.
" As the Government has hitherto exercised no control over the financial arrangements in connection with this work, I am unable to ascertain its cost, and it is impossible
to account for the enormous expenditure which it is alleged has been made, not directly
on the dyke, but in connection therewith, upon any other hypothesis than that the
management has been unsatisfactory. It cannot be denied that failure has thus far been
the unquestionable result, although the promoter has made some praiseworthy endeavours to succeed; and although instances are not wanting in which, at considerable
additional expense, the requirements of the general jdans have been exceeded with good
" The Matsqui dyke is properly looked upon by the country as an experiment.
That, under good management and at a small additional expense, it can be made a
success, I have no doubt; but, if from the absence of these conditions, the ultimate result
should be a failure, a decisive blow would be given to all undertakings of a similar
" I have the honour to be,
" Your obedient servant,
Jos. Hunter.
" Hon. G. A. Walkem, Chief Commissioner of Lands & Works,
" Victoria." 44 Vic
Report of Public Works.
Yale-Cariboo Waggon Road.
Statement of work performed on Sections 1 to 5, under various Superintendents.
Section 1.—Yale to Boston Bar.   25 Miles.
N. Black, Superintendent; Salary, $130 per month.
June ,
Nature of Work.
Shovelling snow and keeping open road	
Opening road for sleighs	
Shovelling and removing heavy snows	
Shovelling snow and slides, and general repairs	
Do. do. do. 	
General repairs	
Gravelling, 357 yards, 10 to 11 feet wide	
1 culvert, 18 feet long by 3£ feet by 3£ feet	
Stone wall, 248 feet long, 6 to 10 feet high	
Cribbing, 358 feet long by 10 feet high	
Removing rocks and slides	
Gravelling, 243 yards, 10 feet wide	
Bridge, 81 feet long, 18 feet wide, 25 feet high	
Two culverts, 18 feet long, 6 to 8 feet wide	
Covering bridge, 34 feet long, 8-inch round timber	
Cribbing, 48 feet long, 12 feet high	
Stone wall, 32 feet long, 4 to 8 feet high	
Removing rocks and slides	
Gravelling, 161 yards, 12 feet wide	
1 bridge, 120 feet long, 18 feet wide, 23 feet high	
3 culverts, 18 feet long, 8 to 16 feet wide	
Repairs to China Bar Bluff Bridge	
Stone wall, 76 feet long, 4 to 8 feet high	
Removing slides, rocks, and logs	
Gravelling, 391 yards, 12 feet wide	
Covering bridges, 134 feet long, 4-inch planks	
Culvert, 19 feet long, 22 feet wide ,	
Cribbing, 24 feet, at Yale, 10 to 12 feet high, filling with rock
and gravelling entire length	
Stone wall, 210 feet long, 3 to 12 feet high	
Bridge, 107 feet long, 18 feet wide, 19 feet high	
Culvert, 10 feet long, 18 feet wide	
Cribbing, 32 feet long, 8 feet high	
123 Whites
J 39 Indians
) 25 Whites
j* 94 Indians
7 Whites
18 Whites
26 Whites
S-13 Whites
No. of days.
Rate per diem.
82 69 to 3 50
1 00
2 69 to 3 50
1 00
2 00 to 3 19
2 69J
2 69 to 3 19
2 00 to 3 19 110
Report of Public Works.
Section 2.—Boston Bar to Clinton.   Ill Miles.
A. Stevenson, foreman ;    $130 per month.
October ...
Nature of Work.
Breaking road and shovelling snow (twice) from 25 to 45
mile post	
Shovelling snow and clearing [slides	
Shovelling snow and clearing slides, 4 miles	
Repairs to culverts	
Removing slides and cleaning ditches '.	
Repairs to Spence's Bridge—replacing piers and removing
truss in main span	
Saving bridge at Cache Creek	
Constructing 700 yards of new road	
Forest clearing, 700 yards, 30 feet wide	
Grading, 300 yards, 16 feet wide	
Bridging, 87 feet long, 16 to 18 feet wide	
Cribbing, 470 feet long, 5J feet high	
Stone wall, 50 feet long, 4 feet high	
Repairing School House Bridge, Cache Creek	
Clearing rocks and slides	
Bulkhead at 121-mile post	
Bridging, 37 feet long, 18 feet wide	
Cribbing, 100 feet long, 6 feet high	
Clearing slides and widening road	
Macadamizing, 90 yards, 12 feet wide	
Culvert, 18 feet long, 3 by 3 feet wide	
Cribbing, 50 feet long, 10 feet high	
Covering Bridge, 10 feet long, 12 feet wide	
Clearing rock and gravel slides, ditching, &c	
Raising road at Bonaparte	
Cribbing road (where widened), 366 feet long, 4-J feet high...
Blasting, 50 yards long, 5 feet wide	
General repairs	
Raising road at Walker's (completed)	
Bridge, 15 feet long, 30 feet wide	
4 culverts, total length 76 feet, 2 to 4 feet high	
Cribbing, 100 feet, 4 feet high	
No. of men.
U3 Whites
j 5 Indians
6 Whites
| 4 Indians
j 13 Whites
20 Whites
1 Indian
24 Whites
1 Indian
r11 Whites
16 Whites
6 Whites
14 Whites
1 Indian
I 21 Whites
f 1 Indian
No. of days.
Rate per diem.
S2 69 to 3 i
2 69 to i
1 00
2 69 to 3 i
2 69 to 3 08
1 00
1 50 to 3 08
1 00
2 69 to 3 20
2 69 to 3 20
2 69 to 3 08
1 00
2 69 to 3 46
1 00 44 Vic.
Report of Public Works.
Section 3.—Clinton to Soda Creek.   130J Miles.
W. Boyd, foreman; $130 per month.
July ,
Nature of work.
Filling ruts, clearing out timber, and letting water of road.,
1 bridge, 24 feet long, 21 feet wide	
Clearing slides and fallen timber	
Letting off water, repairing bridges temporarily, securing
bridges from freshets, preparing bridge timbers	
Grading, 400 yards, 20 feet wide (new road) 	
Gravelling, 10 yards, 14 feet wide	
6 culverts, total length 124 feet, 5 to 9 feet wide	
Cribbing, 60 feet long, 5 feet high	
Grading, 400 yards, 18 feet wide	
Gravelling, 170 yards, 16 feet wide	
Corduroying, 109 feet, 20       „       	
1 bridge, 50 feet long, 21        „       	
2 bridges, 18       „       20        „       	
3 culverts, total length 61 feet, 3 to 6 feet wide	
Cribbing, 120 yards, 9 feet high	
Macadamizing, 40 feet long, 10 feet wide	
540 yards grading,     18 feet wide 	
90   ,,     gravelling, 12       ,, 	
209 ft. corduroying,   20       „ 	
1 bridge, 178 feet long, 18 feet wide (new)	
14 bridges, total length 276 feet, 18 to 20 feet wide	
6 culverts, „ 98   „      4 to   6       „        	
Cribbing, 120 yards, 5 feet high	
General repairs 	
Ditching,      971 yards, 2| feet by 2| feet	
Gravelling,   239     „    14 feet wide	
Corduroying 181     ,,     18       ,	
28 culverts, total length 610 feet, 3 to 7 feet wide	
General repairs, filling holes, &c	
Ditching,      567 yards, 2 feet by 2 feet   	
Gravelling,   410   ,,     12 feet wide	
Grading, 50   ,,       6       ,,        	
Corduroying, 86   ,,     18       ,,	
Bridges, total length, 132 feet, 18 to 20 feet wide	
10 culverts,        ,,       180   ,,      3 to   5       ,	
Cribbing, 13 yards, 5 feet high	
General repairs	
Grading,     200 yards, 14 to 18 feet wide	
Gravelling, 164     „     12 „       	
Bridging,    200 feet long, 18 to 21   „        	
Cribbing,     46 yards, 4 feet high 	
Clearing rock off road for 30 miles 	
Levelling Bridge Creek Hill	
Forest clearing, 8£ miles, 66 feet wide	
No. of men.
Vl4 Whites
>20 Whites
^•20 Whites
10 Whites
HO Whites
8 Whites
6 Whites
No. of days.
Rate per diem.
$1 92 to 3 25
1 92 to 3
1 61 to 3 46
1 92 to 3 25 412
Report of Public Works.
Section 4.—Soda Creek to Quesnellemouth.    58 Miles.
J. H. St.Laurent, foreman; $150 per month.
April ....
June ....
August ..
October ..
Nature of wrork.
No. of men.
General repairs, clearing slides, scouring ditches, clearing
fallen timber, removing rock slides	
Constructing temporary road for traffic, whilst repairing old
roajl washed out 	
Bridging,   52 feet long, 16 feet wide	
Cribbing, 235       „ 5 to 6 feet high	
Eepairing 3 bridges	
14 culverts, total length 252 feet," 3 feet wide	
Corduroying, 45 feet long, 18 feet wide   	
Ditchiug,      130 yards, 2 feet by 1£ feet	
Grading,       225 feet,  18 feet wide" '	
450 yards road widened, 2 feet	
275 feet cribbing, 2 to 5 feet high	
Ditching, 60 yards, 1J feet by 1 foot	
Forest clearing, 500 feet, 2 to 5 feet wide	
1 bridge, 40 feet long, 18 feet wide	
3 culverts	
Cribbing, 300 feet, 3 to 5 feet high	
Preparing timber for Australian Ranch Bridge	
Rebuilding Australian Ranch Bridge, 250 feet long, 16 feet
wide, 19 feet high	
General repairs	
Grading 200 feet, 16 feet wide	
Corduroying,  30   ,,   18       ,, 	
Cribbing,       150   „     8 feet high	
Repairing 3 bridges 	
3 Whites
8 Whites
5 Whites
6 Whites
5 Whites
5 Whites
5 Whites
No. of days.
Rate per diem.
; 00 to 3 25
2 12 to 3 00
2 12 to J
2 12 to 3 25
Section 5.—Quesnelle to Williams Creek.    60 Miles.
J. H. St.Laurent, foreman.
Nature of work.
General repairs, clearing slides, scouring ditches, removing
fallen .timber and rocks	
Do. do.
Repairing three bridges	
Re-covering bridge, 20 feet long, 18 feet wide	
5 culverts, total length, 90 feet, 3J by 1| feet	
General repairs, clearing slides, &c	
Ditching, 1,200 feet, 2 feet by 1 foot	
Repairing three bridges	
12 culverts, total length, 216 feet, 3 feet by 2 feet.
Cribbing, 905 feet, 2 to 9 feet high	
Gravelling, 1,600 feet long, 16 feet wide	
1 bridge, 18 feet long, 16 feet wide	
Reparing 5 bridges (small)	
Re-covering bridging, 33 feet, 18 feet wide	
8 culverts, total length 104 feet, 3 feet by 2 feet.
Cribbing, 535 feet, 4 to 7 feet high	
Removing rocks and fallen trees entire length of section
Grading, 350 yards, 12 feet wide	
Gravelling, 350 yards, 12 feet wide	
2 bridges, total length, 70 feet, re-covered	
16 culverts, total length, 266 feet, 3 to 4 feet wide	
2,620 feet of cribbing, 3 to 6 feet high	
100 feet of stone wall, 3 feet high :
Removing slides, filling ruts, &c	
Forest clearing, 3 miles, 10 feet wide	
Ditching, 700 feet, H feet deep	
Gravelling, 400 feet, 12 feet wide ,	
i 10 culverts, total length, ISO feet, 2 feet by H feet.
No. of men.
3 Whites
5 Whites
> Whites
9 Whites
I Whites
4 Whites
No. of days.
Rate per diem.
S3 00 to 3 25
2 12 to 3 60
2 12 to 4 00
2 12 to 3 50 44 Vic.
Report of Public Works.
Yale District.
Nature of Work.
No. of men.1
No. of days.
Rate per diem.
Renewing1 portion of planking- and bracing of piers of Thomp-
I G Whites
j- 3 Whites
I 4 Whites
$3 00
Gravelling, 100 yards, 9 feet wide, Savona's Ferry Road	
Do.                            do.                            do.
2 50 to 3 08
Ditching, 142 yards, H feet by l£ feet	
2 50 to 3 08
Stone wall, 22 yards long, 4 feet high	
Nicola Eoad (Spence's Bridge to Moore's)   70 Miles.
A. Stevenson, foreman.
Nature of Work.
General repairs	
Shovelling1 gravel slides, removing rocks	
Shovelling slides	
Cribbing, 72 feet, 4 to 10 feet high	
General repairs	
1 bridge, 8 feet'long, 14 feet wide	
Clearing slides	
General repairs	
Building bridge, 10-Mile Creek	
Grading approaches, 175 yards	
Building new bridge, 130 feet long, 12 feet wide	
Cribbing, 40 feet long, 12 feet high	
Building bridge, 36 feet long, 12 feet wide	
Building bridge, 114 ft. long, 12 ft. wide, across Nicola River
Cribbing, 140 yards, 6 feet high	
Grading approach, 380 feet long, 12 feet wide	
10 culverts, total length, 120 feet, 1 to 7 feet wide	
Building new bridge, Blackbourne Ck., 50 ft. long, 12 ft. wide
l 1 White
j 1 Indian
I 9 Whites
J 1 Indian
) 5 Whites
j 1 Indian
2 Whites
11 Whites
1 Indian
10 Whites
No. of days
Rate per
93 00
1 50
3 00
1 00
3 00
1 00-
3 00
1 00
3 00 414
Report of Public Works.
Kamloops Division.—Yale District.
D. Fraser, foreman.
Nature of Work.
Filling with brush and rock, at Peterson Creek, 39 yards,
4 feet wide	
Hauling timbers of Campbell's Bridge (washed out by freshet)
to place of safety	
Filling with brush and rocks, 84 feet, 11 feet wide, Savona's
Ferry and Okanagan Road	
Do. do. do.
Filling with brush and rock, 87 feet	
Culvert, 16 feet long, 21 feet by 1J feet	
Grading, 282 yards, 10 feet wide	
Forest clearing, 221 yards, 10 to 12 feet, wide	
Grading, 200 yards, 12 feet wide	
Filling brush and gravel, 225 yards, 10 feet wide	
6 culverts, total length, 90 feet, 2 to 3 feet wide	
Cribbing, 101 yards, 11 to 2 feet high	
Ditching, 94 yards, 1 foot deep	
Brush and gravel filling, 192 yards, 5 to 10 feet wide	
1 bridge, 18 feet long, 9 feet wide	
Culvert, 24 feet long, 2J feet by 1J feet	
Cribbing, 20 feet long, 20 feet high	
Building bridge at Campbell's, 56 feet long, 16 feet high	
1 culvert, 10 feet long, 15 feet wide ,	
Filling rock and dirt, 197 yards, 10 to 16 feet wide	
Filling gravel, 8 yards, 16 feet wide	
Grading, 278 yards, 10 to 14 feet wide	
No. of men.
2 Whites
5 Whites
4 Whites
4 Whites
3 Whites
3 Whites
No. of days.
Rate per diem.
?2 60 to 3 00
2 50 to 3 00
2 50 to 3 00
2 50 to 3 00
2 60 to 3 00 44 Vic.
Report of Public Works.
Nature op Wobk.
Hame op Tenderer,
Victoria City District.
Gates and fence, Victoria School Reserve	
$395 00
425 75
450 00
475 00
488 00
387 00
390 00
410 00
475 00
79 00
150 00
S90 00
105 00
117 00
155 00
245 00
255 00
280 00
299 00
320 00
336 00
336 00
60 00
65 50
64 00
83 00
75 00
95 00
112 00
110 00
122 00
150 00
160 00
500 00
559 00
660 00
1350 00
160 00
258 00
254 00
273 00
300 00
348 00
395 00
530 00
355 00
410 00
500 00
825 00
850 00
200 00
275 00
450 00
600 00
225 00
225 00
250 00
250 00
295 00
300 00
450 00
495 00
McKillican & Blford	
Smith & Clark	
Smith & Clark	
Alteration  and  removal  of  fencing,  "The
McKillican & Blford	
Painting of  roof of  School-house,  Victoria,
and fence Gov't Reserve, James Bay	
T. R. Mitchell	
Willis Bond	
W. Baker	
Geo. Stelly	
L. Duval	
W. Smithers	
Wm. Elford & A. McKean	
(Amount of contract to be refunded by
property owners.)
C McMillan	
J. Sohohl	
McDowell & McMillan	
Pigott & Godfrey	
McKillican & Elford	
Grading and gravelling Pemberton Street....
W. Baker	
Victoria District.
Alteration of Road at Anderson's, Lake Dis
W. H. Snider	
W. Baker	
W. Bond	
P. Gilligan	
W. G. Wale	
section 1, Saanich Road, keeping in repair, &c.
W. Baker	
1 Withdrawn.
P. Gilligan	
Section 2, Saanich Road, keeping in repair, &c.
Section 3, Saanich Road, keeping in repair, &c.
Section 4, Saanich Road, keeping in repair, &c. 416                                    Report of Public "Works.
Tenders Eeceived and Contracts Awarded.—Continued.
Nature op Work.
Name op Tenderer.
Victoria District.—Continued.
Section 5, Saanich Road, keeping in repair, &c.
G. Thomas	
95 00
150 00
255 00
506 00
64 00
540 00
75 00
575 00
45 00
600 00
45 00
625 00
42 00
640 00
65 00
59 00
60 00
80 00
80 00
86 00
96 00
100 00
222 00
57 00
58 00
64 00
81 00
130 00
290 00
375 00
400 00
460 00
496 00
228 00
240 00
275 00
290 00
310 00
349 00
378 00
175 00
214 00
221 00
238 00
244 00
343 00
368 00
378 00
180 00
200 00
270 00
150 00
210 00
83 00
90 00
137 00
147 00
159 00
183 50
260 00
75 00
100 00
130 00
186 00
85 00
169 00
147 00
23 00
45 00
69 00
j- Awarded.
Esquimalt District.
J. H. Scafe	
W. Smithurst	
W. Baker	
A. Weir	
W. Baker	
W. Bond	
W. Baker	
W. Smithurst	
W. Bond	
W. Baker     	
A. H. Peatt	
A. Weir	
Cowichan District.
T. P. Windsor	
W. P. Kier	
Hugh Bell.	
N. W. Campbell	
A. Fuller	
Road from Duncan's to foot of gravel hill	
Evans & Blyth	
W. Kier	
R. McLay -	
Road from gravel hill to Post Office, Somenos.
Road from Marshall's to top of hill near Cow-
/ 44 Vic.
Report of Public Works.
Tenders Eeceived and Contracts Awarded.— Concluded.
Nature op Work.
Name op Tenderer.
Nanaimo District.
Repairs to Court House, stone foundation	
170 00
393 00
126 00
175 00
178 00
219 00
155 00
225 00
71 00
73 00
75 00
375 00
430 00
430 00
470 00
700 00
763 00
1200 00-
300 00
380 00
450 00
500 00
392 00
460 00
500 00
425 00
530 00
760 00
2000 00
287 50
297 50
330 00
1600 00
1660 00
1500 00
1687 00
1855 00
Fletcher & Thames,
Thomas & Morrison,
A. McAddie,
Samuel Gough,
J. W. Stirton,
J. L. Foster,
New Westminster District.
W. Pringle,
Fry & Calbick	
W. Litster	
T. W. Gray	
Repairs to Burrard  Inlet  Road at  "Long
W. Litster	
P Collins	
W. Litster	
J R. Scott 	
W. Litster	
B H. Wilson	
S. G. Davis	
p. Fry	
J. Turnbull	
29 418
Report of Public "Works.
m \a     co
ca  CO  CO
CO  iH  CO
in  io  cfl  eg
w  o>  (N
s   j£ °
CO  CO  fl
i-4  i-l  d
fi fi
o    * u:
W        r-
1 s
£   fl
a   1
|   5
, *
a   a    b
u    c


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