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 41 Vic. Correspondence—Appointment of Royal Commission. 611
To an Address of the Legislative Assembly for "copies of all correspondence, Orders
"in Council, and documents relating to the Royal Commission, referred to in
"the Address passed by this House on the 4th. March; and that His Honour
" will further be pleased to have laid before this House the dates of the receipt
*'by him of the said Address, and of all documents referring thereto."
By Command.
Attorney-General's Office,
25th March, 1878.
The Private Secretary to the Attorney-General.
Government House. Victoria,
March 25th, 1878.
Sir,—I am directed by His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor to send you down a copy of
the Memorandum, received on the 5th instant, recommending the is-ue of a Royal Commission,
and also to inform you that the address from the Legislative Assembly was referred and sent_
down to the Executive Council also on the 5th instant by His Honour the Lieutenant-
I have, etc.
(Signed) W. L. Boyle,
Private Secretary.
To His Honour the Honourable Albert Norton Richards, Lieutenant- Governor of the Province
of British Columbia.
May it please Your Honour.
We, Her Majesty's dutiful and loyal subjects, the Legislative Assembly of the Province of
.British Columbia, in Parliament assembled, beg leave to approach your Honour with our respectful request that Your Honour will be pleased to cause that a Royal Commission be immediately
appointed, with power to take evidence under oath, and send for persons and papers, to enquire
into the statements made by the members for Kootenay (Messrs. Gallagher and Galbraith), that
the leader of the Government had, through his Kootenay agents or otherwise, and alone or in
connection with any other member of this House, virtually endeavoured to influence the representatives or electors of the District, by offering to him, Mr. Gallagher, §1,000, and the Government constableship filled by Geo. A. Kelly, worth $1,400 a year, and inside of three months the
best position in the gift of the Government: And whereas the member for Comox stated in his
place in the House, on the 1st day of March instant, that the leader of the Government had
procured the place of Police Magistrate through bribery, which charge has been denied by the
leader of the Government; and whereas it is above all things desirable that the pure character of
our Courts of Justice should be preserved unblemished:
That Your Honour will also be pleased to instruct the Commission which may be appointed,
to enquire, without delay, into all the facts and circumstances bearing upon the latter charge,
andto report to Your Honour forthwith, in order that the same may be dealt with by the House
during its present Session; and that all the other charges made by the member for Comox, on
the same day, in his place in the House, that is to say that the leader of the Government had
lost his County Court Judgeship from ignominious causes and had occupied a sinecure position 612 Correspondence,—Appointment of Royal Commission. 1878
as Sheriff of this Province, taking half the fees from those who did the work, and that he had
reason to believe that Mr. Humphreys was allowed to sit in Council after it had been determined
to get rid of him when the Session was over, be also examined into.
(Signed) J. Roland Hett,
5th March, 1878. Clerk.
Referred to the Executive Couucil.
(Signed) A. N. Richards.
Uh March, 1878.
On a Memorandum from the the Honourable the Attorney-General, dated 5th day of March,
1878, reporting that an Address of the Legislative Assembly has been presented to His Excellency the Lieutenant-Governor, for the issue of a Royal Commission to enquire into the truth of
the allegations of the Members for Kootenay and Cumox against the leader of the Government,
and recommending that the same be issued, and that Sir Matthew Baillie Begbie, the Honourable Henry P. Pellew Crease, and the Honourable Hamilton Gray be named in the Commission
to a«t therein.
The Committee advise that the recommendation be approved.
(Signed) A. C. Elliott,
President Executive Council.
The Attorney-General to the Lieutenant Governor.
Attorney-General's Office,
Cth March, 1878.
Sir,—I have the honour to request that you will be good enough to approve of the Minute
of Council forwarded by me to your Honour on the 5th instant, recommending the issue of a
Royal Commission to enquire into and report upon the allegations of the Members for Kootenay
and Comox, without delay.
I have, etc.,
(Signed) A. C. Elltott,
Attorney General,


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