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RETURN To an Address of the Legislative Assembly for copies of all correspondence between the Government… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1882

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 45 Vic. Correspondence—Railway Reserve. 451
To an Address of the Legislative Assembly for copies of all correspondence
between the Government of the Dominion of Canada and the Government of
British Columbia, or any person acting in their behalf, as Agent or otherwise,
respecting, or in anywise affecting, the 40-mile belt of land now held as a
Railroad or Government Reserve on the Mainland of British Columbia, from
the time the Dominion Government made application to have said belt of land
reserved for railway purposes.
T. B. Humphreys,
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
16th March, 1882.
Lieutenant- Governor Richards to the Secretary of State, Ottawa,
Government House,
Victoria, 12th April, 1881.
Sir,—I have the honour to enclose herewith a copy of a Minute of my Executive
Council, dated to-day, reporting a resolution passed by the House of Assembly at its
late session, with respect to the prejudicial effect to the prosperity and development of
the Province caused by the locking up of the Eailway Lands that were conveyed to the
Dominion by an Act of the former Session, and praying me to make urgent representations to the Dominion Government to have these lands opened up for settlement.
I have, &c,
(Signed)       A. ~N. Eichards,
Lieutenant- Governor.
Copy of a Report of a Committee of the Honourable the Executive Council, approved by His
Honour the Lieutenant-Governor on the 12th day of April, 1881.
On a memorandum from the Provincial Secretary, dated 12th April, 1881, reporting
that the following Eesolution passed the House of Assembly at its late session, viz.:—
" That a respectful Address be presented to His Honour the Lieutenant-Governor,
" praying that ho will cause urgent representations to be made to the Dominion Gov-
" ernment to have the Eailway Lands that were conveyed by an Act of the Legislative
" Assembly at its last session opened up for settlement, as the locking-up of these lands
" is prejudicial to the prosperity and development of the Province, and more especially
" to those districts wherein tbe said lands are situated,"—and recommending that it be
forwarded to the Dominion Government by His Honour in the usual course.
The Committee advise that the recommendation be approved.
Certified. T. B. Humphreys.
The Under-Secretary of State, Ottawa, to Lieutenant-Governor Richards
Ottawa, 3rd May, 1881.
Sir,—I am directed to acknowledge the receipt of your despatch of tho 12th ult.,
enclosing a copy of a Minute of your Executive Council reporting a Eesolution passed
by the House of Assemblj'of British Columbia at its late session with respect to tho
locking-up of the Eailway Lands in that Province, and requesting that the said lands
may be opened up for settlement.
1 have, &c,
(Signed)       E. J. Langevin,'
Under-Secretary of State.


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