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RETURN To an Order of the House for a return of all work done in the District of Esquimalt during the… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1883

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 46 Vic Return of work done in Esquimalt District. 401
To an Order of tbe House for a return of all work done in the District of Esquimalt
during tbe year 1882; and whether such work was done by contract or day
labour; and the amounts paid for such labour, and to whom; and the dates
when such work was directed to be done, and the dates of payment therefor.
Wm. Smithe,
Lands and Works Dept, Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
13th March, 1883.
Return of work done in the District op Esquimalt during the Year 1882.
Esquimalt District.
Metchosin Road, Improvements near Craigflower.
James Baker, Contractor, $372.
To cut down a hill 56 yards in length ; deepest cutting, 3 feet; side slopes,
1 to 1; excavation, 281 cubic yards; to form an embankment, 98 yards in length,
with material from cut; grading, 154 yards, 22 feet wide; metalling, 154 yards,
12 feet wide, 6 inches deep; gravelling, 154 yards, 12 feet wide, 6 inches deep;
gravelling, 433 yards, 12 feet wide, 5 inches deep ; 1 new culvert, ditches cleaned
out, &c.
Contract dated 7th June, 1882.    Paid in full 5th August  $372 00
Repairs to Metchosin Road, between Parker's and Gleed's.
George Cook, Contractor, $185.
To form and grade 298 yards, 16 feet wide; gravelling, 298 yards. 10 feet
wide, 6 inches deep; ditching, 349 yards, 2 feet wide, 10 inches deep; repairing
and re-covering culverts;  removing trees, and grubbing out roots, &c., &c.
Contract, 7th July, 1882. Paid on account, 9th August, $100. Balance in
full, 4th November, 1882     185 00
Repairs to Happy Yalley Road.
John Haggerty, Contractor, $235.
Grading, 79 yards, 18 feet wide, from 2 to 3 feet high; grading, 226 yards,
16 to 18 feet wide; gravelling, 141 yards, 10 feet wide, 6 inches deep; culvert,
2 feet by 1J feet by 20 feet; ditching, 100 yards.
Contract 10th August.    Paid on account, in Dec, 1882, and Jan., 1883, $150.
Balance paid in 1883      235 00
Gorge Bridge Approach (Esquimalt side).
Samuel Morrow, Contractor, $225.
To cut down and grade a hill on the Esquimalt side of the Gorge bridge,
53 yards in length, 22 feet wide; average depth of cutting, 2 feet; side slopes,
1 to 1; excavation, 340 cubic yards. To form an embankment, 50 yards in
length, with the material taken from the cuts, on each side of the bridge. The
depth of filling at tho bridge is 6 feet; embankment, 24 feet wide on top; side
slopes, lj to 1; metalling, 103 yards, with broken stone, spread 12 feet wide
and 10 inches deep; cribbing and retaining logs, &c., &c.
Contract, 17th October, 1882.    Paid in December     225 00
Carried forward $1,017 00
PROVINCIAL  LIBRARY 402 Return of work done in Esquimalt District. 1883
Brought forward $1,017 00
School Pence, &c, Esquimalt.
D. E. Adams, Contractor, $145.
To do all necessary clearing and grading along the lino of fence, and to
furnish all material and labour required to construct a fence and wood-shed.
The front fence, 80 feet in length, to be made of dressed lumber, pickets in
two lengths, posts moulded and capped, &c; a suitable entrance gate to bo
constructed. The rear and side fences, 263 feet in length, to be made with undressed pickets, 5 feet long; 2 by 4 inch rails, three in number; 6 by 6 inch
cedar posts; 1 by 2 inch batten; pickets pointed, &c. To put up a wood-shed,
10 by 12 feet, with rough lumber, as specified.
Contract, 28th July, 1882.    Paid 5th August     145 00
Total Contracts  $1,162 00
Repairs to Sooke Road.
Samuel Morrow, Foreman.
Grading, 578 yards, 14 feet wide; macadamizing, 20 yards, 10 feet wide,
5 inches deep; gravelling, 40 yards, 10 feet wide, 5 inches deep; 15 culverts
repaired. One bridge, 90 feet long- re-covered with 3-inch plank. General
repairs to bridges, filling ruts and holes with stone, cutting out roots, &c.
This work was done in July and August. The repairs extended over tho
road between Lawrence's and Sooke River. It was not practicable to have it
done by contract.    Cost, $267; paid Muir Bros., lumber for bridges $83     350 00
Repairs to Sooke River Bridge.
Wm. Rocket, Foreman.
Raising west end of the bow-string truss span, and bringing the arch beams
into a proper vertical plane ; securing the same with wire cables; repairs to
planking, chords and braces, &c, &c.
August. Would not have been done satisfactorily by contract. Cost, including wire rope and lumber, &c     187 00
Trail from Vine's to Sooke.
A. D. White, Foreman.
Clearing out fallen logs from the Rocky Point Road to Sooke Bay.
Construction of a sleigh road, commencing at tho west end. Forest clearing,
8,393 yards, 15 feet wide; grading, 8,493 yards, 2 to 12 feet wide; 4 bridges,
average 99 feet long, 12 feet wide, 5 feet high; 3 culverts, average 36feet long,
20 feet wide, 2 feet deep>; ditching, 200 yards, &c, &c.
Work done during July, August, and September, cost     496 00
Highland District Road Repairs.
Arthur Peatt, Foreman.
General repairs to the road between Dr. Foster's and Scafe's ; grading side
hills, ditching and gravelling, cutting out roots, straightening bends, repairing
culverts and bridges, &c., &c.
This work could not have been done efficiently by contract. The work
was performed in June and July, and cost        247 00
General Repairs.
Minor repairs of a general nature have been made upon various roads,
bridges, and culverts from time to time as required throughout the district.
Verbal agreement with Thos. Tugwell, to repair Otter Point Trail  100 00
Do.                         A. Cessford, to repair Belmont Road  50 00
Do.                         1). Rule, to repair Cross Road  30 00
Do.                         G. F. Hawkins, to repair Mill-stream Road...  20 00
Do.                         Geo. Battersby, to repair Metchosin Road  30 00
Buggy hire, tools, lumber, and miscellaneous repairs to district roads (about) 383 00
Total (Approximate) $3,055 00


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