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RETURN To an Order of the House for copies of all Tenders received by the Chief Commissioner of Lands… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1881

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 44 Vic. Tenders—Savona Ferry. 515
To an Order of the House for copies oi all Tenders received by the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works since July last, for the maintenance of a Ferry
at Savona.
Geo. A. Walkem,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, Blst January, 1881.
Yale District.
Sealed tenders, properly endorsed, will be received by the undersigned up to 12
o'clock noon, of Monday, 16th August next, for the right of maintaining a ferry across
the Thompson .River, at a point known as Savona's Ferry, for a term of five years.
The ferry right to extend from the loot of Kamloops Lake a distance of one mile
down the river.
The contractor shall provide and maintain a substantial ferry boat and proper tackle
for working the same.
Any Government ferry plant now at this place will be at the disposal of the con-
tractor for use in plying such ferry.
Tenders to state the rate of toll for every—
Loaded animal,
Unloaded animal,
Freight waggon,
Spring waggon or buggy,
Cattle and liorses,
Sheep, pig, or goat,
And such other terms as the bidder may consider advisable.
All officers of tho Provincial Government with their animals to pass free.
The competition will be on the amount of rent payable by bidders to the Government, or, if no rent be offered, on such other terms as may be submitted by them.   The
Government to have the right of selecting such tender as they may consider most
favourable to them.
With each tender must bo submitted the names of two responsible parties, willing
to sign a bond for tho sum of $250 as security for the faithful carrying out of the
(Signed) Geo. A. Walkem,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, 15th July, 1880.
Savona's Perry, B. C,
August 7th, 1880.
Sm,—In compliance with public notice issued by your department, July 15th, 1880,
for the maintenance of a ferry at the head of Thompson River, I hereby make the
loliowing tender for the same:— 516 Tenders—Savona Ferry. 1881
I will operate the ferry boat for the term of fivo years, from and alter August 16th,
A.I). 1880, for a salary of twenty-five (25) dollars per month, payable quarter yearly,
and the privilege of collecting for my own benefit the following tolls, viz:
For every loaded animal  50 cts.
„ unloaded animal   25
„ 100 lbs. freight  25
„ freight waggon $2 00
„ spring waggon  1 00
„ buggy T.  1 00
Cattle and horses, per head  25
Pigs, sheep, or goats  12}
Passenger  25
All officers, employes, and freight, of the Provincial Government to be passed over
the ferry free of charge, provided that the Lands and Works Department of the
Provincial Government shall furnish a ferry boat, with all the necessary tackle and
fastenings, and keep, or cause the same to be kept, in good repair.
Provided also that no deduction shall be made from the monthly salary to be paid
me in case of the ferry being out of order, or closed on account of ice.
Provided further that the contract may be cancellod by either party thereto, upon
giving thirty daj's' written notice.
I offer as sureties for the faithful performance of my contract, Hugh Morton,
residing at Copper Creek, James Newland, residing at Cache Creek.
I am, &c.
(Signed) James Uren.
To The Honourable Geo. A. Walkem,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria.
Kamloops, South Thompson,
December 17th 1880.
Sir,—A few days ago I picked up an old Standard newspaper, and thero Reen a
public notice that tenders were called to run a ferry at Savona for a term of years. As
I have not heard of the contract bein<i' let, I beg to offer the following:—
That I will construct a scow according to your directions, ihe Government to givo
me the use of the rope and material on hand during the term of tho charter, and work
the same to the satisfaction of the Government lor tho term of five years, for forty
dollars pea month, and the ferriage prices to be charged:
Horses      2") cts. each.
Loaded animals       25       „
Cattle       25       „
Hogs, goats, and sheep       12J      „
Foot passengers       25       „
Freight, per ton $5 00
Two-horse waggon      50       „
Heavy freight waggon  1 00       „
Local Government officers and freight to pass free. I will givo ample security for
the due performance of the contract.   An answor will oblige.
(Signed) George Wilson,
Honourable Geo. A. Walkem,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria.


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