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RETURN To an Order of the Legislative Assembly for Copies of all Tenders sent in to the Chief Commissioner… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1882

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 452 Tenders—Savona's Ferry. 1882
To an Order of the Legislative Assembly for Copies of all Tenders sent in to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for the maintenance of a Ferry
at Savona, since 1st January, 1881.
Geo. A. Walkem,
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Office,
16th March, 1882.
December 24th, 1881.
To the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Sir,—I hereby agree to run a Perry at Savona on the following conditions:—
The Government to furnish everything necessary for running the Boat. I will keep
it in good repair and run it for five years, collecting old rates of Ferriage, provided.
Government will give me a Charter one and one-half miles each way from landing, and
offer as sureties the following named gentlemen:—Alexander Pringle, South Thompson;
Thomas Spelman, Kamloops.
If the Government want a swing Perry, not to impede steamboat navigation, I will
establish and run it on the same conditions as above stated, or I will run it with oars
and guarantee general satisfaction, provided the Government pay me for building
scow $275; the Government Agent at Kamloops to take depositions of cost of lumber,
carpenter work, iron work, towing from Kamloops, etc., etc.
I have, &e.,
(Signed)       James A. Newland.
Savona's Perry, December 26th, 1881.
To the Hon. Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Sir,—I hereby agree to establish a Perry and run same at Savona's on the following
conditions, in accordance with advertisement:
(1) The Government to furnish a boat and all necessary tackle  and  material  to
work the same.
(2) After it is in working order, I agree to keep it in good repair for five years and
collect Tolls as follows:—
Passengers  $   25
Horse and Eider  50
2 Horses and Buggy  2 00
Do.          Waggon  2 50
4     Do.               do •  3 00
Cattle  25
Sheep and Pigs.....  12J
Freight f cwt  12*
And offer as sureties for the faithful performance of the said contract,  Alexander
Hardio and Edward Roberts.
I have, &c,
(Signed)       Frank Perrault. 45 Vic. Tenders—Savona's Ferry. 453
Cache Creek, B. C, 4th January, 1882.
To Hon. Geo. A. Walkem, Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works, Victoria, B. C.
Sir,—I herewith beg to tender for the Perry at Savonas on the following conditions:
I will furnish a good substantial boat capable of carrying eight horses, repair the
approaches on either side, and put up rope and put the Ferry in good running
order, and keep it in good order, the Government to give me the sum of sixty
dollars ($60) to buy what new blocks and small ropes for same that may be required;
the same to be the property of the Government at expiration of contract. The
Government to furnish a new wire rope should it be required; it is not likely that a
new one will be required. I mention it in case it might be. The Ferry Eight to extend
down stream from mouth of Lake, a distance of one and one-half miles. The rate of
Tolls to be as follows:—
Passenger  $    25
Unloaded  Animal  50
Loaded         do  75
Spring Waggon or Buggy  1 00
Large Freight Waggon  2 00
Eanch Waggon  1 50
Sheep, Pigs or Goats, each        12*
Freight of all kinds f 100 Its  12*
I offer Messrs. Chas. A. Semlin and John C. Barnes as my sureties, who will bind
themselves in the sum of two hundred and fifty dollars ($250) for due fulfilment of
I have, <fec,
(Signed)       Jas. B. Leighton.
Savona's Perry, January 8th, 1882.
'To the Hon. G. A. Walkem, Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Sir,—I will supply a good and substantial boat and tackle, and will conduct and
maintain a good and reliable Ferry across the Thompson Eiver, at Savona Perry, for a
period of five years on the following plan and conditions, viz.:—
I will place a rope permanently across the Eiver over the piers formerly used, and
run the Ferry on the old plan.
And the Government shall advance to me five hundred dollars, together with all
Ferry Plant belonging to the Government now on the ground.
And shall allow me the entire proceeds of the Perry for the time above mentioned;
Ferriage to be charged at the former rates.
I beg to submit the names of Mr. John Craig, of the Bonaparte, and Mr. James
Campbell, of Cache Creek, as sureties for the due performance of the work.
I have, &c,
[No Signature."]


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