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OF the
of the province of
VICTORIA: Printed by Riciiakd Wolfenden, Government Printer,
at the Government Printing Office, James' Bay.
1885.  48 Vic. Public Works Report. 239
OF the
for the province of
for the
To the Honourable Clement F. Cornwall, Lieutenant-Governor of the Province of British
May it please Your Honour:
The Annual Departmental Report of Provincial Public Works is herewith respectfully
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
Lands and Works Department,
Victoria, B. C, December 31st, 1884.  REPORT.
Victoria City District.
Alterations and Repairs to the Lands and Works Office.
George Powell, Contractor, $410.
To remove the partition separating the accountant's and draughtsman's rooms and to take
down the chimney and make good the roof and walls.
To close in a blind skylight opening in ceiling of draughting-room, and plaster in hard
finish to correspond.
To remove all tables, drawers and shelves and set them up as directed, and to remove and
fit up the large circular desk counter, as indicated by drawings.
To furnish and hang double glass doors at entrance to public office.
To build a new chimney in draughting-room, and to construct a large double desk, with
drawers and map shelves.
To kalsomine the walls and ceilings and to paper and varnish the walls of draughting and
public room.
Johnson Street Ward School-House.
W. H. Souden, Contractor, $1400.
To provide all plant, labour and material necessary to erect and complete a frame building
28x48 feet, in conformity with plans and specifications; enclosed with rustic siding;
lathed, plastered and hard finished ; painted in two coat-work throughout; wainscoted
all round over mortar coat; double floor, with one inch deep of deadening between;
two cloak and hat-rooms fitted with hooks, &c; two separate entrances; blackboards,
map pulleys, &c; also fencing two lots and erection of outbuildings.
Fencing the Old Cemetery.
W. H. Robertson, Contractor, $461.
To take down and remove the old picket fence on Quadra and Meares streets; to erect 600
feet of new fence; posts placed 10|- feet apart, set on a sill 2-f feet deep and braced;
to have chamfered edges and Gothic caps; two rails, mortised into posts and mortised
to receive pickets; pickets two inches square, set diagonally, in two lengths and
pointed; two entrance gates hung with strong self-closing hinges.
Repairs to Roof of Supreme Court.
D. T. Johnson, Contractor, $290.
To strip the shingled portion of the lower roof all round and to re-shingle the same; to
supply new ridge boards and rolls; to repair all flashings, valleys, gutters and down
pipes; to repair defective skylights and to paint the metal roofs one coat of red lead
Public School, Victoria.
Charles Hayward, agreement, $315.
To generally repair the plastering and to stop and whitewash the walls and ceilings
throughout; to repair blackboards and defective woodwork ; to re-hang class-room doors
to open outwards; to construct and erect a large glass partition in the girls' department ; to repair down pipes and water service; to construct a new picket fence along
. the east boundary of the School Reserve; to repair the gates, and to clean and repair
the outbuildings. 242 Public Works Report. i884
School Furniture.
Jacob Sehl, Contractor, $750.
Furnishing and fitting up in the Central School 100 new desks and seats with iron frames
and hard wood finish.
The Government Buildings, James' Bay, have been kept in repair.
Government House has been maintained, and needed but unimportant repairs have been
Victoria District.
Cedar Hill School Repairs.
W. H. Smith, Contractor, $325.
To take off the old weather-boarding from the sides and front of the building and enclose
it with rustic siding.
To erect an entrance porch with two hat and cloak-rooms, in accordance with plan and
specification; to construct steps and to make necessary repairs; to paint all new woodwork two coats.
Lake District School House,
Thos. Elliott, Contractor, $882.
To furnish all plant, labour and material to erect and complete a frame  school-house  22x
40 feet, enclosed with rustic siding, lathed and plastered, painted two coats, fitted with
desks, blackboards, cloak hooks, &c.
This building has heen erected upon the site occupied by the school-house which was
destroyed by fire last year.    An addition of a quarter of an acre has been made to the
school grounds.
Hillside Road Construction.
Noel Leclaire, Contractor, $420.
Forming and grading 545 yards 24 feet wide clear of the ditches, crowned 18 inches ;
ditching 1090 yards 3J feet wide 1 foot deep; gravelling 545 yards 12 feet wide and 6
inches deep; 1 culvert 4 feet by 12 feet by 24 feet.
Cadboro Bay Road Repairs.
James Baker, Contractor, $311.
Forming and grading 525 yards 16 feet wide, and 166 yards 20 feet wide; gravelling 690
yards 9 to 10 feet wide and 6 inches deep, ruts and holes filled up, ditches cleared out
and three new culverts put in.
Lake District Road, Construction.
Joseph Nicholson, Contractor, $3,175.
This road is a divergence from the West Saanich Road extending between the Prospect
Lake Road and Thomas's. Following the valley of the outlet from the lake a nearly level
grade has been obtained. Many settlers along its route and those in West Saanich
generally will be benefited by this change.
Distance, 4| miles; to be forest cleared 30 feet wide, graded 12 feet wide in the clear,
ditched on upper sides; culverts 16 feet long, of sufficient opening, to be constructed
where necessary or directed; one bridge 50 feet long and 12 feet wide; 600 feet of
corduroy, &e, cfec.
Wm. Thompson, Superintendent. 48 Vic. Public Works Report. 213
McTavish Cross Road.
Julius Brethour, Foreman.
300 yards cleared round the foot of Mount Newton; 1,000 yards levelled.
Forest cleared 400 yards, 32 feet wide. '
Road graded 400 yards, 16 feet wide.
,,    gravelled 250 yards, 8 feet wide, 8 inches deep.
Corduroy, 100 yards, covered.
5 culverts—1, 18 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet; 4, 18 feet by 2 feet by 1 foot.
New East Road round Mount Newton.
Julius Brethour, Foreman.
Forest cleared 1,000 yards, 40 feet wide.
Road graded 1,000 yards, 19 feet wide.
„    gravelled 140 yards, 9 feet wide, 9 inches deep.
„ „        120 yards, 9 feet wide, 7 inches deep.
140 yards repaired with gravel.
6 culverts—3, 19 feet by 3 feet by 1 foot; 3, 19 feet by 2 feet by 1 foot.
Road to Wharf.
Julius Brethour, Foreman.
Road gravelled 60 yards, 12 feet wide, 8 inches deep.
Wain's Cross Road.
Julius Brethour, Foreman.
Road graded 100 yards, 16 feet wide,
Road gravelled 100 yards, 9 feet wide, 8 inches deep.
Rocks and stumps removed, culverts repaired, and road put in good order.
School Cross Road.
Julius Brethour, Foreman.
Road put in good order, grubbed, graded, stones removed, gravelled, culverts repaired,
and bridges repaired on West Road.
Cedar Hill Road.
Charles Pollock, Foreman.
Road gravelled 1,527 yards, 12 feet wide, 6 inches deep.
Cedar Hill Cross Road.
J. Nicholson, Foreman.
Road graded 990 yards, 16 feet wide.
,,    gravelled 900 yards, 10 feet wide, 6 inches deep.
Two wooden culverts, 16 feet by 2 feet by 1J feet.
Two culverts repaired.
Wilkinson's Cross Road.
W. H. Snider, Foreman.
Forest cleared 1,000 yards.
Road graded 1,200 yards, 16 feet wide.
„        „       1,450    „      10        „
Gravelled 755    ,, 9        ,, 4 inches deep.
Four culverts—1 wooden, 16 feet by 1| feet by 1£ feet; 3 rock, 12 feet by 1| feet by 1^
Hill near Lindsay's cut down 2 feet.
Bridge near Lindsay's re-covered and placed lower down the stream. 214 Public Works Report. 1884
Carey's Road.
W. H. Snider, Foreman.
Forest cleared 600 yards.
Road graded    215    ,,
Gravelled 200    ,,      10 feet wide, 6 inches deep.
Road straightened near Griffiths'; grubbed and graded 150 yards.
Three hills cut down ; five new culverts ; four culverts re-covered.
Roots taken out from Wilkinson's cross road to the intersection of Cook's road.
Burnside Road, from Bridgr near Bellamy's to near Porter's.
W. H. Snider, Foreman.
Forest cleared 1 mile along the sides.
Road gravelled 826 yards, 10 feet wide, 6 inches deep.
Bridge repaired ; four new bents; approach and hand-rail.
Saanich Road, from Royal Oak to Company's Hill.
W. H. Snider, Foreman.
Road macadamized with rock broken to receive gravel, 530 yards, 10 feet wide, 6 inches
Gravelled 530 yards, 10 feet wide, 4 inches deep.
East Saanich Road.
W. Thompson, Foreman.
Road macadamized with rock 150 yards, 9 feet wide, 6 inches deep.
Gravelled 150    „     18        „ 6 „
400    „     10        „ 6
Four culverts repaired ; road gravelled from Heal's to Elk Lake.
Brown's Cross Road.
W. Thomson, Foreman.
Road graded 1900 yards, 16 feet wide.
New bridge; length 25 feet, width 16 feet, height 8 feet; built of split cedar and round
Two new culverts, 32 feet by 1| feet by 1 foot, and 17 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet.
East Saanich Road.
W. Thomson, Foreman.
Road gravelled 1215 yards, 10 feet wide, 5 inches deep.
Bridge repaired, 180 feet hand-rail.
Mount Newton Cross Road.
W. Thomson, Foreman.
Road graded 125 yards, 18 feet wide.
-   Gravelled       125     „      10        „ 6 inches deep.
1 mile repaired with gravel.
A new culvert, 40 feet long, at Henderson's.
West Saanich Road.
W. Thomson, Foreman.
Road gravelled 175 yards, 10 feet wide, 6 inches deep.
All holes filled with gravel between Stevens' and Prospect Lake Road.
Forest cleared 1 mile.
Holes filled with gravel 1 mile.
Two new culverts, each 20 feet by 1 j- feet by 2 feet.
Ditches cleared out for over a mile; new tail drains cut for culverts. 48 Vic. Public Works Report. 24S
West Road, North Saanich.
Julius Brethour, Foreman.
Two new bridges, each 23 by 16 by 6 feet; abutments of cribwork; five 10-inch diameter
stringers in each bridge, covered with 3-inch plank, hand-railing, &c.
Cordova Bay Road.
W. H. Snider, Foreman.
Forest clearing, grading, corduroying and bridging from Touet's to Pusey's.
Gorge Road.
Samuel Morrow, Foreman.
Clearing out ditches and dressing in gravel; filling up ruts and holes, near Adams', with
rock, and gravelling 260 yards 12 feet wide and 6 inches deep.
Esquimalt District.
Road Divergence at Naylor's Hill, Sooke.
Joseph Nicholson, Contractor, $1,375.
Forest clearing, If miles, 30 feet wide.
Grading 2,420 yards,        16        „
Removing rocks, boulders, logs, etc., 20 feet wide.
Corduroying 16 feet wide over all soft places; seven culverts, 18 feet long.
1 bridge, 50 feet long, 12 feet high.
1      „      40        „        10        „
Side hills cribbed and rock blasted where required.
This divergence in the Sooke road has been made for the purpose of obtaining an easy
grade, the old road passing over Naylor's hill being excessively steep.
Happy Valley Road, Metchosin.
James Baker, Contractor, $720.
Grubbing 800 yards, 20 feet wide.
Grading 1,046     „     16        „
Gravelling 1,050 ,,     10        ,,        6 inches deep.
Ditching 2,000    „       2        „        8
Raising and re-building a bridge; providing new stringers, bents and crib "abutments.
Swamp Bridge, Sooke.
Robert Muir, Foreman.
Flooring the bridge throughout with plank, and putting on new hand-railing and ribbons;
repairing approaches.
Sooke Road.
Samuel Morrow, Foreman.
Road divergence marked out round Naylor's hill.
Goldstream Road.
Samuel Morrow, Foreman.
Road widened 5 feet, 2,640 yards.
,,    grubbed and graded, 2,700 yards.
A fresh grade made, in order to avoid a sharp curve, 50 yards.
1 culvert enlarged.
Ditching 40 yards, 3 feet by 2 feet. 24(5 Public Works Report. 1884
Metchosin Road.
Samuel Morrow, Foreman.
Between Helgesen's and Gleede's the road was widened 5 feet, for 300 yards, and widened
7 feet for 350 yards, and the grade improved by cutting off two bends. Two culverts
were lengthened 8 feet, and 350 yards of ditching done on road side.
Near Helgesen's, the road was widened 7 feet for 450 yards; a knoll cut down and a hollow
filled; road gravelled 225 yards, 10 feet by 6 inches; also a culvert lengthened 8 feet.
West of Parsons' bridge the side of the road trimmed, and ditches cleared; for 250 yards
all large stones projecting were broken and removed; road gravelled 1,280 yards 10
feet by 6 inches.
East of Parsons' bridge the road was generally repaired,  and for 300 yards all  large
projecting stones broken and removed.
Road macadamized with rock 80 yards, 10 feet by 5 inches.
Road gravelled 220 yards, 10 feet by 5 inches.
Beecher Bay Road.
Samuel Morrow, Foreman.
Road graded, grubbed and hills cut down, ruts filled, etc.; 4 culverts built, averaging 17
feet by 3 feet by 2 feet.
Esquimalt and Victoria Road.
Samuel Morrow, Foreman.
Road generally repaired, from Esquimalt to Point Ellice Bridge; holes filled with broken
stone; ditches cleared, and sides of road trimmed; filled all holes on Esquimalt street
with broken rock.
Highland District Road.
Samuel Morrow, Foreman.
Road grubbed, graded and generally put in good repair, ditches cleaned out, etc.; bridge
re-covered and culverts renewed.
Sooke School.
Renewal of flooring, and general repairs to the building and furniture.
Cowichan District.
Mayne Island Road.
Wm. Milliiigton, Contractor, $125.
Forest clearing, 1,300 yards, 20 feet wide.
Grading sleigh road, 1,300 yards, 12 feet wide.
This is the first section of a road which runs from Miner's Bay, in an easterly direction,
across Mayne Island. Tenders were invited for the construction of the remaining
section, but the bids received were much in excess of the sum available for the service.
The work was subsequently carried out by day labour, under an experienced foreman.
Quamichan Trunk Road Repairs.
W. C. Brown,' Contractor, $90.
To remove and re-build fences, to straighten the line of road, to clear out water-courses,
round up the road bed and to gravel 235 yards, 12 feet wide, 9 inches deep.
Copley's Road.
James Dougan, Contractor, $360.
Forest clearing, 2,990 yards, 15 feet wide.
Grubbing and grading, 2,990 yards, 8 feet wide.
4 culverts, average, 15 feet by 7 feet by 2 feet. 48 Vic. Public Works Report. 247
Road from Richardson's to the Junction (Repairs).
John McPherson, Contractor, $400.
Forest clearing, 1,890 yards, 20 feet wide.
Grubbing, 1,890     „     12
Grading, 1,890     „      12        „
All necessary ditching.
9 culverts, 15 feet by 6 feet by 2 feet average.
Trunk Road, Chemainus (Repairs).
N. W. Campbell, Contractor, $492.80.
To fill in all ruts and holes, from the Big Tree to the Junction with the Old Road; and to
gravel one mile.
Trunk Road Repairs.
Thos. P. Windsor, Contractor, $330.
General repairs to the road, from the Big Tree, Chemainus, to Holmesdale, Quamichan.
Goldstream and Cowichan Road—Section 1.
George Waugh, Contractor, $8,762.
Forest clearing, 14-J miles, 20 feet wide.
Grading, 14£    „      12
Ditching, corduroying, bridging, blasting, and other necessary work as specified for the
construction of a good waggon-road.
Shortly after the commencement of work upon this contract, suspicions were entertained
as to the bona fides of the contractor, and precautions were taken to protect the labourers from possible loss of wages; but before one-third of the work had been completed,
the contractor absconded, leaving many claims unsettled. Possession of all plant and
tools upon the works was immediately taken by the Department, and the contractor's
bondsmen notified. Work was resumed by the Government, under the superintendence
of Mr. John Nicholson, who has completed the construction of the road in a satisfactory
Goldstream and Cowichan Road:—Section 2.
George Jones, Contractor, $1,300.
Distance, 13J miles. To cut out and remove all fallen timber, brush, boulders, &c, &c,
so as to leave the road and ditches a clear width of 16 feet; to re-form the grade and
repair all defective bridges and culverts; to open up ditches and water-courses; and to
leave the road in good order for traffic.
James Boal, Foreman.
Rebuilding the bridge burnt, over the Mill Creek, near Shawnigan Lake.
Shawnigan Mill Road.
Peter McLennan, Foreman.
Road generally repaired.
Bridge near Northcote's.
J. Boal, Foreman.
Two new bents (70 feet) and a new hand-rail.
Wharf at South Cowichan.
Peter McLennan, Foreman, and J. Boal, Foreman.
New piles driven and wharf generally repaired.
Kokasailah River.
Peter McLennan, Foreman.
The lower bridge taken to pieces, moved to the old site, and there reconstructed; fresh
timbers added; drift pile on the river cut away. 248 Public Wokks Report. 18?4
New Road from Cowichan Wharf to Marshall's, along the Sea Beach.
Peter McLennan, Foreman.
Road partly constructed.
Trunk Road, Thain's towards Cowichan Wharf.
Peter McLennan, Foreman.
Road thoroughly repaired.
Church Hill towards Somenos.
Henry Marriner, Foreman.
Road thoroughly repaired.
New Road on the East side of the Old Stone Church, near Comiaken Village.
George Jones, Foreman.
Road constructed.
New Road, Currie's to Saatlam, on the Cowichan River.
David Evans, Foreman.
Road constructed.
New Road, Kemp's to Glenora Trail.
Alexander Blyth, Foreman.
Road constructed; new bridge built, 48 feet in length.
Thain's Road.
Peter McLennan, Foreman,
Road thoroughly repaired.
Kokasailah Road.
Peter McLennan, Foreman.
Road repaired.
Salt Spring Island, Cowichan District.
Northern Settlement Road.
Joel Broadwell, Foreman.
Road widened and repaired.
Road repaired from Vesuvius Bay to School-house, 2|- miles.
Bridge built, 42 feet long, 12 feet wide, 10 feet high, of rough cedar
Sleigh road made, 30 yards, 20 feet wide.
Graded, 37    „      12
1 culvert, 14 feet by 12 feet by 4 feet.
1      „       12    „ 2    „ 1    „
1      „ 6    „        16    „        4    „
1      „ 4    „        14    „        3    „
4      „        of smaller size.
Burgoyne Bay Road.
Theo. Trage, Foreman.
Road graded, 1,267 yards, 10 feet wide.
100    „
83    „
20    „
24    „
,       4 in. deep.
6   „
6       ,
,        6     „ 48 Vic. Public Works Report. 249
2 bridges of wood, each 56 feet long, 10 feet wide, 4 feet high.
2 culverts, each 12 feet by 12 feet by 2 feet.
1 bridge repaired.
Sleigh road made, 4 miles, 8 feet wide.
Gravelled, 300 yards, 8 feet wide, 4 in. deep.
Corduroy,      7    ,,     15        ,,
1 bridge built, 40 feet long, 15 feet wide, 5 feet high.
„ 63        „        15        „ 7        „
2 culverts, 15 feet by 4 feet by 1| feet.
1       „        18    „      15    „        4      „
1 ., 18 „ 6 „ 1| „
1 .. 18 „ 4 „ 1J „
The wharf at Burgoyne Bay covered and repaired.
Nanaimo District.
Fencing Wellington School Grounds.
Levi McCutcheon, Contractor, $150.
To provide all plant, labour and material, and to erect 480 feet of picket fence, having two
gates, etc., all as per plan and specification.
Cedar District School House.
W. E. Blackett, Contractor, $291.
The erection and completion of a frame building 18x24 feet, 12 feet from floor to ceiling;
enclosed with rough weather-boarding, and lined and ceiled with tongue and grooved
flooring; dressed lumber, painted in two coats.
Gabriola School House.
A. J. Dixon, Contractor, $119.
Construction of a porch and platform in front of the building; lining the inside walls and
ceiling with tongue and grooved lumber; the whole of the surfaced woodwork inside and
out to be painted two coats; the construction of a woodshed and latrines.
Nanaimo River Bridge.
W. E. Blackett, Contractor, $2,774.
To remove the old bridge; to construct a crib of squared timber on each of the stone
abutments in the manner and to the height indicated by the drawings; to erect a Howe
truss bridge, having a clear span of 163 feet, resting upon the crib and stone abutments,
and constructed in accordance with detailed plans and specifications.
Millstone River Bridge.
Joseph Sage, Contractor, $1,175.
To construct a new bridge over the Millstone River at Nanaimo City, composed of six
spans of 45 feet each, and two spans of 35 feet each, making a total length of 340 feet,
supported by bents, 4 piles to each bent. The roadway is 18 feet wide, is protected by
a strong hand-railing, and has a grade of 1 in 48, rising towards Newcastle.
Trail to Nanaimo Lake.
Robert Grant, Contractor, $384.
To select a route for a trail between a certain point on the Harewood road and the lower
Nanaimo River Lake, which shall afford good grades, etc.; to do all requisite clearing
grading, bridging and corduroying for the purpose of making the trail suitable for pack
or saddle animals. 250 Public Works Report. 1884
Cranberry District Road.
Hill & Dolan, Contractors, 45 cents per lineal yard.
Forest clearing, 24 feet wide.
Grubbing 20
Forming and grading, 16 feet wide.
Ditching on both sides, 2 feet wide, 10 inches deep.
Culverts (where required) 1 foot by 2 feet by 18 feet, with proper fall and tail drains.
Nanoose Road.
Robert Grant, Contractor, 39 cents per lineal yard.
Forest clearing, 20 feet wide.
Grubbing and grading, 13 feet wide.
Ditching 2 feet wide, 10 inches deep, where required; culverts, etc.
Wellington Road.
Samuel Price, Foreman.
Road widened to 28 feet.
„    graded    1,950 yards, 28 feet wide.
„    gravelled   950    „      20       „        10 inches deep.
„       1,100    „      25       „ 8
275    „      28        „ 8
Nine culverts—six,     28 feet by 2 feet by 1| feet.
Three, 28       „     2       „     2     „    one of stone.
An old bridge removed, place filled in, and a culvert built.
100 yards of cribbing and filling in on road, 28 feet by 4J feet.
Victoria Road.
Samuel Price, Foreman.
Brush and timber cut away, 18 feet wide, for 12 miles.
Forest cleared  460 yards,
gravelled 500
18      ,
14      ,
6      ,
,        2| inches deep
12      ,
12      ,
,        6
10      ,
,        4
9      ,
,        4
Covered 120 yards of corduroy; 50 yards of road filled in near Halloran's ; bridges repaired
at 15 and 16-mile posts, at Chase River and South Field crossing, and 30 feet removed
from a bridge and the place filled in.
Temporary ford made at Nanaimo Bridge, rock blasted and approaches to bridge filled in.
Nine culverts built—one,     20 feet by 1J feet by 1^ feet.
Five,   15      „      2 „      1|   „
Three, 15      „      1£       „      if   „
Oomox Road and Trail.
Samuel Price, Foreman.
Road graded, 600 yards, 14 feet wide.
Corduroy, 65    „       10        „
8 culverts built, each 16 feet by 1-J feet by 1-J feet.]
Bridge at Nanoose raised, and new sills added.
Road generally repaired from Morgan's farm to head of Nanoose Bay.
Englishman's River Road.
Samuel Price, Foreman.
Generally repaired. 48 Vie. Public Works Report. 251
Bennie and Dolan's Road.
Samuel Price, Foreman.
Road graded, 60 yards, 15 feet wide.
Gravelled,       70    „ 9        , 4 in. deep.
Trail to Qualicum.
Samuel Price, Foreman.
Trail cleared.
Corduroy and bridges re aired.
Trail to Alberni.
Samuel Price, Foreman.
Brush and fallen timber cleared away.
Corduroy and bridges repaired.
Gordon, Halloran, Marwick, Biggs, and Crawford's Road.
Samuel Price, Foreman.
Forest cleared, 1,200 yards, 16 feet wide.
Road graded,    1,200    „       12        „
Corduroy, 26    „       12       ,,
Road filled in,      40   „       12       „ 1 foot deep.
Gordon, Crawford, and Bryden's Road.
Samuel Price, Foreman.
Forest cleared, 450 yards, 16 feet wide.
Road graded,   450   „      12       „
Corduroy, 30   „       12       „
Fiddick's Road.
Samuel Price, Foreman.
Road gravelled, 200 yards, 9 feet wide, 6 in. deep.
Gabriola Island—North End.
J. W. Pimberthy, Foreman.
Trail, 1,000 yards, 5 feet wide.
Bridge, 18 feet long, 10 feet wide, 4 feet high, built of rough timber, covered with split
4 culverts, each 14 feet by 2 feet by 1 foot.
Road, bridges, &c, thoroughly repaired, from LeBceuf's to School-house.
Gabriola Island—South End.
R. Chappie, Foreman.
Rock blasted and road widened down the hill to the wharf, and the road generally repaired from the road leading to the wharf to the lower end of the island.
Alberni Colonization Road.
James W. Lawson, Foreman.
The construction of a sleigh road, 10 feet in width, extending up the valley of the Somass
River a distance of seven miles. 252 Public Works Report. 1884
Comox District.
Section B.
A. Milligan, Foreman.
Road repaired, stones removed, and holes filled,
A ditch cut, 600 yards in length.
2 culverts built, each 14 feet by 2'feet by 2 feet.
Section D.
A. Milligan, Foreman,
Road graded, 240 yards, 14 feet wide.
Gravelled,       578    „
Old corduroy bridge removed, place filled in, and a culvert built, 14 feet by 6 feet by 3 feet.
Main Road, from Junction of the Rivers to Duncan's House.
A. Milligan, Foreman.
Road graded, 460 yards, 18 feet wide.
Gravelled,      460   „        9        „ 8 in. deep.
Bridges' Cross Road.
A. Milligan, Foreman.
Brush cut away, bridges re-covered.
A fence that was in the centre of the road moved to its proper place.
Road between Pidcock's Bridge and Scott's.
A. Milligan, Foreman.
Brush and fallen timber removed.
1 bridge built, 12 feet long, 12 feet wide, 3 feet high, 12 in. stringers, near Pidcock's.
1 ,, 30        „        14        ,, 3        „ 16 in. stringers, on Scott's creek.
Lower Prairie Road.
A. Milligan, Foreman.
Bridge built near Wilson's junction, 22 feet long, 14 feet wide, 7 feet high.
15-in. stringers covered with 3-in. plank.
McKelvey's Road.
A. Milligan, Foreman.
Road graded, 400 yards.
Gravelled,      700    „      9 feet wide, 6 in. deep.
Tsolum River Bridge.
A. Milligan, Foreman.
Bridge repaired and strengthened with new timbers.
Upper Road.
A. Milligan, Foreman.
Stones removed, between Mission and Machin's.
A culvert built, 14 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet.
Road from Beckwisell's to Williams', at Point Holmes.
A. Milligan, Foreman.
Road grubbed; brush, stones, and roots removed
Pleasant Valley Road.
A. Milligan, Foreman.
Road grubbed and brushed. 48 Vic Public Works Report. 263
Back Road.
A, Milligan, Foreman.
Stumps, stones, and roots removed.
Corduroy built, 7 yards, 14 feet wide.
Grieve's Road.
A. Milligan, Foreman.
All holes filled and culverts repaired.
Miller's Road, from the new Point Holmes road to Miller's boundary, at Little River.
A. Milligan, Foreman.
Forest cleared, 2J miles, 14 feet wide.
Corduroy built, 20 yds., 14        „
Necessary repairs have been made to the Comox wharf, to facilitate which a suitable iron
hammer and other appliances for pile driving have been provided.
The site for a wharf at Denman Island has been selected, and plans have been prepared
and tenders invited for its construction.
Roads on Hornby Island have been repaired.
New Westminster District.
Asylum for the Insane.
McKillican & Anderson, Contractors, $22,500.
The Asylum works embraced in this contract consist of an additional wing 100 feet by
36 feet, and a projecting front 36 feet by 36 feet, two stories in height, constructed of
brick upon stone foundations, erected at the north-east corner of the old building.
The new wing contains a large dining-room, patients' sitting-room, steward's and
matron's room, visitors' room, assistants' room, sleeping rooms, bath, toilet, i&c, and a
corridor 10 feet wide on the ground floor.
In the second story there are sleeping rooms, closets, corridor, &c.
The basement affords ample room for cellars and kitchen, &c.
The new wing is well finished throughout, water is laid on, and good ventilation and
drainage provided.
Alterations, additions, and improvements have been made to the old building.
The contract also includes the erection of a two-story frame building as a dwelling for
the Resident Physician.    This house is well finished, and has all necessary conveniences.
The Asylum buildings, with ten acres of ground, have been enclosed by a strong board
and picket fence.
New Gaol.
Architects were invited to submit competitive plans for a gaol to be erected in New
Westminster City. The designs furnished by Messrs. Palliser, Palliser, & Co., of Bridgeport, Connecticut, were accepted, and tenders for construction were invited as soon as the
detail drawings and specifications had been prepared. The bids received were, however,
considered excessively high, and a contract was not awarded.
The plans and specifications were subsequently amended, with a view to reducing the
cost of construction, though the general characteristics of the design were preserved.
Tenders were again invited, and a contract awarded to Messrs. Carkeek Bros.
The front elevation presents a building three stories in height having architectural
proportions and effective outlines. This main portion is 32 feet by 112 feet. Upon the
basement floor is situated a large kitchen, and adjacent thereto a laundry and drying-room,
each fitted with all requisite fixtures for culinary and laundry purposes, and having
openings, protected by iron, through which food,  clothing,  &c,  can be passed into the 254 Public Works Report. 1884
prisoners' wards. Upon the same floor there is a dining-room and kitchen for the use of
the prison officials.
On the first floor there is a large office, a visitors' room, and gaolers' quarters, baths, &c.
On the second floor there is a chapel, library, and chambers.
On the left-hand side of the main building is situated the female ward. Projecting
from the rear is the male ward, measuring 40 feet by 84 feet. The cells are arranged in
three tiers, and are sufficient for 90 prisoners, including 12 females.
The walls and main partitions are of brick upon stone foundations. Ventilation and
drainage are well provided for. The windows, doors, and interior fittings, &c., are all
amply strong and well secured.
Land Registry Office.
Hoy & Fry, Contractors, $1,787.
To furnish all plant, labour, and material necessary for the erection and completion of a
frame building 20 feet by 40 feet, containing two offices, a fire-proof vault 6 feet by 10
feet, and all requisite interior fittings. The building is enclosed with rustic siding, and is
finished in a first-class manner; the exterior being made to correspond with that of the
Court House and Government Offices, to which it is adjacent.
Mount Lehman School House (West Matsqui).
J. K. Nelson, Contractor, $475.
To furnish all labour and materials required to erect a frame building 18 feet by 26 feet,
with porch, &c, well finished and furnished with desks and seats. All dressed lumber
painted in two-coat work.
Langley School House.
Kenneth Mclver, Contractor, $348.
A frame building 18 feet by 24 feet, enclosed with rough weather-boarding, double
floors, walls and ceiling lined with tongue and grooved well-seasoned lumber. The whole
of the dressed lumber painted two coats of lead and oil.      Platform,  cloak hooks,  &c.
Canoe Pass School House.
Samuel Calbick, Contractor, $298.
A frame building 18 feet by 24 feet, supported on strong cedar posts set about 6 feet
apart, and standing 3 feet above the ground, enclosed with rough weather-boarding, having
a double floor and being lined and ceiled with tongue and grooved flooring. All the
dressed lumber painted two coats.
Clover Valley School House.
John J. Morton, Contractor, $75.
Fencing the school site and making repairs to the out offices, well, &c.
New Westminster and Granville Trunk Road.
McDougall Bros., Contractors, $12,970.
The route followed by this road is by way of Edinburgh Street; thence in a northwesterly direction by a line running in the vicinity of the old False Creek Trail to a
junction with the Granville and North Arm Road, a distance of nearly 8^ miles.
The whole distance to be forest cleared 40 feet wide; to be grubbed 22 feet wide; to be
graded 18 feet wide in the clear between ditches, the centre of the roadway to be crowned
12 inches; to be ditched on both sides; bridges, culverts, and corduroying to be constructed
at the places and in the manner set forth, in detail, in the specifications; to gravel such
places as the Superintendent might direct 12 feet wide and 6 inches deep; the aggregate
length of such gravelling not to exceed 2,000 lineal yards. The whole, when completed,
to form a first-class waggon road suitable for heavy traffic, with easy and well formed grades.
The Contractors and the Superintendent of the work not being able to agree upon what
was necessary to be done to finally complete the contract, the Surveyor-General made a
personal examination of the work, and reported as follows:— 48 Vic. Public Works Report. 255
" New Westminster,
" 24th September, 1884.
" Sir,—In compliance with your instructions, I have made a thoroughly careful examination of the New Westminster and Granville waggon road, accompanied by Mr. Ross and the
Contractor, and have the honour to report that the requirements of the contract, with respect
to forest clearing, grubbing, grading, ditching, corduroying, bridging, and culverts, have been
carried out in a workmanlike and efficient manner.
" The length of time which has elapsed since the grading was done, has resulted in unequal
settlement at various places, a consequence to be expected, and of no great detriment.
" Owing to the level surface of two or three swamps which are crossed, it has been found
difficult to construct tail drains which will entirely prevent water from standing in the side
"A small quantity of inflammable material near the bridges has to be removed, and this
the contractor agrees to do.
"The only fault I can find with the work is the quality of the material which the contractor has placed upon the road for gravel; as such it cannot be accepted.
" I have staked out and indicated those places which require to be gravelled (aggregating
660 yards), in addition to what has already been done. Some additional corduroying has also
been provided for.
" The contractor has constructed numerous culverts not provided for in the specifications,
for which he should be paid, provided he completes the work now ordered in a satisfactory
" Mr. Ross will report further progress shortly.
" I have, &c.
"The Hon. Chief Commissioner of (Signed)        " W. S. Gore,
"Lands and Works, Victoria, B. C." "Surveyor-General.
The Contractor refused to perform the work ordered by the Surveyor-General as necessary
for the completion of his contract, on the ground that he had disposed of all his plant.
Subsequently, a settlement was agreed upon, and payment in full of all claims was made
to the contractor, five hundred dollars being deducted from the contract price and retained by
the Government to complete the work ordered to be done.
Nicomekl Bridge, Semiahmoo Bay Road.
W. C. McDougall, Contractor, $835.
The length of this bridge is 304 feet, composed of nine spans of 30 feet each and one
draw-span of 34 feet. Each bent is formed by five piles, well driven and sway braced.
The roadway is 12 feet wide, and has a hand-railing on each side. The draw-span moves
on 4-inch diameter rollers, running on three rails formed with 1-^-inch diameter round iron
let into the floor plank, and is operated by levers and ratchets which turn a drum, round
which passes a -|-inch chain, connected with each end of the draw.
Nicomekl Bridge, Coast Meridian Road.
W. C. McDougall, Contractor, $750.
This bridge which has a total length of 140 feet, has a draw-span of 34 feet, and is
similar in all respects to the bridge on the Semiahmoo road described above.
North Arm Trail Road.
Joseph M. Wise, Contractor, $2,600.
Forest clearing, 20 feet wide; grubbing, 12 feet wide; grading, 12 feet wide; to be
brushed where necessary, ditched on each side, culverts made where requisite; five bridges,
from 30 to 85 feet long, and from 8 to 15 feet high, 12 feet wide.
Port Moody Road.    Section 1—Port Moody-Clarke Road.
Jos. M. Wise, Contractor, $3,336.
About two miles new road.
Port Moody Road.    Section 2—Junction of Clarke Road to Penitentiary.
J. M. Wise, Contractor, $2,174.
About 3| miles new road. 256 Public Wobks Report. 1884
Port Moody Road, from Junction of Clarke Road to end of North Road at Port Moody.
Archie Burns, Contractor, $750.
About 2| miles general repairs.
Port Moody Road.
J. M. Wise, Contractor, $300.
Corduroying and gravelling, 440 yards, on the Clarke road.
North Arm Suburban Road.
Wm. McDonald, Foreman.
About 14 chains new road with bridge, through New Westminster Suburban Lots, $200.
Coquitlam-Pittendrigh Road.
Alex. McLean, Jr., Foreman.
About six miles new road, from Coquitlam to Pittendrigh's,
New Road across Harris Flats, Pitt Meadows.
Grant to Maple Ridge Corporation, $500.
Kanaka Creek Road.
About 2\ miles new road.
Grant to Maple Ridge Corporation, $800.
New Road on Central Line through Township No. 12, about 2 miles.
Grant to Maple Ridge Corporation, $300.
Wharnock Road in Township No.  15, about 2 miles.
Grant to Maple Ridge Corporation, $200.
Mission Colonization Road.
Geo. Newton, Foreman.
About 3 miles new road, $800.
Burton Prairie Road.
Ralph Burton, Foreman.
About 2| miles new road, $500.
Johnston Settlement Road.
Jas. Johnston, Foreman.
About 4 miles new road, $650.
Coast Meridian-Serpentine Flats Road.
Geo. Boothroyd, Contractor.
About 1 \ miles new road, $500.
Coast Meridian-Nicomekl Flats Road.
W. Shannon, Contractor, $893.
About 3 miles new road.
Clover Valley Road.
J. W. Pickard, Contractor, $500.
About 1\ miles new road.
Trunk Road, Langley Municipality.
Grant to Langley Council, $2,500. 48 Vio. Public Works Report. 257
Morrison Road.
W. Harris, Foreman.
About 4 miles new road, $500.
Cromarty-Mathers Road.
— McMillan, Foreman.
About 3J miles new road, $570.
Colonization Road, between Townships 10, 11 and 13, 14.
H. D. Benson, Foreman.
About 4 miles new road, $500.
Hall's Prairie Road—Extension to Boundary Line.
— Hart, Contractor, $200.
1| miles new road.
Mount Lehman Landing Road.
H. D. Benson, Foreman.
New road,
Mount Lehman Extension Road.
H. D. Benson, Foreman.
New road,
Sword-Maclure Road.
J. Barnes, Contractor, $365.
2 miles new road.
Ackerman Settlement Road.
O. B. Ackerman, Foreman.
2 miles new road, $200.
Sumas Lake Shore Road.
H. Barker, Contractor, $200.
16 miles new road.
New Westminster-Hastings Road.
John Sprott, Foreman.
Corduroying, cleaning ditches and general repairs
Hastings-Granville Road.
Repairing bridges and general repairs by Granville chaing-gang
Granville-North Arm Road.
General Repairs by Granville chain-gang.
North Arm Trail.
W. Rowling, Foreman.
Straightening road and general repairs.
Moody Road.
Jno. Shennan, Foreman.
Filling ruts and cleaning water-courses. 258 Public Works Report. 1884
Pitt River Road.
J. McCallum, Foreman.
Cleaning ditches and general repairs.
Trunk Road, Delta Municipality.
Grant to Council for general repairs, $1,000.
Yale Trunk Road.    Section 1—New Westminster to Langley.
A. Innes, Foreman.
Gravelling and general repairs.
Hall's Prairie Road.
D. M. McKenzie, Foreman.
Corduroying and general repairs.
Coast Meridian Road.
A. Anderson, contractor.
Approaches and clearing to Nicomekl bridge, $100.
Yale Trunk Road.    Section 2—Langley to Sumas.
H. D. Benson, Foreman.
Clearing and general repairs.
Completing and Ditching Gazetted Road, between Lots 276 and 277, Township 23.
Jas. L. Chadsey, Contractor, $275.
Balance Contract St. Andrews' Flats Road.
A. Jones, Contractor, $240.
Scott Road Deviation.
Jno. Orr, Foreman.
27 chains new road to ease grade.
Sundry Repairs within the Limits of Chilliwhack Municipality.
Government Grant, $1,000.
Repairs to Roads in Chilliwhack Damaged by Freshets.
Grant to Municipality, $1,000.
Trunk Road between Chilliwhack Bridge and Shannon Mountain.
General repairs.
Grant to Corporation, $1,500. 48 Vic.
1'ublic Works Report,
Yale-Cariboo  Waggon Road*
Section 1.—Trunk Road from Yale to Lytton, 57 Miles.
Neil Black, Foreman; Salary, $150 per month.
October ..,
Nature of Work.
Keeping- the road open, shovelling snow, cutting ice, and re
moving slides, &c.	
Removing rocks and slides, and general repairs	
Repairs along the whole section ; rocks and slides removed:
gravelled 276 yards, 12 feet wide, 10 to 12 inches deep ; 1
bridge covered with 4-inch plank, 90 feet in length ; 4 new
stringers, 12x18 inches, in a 42-foot bridge.; also ribbons, 8x
8 inches; 4 culverts of round timber—1 20x8x24- feet, 1
18x7x4 feet, 1 22x10x3 feet, 1 18x12x2 feet, covered with
4-inch plank; cribbing, 107 feet 12 feet high, 47 feet lo:
feet high, 54 feet 14 feet high ; stone wall, 49 feet 1H- feet
high, 32 feet 8 feet high, 42 feet 9 feet high, 27 feet 5 feet
General repairs along the whole section ; rocks and slides
removed, &c.; 1 bridge covered with 4-inch plank, 104x18
feet, new hand-rail 4x4 inches, ribbon 8x8 inches, squared;
bridge, 8 new stringers 12x18 inches, squared, 42 feet, and
covered 18 feet with 4-inch plank ; bridge, 4 new stringers
12x18 inches, squared, 27 feet in length and covered with
7-inch flattened timber ; 2 culverts of round timber, 22x9x
4 feet and 18x2x3^ feet; cribbjng, 42 feet, from G to 8 feet
high ; stone wall, 106 feet, from 8 to 14 feet high	
Removing slides and making general repairs ; Alexandra
bridge repaired, covered with 10,000 feet of 3-inch plank.
257x14 feet; also, the towers supported with timbers 20
inches  square	
Removing rocks and slides and keeping roadway clear and
bridges in repair	
Removing rocks and slides and keeping roadway clear for
traffic; repairing bridges, culverts, water-courses, &c:
stone wall built, 42 feet 12 feet high	
Removing rocks and slides and making general repairs......
Removing rocks and slides, cleaning culverts and watercourses, and making general repairs to the road and
Removing rocks and slides, keeping road-bed clear, cleaning
culverts and water-courses; 2 new culverts, 118x8x2$ feet,
1 18x11x5 feet; stone wall built, 34 feet by 10$ feet"high,
22 feet by 8 feet high	
No. of Men.
No. of Days.
Rate per diem.
SI 50 to §3 00
$2 69
$2 69 to §3 19
$2 14 to $3 19
$2 00 to $3 19
$2 69
$2 69 to »3 00
$2 69
$2 69
$2 69 260
Public Works Report.
188" 1
Section 2.—Trunk Road.—Lytton to Cache Creek, 53 Miles.
A. Stevenson, Foreman; Salary, $150 per month.
Nature of Work.
No. of Men.
No. of Days.
Rate per diem.
82 59 to S3 00
Clearing the road of rock and gravel slides, filling up ruts,
opening water-courses, ditches and culverts; road gravelled
200 yards, 10 feet wide, 10 inches deep ; cribbing, 70 feet,
10 feet to 12 feet high ; stone wall, 40 yards, 4 feet high...
Clearing away rock and gravel slides and stumps, filling up
ruts and opening culverts and ditches; gravelled 300 yards,
12 feet wide and 10 inches deep ;  cribbing, 55 yards, 4 to 6
SI 00 to S3 00
82 00 to 83 00
General repairs made, ruts filled up and gravel slides removed ; road graded 150 yards, 14 feet wide; gravelled,
300 yards, 12 feet wide, 10 inches deep ; bridge built, 25x
18x12 feet, stringers 12x16 inches, covered with small trees
hewed to 6 inches ; 3 culverts built of round logs—1 30x2x
1 ft., 114x2x1 ft., 1 18x1x1 ft.; cribbing, 120 feet 15 feet
high, 40 feet 4 feet high ; stone wall, 50 feet 3 feet high....
82 59 to S3 33
$2 59
82 00 to 82 59
82 50 to 83 00
82 50
Sept., Oct., Nov.
Section man making general repairs and opening up water-
Section 3.—Trunk Road.—Cache Creek to Bridge Creek, 79 Miles.
James Robertson, Foreman; Salary, $130 per month.
Nature of Work.
No. of Men.
No. of Days.
Rate per diem.
Road graded 1,118 yards, 4 feet wide; gravelled 972 yards, 12
feet wide, averaging 12 inches deep ; three new culverts,
18x4x3 feet, covered with S-inch hewed timber; 500 yards
of ditching; all bridges and culverts repaired ; rock and
§1 92 to $Z 40
Road graded 3,375 yards, averaging 4^ feet wide; gravelled
1,750 yards,  12 feet wide, averaging 12 inches deep ;  5
new culverts—2 1Sx10x3 feet, 3 18x5x3 feet, built of 15-inch
timber, covered with 8-inch timber; rocks and slides removed, culverts and water-courses opened, road repaired
Bridge repaired at 51-Mile Creek; built a new bridge over
Maiden Creek; shovelling out road from Grave Creek to
Cache Creek, and removing debris caused by a cloud-burst
S3 00 48 Vic.
Public Works Report.
Section 4.—Trunk Road.:—Bridge Creek to Soda Greek, 78 Miles.
James Robertson, Foreman; Salary, $130 per month.
October .
Nature of Work.
Road graded 2,785 yards, averaging 6 feet wide; gravelled
1,635 yards, 12 feet wide, averaging 11 inches deep; two
bridges built—1 20x18x7 feet, 1 18x10x5 feet; stringers, 12
inches ; abutments, 16 inches, of barked timber; covered
with 8-inch timber, hewed; 6 culverts built—4 18x3x3 feet,
2 21x5x3 feet; water-courses opened and rocks removed
Forest cleared 3,580 yards, 66 feet wide; road graded 5,500
yards, averaging 3£ feet wide; gravelled 3,100 yards, 12
feet wide, averaging' 11 inches deep ; 2 new bridges built—
1 40x18x4 feet, 1 50x18x4 feet, of fir timber, barked; round
stringers 16 inches, covered with hewed timber 8 to 10
inches; road cleared and levelled, water-courses opened,
culverts cleared, two bridges repaired with new stringers
and hand-rail	
Forest cleared 880 yards, 66 feet wide; road graded 1,350
yards, averaging 3£ feet wide ; gravelled 950 yards, 15 feet
wide, averaging 13 inches deep ; ditching, 400 yards; rock
and slides removed, culverts and water-courses cleared,
bridges and culverts repaired; 2 culverts built—1 18x4x2
feet, 1 12x18x3 feet	
Road graded 2,175 yards, averaging 3* feet wide; road laid
with rock 50 yards 3 feet wide, 3 feet deep ; gravelled 975
yards, 15 feet wide, 12 inches deep; bank cut away 50
yards, 3 feet wide, 10 feet deep ; new railing, 70 feet, on a
bridge; water-courses cleared; 3 new culverts—2 18x5x3
feet, 1 20x5x3 feet, of round timber, barked, and covered
with 8 to 10-inch hewed timber	
Forest cleared 200 yards 66 feet wide ; road laid with rock 40
yards, 10 feet wide, 3 feet deep; gravelled 570 yards, 12
feet wide, 10 inches deep; do., 750 yards, 16 feet wide, 12
inches deep ; ditching, 300 yards ; 1 culvert, 18x4x3 feet;
rocks and slides removed, water-courses opened, bridges
and culverts repaired ; cribbing, 40 feet, 4 feet high	
Repairing 3 miles of sleigh road, 12 feet wide, by cutting out
timber, &c.; road gravelled 275 yards, 18 feet wide, 12
inches deep; 1 new bridge 35x18x4 feet, abutments of
round timber, barked, 16 to 18 inches ; stringers 16 inches
at butt, covered with 8-inch timber; rocks and slides removed from road and water-courses opened	
No. of Men.
No. of Days.
Rate per diem.
$1 92 to §3 40
$1 92 to S3 40
SI 92 to $3 40
$1 92 to §3 40
$1 92 to S3 40
$1 92 to S3 40
Sections 5 and 6 of the Trunk Road.
From Soda Creek to Barkerville, is still maintained by W. A. Johnston under his
contract.    Joseph St. Laurent, Superintendent.
The cost of maintenance of Section 1 of the Trunk Road has, in consequence of the
completion of railway construction, been much less than during former years.    The roadway
and bridges are now in good condition 262
Public Works Report.
Yale District
Nicola Section, 37 Miles, Thompson River to Blackburn's.
A. Stevenson, Foreman.
October ...
December ,
Nature of Work.
Removing rocks and gravel slides and filling ruts	
Keeping the road clear of rocks and slides and filling ruts	
Keeping the road clear of rocks and slides and filling ruts...
Road generally repaired, slides removed, etc.; cribbing, 65
feet, 9 feet high 	
General repairs to road, rocks and slides removed, &c	
Bridge 140 feet long re-covered, road widened, and general
repairs made; 330 feet cribbing, 7 feet high	
Bridge 30 feet long re-covere'1.; 972 feet cribbing, from 2 to
12 feet high ; shovelling out slides, &c	
235 feet cribbing, 9 feet high; 60 feet stone wall, 5 feet high..
Shovelling out slides and opening ditches	
Shovelling out slides and opening ditches	
No. of Men.
No. of Days.
Rate per diem.
82 69
81 50 to 82 69
82 25 to 82 69
82 25 to $2 59
82 25 to 82 75
82 25 to 83 00
82 25 to 83 00
82 25 to 83 00
82 60
82 60
Savona Section, from Cache Cheek to Savona's Feeey, 23 Miles.
A.  Stevenson,  Foreman.
Nature of Work.
No. of Men.
No. of Days.
Rate per diem.
$2 50
S2 69
Road graded round Alkali Flat, 600 yards, 14 feet wide, near
Somlin's ranch; also near Perry's ranch, road graded 1
mile, 14 feet wide ; ditching 800 yards, 2x2 feet; road generally repaired the whole length; 2 bridges built—1 20xl6x
4 feet, 1 12x16x4 feet; stringers of round logs, 15 inches,
SI 50 to $2 6
S2 50 to S3 33
Road gravelled 50 yards, 12 feet wide, 12 inches deep; bridge
built, 25x10x5 feet; stringers, i0xl5 inches ; abutments, of
round logs, barked; planked with 3-inch plank; at Savona's
bridge, north approach graded 600 yards; do., south approach, graded 600 yards;   road   to   steamboat  landing-
graded 100 yards; repaired bridge at Rocky Point with a
new bent and stringers;  cleared out road and repaired
stone wall, 25 yards, 4 feet high, at Deadman's Creek Hill;
cribbing, 60 feet, 12 feet high, and 75 feet, 5 feet high	
$2 59 to $3 33 48 Vic. Public "Works Report. 263
Hope and Nicola Teail—84 Miles.
W. A. Starret, Foreman.    Salary, $100 per month.
Trail cleared 5 feet wide, the whole distance ; 9 bridges repaired ; bank slides removed 5
trail graded 1,166 yards, 3J feet wide; rock blasted 10 yards, 5 feet wide, 3 feet deep J
corduroy repaired 300 yards, 7 feet wide; windfalls cleared and trail put in good order;
also cribbing built 35 feet, 8 feet high, and 500 feet repaired.
Hope and Popcum Waggon^Road—22 Miles.
W. A. Starret, Foreman.
Forest cleared 392 yards, 12 feet wide.
400    „       15
Road graded   992    ,,       12        ,,        ; grading repaired the whole length of the road
rock blasted and boulders removed near Murderer's Creek.
Stone wall built 75 feet, 6 feet high.
» >i     30 2       ,,
One new bridge built, 25 feet by 12 feet by 8 feet.
Five bridges repaired.
Five culverts built, averaging 12 feet by 4 feet by 4 feet.
Two culverts repaired.
The whole road put in good order.
Hope and Similkameen Teail—137 Miles.
W. A. Starret, Foreman.
Trail cleared 5 feet wide and thoroughly repaired; 5 miles and 300 yds. of grading repaired;
corduroy 250 feet, 7 feet wide, repaired ; 3 bridges repaired; rock blasted at 70-Mile
Post; cribbing 600 feet, 1 foot high ; stone wall 20 feet, 2 feet high.
Lytton and Lillooet Trail—Lytton to Foster's Bae—25 Miles.
A. Stevenson, Foreman.
Trail cleared out and repaired for 25 miles.
Spence's Beidge and Savona's Feery Teail—Sooth Side op River.
A. Stevenson, Foreman.
The worst places in the trail repaired so that a pack-horse can travel.
Lillooet District.
Beidge River Bridge, Lillooet.
James Robertson, Foreman; Salary, $130 per month.
January—Getting out and hauling timber.
February—Building abutments, and framing timbers, etc.
March—Erecting bridge. Bridge built of fir timber; length, 120 feet, width, 10 feet; one
span, 80 feet; abutments tilled with rock; trusses, 10 inches by 12 inches; cross ties, 6
inches by 8 inches; corbels, 10 inches by 12 inches; stringers, 10 inches by 12 inches,
spliced with 10-inch by 12-inch scarfing pieces, bolted on; height above low water 35 feet,
being 8 feet higher than the old bridge; height above high water (of 1882) 2 feet.
Road frota Lillooet, via Mill, to Chadwick's Ranch—6 Miles.
W. F. Allen, Foreman; Salary, $130 per month.
Repaired road generally.
Cribbing 75 feet, 8 feet high; stone wall 18 feet, 4 feet high.     Also repaired and surveyed
3-mile hill.
One culvert built, 14 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet, covered with heavy slabs, 264 Public "Works Report. 3884
Bridge Rivee Teail—Lillooet to Bridge River Mines.
W. F. Allen, Foreman; Salary, $130 per month.
In March—Trail cut 600 yards, 3 feet wide, averaging 3 feet deep.     Rocks and fallen
trees removed.
Trail graded 460 yards, 4 feet wide, 18 inches deep.
ii        ii        55    „     \2>        ,, Iz        „
Gravelled      293,,     12        ,, 10        ,,        corduroy 75 yards, 12 feet wide.
Three culverts built, one 15 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet; two 12 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet.
The work had then to be abandoned on account of deep snow.
In June—General repairs made.    Cleared out the old Dewdney trail where passable, and
made a new trail for 23 miles; also brushing and cutting out timber for the remainder,
a distance of 42 miles.
July—Cleared out brush and fallen timber from the mouth to Lyncton Creek, 65 miles.
September—General repairs.     Widened and improved trail from the mouth of  Bridge
River to 14 miles up the Fraser River.
Lillooet and Clinton Road.
W. F. Allen, Foreman; Salary, $130 per month.
Road generally repaired.
Graded 1,225 yards, 12 feet wide, averaging 1J feet deep.
Near Kelly's Lake built a stone wall 125 yards, 4 feet to 5 feet high, and on the top
crib work 1,124 yards, 4 feet high; rocks and fallen trees removed.
Haller Road.
W. F. Allen, Foreman.
Road graded 7 miles, averaging 10 feet wide, and 1 to 4 feet deep.
„    gravelled 746 yards, averaging 9 feet wide, and from 6 to 10 inches deep.
Corduroy 68 yards, 12 feet wide.
Three bridges built, averaging 23 feet by 12 feet by 4 feet; 18-inch stringers, 10-inch
Ten culverts built—Three averaging 21 feet by 8 feet by 2 feet.
One „ 15       „    12      „      4    „
Six „ 12       „      6      „       2    „
Ditching 100 yards, 3 feet by 2 feet.
Bridges repaired, culverts repaired, rocks and slides removed, fallen trees cleared away,
ruts filled; 105 large boulders removed by blasting; 3 miles of road thoroughly grubbed
and roots removed; 1 mile of new road cleared and graded to Canoe Creek, thence to
Dog Creek, thence to Little Dog Creek; a new bridge and three culverts on this part of
the road.
Dog Creek and Alkali Lake Road.
W. F. Allen, Foreman.
General repairs made, and construction of new road at various places.
Graded 1 mile, 11 feet wide, 1J- feet to 4 feet wide.
Four culverts—One 18 feet by 4 feet by 3 foot.
Three 12 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet.
Dog Creek and Big Bae Road.
W. F. Allen, Foreman.
Road widened and generally repaired for 7 miles.
,,    graded 1 mile and 240 yards, 11 feet wide, from 1|- to 6 feet deep.
Five culverts—One    17 feet by 12 feet by 3 feet.
„       10      „        4        „    2    „
Three 12      „        8        „
Also constructed a new grade on the lower end of the Big Bar Road; graded 2,162 yards,
11 feet wide, averaging 7 feet deep. 48 Vic. Public Works Report. 265
Lillooet and Lytton Teail.
W. F. Allen, Foreman.
Trail thoroughly cleared for 14 miles, and generally repaired towards Lytton; rocks, slides
and fallen timber removed.
Trail from Lillooet to J. Dickey's—West Side op Fraser River.
W. F. Allen, Foreman.
10 miles generally repaired.
Clearwater Trail, 60 Miles, to 108-Mile House.
James McKinlay, Foreman.
Trail cleared the whole distance, 60 miles, 5 feet wide.
Big Bar Road, Haller Road, and Clinton-Lillooet Road.
General repairs.
Graded 979 yards, 13 feet wide, 1 foot deep.
Gravel, 350 yards, 10 feet wide, 6 inches deep.
Four culverts—three, 12 feet long, 4 feet wide, 2 feet deep; one, 15 feet long, 4 feet wide,
2 feet deep.
Cribbing 60 feet, 9 feet high.
A survey was made for a road through Marble Canon, to connect Lillooet with the main
Trunk Road. Specifications were prepared and tenders invited for the construction
of a winter or sleigh road. The bids received were high, and in consequence of
petitions from interested settlers in the vicinity, it was decided to postpone the construction of the road for the present.
Clinton Gaol.
Prison labour has been utilized in preparing the site for a Gaol at Clinton, a contract for
the erection of which has been awarded to Mr. Frank Hutton for $650, all necessary
material being supplied by the Government The building is to be 28 feet square, the
walls of logs dovetailed at the corners; the floor, ceiling and partition walls are also of
logs, flattened and laid close, without chinking; walls and ceiling to be mudded; roof,
half pitch, to be shingled, &c.
Big Bar School.
A building has been purchased from Mr. Hartman and fitted up with the requisites for a
School house.
Kamloops District.
Lock-up at Nicola.
Thomas Mathews, Contractor, $517.
The construction and completion of a frame building 20 feet by  30 feet, containing a
Court room 20 feet by 22 feet, and two cells each 8 feet by 10 feet.
The Government appropriation for this service was only $250, the balance of the contract
price, $267, was subscribed by the residents in the vicinity of the Court House.
Lock-up at Spence's Bridge.
This is a log building lined with lumber, and consists of a Court room, passage way, and
three or four cells.    The building was erected by Mr. John Murray.
Douglas Lake Road.
Robert Hamilton, Contractor, $2,300.
This road extends from the forks of the Nicola-Kamloops road to the east end of Douglas
Lake, a distance of 13 miles. It has been graded 14 feet wide and provided with
ditches and culverts where necessary, and a substantial bridge erected over the Nicola
River, Savona Ferry Bridge.
The contract for the construction of a bridge over the Thompson River at Savona, which
was let last year, has been completed.
A survey has been made for a bridge over the Thompson River, at Barnes' Station; plans
and specifications have been prepared, and tenders invited.
Kamloops-Nicola Road—39 Miles.
Snow drifts shoveled out of road from foot of Newman's hill to McLeod's; deep washout
near Jones', about 2 feet wide, and from 1 to 4 feet deep, 150 yards long, filled in; holes
and ruts filled in above and below Scotts'; also from Newman's to Ritchie McDonald's;
slides 150 yards long shoveled out of road; cuts 980 yards long filled in; culverts and
bridges repaired.
Savona-Kamloops Road—30 Miles.
Washouts, between Pendleton and four miles beyond Pat Duffy's, filled in; bridge at 3-mile
creek repaired; cribbing 35 feet long, 4 feet high; stones thrown out of road; ruts
filled in; slides shoveled out; new piece of road made around Summit Lake, 445 yards
long, 10 to 12 feet wide.
Kamloops-Okanagan Road—70 Miles.
A culvert made near Victor Guillaume's, 2 feet wide, 12 feet long; bridge repaired at the
above place; a gully filled in near Duck's on hill, 150 yards long, from 2 to 3 feet deep;
cribbing 8 feet high, 35 feet long; washout on hill, beyond Duck's, 50 feet long, 5 feet
wide, 4 feet deep, filled in; culvert 14 feet long, 15 inches wide, 18 inches deep; ditch
excavated 150 feet long, 2 feet wide, 1 foot deep; new culvert put in near Peterson's;
grades cleared of slides; culverts repaired where necessary; trees cut out of road; new
covering put on bridge near Duck's; ruts filled in and stones remo ved from road.
Road abound Summit Lake.
A new road 1,100 yards long, averaging 9 feet wide; 860 yards of the above was from 4
to 7 feet deep on the inside, and very rocky.
Noeth Thompson Road—18 Miles.
Ruts filled in; rocks removed; culverts repaired; new road constructed, to avoid hill south
of Sullivan's, 1,400 yards long, from 7 to 8 feet wide; extensive slide shoveled out, and
rock removed to increase width.
South Thompson Road—18 Miles.
Slides and stones removed from road; at Leveau's a bridge about 19 feet long, 18 feet
wide, 6 feet wide, and approaches filled in; 5 culverts  made  as follows:—6  feet long,
14 feet wide; 8 feet long, 14 feet wide; 5 feet long, 14 feet wide;   8 feet long, 14 feet
wide; 6 feet long,  14 feet wide; 3 bridges constructed of the following dimensions:—
15 feet long, 14 feet wide, 6 feet high; 19 feet long, 14 feet wide; 27 feet long, 14 feet
wide, 7 J feet high; road widened where required, and ruts filled in.
Secton from Ross' to Pemberton's.
A new road made 700 yards long, 9 feet wide; average depth of cutting on inside 5 feet
deep; 300 yards of the above very rocky and difficult to make; 1 culvert 4 feet long,
11 feet wide.
Tranquille Road—8 Miles.
Bridge renewed 16 feet long; also a culvert; rocks removed, and ruts filled in,
Road from Duffy's to Kamloops Lake.
New road made 560 yards long, 11 feet wide.
Road feom Hudson's Bay Co's. to below Mission.
Road extended by removal of rock at McConnell's.
Coppee Ceeek Teail.
Slides removed; rocks thrown out of trail; gullies filled in. 48 Vic. Public Works Report. 267
Nicola Road.
General repairs have been made from Coutlie's to Moore's, and the grade at Charters'
Eagle Pass Waggon Road.
Messrs. Ainsworth, Blasdel, and Wright, have carried out their agreement with the
Government respecting the construction of a waggon road between Shuswap Lake and
the Columbia River, via Eagle Pass. They have been paid in full by Land Warrants
aggregating 60,000 acres.
The Resident Engineer reports as follows:—
"Victoria, B. C,
" To the Hon. William Smithe, "11th November, 1884.
" Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
" Sir,— I have the honour to report the completion of the Eagle Pass Waggon Road, and
the pack-trails around the four summit lakes of the pass; the construction of landing places on
each of the lakes, and the construction and equipment of suitable and substantial scows and
ferry-boats for transporting passengers, heavy waggons, and cattle across them.
" Work was resumed upon the waggon road this season with a large force of choppers,
rollers, and graders, on the 8th clay of July, and the entire line of road was located, and the
clearing of the required width made to the west bank of the Columbia River, on the 16th of
September. The grubbing and grading were completed about eight days later. The pack-trails
around the lakes were subsequently made, and on the 1st of October heavily laden pack-trains
could make an uninterrupted passage from Shuswap Lake to the Columbia River.
" Having yourself passed over the road since its completion, making a careful inspection
of its construction and condition, I need say little more concerning these than that it has been
built substantially, in accordance with the spirit of the specification, and that apparently no
effort was spared by the managing contractor to make a good and serviceable road of its class.
"The distance from Shuswap Lake to the Columbia River, measured across the intervening
lakes, is forty-seven and a quarter miles.
" The entire length of waggon road constructed is 43 miles and 14 chains, and may be thus
enumerated in sections:—
Shuswap Lake to Griffin Lake  30 miles 51 chains
Griffin Lake to Three Valley Lake  1 mile 50      „
Three Valley Lake to Victor Lake  2 miles 68      ,,
Victor Lake to Bluff Lake  64       .,
Bluff Lake to Columbia River  7    ,,     21      „
Total  43 miles 14 chains.
"The total length of the pack-trails made around the four lakes, is 5 miles and 3 chains,
and is thus apportioned:—
Trail around Griffin Lake  1 mile 30 chains
Trail around Three Valley Lake  1    ,, 68      ,,
Trail around Victor Lake  39      ,,
Trail around Bluff Lake  1    ,, 26      ,,
Total      5 miles 03 chains.
"These pack-trails are of specified width, and are all, comparatively, direct, and have easy
gradients, with the single exception of that around Bluff Lake, where it was found necessary
to ascend to a height of 710 feet above the level of the adjacent lake, to get over an almost
perpendicular waterfall. The ascent from both directions is necessarily, therefore, very
circuitous, and for much of the distance of the maximum grade.
"Ample facilities have been provided, as required by the contract, for the transportation
of passengers, cattle, and merchandize across the lakes, and an efficient ferry service maintained
for free use by the public. For this purpose there are, upon each lake, one scow, 45 feet long,
and 12 feet wide, fitted with side rails and aprons at the ends, to facilitate getting on and off
the scows from the landings, and furnished with four large oars or sweeps, and one large boat, 268 Public Works Report. 1884
25 feet long, fitted with six patent composition rowlocks, and furnished with three pairs of ash
oars, and capable of carrying, with safety, 25 persons.
" There are also two landing places on each lake, so situated and constructed as to afford
easy access to the scows for teams and heavy waggons at any height of water.
" Of the structures along the line of road, the most important is that over the North Fork
of Eagle River, 21^ miles from Shuswap Lake. This is a substantially built bridge of 160 feet
span, with two abutments, and three piers. The centre pier is 14 feet by 10 feet, with cutwaters, and the other piers are 14 feet by 6 feet. Under the flooring there are three stringers,
each 17 inches square, and the corbels 30 feet long, and 17 inches by 20. The hand-rails are
large and firmly braced, and the flooring of sound split cedar, 4 inches thick.
" Besides this structure there are 45 other bridges on the line of road, of 15 feet span and
over; of which seventeen are of 15 feet span; fifteen of 20 feet span; five of 30 feet span; one
of 35 feet span; two of 50 feet span; one of 60 feet span; two of 65 feet span; one of 70 feet
span, and one of 85 feet span. These are all strongly built of cedar and hemlock, with split
cedar flooring, and promise to be very durable.
" Of corduroying there is a total length of 7,499 lineal feet, distributed as follows:—
Between Shuswap Lake and North Fork 3,118 lineal feet.
North Fork and Griffin Lake      320
Griffin Lake and Three Valley Lake 2,537
Three Valley Lake and Victor Lake      622 ,,
Victor Lake and Bluff Lake      126 „
Bluff Lake and Columbia River      776 ,,
Total 7,499 lineal feet.
" Much of this corduroying has been built this year upon portions of the road which were
thought to have been completed in a solid manner, both last season and this, but were so cut
up by the combined action of continuous rains and heavy traffic before the road-bed had been
afforded an opportunity of settling, as to be almost impassable until they were timbered.
" Of timber cribbing there is a total length 11,029 lineal feet, which is thus distributed:—
Between Shuswap Lake and North Fork      676 lineal feet.
North Fork and Griffin Lake 6,267
„ Griffin Lake and Three Valley Lake       389 „
,, Victor Lake and Bluff Lake         67 „
,, Bluff Lake and Columbia River   3,630 „
Total 11,029 lineal feet.
" There are also 313 lineal feet of stone retaining wall, and 240 lineal feet of log protection,
and one piece of crib wharfing 55 feet long, 12 feet wide, and averaging about 13 feet high.
" Although not perhaps legitimately belonging to this report, it may be mentioned, as of
some interest, that the relative heights of the several points in Eagle Pass are as follows, the
waters of Shuswap Lake being taken as zero:—
Shuswap Lake       0  feet.
North Fork    119
Griffin Lake    411
Three Valley Lake   533
Victor Lake    650
Bluff Lake   710
Columbia River (high-water mark)    358
" I may say, in conclusion, that the work during the present season has been satisfactorily
performed, and in every case where objection was taken to any part of it,  every requirement
has been satisfied by the managing contractor, who has, at all times,  evinced a desire to carry
out the spirit of his contract.    The results are such, I trust, as meet your approval.
" I have, &c,
(Signed)       " S. P. Tuck.
" Resident Engineer Eagle Pass Waggon Road." 48 Vic. Public Works Report. 269
Osoyoos District.
Pleasant Valley Road.
F. Hassard, contractor; $1,700.
This road extends from Section 32, Township 35, to the head of Swan Lake, a distance of
about 13 miles.
Forest clearing and brushing, 24 feet wide.
Grubbing, 12 feet wide.
Grading,      „ „
Bridges and culverts where necessary.
Spallumcheen River Road.    Section One.
Wm. McKenzie, contractor; $2,375.
This road is to connect Belvidere with Seven Mile, or Mara, Lake, a distance of 14 miles.
Section One extends from Belvidere down the Spallumcheen River, a distance of 5 miles.
Cleared and brushed 24 feet wide.
Graded 12 feet wide.
Bridges, culverts, and corduroy as required; cribbing round bluffs and steep side-hills
where directed.
General repairs have been made to the main road from Lambly's to the Mission.    Other
roads in the District have received necessary attention.
Priest's Valley School.
Angus McDonald, Contractor, $725.
To find all plant, labour, and material requisite, and to erect a frame building 20 feet by
30 feet, with 12 feet ceiling, enclosed with rustic siding, shingled roof, lined and ceiled
inside with beaded tongue and grooved, flooring matched and dressed, double floors,
dressed woodwork outside painted. Teacher's platform, and seats and desks for thirty
children, provided.
Cariboo District.
Joseph St. Laurent, Foreman.
Barkerville-Stanley Road, via Slough Creek.
More or less work has been done on this road for the past three years. This season it has
been so far completed as to admit of the passing over it of sleighs and light waggons,
enabling uninterrupted traffic between Barkerville and the lower country during the
winter months. From 10 to 20 men were, for about four months, employed on this
work, which entailed some heavy rock cuttings and a large amount of cribbing. 14
miles have been completed; the grades are good and the road is nowhere less than 8
feet in width.
Soda Creek-Chilcotin Road.
10 miles have been completed, from 6 to 10 feet in width, with an easy grade; bridges
built and cribbing constructed where necessary. The road is passable for sleighs and
light waggons. In order to avoid a very steep and dangerous hill, a new road, 1,500
yards, 9 feet in width, has been constructed along the shore of Williams Lake, and a
bridge built, 30 feet by 16 feet.
Williams Lake and Chimney Creek.
2\ miles repaired, timber cut out, stumps removed, grading improved, and several small
bridges built.
Soda Creek and Hawks' Ranch, and to Mud Lake.
These roads have been generally repaired. Omineca Trail from Quesnelle—300 miles.
Trail repaired and improved by cutting out and removing fallen timber, <fec, by contract.
Alexandria and Quesnelle Teail—25 miles.
Cleared of   fallen timber, &c, by contract.     This trail, on the west side of the Fraser
River, is used for driving cattle to the Omineca Mines.
Hixon Creek Trail—45 miles.
General repairs.
Keithley Creek Polling Division.
W. Stephenson, Foreman.
All the old trails, at present in use, have received more or less general attention.
At Duck Creek, between the Forks of Quesnelle and Keithley Creek, a new bridge has
been built.
All the trails leading from Barkerville as a centre, to the various surrounding creeks, have
been more or less repaired. The principal trails are to Grouse, Antler, Cunningham, Harvey,
Keithley, Snow Shoe, Lower Antler, Musquito, Hardscrabble, Sugar, and Lowhee Creeks.
At the Forks of Quesnelle. under the superintendence of Mr. Stephenson, a new gaol and
quarters are now in course of construction.
Prison labour has been utilized in the care of the Government Buildings, &c.
Cassiar District.
Report of the Superintendent of Trails :—■
"To the Honourable
"The Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works.
" Sie,—I have the honour to inform you that, in accordance with your letter of 26th or
27th April last (which I unfortunately lost in Stickeen river, by the upsetting of the canoe in
which I was travelling), instructing me to proceed to Glenora, Cassiar, and from that point do
such repairs on the trail leading to Dease Lake as would seem to be necessary.
"Commenced work 12th May. Cut and removed all fallen timber and rocks found on
trail, as far as head of Dease Lake.
" Returned to 2nd North Fork Bridge, and remained eight days during high water.
Proceeded again to lake ; travelled to Laketon on Lake Trail, cutting and removing timber.
Did the same on Dease Creek Trail. Next, went to Thibert Creek and executed such repairs
as were required. Returned to the main portage trail, 30th June, on account of a heavy
wind storm, and cleared out a large quantity of fallen timber, and did such other work as was
necessary, as far as Glenora. Returned again to 2nd North Fork Bridge, and completed such
repairs as I thought were needed. Then proceeded to Lake, which I reached on 29th August,
having laid and repaired corduroy on the way. Returned again to 2nd North Fork Bridge,
putting in a number of culverts at such points as they were needed.
" As per instructions, on 5th September, I started to explore for the purpose of ascertaining the practicability of building a piece of new trail, so as to avoid the steep hills and the
building of a new bridge over the 2nd North Fork, on present site. I found that to follow the
line recommended, it would cost $600 to clear and grade the new piece of trail (distance, say
7 miles), and $2,000 to build a bridge of from 250 to 300 feet over same stream.
" Returned to main trail, removing all obstructions as far as Thibert Creek. Thence proceeded by boat to McDame Creek; returned by trail, removing fallen timber and otherwise
improving the roads until I reached Glenora, on the 23rd October, on which date I ceased
work for the past season. 48 Vic Public Works Report. 271
Memo, of permanent work performed during the past season:—
Main Trail.
New corduroy laid, 501 feet.
Corduroy covered with dirt, &c, 1,600 feet,
Bridges built (two) 30 and 60—90 feet.
New road built, 200 feet.
Thibert Creek.
New trail built, 1^ miles.
New corduroy laid, 101 feet.
Bridges built (two) 27 feet each, 54 feet.
" Trusting I have given satisfaction,
(Signed)       "Archie Cameron.
" Victoria, B.C., 13th November, 1884."
Kootenay District.
The Kootenay Bailway and Transportation Company have selected and surveyed the
blocks of land required by them on Kootenay Lake, as required by the Act. The blocks, two in
number, have an aggregate area of 45,615 acres, exclusive of claims otherwise acquired.
The Company has also surveyed the route for a line of Railway from the outlet of
Kootenay Lake to the Columbia River.
Field notes and maps of these surveys have been deposited by the Company in the Lands
and Works Office.    They have been checked and found accurate.
Roads and Trails.
The Kicking Horse and Columbia River Trail for a distance of about 50 miles south of
Kicking Horse, i. e., Golden City, has been chopped out, bridged, and graded, and generally
placed in order for traffic.
The Walla Walla Trail, via Moyea River, has been kept clear of fallen timber, and the
grading and bridging repaired.
The Kootenay Lake Trail is now open from the junction to the head of the lake.
Necessary expenditures have been made upon the McLeod Trail, the trail from Columbia
River to Canon Creek, and on trails in the vicinity of the Upper Columbia Lakes, Wild Horse
Creek, and Kootenay River.
Tenders were invited for the right to maintain ferries at the various points recommended
by the Assistant Commissioner for the District. It is the intention to grant charters at the
railway crossing of Columbia River near Eagle Pass, and at such other points as may seem
desirable. 272                                         Public Works Report.
Tenders Received
the Year 1884.
Nature of Work.
Name of Tenderer.
Victoria District.
$     410 00
440 00
533 00
1,400 00
1,400 00
1,422 00
1,425 00
1,483 00
1,490 00
1,495 00
1,549 00
1,568 00
1,575 00
1,586 00
1,593 00
1,650 00
1,750 00
1,875 00
325 00
385 00
882 00
995 00
1,014 00
1,048 00
1,090 00
1,096 00
1,150 00
1,175 00
1,279 00
461 00
476 00
490 00
499 00
530 00
538 00
575 00
600 00
420 00
443 00
485 00
1,320 00
290 00
295 00
320 00
375 00
415 00
416 00
500 00
560 00
McKillican & Anderson	
W. H. Souden	
Hogarth & Noble	
Whitney & Roble	
W. H. Robertson	
Wm. Rockett	
McKillican & Anderson ....
G. H. Baker	
McLellan & Sallick	
H. W. Smith	
J. W. Mackay	
H.W. Smith	
Wm. Constantine	
Thos. Elliott	
Hogarth & Noble	
Wm. Rockett	
F. G. Rayner	
D. T. Johnson	
W. M. Ross	
W. H. Robertson	
D. T. Johnson	
D. McPhadden	
W. Rockett	
C. W. Baker	
F. G. Rayner	
G. Taylor	
Wm. Rockett	
JUL. W. Smith	
> ... 48 Vic.
Public Works .Report.
Nature op Work.
Victoria District.
Lake District Road	
Cadboro Bay Road.
Esquimalt District.
Sooke Road, Naylor's Hill	
Happy Valley Road.
Cowichan District.
Mayne Island Road	
Trunk Road, Quamichan	
Goldstream and Cowichan Road—Section 1
Goldstream & Cowichan Road—Section 2.
New Westminster and Granville Trunk Road.
Name of Tenderer.
Joseph Nicholson .
Wm. Thompson ..
Jas. Baker	
Taylor & McLean.
Jas. Baker .
P. Gilligan.
N. Leclaire.
Joseph Nicholson.
Wm. Phillips	
A. Peatt	
Jas. Baker	
A. Peatt	
Chas. Forman .
Mrs.  Calvert..
Wm. Millington.
G. V. Andrews ..
Jacob Heck	
W. C. Brown.
D. P. Young.
Geo. Kier....
Geo. Waugh	
Wm. Hick	
A. J. McLellan	
Jas. Baker	
Tierney & Osterhout .
H. McDonald	
Joseph Nicholson	
Geo. Jones ,
Joseph Nicholson ,
Geo. Taylor	
Gray & Sass	
J. W. Landson ...
Copley's Road ,	
Richardson's Road	
Trunk Road, Chemainus	
Trunk Road, Quamichan	
New Westminster District.
New Westminster and Granville Trunk Road.
Jas. Dougan	
Jno. McLay	
W. J. McMillan .
J. McPherson.
Robert Kelly.
Jas. Dougan. .
N. W. Campbell..
Thos. P. Windsor.
Thos. P. Windsor.
A. C. Fraser ..
R. P. Mitchell.
D. L. Smith...
P. Mitchell ...
McDougall Bros ..
A. & W. Innes ...
Wm. Hick	
Tierney & Taylor.
3,175 00
3,575 00
3,909 00
3,943 00
311 00
350 00
490 00
1,375 00
1,500 00
1,750 00
720 00
783 00
875 00
975 00
125 00
135 00
210 00
90 00
115 00
120 00
8,762 00
11,900 00
12,846 00
13,597 00
14,295 00
14,550 00
16,145 00
1,300 00
1,555 00
3,150 00
3,S75 00
6,520 00
360 00
450 00
800 00
400 00
455 00
570 00
492 00
500 00
330 00
14,250 00
17,000 00
21,350 00
22,000 00
Not awarded
12.970 00
13,400 00
13,400 00
1,3,895 00    1
Awarded. 274
Public "Works Eeport.
Nature of Work.
New Westminster District.
Port Moody Road—Section 1	
Port Moody Road—Section 2	
Land Registry Office	
Nicomekl Bridge, Semiahmoo Bay Road
Draw Bridge, Coast Meridian Road
Asylum Works ,
Mount Lehman School	
Canoe Pass School	
Langley School	
North Arm Trail	
Clover Valley School	
Nanaimo District.
Cranberry District Road	
Nanoose Road and Bridge	
Wellington School Fence
Gabriola Island School..
Millstone River Bridge .
J. M. Wise	
J. Moriarty	
G. Good	
Holmes & Calbick
Name of Tenderer.
J. M. Wise	
D. L. Smith	
Hick & McMillan.
Hoy & Fry	
W. S. Wraight .
R. Lawson	
W. C. McDougall.
D, F. Adams	
W. C. McDougall.
Lamb & Herd	
McKillican & Anderson.
W. Turnbull	
Hoy & Fry	
Wraight & Burns	
J. K. Nelson ..,
R. H. Sweeney .
S. Calbick.
T. Levi...
W. Gray..
K. Mclver ...
W. Howay...
J. S. Gray ...
J. A. Calbick.
J. K. Nelson .
J. M. Wise .
F. McClerry.
J. Morton.
Hill & Dolan
S. Shaw	
J. Skinner ..
J. Eade—bridge, $175	
R. Grant—bridge, 8200	
McDonald & McLachlan	
C. Cameron—$2 50 $ foot ..
J. Fear	
W. B. Hunter—bridge, $200.
Levi McCutcheon.
A. J. Dixon.
J. Sage	
Blackett & Meyer	
Tailor & Fairweather
J. Fletcher	
Gray & Morgan	
G. H. Frost	
A. J. McLellan	
A. Grant	
R. Grant	
D. T, Johnson	
$ 3,336 00
3,750 00
3,974 00
2,174 00
3,000 00
3,250 00
3,270 00
1,787 00
1,984 00
2,000 00
835 00
1,950 00
775 00
14,537 00
22,500 00
23,375 00
24,200 00
27,500 00
475 00
648 00
298 00
381 00
425 00
348 00
372 00
375 00
397 00
450 00
2,600 00
3,000 00
75 00
45cts. # yard
45cts. 1? yard
$1 00 $ yard
60cts. $ yard
150 00
119 00
1,175 00
1,275 00
1,278 00
1,375 00
1,495 00
1,545 00
1,640 00
1,650 00
1,737 00
1,840 00
Awarded. 48 Vic.
Public Works Report.
Nature of Work.
Name of Tenderer.
Nanaimo District.
$ 2,650 00
2.750 00
3,078 00
2.774 00
2,925 00
2,974 00
2,990 00
3,175 00
3,490 00
3,540 00
3,703 00
4,050 00
4,350 00
4,983 00
3.775 00
384 00
480 00
495 00
595 00
675 00
850 00
291 00
373 00
375 00
383 00
445 00
450 00
424 00
2,300 00
2,400 00
7,200 00
2,590 00
1,700 00
1,775 00
2,375 00
2,445 00
2,460 00
2,875 00
7,495 00
7,875 00
W. E Blackett	
A. J. McLellan	
J. McMullen	
D. F. Adams	
G. H. Frost	
H. McDonald	
Taylor & McFane	
H. McAddie	
E. Cook	
S. B. Hamilton	
Sage & Buffingtbn, $130 # m.
Noveno & Angelo, $200 <fj? m.
W. E. Blackett	
J. W. Stirtan	
W. Keddy	
H. McAddie	
Kamloops District.
Wm. Manning	
J. Corbitt	
Osoyoos District.
Belvidere and Seven Mile Lake Road—Section 1 ..
T. N. Hayes	
T. N. Hayes	
W. McKenzie	
Not awarded. 276
Public Works Report.
^       Ol       IO
O           -H           rH
t-       ri        co
N«              CD        TH
CO Oi t-« CN Ti< rH CO t7» O IT— t—
COCO              CO        ^tHOJOCC
CO        rH CO
©       00
•^ t^O O CO
CO        CM
tjTco'io of
W3 ^ CQ
' 1
Oi      • rH
C5C5     «     • r
OJ o
t—I ©
^ ^
1—(  i-H
CO i-H
<M rH CM
•a  h
ir- 00 i-r CO VO IO CO
■5 a
(N O        CO CO       rH
fl   CD
.3 S     .
.«? co
Ph tn
r-7    °
03 rO
r3          S TJ tO     .
i Reco
of Ina
of Pur
CO t^Tl        CM        CO
.2      cs      o>      ^ S ? o o
+3           4->           43           rjgOr-t,
CX r-H
i           .3          -G           J>    r-3    QJ    CD 43
£       8       co       So 2 o co
Ph     CJ     O     OB<l<U
r-i-H ir
es     t-
• >>-e ■» • >> •
rt  S  (3    •  c3
t* 1 ts : is
rs g^a cos
C3   ^   rf   OT   rf
co a
Island R
if Imprffv
Island R
if Purcha
Island R
OJ   P
§           OT           OT           S   ® +
vn G
1               +3             43               t*   7-7     r
CO         U         U         O   CS   t


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