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PETITION. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly. 1884

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 47 Vic.
Petition against Settlement Bill—Nanaimo.
To the Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of
British Columbia.
We, the undersigned Electors of the constituency of Nanaimo, in the Province of British
Columbia, beg respectfully to protest against the passage, by the Legislative Assembly of the
Province, of the Bill entitled the "Settlement Act," and beg to submit for your consideration
our objections thereto, as follows, viz.:—
1. That the "Settlement Act" virtually creates a monopoly, inasmuch as it makes no
stipulation that the Dominion Government shall transfer the Railway Reserve to the
Railway Company under provisions that shall secure to the public the right to purchase Agricultural, Timber and Coal Lands at any fixed price or in any definite
quantity, or that the regulations provided for the purchase of Coal Lands from the
Dominion Government in other parts of the Dominion have not been made to apply
to the Vancouver Island Railway Reserve;
2. That the said Act discourages coal mining by exempting from taxation, until occupied,
all the lands to be transferred to the proposed Railway Company;
3. Your Petitioners would impress upon your consideration the necessity of amending the
Act, so as to provide against the possible creation of a monopoly in the chief
resources of the Province;
And your Petitioners, as in duty bound, will ever pray, &c.
Wm. H. Morton
Peter Taylor
Harry Boaswall
D. S. McDonald
John Whitfield
Geo. Bevilockway
Joseph Bevilockway
W. E. Webb
J. M. Knight
N. Smith
Elijah Smithurst
J. B.  Ward
John Gribble
Lawrence Manson
James Lyons
B. Davis
J. Stephens-
F. C. Meakin
John Foster
Frank Holden
John Hunter
William Miller
Nils Nord
T. O'Sullivan
W. Wymond Walkem
B. Whitfield
Jonathan Blundell
James Malpass
John H. Scales
Geo. Thomson
Thomas Millar
William Lewis
William Wilks
D. Davis
T. Jones
George Baker
James Knight
Joseph Baker
J. A. Thompson
D. Smith
D. Hoggan
J. Hirst
W. Hirst
J. Webb
B. Brown
S. Brightman
W. Akenhead
James Abrams
J. W. Stirtan
D. Jones, senior
David Hopkins
Price Thomas
George Sage
Peter Morrison
Taylor George
Neal Bowater
George Hilton
Aaron Garland
Bobert Dunn
C. C. Westwood
B. J. Westwood
M. Morrison
James Harley
Bobert Bivers
Samuel Hudson
David Graham
Joseph Westwood
D. H. Westwood
Saml. Jones
Adolph Mayer
C. N. Westwood
Daniel Beauchamp
Joseph Metcalf
Bobert Freethy
John Linn
Thomas White
Thos. McGuffie
Bichard Chappie
David Boberts
B. Norris
William M. Flewett
Magnus Edgar
Jonathan Martin
H. Pitersen
Aaron Martin
Thomas Degnen
James H. Degnen
John Degnen
John YV. Penberthy
James McLay
Theodore Le bceuf
Michael Manly
John Gemmell
Alexander Kennedy
Albert Fuller
Samuel C. Davis
James Henry Mulholland
Joseph Abbott
Parker White
Ewd. H. Michael
George McGregor
Charles Bennie
Samuel Bennie
John Bennie
John Thomas
Charles York
James Gordon
George Crawford 198
Petition against Settlement Bill—Nanaimo.
John Grandam
Bobert Beck
Walter Griffiths
John Muir
Duncan McLeod
G. 0. Lock
John Abrams
Alex. Hoggan
James Bennett
James Leask
Charles F. Gullion'
James Fisher
George Cassidy
Archd. Cowie
Charles Stewart
Edward Pearson
Alexander Papley
William MacDonald
Abraham Starks
Louis Starks
David Overton
Bichard Bichardson
John Bichardson
Benjamin Bichardson
Peter Bichardson
John Hemer
Jules L. Michael
David Scott
James Paterson J
George Old, senior
John Meakin, senior
Wm. Lukey, junior
William Stove
William Bone
William Lukey
Bichd. Brinn
Joseph Bandle
Joshua Martell
Charles Machin
Thomas Morgan
Archibald Muir
John Meakin, jr.
Alex. Galloway
W. Sinclair
Z. Guest
Donald Ferguson
William Boberts
Geo. Campbell
Hugh Bolton
Henry Bolton
John Morgan
Griffith Bees
Jas. Wilcox
Jas. M. Brown
John Hilbert
Chas. L. Smith
James Jamieson
W. H. Coburn
Jas. Bhillips
John Smith
P. Sabiston
A. Summerhayes
William Isbister
David Page
John Sampson
John Jones
T. D. Jones
Bobert Aitken
George Churchill
James Davy
James Williams
Mark Churchill
Thos. Hopkins
Thos. Wilks
John Cameron
Wm. 0. Lockhart
Hugh Bichardson
John Marwick
John Cullighan
John Williams
Joseph Guthro
Thomas Perry
William Davey
Michael Corcorn
Joseph Trumper
Thomas Jamieson
John Johnson
John Pargeter
S. Wm. James
Isaac Sage
Colin Cameron
Ben H. Davies
Arthur Bullock
Enoch Sage
John A. Mateer
Walter Wilson
S. D. Levi
Louis Gabriel
James McKinlay, senr.
James Lewis
Wm. M. Hilbert
Bichard Gilmore
George Gartley
Wm. Barkin
James Wilks
Joseph Curry
John Mahrer
Jos. Foster
John McLean
Samuel Price
James Thompson
William Morgan
William Beid
C. Millington
J. Malcolm
Joseph Mnrton
Thomas Goldsworthy
William Emanuel
Joseph Harper
John Williams
Alexander Wilson
Isaac Emblen
John Bollo
Thomas Hardy
James Young
Thomas Bertram
W. J. Marriott
Edward Mortimore, B.A.
A. J. Anderson
Joseph Bamsay
William Worrell
Thomas Cassidy
Herman Frocholm
James Bollo
David Hardy
Bichard Thomas
John Williams
Wm. Hodgson
Neil McLean
Geo. McGarrigle
Ben. Popplewell
Gustav Biermann
James Frame
Larry McMahon
Bichard Peden
Walter T. Myles
Frank Day
George Dunbar
William Jack
William Hinksman
John D. Dixon
J. C. Beiley
Michl. O'Dea
John Fear
Emanuel Wiles
John J. Davis
Albion Tranfield
Frederick Throup
William Orwin
John Enos
Harry Bownall
David Jones
C. W. Chantrell
John Craven
Jas. Akenhead
Joseph Ganner
John Beace
Geo. H. Frost
E. Quennell
B. Westmorland
Cornelius Bryant
Samuel Gough
H. Cooper
J. H. Pleace
William Bandle
James Bolton
Isaac Snowden
William Hosie
A. J. Dixon
Joseph Lawless
John Dick
Wm. Keddy
Geo. House
Joseph Fletcher]
Balph Craig
James McKinnell
William Hoggan
Gilbert McKinnell
Alex. Easson
Andrew McKinlay
James Allen
William Crosson
James A. Carstairs
Henry Biggs
John Allan
William Patterson
Bobert Pool
John Thompson
Absalom Uren
James Stove, Sr.


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