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MEMORIAL. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly. 1876

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 39 Vic. Memorial of Cache Creek Boarding School. 673
To the Honourable House of Assembly:—
We, the undersigned, Trustees of the Cache Creek Boarding School, beg humbly to
present our opinions in reference to a Eeport of a Select Committee of your Honourable
House on Public Schools, and as regards the Cache Creek Boarding School.
That, as regards Clause 1 of such Eeport, it is the opinion of this Board that, with
the number of pupils now at the school, it is inexpedient to incur the expense of
erecting new buildings for the purpose of separating the sexes; parents, sending
children to school, prefer having brothers and sisters together, thus obviating the hardship of visiting remote schools in order to look after the welfare of their children.
That, in reference to Clause 2, we deem it impracticable and very undesirable that
the pupils should be fed and lodged by contract, and this Board think your Committee
could not have been acquainted with the circumstances of the country in urging such
an arrangement.
That, as regards Clause 3, while we insist on the highest morality and self-respect
being inculcated, we respectfully maintain that such domestic duties as are required
and performed at this school—by the boys keeping their own dormitories in order, and
turn about keeping fires; and by the girls keeping their own dormitory in order, and
in assisting to keep their clothing in repair, as well as assisting in the repair of the
boys' clothing,—is a necessary preparation for the duties of after life.
That, in reference to the 4th Clause of the Eeport, this Board think the 35th
Clause of the Common School Act is sufficient to cover the ground; and we can see no
reason for debarring any person interested in education from visiting the school.
Should this clause pass, as it came from the Committee, it will debar one of this Board
from having a right to visit the school.
In reference to Clause 5, this Board quite agree with your Committee as regards
pleasure parties at the school.
With regard to the 6th Clause, this Board quite agree with your Committee.
The 7th and 8th Clauses, this Board thinks are covered by their remarks on Clause 1.
That, in regard to the 9th Clause, this Board cannot too strongly disagree with the
recommendation of your Committee, as they deem the jiroposed innovation would be
highly detrimental to the educational interests of the Province, which, in their opinion,
should be kept wholly distinct from politics and political changes.
All of which is respectfully submitted.
(Signed)      Philip Parke,
J. C. Barnes,
W. H. Sandford,
W. Walker.
C. A. Semlin, Secretary.


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