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DESPATCH From the Secretary of State for the Colonies in reference to the Canadian Pacific Railway and… British Columbia. Legislative Assembly. 1879

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 394 Eailway Correspondence. 1879
From the Secretary of State for the Colonies in reference to the Canadian Pacific
Railway and other outstanding matters.
By Command.
T. Basil Humphreys,
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
28th April, 1879.
The Under Secretary of State for Canada to the Lieutenant- Governor.
Ottawa, 4th April, 1879.
Sir,—I have the honour to transmit to you herewith, for the information of your
Government, a copy of a despatch from the Eight Honourable the Secretary of State for
the Colonies, in reference to the Canadian Pacific Eailway and other outstanding matters
relating to British Columbia.   I have, &c,
(Signed)       Edouard J. Langevin,
Under Secretary of State.
Sir Michael Hicks Beach to the Marquis of Lome.
Downing Street,
26th February, 1879.
My Lord,—I have the honour to acknowledge the receipt of your despatch, -No. 22,
of the 4th instant, transmitting, with other papers, a Minute of the Executive Council
of British Columbia, embodying a telegram addressed to the Secretary of State for
Canada, and making an enquiry of myself as to whether any reply has been forwarded
to a petition of the Legislative Assembly of the Province relating to the Canadian
Pacific Eailway.
2. The date of the petition is not given in tho Minute of Council, and 1 shall be
obliged if you will give by telegraph such information as may enable me to ascertain,
without doubt, the document referred to.
3. If the enquiry relates to the petition dated in February, 1876, which was forwarded to my predecessor direct by the Lieutenant-Governor of the Province, and
subsequently formed the subject of the Governor-General's despatch, No. 75, of the
17th March, 1876, I find some difficulty at the present moment in giving a definite reply
to the Assembly, as your despatch does not contain any allusion to the action which
your present Ministers may propose to take on the subject of the Canadian Pacific
Eailway, or in regard to the settlement of the outstanding questions with British
4. I should be glad therefore to receive, as soon as convenient, some explanation as
to the course which your Government may propose to adopt with reference to the
representations made from time to time by the Provincial Government and Legislature
in relation to this matter.
5. You will be so good as to communicate a copy of this despatch to the Lieutenant-
Governor of British Columbia.    I have, &c.
(Signed) M. E. Hicks Beach.
Postcript, 27th February, 1879.—Since the above was written I have received a
telegram from the Speaker of tho Assembly of British Columbia, asking whether the
petition of the Assembly sent in September last had reached my hands, and requesting
a reply thereto. As this petition has not been received at the Colonial Office, I telegraphed to you this day requesting you to forward it to mo and to inform the Speaker.


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