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PETITION. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly 1880

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 48 Vic. Petition of Municipal Council of North Cowichan. 863
To the Speaker and Honourable Members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia, in
Session assembled.
The Petition of the Warden and Councillors of the Municipality of North Cowichan
humbly showeth:—
That by a Besolution passed the Municipal Council on the 13th day of December,
1879, your petitioners humbly pray that your Honourable Body do not pass any law
changing the number of Councillors or incorporating this Municipality in a County
Council, as proposed by your Committee on Municipalities in the last session;
And that by a Besolution passed the said Council on the 7th day of February,
1880, your petitioners further pray that should any amendments of the Municipality
Acts be contemplated,
1st, That they embody the adoption of Sections 13 and 14 of the Municipal Act of
1872 in lieu of the present qualification.
2nd, That the Election (Nomination and Polling) be held on the same day and at
the same place.
3rd, That if from some unavoidable circumstances it be found impracticable to hold
the annual election on the day fixed by Statute, then the Beturning Officer to have
power, by giving due notice, to hold said election at any time not later than the 31st
4th, That this Municipality desires to be excluded from any organic change that
may be contemplated or adopted in regard to the power or extent of new Municipalities.
5th, That should your Honourable Body desire to see Municipalities self-supporting
and to receive no further aid from the Provincial Treasury, then that this Municipality
be given full powers to levy and collect whatever rates and taxes it may in its wisdom
deem expedient, and to retain the same for Municipal uses only.
All of which is respectfully submitted, and your petitioners will ever pray.
Signed on behalf of the Municipal Council of North Cowichan.
W. Hy. Lomas,
Henry Fry,
a m. c.
Dated at Maple Bay, this 15th day of April, 1880.


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