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PAPERS Relating to the non-fulfilment by Canada of the Railway Clause of the Terms of Union. British Columbia. Legislative Assembly. 1879

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 42 Vic Railway Correspondence. 249
Relating to the non-fulfilment by Canada of the Railway Clause of the Terms
of union.
By Command.
T. Basil Humphreys,
Provincial Secretary.
Provincial Secretary's Office,
hth February, 1879.
The Governor-General of Canada to the Lieutenant-Governor.
,   Governor-General's Office, Ottawa.
31st July, 1877.
Sie,—I am directed by His Excellency the Governor-General to transmit to you the
accompanying copy of a despatch from the Secretary of State for the Colonies, acknowledging the receipt of a copy of a Eeport of a Committee of the Executive Council of
the Province of British Columbia, relating to the Canadian Pacific Eailway question.
I have &c.
(Signed)       John Kidd,
For Governor-General's Secretary.
The Earl of Carnarvon to the Earl of Dufferin.
Canada. Downing Street,
  , 19th July, 1877.
No. 219.
My Lord,—I have the honour to acknowledge the recent of your despatch, No. 165,
of the 18th June, enclosing a Minute of your Privy Council, with a despatch from the
Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia covering a copy ofa Eeport of a Committee of
the Executive Council of the Province relating to the Canadian Pacific Eailway.
I had already received this Eeport of the Executive Council in your despatch, No.
117, of the 19th of April.
As it has been agreed to allow a reasonable time for the settlement of certain
necessary preliminai'ies, which I am confident will be industriously used, it is obviously
desirable that I should now confine myself to a general expression of the satisfaction
with which I have learnt the acquiescence of the Provincial Government in the proposal
for a temporary suspension of the negotiations and discussions upon this matter.
I have, &c,
(Signed)       Carnarvon.


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