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Vo. II |, No. 33.
Pricu Five Obnts,
Published  in  the Boyeotting camp   of British  Columbia.
Nelson Asisessmnt District
Court of Revision & Appeal
Take notice that I shall hold aCouit
of Uevisiou and Appeal for the Nelson
Assessment District (or hearing »nd
iletermining any appeals against the
assessment made for the year 1904, at
• he places ud at the times unelermen»
At the ollice of the Provincial Assessor «fc Collector, Nelson, on Wednesday, the 9th day of March, 1904,
at the hour of 10 o'clock in the fore
At the ollice of the Provincial Constable, at Ymir, on Thursday, the 17th
day of March, 1904 at the hour of 1
o'clock in the afternoon,
Nelson, B C, January 29th, 1904.
J udge  of the  court of Revision and
Appeal, Nelson Assessment District,
Ymir Citizens
Regular monthly meeting
last Tuesday of the month
J. w. Ross,
Clark's Furniture Store.
Undertaker and Furniture
Ymir, B. C
Ma'l Orders promptly attended to.
An Ad..in     :
the :
MIRROR     !
: J
* is a  Salesman calling at all tho .
0 J
* homes une) mines in thu district J
* cvt'i v week and being given court- •
Z nus consideration. ■
: •
I'nlilll.hi'il cv.rv Sslimluy und mnlM to any
s lilnm, it Jullvered liy esrrlsr In town,
-iiii«iiri|iijiiiis QiiO|.i>r milium, uayuUlr  n til-
Uviirtlsltiu »in.. Il M i»-r iliiili iwr innntli
N« |iulillui:iit»rliiliimi-iil Ui wliluli an adtillc
Itou I"- Is i'liuriii',1. »Ill In- iiiiiIih-iI In THt.Min
linn nnltfiR mlvi'rtlsi'it In lui'uluini,».
Hilly nril-'li", ul  rll will In- tdVtt'tiMul  in
Hi".» uiluiiius, mul Hi« Ih'hivi.1» 'if rvsdun «III
it- usmlull) uusrili-'l minima Irri'sunnsllil« )Mf-
las Munt,»!  sail Im 'ml   'rum   *"   IhsiIiiiii
i,.„f.,|«iil„r. In iiMillsirintiiii ''.mi Im  »lii»l»i"i
l,fr„l I Mill He- llfllUI'.
Cons n-rulnl   urlnliii',1  "'   Mill    ilcMirlull'iu
tun-mi Hi- iiftfittU-is st sciuiliir'l nrl,'"-.
0. Smith,   Pihi.ihiikr.
5HK BOYCOTT is still on iigniiist
theHitOr of Tin; Muntern und his
family, ami the manly men (1) »ho sie
riinductiiig it display the same contempt fur justice und fair play which
prompted them at'the beginning. This
will las no surprise to those who know
tlii- Individuals roiircrneil, hut that
men heretofore considered upright and
consistent should prove themselves such
vi.'i'ituhlo cowards as to sacrifice prima«
pie for tin» messt paltry pelf, is an aspect
of thu case too pitiahle to Contemplate.
I toy cotters never have justice on their
-.nits—novel' hud. I'heiiV is brute
(n'rui—their strength is a strength
which nuinbi-is give—und ever directed
against right. Boycotting is the favorite weapon of the mob, and is
wielded mercilessly. It takes the
strong arm of the law to down the
demon, and British law will amply
fill the bill in thjs *, in every other
instante. ,
At last the directors of the ymir
General Hospital—by instructions, we
are told, from the Miners' Union—
have asked for an ollicial audit of tho
boules of the institution. Why the
inevitablo should havo been so long
delayed ir something very hard to explain to the ordinary mind, The
government auditor will lie here in the
course of a few days, when a thorough
investigation will bis made, the result
of which will, we hope, be satisfactory
to all concerned. The ollicial reepiest
for such audit un the part of the union
only went in on the 4th inst. (a week
ago) although tho accuracy of the
accounts has been publioly challenged
for over two months. Until the audi-
tor hands in his report wn shall have
no more to say on the matter.
The annual meeting of the Kootonay
Lake General Hospital was held this
week at Nelson. The report, of the
proceedings makes very interesting
reading for Ymiritns just now. A full
statement of accounts, duly audited,
was submitted, and every detail given
as to the inner workings of the institution. The expense list, eluspite tho
fact that there» ara a far greater number of patients treated, is not much in
excess of the ligures wrung from the
directors of our local hospital, and in
many instances far below them. All
supplies are let by contract in Nelson
—drugs, groceries, provisions, etc.—
and an immense saving is thus effected
They do things in a business-like
fashion there—here everything is slip-
shod, uluinsy and extravagant.
DliuiMi the past few weeks, since
tho decree hu« gone out from the Miners' Union that the editor of Thr
Miiihou anil his family bu- Hovi;eiri'Kii
and driven front the camp, we have
received several let tin s for publication
—letters of sympathy and condolence,
and in every case we arc askeel to with
hold [the name of thu writer. Wn
might as well reply to the whole batoh
at once. Gentleman, while thanking
you for your sympathy anil conlldonee
in our ultimate victory over tyranny
as uxeruired hy the union and coward*
ice as displayed by ihe timid creatures
they have intimidated, permit us to
say that we would appreciate ymir
kindly expressions mure fully had you
been more manly in the matter und
allowed your names tu appear in print.
Under the circumstance«, we must
respectfully decline to publish your
communications, If the battle against
tyranny and despotism in this camp is
to bo won, it will tuke stiller material
than mere sympathy to accomplish the
end. Honest men should realise that
they have conspirators und cowards
only to ileal with, and act accorelii.gly.
As soon us a few of tliem are jailed the
rest of Urn band will scatter. The
honest, upright members of the union
will, w« believe, assert themselves—
hut, so far, they have been very slow
to tako action.
Tiiv, charily concert or hospital
charity doilgo of fleecing tho public,
is an old one; but every lime it is tried
it should he exposed, so thut in time
the habit will din out. The city of
Victoria has for years been indicted
by such enterprising schemes, 'and the
Times newspaper undertook to expose
the trick and call for investigation.
Then came the usual "blurt"—a
threatened libel fur action. Hut tho
"blurt'" did not work; tho lihel suit
Was proceeded with.    When tho ease
came before the court* last week, it
was elism|«sed with costs, but thu pub
lishe's of the paper Km) thomsc)ve.>
out eif pocket to the tune of $442..'10
for lawyers' fees, etc., The Tunes very
properly directs attention to the hardships thut can be imposed upon a newspaper that seeks to protect the public
and in this connection says:
"Through the operation of such a
procedure (inaelequate provision for security for costs), however, any adven
turer or adventuress may for a, trifling sum subject a public journal to
annoyance for a lengthy period as long
as lawyers existy who will lend their
aid to such a course. In tho present
instance a determined attempt was*
made to have tho trial postponed until July, 1904, exactly one year from
the time the writ was issued. Modern
justice is perhaps as pure and undented as was the ancient variety, but
like most other desirable modern
things, it comes exceedingly high. In
nino cases out of ten a newspaper
charged with libel even where it is
evident that the charge cannot be established, would be a financial gainer
by compromising and pitying damages.
But if newspapers db so, wherein
would Ho tho protection of the public!
In the old days the press wn» expqseel
to tyranny and to muzzling in its cruder and harsher forms; In later times
this prosecution has assumeel more vo
fined shape, but it is.a question for ar
gument which could he mast effectively omployed to stifle criticism, were
publishers mindful only of their own
pecuniary interests anil were deficient
in public spirit. These abuses are
matters to which the bench and the
reputable portion of the bur should
devote attention. Otherwise the profession will lose much in public estimation, and legal procedure will be in
ilangor of more radical amendment
than might bu desirable."
In Ymir wu have given publicity to
certain figures in connection with
the general hospital. Here the parties involved do not adopt the Usual
UOOrse of threatening a libel suit,- or
tho more honest one of explaining the
figures iu dispute, but decree that the
editor of Tin: M union anel his family
lie Boycotted. And they have enforced their decree by threat! Truly, the
life of ah independent newspaper man
iu British Columbia is an unenviable
The Nelson and Fort Hheppard rail
way's case on appeal from assussea- 11.
A. Kenwick's assessment is occupying
the attention of the court of revision
ut Neii'ui. The assessor valued the
lands at 81 per acre. Mr. MacNeill
as counsel for llie N, A l'\ &., offered
évidence to show the practical worlh-
lessiiess of mosl of the lands comprised
in the grant from the crown under the
subsidy act. Chas, Menu, laud agent
fur the company, was asked toprodutsj
thu company's report on the limber
standing on the lauds in question, but
declared that it Wits nut iu his possession. Further examination showed
that the company ein not wish lo pro-
duce this report, A map got out by
the railway showing large groups of
alleged timber limits on th. lands,* is
before the commissioner, but has been,
it is said, repudiated by the appellants,
although the fait has 1)0011 brought
out in evidence that u stun of Ç8000
has been |stid by the company Io timber cruisers for estimating the extent
of existing timber,
The court of revision announced
for tomorrow in Ymir, has been adjourned to Thursday, the 17th.
There is another big strike threatened among Ihe coalininers of the Unit
ed States.   A redililiim   eif ü.öö  per
cent iu Wages is the reason.
Promising Prospects Prejudiced,
The work of the Boycottera is malting greater progress than any other
business in Ymir. During the past
week they have capturai a few more
victiips, and announce »their intenté,n
to institute still mort) drastic measures
against Tin-: Mjhhou. for having dared
to ask for an accounting of public
monies committed to thu charge uf the
hospital board, or miners' union. Give
these fellows rope enough and they'll
hang themselves,
Tho outlouk for a riuh year for the
camp was never brighter. Thu dis
turners knew this, and promptly set io
work to make mischief. They resolved
to demonstrate their power for evil by
ordering a Boycott ngainst the editor
of this paper and his family, and now
they are boasting of the success attending their efforts. Wu »ball seo The
law uf Tina country cannot tolerate
such lawlessness. If boasted Boy
witting is tolerates) in Ymir, and ul
lowed to go unpunished, what a dan
genius precedent would'be established 1
As soon as it is stamped out here and
a few of the conspirators are place I
behind the prison bans, a wholesome
lesson will have been taught thu baud
uf misguided desperaelos who seem to
forget that they aro now living in
Bkitihh CYlumbia. They have shown
how completely they can terroriie the
business men of Ymir. It is now on
the tapis to try the mine owners with
a like castigation. There will be a hut
time in this old town.
*■«■*+. it****** ******* ■» ;**•■* ■**
******* «i*-**. ur* si**»»*»* ****
Phil White, who left camp some
months ago for his old home in eastern
Canada, returned to Ymir, yesterday.
Phil left » bauhelni, but he returns a
Benedict. All his old friends are glael
lo see him back again.
All the loggers in the employ of the
Porto Been Lumber Co., engagée! in
the camp at Ymir have been luid oil
temporarily owing to heavy «now nul
bud roads, decent rains and thaw
have made work in this liiut'i difficult.
An accident ocuui reel at the Hunter
V. tramway a few elays ago which
stopped operations for it time. While
bringing up some machinery iu the
buckets, a piece eauie iu contact with
one tif the tower» and stopped progrès»,
L'Ile damage was promptly repined
und all is right again.
Hurry Wright M.P.P., was in camp
during the week, visiting his «instituent», ami ascertaining the needs of the
district. Spoken to as lo the neu
bridge, he said thu plan» and specifications Mould be in this hands of the
commissioner within u week, and that
work would he begun at the earliest
possible date thu weather Would ullnw
of, The work will he dune under
the superintendence of U. A Cameron.
From' the present condition of the
bridge, it is evident that it would
never »land tho spring tloods. Mr
Wright is to be complimented upon
securing the appropriation months iu
advance of the time at which it would
be available under ordinary circumstance».
At the Arlington JO men are em-,
ployed in developing, a-i shipping fo,'
thu season has stopped. During tho
past three months 21 carloads of about
20 tons each havo beon shipped, aggregating 4S0 tons, The oro aver-.
aged »bout $1000 to tilt car. This
is considered a good showing fora mine
thut was given up as no. account twe
years ago. The mine is being operat»
eel by tho Hastings II. C. .Syndicate
under the management of Leslie Hil',
The development now in progress consists of drifting and raising on thu 460
and head Arlington levels. The development work will lie continued till
the ro ids get in good condition, which
will be about June 1st, whin shipments
will be resumed by team. The ore is
a sulphide carrying gold
At the mining recorder's oltic« em
Thursday, a certilicate of work was
granted P. J. Nichols on the Main
mineral claim for work douu thereon
since 15th March. 190-'l. T. Living-
stone of Hall siding transferred an undivided whole interest in the Blue Jay
minera! claim, three-quarter* of a mile
from Hall siding oil the north side i f
Hall creek to J. H, Cranston of Boss-
land, consideration nominal, J. 11.
Cranston, transferred u half interest
in the Bluu Jay above mentioned to
W. C- Keed, of Uosslanel, consideration
The Bossland Miner gave special
prominence to rather uu unusual article
in its issue of yesterday; unusual not
because of thu facts theroiu stated but
t:ecause i" is so rarely that tho subject discussed finds space in a newspaper.
Briefly summarised the Miner's article was to the effect tint if the people uf Hosslaud want a live, up-tu»
date daily newspaper thuy must giro
it such a measure of support as will
enable thu proprietor to meet the ex»
pense account.
Whilst newspapers all over the country devote cure anil attention to foster»
ing every undertaking and enterprise
ut all calculated lo benefit thu localities in which thuy aro published, the
experiuncu is that very few newspapers
pay and only when a paper has ceased
publication because of lack uf support
does thu community affected realize
how little it would havo taken to have
kept it going.
Throughout thu west there is a prevailing opinion that newspapers ar«
belter paying eiiterpiiscs than almost
any ut. er commercial undertaking. As
a matter of fact in British Columbia
for instance, it is doubtful if a single
paper can be pointed out as a paying
concern, i. u., earnings by subscriptions
and advertising pulroiiugu more than
its operating expense».
Newspapers ruinier sei vices of Incalculable value io ail new c,Minnie». TI.»
work of the British   Columbia  press,
more particularly during the past few
year» has uidod enormously in the upbuilding uf the province. This work
goes un day iu and day out and is entirely supplementary to thu sei vicu rcn
dercd iu providing the new« of the
world. Iu nine coses out of icn it
newspaper never obtains a cent for
its work in advertising bin: resources
ol the localities in which it is publish
el ami it i- fortunate if for llie u»e of
its advertising column» it secures »uf-
fjalent cash to pay cuiront operating
Any wide ilWuko business man
knows that money judiciously expended in ml mm Using is l hu In-st investment he can make. If every business
man iu Itcssluiid will tacc th . fact to
heut their; need lieno fear of the hv:U
of a bright newspaper bu.ng put hsluid. ////'S <£mmw ^Wl
Is Your Watch Ameri»
can, English or
Swiss ?
Whatever the movement is,
when it gets eiut of onler send
it to ns. We can repair any
tlmiiioos anil return it as jroeul
;ts it was iu the first place,
maybe better. Our work is
all guaranteed. Give us a
trial ; you are sure tei bo satis fie>d.
rianufacturing    Jewelers
and Opticians.
Nelson,        - B.,C.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry. Co.
V. V. & E. RY, & N. CO.
'Plio only all rail route between
, i s u ut,west and south to Ross
an ' sin, Gran 1 Forks and Be
p iblic. Connects at Snoltano with
a'lO Great Northern, Northern Puoifie
aid O. B. A N. Co., for points east,
west anel south ; connects at Boss
'■-nid and Nelson with tho Canadian
Pacific Railway.
Connects at Nelson with tho P. H
.i: N. Co. for Kaslo and K. and S.
Connects at Curlew with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, B. C.
Hülfet cars run on trains between
Spokane and  Republic.
Effective Nov. 22nd. 11102.
Leave Daily Train Arrive
S.4ft am Spokane 0.45 p.m
111.40 11.01        BoH.liind si.86 p.m
'J.1I2 a.m Ymir 5 So p.m
Ï.'A) ii.in Nelson 7.20 |> in
ll:0ft a.m    (Grand Fork«)     B lift p,m
U,BO a.m Republic ft.lft p.m
GeueralJPHesengor Agt.
öpokane, Wash.
Draymen St Teamsters
YMIR,   B.    C.
'H'indling heavy freight it
Correspondence promptly
attended to
This space is let by
Contract to
E. W. Widdowson,
Assayer & Chemist,
Ymir, ß. C.
Ury Goods» nllilnery or
00 TO TBI,
{jT Post Office Store.
To your Friend^
And help to
As it is to*day-
'Iiicro is no move effective means of
accomplishing this end;
Them to avoid the place as they would
Vmir is in the grasp of a band of demagogues who are making life intolerable.
Is their present form ofpereecutfatg those who
will not yield to their sway.
1/etyour friends know the trite state of affairs
and send them a copy of the Miiiror.
sraetgfafmmtn «m»»,"p. .    Mmmmetm^naaiKaia^ii
All work entrusted to us is neatly and proMrjftlv
ail Onlci-x receive special attention. ..
Shamrock, Rüttler,   A-itonio and Mm-
etiiy Mineral  Claims,   situate  in   tiie
Nelson   Minir.i;   Division   of    Wast
Kioteniv DUtrlot.
Wham located : — VItii', n-ia vi 1 1 hilt
iiiiii-s s nitli went of Erie
Tiike imtiue that I. .Ii'm \1 il/itohlo,
P.I..S.. of the Llley if .s' iiiei agint
for the Gordon Minim; ail Miliin;
Company, Kiee Miner's üertiUoate
W ß. «8,210, int mi I. sixty ikvs
from ihe elate hereof, io apply to" th-
Mining Recorder tor ctertilicates of im -
provemenls for the purpose nf obi lining  Crown Grants of the nbive claims.
Ami flintier take notiue that, action,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of »(toll curtilioate of
Dated this -Mr I itai of -Hnuirv l:l)4
Warwick  anil  Fourth of duly mineral
claims, situate In thu  tfels'in Mining
'livision of West IContenay District.
Where located : On north si Ie  of VVilil
Horse Oreek arid six miles from Ymir.
. Take notice that I,   K.  S. Clements.
acting  ns agent for  the  fti'Okeri  Hill
Mining & Development ('<>.,   Minitel,
Free MinW's (JiTtilieitu Nn. Il  80 tt.il,
julonrt. sixty etavs from the Hate heron',
tn apply   to Che   Mining  Recorder fur
eerii licites   of   impr ivumiilts, fir Ihi
purpose of ol taining Grown grunts nl
the above ohlimB,
And further take notice that action,
under.section ;!7, must bo ootnnfenoed
before the issu nice of such cei'tiliiii-es
nt improvement.
Dated this lfith day of Febrilary, 1901.
P. S CLEMENTS, Nelson, B.C.
rp:)U. Bo 0. MAUTts H. W, F. P.m.-
■^ LOK or any oilier pars in In whom
they may liavBtriinsfjirrnil tlieir litt-iresis
in llie (londenoitxh Fri.iii'iii mineral
claim, sitna'cd on Will l|,irsn (,'rei-k.
about four miles from the town nf Ymir.
nnd ailjoiiiinrr t|l(. Mugwump. Rockland
and Lexington mineral elninis in tlio
Nelson Mining Division of Wast K tev-
tenav District, anil ivennli-d iu the Recorder's ollice lor the Nelson Minini;
You and eich of yon are hereby noti.
lied that I have expanded toirty-fonr
dollurs ami twenty-liv-cent» (?8*.2o)
in labor und impmveinml.s upon tin-
above Mineral claim In ôrilor lo hold
same under the provisions of thé Min-
ernl Act. nriillf wllhln ninety daysfi'on)
Ihe dute of Hiis milice Vou fail or r -f ise
to contribute your portion of expenditure, together with »II costs of advertising, your interests in said claims will
become the properly of Hie subsiu-iii.'r,
nnder section'1 of nn act entitled "An
Act to Am.'iid the Mineral Act, 1000."
Dnted at Ymir, B. 0 , this 17lh day
of February, 1904.
With Your Next Ordor.
J, i anel 1 Gallon Tins.
Trade Warm*
Copyrioht* Au.
Anrnn« spniOsis; a i'M>l, nnrl di-s'lrlpllirri ninf
nulnitlr «ittiuIn mrf npininn frwi srlu'ilief
~'Mlmi tsprotmbl?)-J--	
 jii, Olilsst i\e.iu*y rcr Êttmtiuu
Plllitlltlf Usi'tl  0,i'',rirfh Miiimi it i'o, r-, .|,i, ,
  lUIWriiinllfrfi rslutlt.i
sunt Iren, (ililost iibsiwv for irrnniii/ |,r*t,?r,is.
ii.i'„nll,,ii Is prnhiril? p.'ft,rriii,Mo.   I'nnirnsnlr",.
.... «Ijll
tprr.lnt ii"tke, wlllnme chsriro. In tho
Scientific nmtfm.
A hnnilitnmolf IIIHRtrnfnit w«rhlr. I.nrirmt clr>
iiiIhiIom nf nny anleitüfln Jniinuil. 1'<>rinf, (.1 n
Tt'iir: fmirmonliu ft.   ?<M l^nW honndunh'  •.
Standioii'i.'o w l ■• vf*p ••■>>t
Always   sniolee   llie  Moiioxnun ov
Maguerile—the peoples' choice,    N',
.1. .Mi:Milieu A Co., sole iiKOtit for U.C.
I Vniiuouver. -*•
•"      ■"■■'


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