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Vol. IIT. No, 23.
YMIR, B. C, SATURDAY, JAN. %   1904.
Price Five Cents.-
|:jf  Send joui- Job Printing to the
Amnion Ottice.
Sid  Saunders is progressing favor«
ably nt the General Hospital.
Cook Stack , of the Ymir Mine, has
left for the Coer rl' Alênes.
Customs officer Vroom and Mis.
Vruom paiii Ymir a visit yesterday.
New Years Day was very quietly
spent in Ymir
There were a largo number of visitor» to Ymir during Christmas week.
The crew at the Ymir mine is being
gradually reduced
U. H. Barhhardt, superintendent
»if the Porto Rico mine, paid the Ymir
^Mine a visit today.
Supt. Cameron, of the Active Gold
I'liuing Co., is around again, after
a iither serious illness.
.). »V. Ross wasoii the sick list during the holidays, but is now on the
road to recovery.
Local skiters are regret tins.' the
mildness of tiie weather as there has
not been sufficient frost this season u
freeze the rink)
The calandari issued by local merchants this year ire particularly pretty
and are liberally distributed.
The masquerade ball scheduled for
for New Years' eve has been postponed on account of inability to get
costumes here in time. The event,
however, is to come oh* at a near date
in the future, but next time the costumes will be on hand before any
public notice is given.—Tiik Fair
There was trouble over the river
this week, confined principally to the
Chinamen The ever-onterprising
Mongolians have a financial interest in
the houses with the red lights, and
one of them removed some furniture
which another of the aluiondeyed bre.
thren claimed as peculiarly his own
A summons was issued, but the charge
was not proven.
There was a surprise party at the
home of Miss Sutherland and Miss
McCorquodale the other evening The
young ladies are leaving for the East
on Tuesday, and their many friends determined that they should not depart
without some pleasant token of the
esteem in which they are held in Ymir.
A  very enjoyable time was spent.
Harry Wright   M.   P.P.  paid   his  the  I
Ymir constituents a visit  during   the I
Tlii' Editor dot» not hold blmiell reapouiibll
for lin* opinions *>r oorrnipottdeats, but raMrvsi
to liiinsWf thu-rigbt Ux'liiniiiiu,' such nuiierm
to hliii amy spps&r Ijnelovuut or offensive.
All ooininunieiitlniis must in; ttooompKiilfld liy
tin- nil me ol ihn author—not necessarily tor publication, but us a mean- of iduntlty.
We do not uii'liTiak- to ruturn rojuotod correspondence unless requested so to do.
To the Editor, Ymir Mikhor
Sir—Might I suggest, to all our
storekeepers the propriety of keeping
the snow regularly cleared off the sidewalks in front of their premises. Some
of us do this, but others do nut, and
the result is very disagreeable, if not
dangerous. Even for appearances sake
the sidewalks should be kept clean. A
visitor to canir last week remarked to
me that he could pick out the houses
that did the business of town, although
he had not been in one of them How
would you do it, I asked. And the
significant explanation was, "liy the
snow, or absence of snow, in front
You never see snow before a busy
I hope the delinquent ones will take
the  hint.
week, and met wilh a hearty reception,
He proved his practical interest in the
camp by personally interviewing its
most prominent men, irrespective of
their political creed, as to the requirements of the town and immediate district, Mr. Wright has every cnidi-
dence in the ability of the present
government to cany on successfully the
business of the country.
Snow Shovel.
To diu Editor of The Mirror.
Dear ijir—lit justice to   myself you
might publish the following :
1 am not and  never was dependent
on The Mining  World for   a   livihood
ami   it is  rank   assumption for  Mi.
Heilbrunner " to caution mu at the
, peril of my position,"
It has been a pleasure for nie to re-
Ymir, although  some of  the chronic
kiccers were predicting blue ruin
Among those registered at the   Mc-  <*»»""»>''  '*''« Mining World, because
  I   Uod Hotel during the week were: R,  l consider it a representative  and  as
.l.!üL*"- EtrÄ '" W. j >'   Hiblett. tJelhoji
ville; Arthur Phillipe, Erie;C.O. Wood-
side, Nelson; H. I). Bretsius, Slocan
City ; E. P. Arthur, Wilcox Mine; T.
•I. Parkinson, Uossland; L. G. Mauey,
W. W. Smith, Q. Leiiiermiiislcr, Spokane; Harry Wright, Nelson; K. Murry
Ymir Mine; G. Arble, Ymir Mine;
Geo. Johnstone, Warren Spencer, Ge
That gold is formed from a solution
Is generally recognized. The miner
receives the theory because it explains
the making of gold to him, but he often wonders how it is done, so here is
what has been seen. Daintree once
produced a solution of gold and left m
it a small piece of metallic gold. Accidentally a piece of wood fell into the
solution ; the solution decomposed, the
gold assumed a metallic statu and collected and heltl to the small piece of
undissolved gold, which increased in
size. Another investigator heard of
this and made a dilute gold solution in
which he imineised a bit of iron pyrit-
ies and left it there a month. He
added also organic matter, and at the
month's end the pynties were covered
with a film of metallic gold. Pyrities
and galena were next tried, and each
was covered with gold. Gold, copper
pyrities, arsenical pyrities and galena
were also tried with similar results.
Metallic precipitates were also tried,
and while they threw down the gold as
a metallic powder they did not cause it
to cohere nor to plate any of the substances tried. Organic matter thus
seemed the necessary chemical agent.
Through the wood used in these experiments gold was dissiminated in fine
particles. Imagine these experiments
conducted by nature through ages und
the result could bu a nugget !
The snow fall so far this season has
been particularly light, anil the local
weather prophets are promising an
early spring.
A merry crowd painted the town red
mi Thursday evening last. They do
terminai! that the old year should have
a royal send-off, and they gave it.
"A New Start;" will bo the subject
at the Methodist church Sunday night
at 7:10. All aie most cordially invited to attend.
Always smoke the Monogram or
Marguerite—the peoples' choice. W,
J. McMillen & Co., sole agent for B.C.
Vancouver. +
Percy J. Gleaner is gazetted deputy
mining recoider for the Ymir district,
vice A B. Buck worth. Mr. Gleivzer
in also Justice of the Peace.
Them was a big gathering of Free
Masons in Ymir yesterday, the occasion being the insinuation of the officers of the local lodge for the ensuing
A meeting of local Liberals will be
held in Ymir on the 9th inst. to chose
delegates for the convention in Nelson
at which a candidate will be named to
contest the riding at the coming dominion elections.
The Masquerade ball advertised for
New year's Eve did not materialize,
owing to non arrival of costumes which
had been duly ordered. This was a
great di*ap|*iintmoi.t to very many.
The December number ol Industrial
Canada, Issued by the Canadian Man
Ul'iioturors' Association, is to hand, and
is a» attractive as usual. Among its
other features is a full teport of the
I'icilic excursion beliquit, Weill illlls«
It is not  probable that   the   Ymir
public school will Open on Monday, a
telegram having been received from
Miss Sloan, t'.e recently appointed
•loucher, declining to accept the post
.'ion, The youngsters are not likely
•.( ni.vr i)i very vigi rous protest.
G  A. Peone. Cal-  nü"e,,t tt  W™ Ji*  '" published  auy^
where, but to make a living i;/*bum-
ming subscriptions   neither myself  or
any oilier man can do it.
Regarding the cause of my recent
letters which you published, I may say
that I wrote frequent letters to the
people of Ymir explaining amongst
other   things  the   necessity   for   ap
Antle,  W. E.   Ketcl.am, Nelson;   Ed.   PWoiatiug the good offices of the press,
Perry, Spokane; Andrew G arson, Fog
horn mine,
J. T. Price has just completed hit
annual assessment work on the lona
group, consisting of three claims. Mr.
Price brought to town some line look
ing ore and reports that the ledge is
three feet wide. The ore carries iron
and galena in a blue quartz and is ccr
taiiilv promising  looking.   The strike
,   .   ,,    ■       ,    c  .,    ,        ,! taking the paper  on its merits only to
was made in the breast of   the tunnel n
<io  feet  underground   in the   tunnel
which is being driven to tap and cross
cut  the   main   load,    Assays   already
made of the ore reveals thnt  it   runs
from III) to 815 to the ton,
and that I had completed negotiations
wilh the Spokane Chamber of Commerce und other board» of trade
throughout the northwest, whereby I
would write a letter every week to not
only The Mining World, but several
eastern journals of merit. 1 suggested, the.cl'ore, the possibility of opening a branch office in Ymir, and asketl
them to give me mime encouragement
by subscribing for The Mining World,
The   travellers   for    Toronto   and
Montreal  houses  report  that during
the  last few months they have met
more American commercial   travellers
on  the  road than  ever  before,  says
Industrial Canada.    Many  industrial
establishments  of the United  Btai
which    have    l>oon    indifferent
Canadian orders during  the  la
yearn because they could not All their
home orders during  the period of extraordinary prosperity, are now eagerly
seeking   business   in   Canada.     The
high tariff of the  United  States presents Canadian   manufacturers from
seeking a  market  for their  products
across the line.     As the depresnion in
the United States increases, the  num
bers of commercial travellers from the
United States in Canada will multiply
and Canadian travellers will lose many
orders.    Every  Canadian commercial
traveller should use all his influence to
get the tariff raised.
i^i-•***■»******•***%** *******
Deer Tim—Tis so Ion«.since I wrote
to you inut I don't know wtat to say.
Ye didn't beer from nieseinajnce the
year 1903, an' a qtare lot «r things
liappiut in i'mir since then.
We had ould King Kristmas wid u» .
for won ihing ai." Santa Clans too O*.
coorse, they wor all giving m« .IMJilet"
to spend Kristma- w'ul tliim. I had'to
ale 8 dinners, an' I'm not the betlta i
thini since. Turkeys an' goases i'
agree in a man's stom ick. whin there
too much ov them birds ; aaytlier
does Scotch an' Irish whiskey whio the
Scotch gets down an' the Irish gets up
hi a man. Whin I got back to the shack'
that noight I was seat only able to wad.
dl" from the dint ov all I ate, but the
plunk pudilin seemed to be the soomo ov
most ov me truble. An' talking ov,
noight mares! There wasn't a nrarq
kill in the Botr war whose ghost didn't
haunt me. An' as if Id- In'isuffer eniif
lo oblige me trends A* overtaxing uisT'i
stomack, (hey put;', nut that I w: s the
gratest glutton an' desaiver in the hole
country. Ov coorse I purtended that
the dinner I was steins; was tli" only
won I had, an' they wor all koaxing me
spytile till me Vest buttons give wav.
I'll renumber this Kristna». Tint.
Yu'vu herd of Poplar G .•««'*. Tim.
Percy (JoUenrath wrot» a romance ov
it, an' fiend Liwery. in the Nugget
says that the whole story was not told
about the hero an' heroine, Ha says:
'•As the heroine 'vas imid lomly working a 12 pound Hudson's Hay blanket
up anil down the corrugate I face of a
washboard, enveloped in a halo of
steam, soap-bublus and profanity, two
hideous creatures dir:».iie,|    the  tent
dour.,   'Silver-tips.^r^à».(.§i»pe'l.   S'i
ieeresni:  shi
Right worshipful Uro George John
stone, O. J. W,| of Nelson, installed
the officers for the coming year of
Ymir lodge, No. 31, A. F. A A. M., in
(he Masonic Hall on Friday as fol
lows: W. M„ William Clark;«. W.
John MoVloarj J. W., W. H. Spencer
treasurer, I). E. Grobe; secretary, U.
S. T. Rosh; chaplain, J. Davis; senior
deacon, T. H Oddin ; junior, Arthui
Clair ; senior steward, J, Ruddy ; juu»
ioi. F. McLeod ; D. of C„ L, R. Van
De Bogart ; tyler, George Rothcrham.
Alex. Taylor, postmaster of Edition
ton, Dr H. C. Wilson ex M. L A,,
Edmonton, ami E. Reyner, a leading
jeweler of the same city are spending
a few days in Nelson, meeting a mini
start with. Well, after writing many
limes and receiving no reply, disposed
me to take the course of finding out
whether a draft would be accepted
being a cheaper course than writing
letters, The drafts were not accepted)
ami returned in many casus with
decidedly curious letters attached
which 1 replied to.
Now, the  mention  of  blackmail is
abhuid.    I consider Ymir the same as
every    other    district     in     British
Columbia,   a   total    failure   in   gold
dividend payers,   and   my  object  in
future  would   be as a  business proposition to advanco   the  interests  of
! other   districts.      That   hardly   «on»
| stitutes blackmail.    I trust the future
will bring evidence of  my ability  to
aid rather than   curse the beautiful
province of un isli Columbia.
Sincewly yours,
with Xmas greetings,
G. Havmoni» Pavnk.
The Kev. Irl It. Hicks Almnuia for
I'.iot is now ready. It will be mailed
to any address for 30 cents. It is sup
prising how such an elegant, costly
book can be sent prepaid so cheaply.
No family ur person \* prepared Io study
the heavens, or the storms and weather
in 1904, without this wonderful H'cks
Almanac and Prof. Hicks splendid
paper, Word and Works. Both are
sent for only one dollar s year. Wor I
nnd Works is among the best American
magazines, bike the Hicks Almsna • •,
it is too well known to need further
commendation. Few mini have labored more faithfully for the publie good
or found a warmer place In the hearts
of the people. Send orders to Word
and Works Publishing Co., S80» Locust,
St., St. Louis, Mo. *
During I'.IU.'I there were 195 county
As chairman of a committee appointed by the Chicago Federation of
Labor to investigate assertions that
labor unions produce hard times, T. P.
Quinn reported on the '20th that he
had received replies from sevcr.i!
economic students attributing hard
times to inequitable distribution.
Among those reported as having replied were Sir Charles Dilke, Win
Lloyd Garrison, Ernest H. Crosby,
John Burns, Prince Kropotkin, and
Lawson Purdy.
looking over things generally. They ! probates or administrations of estates | A() ^ of ||-|qh|ii ., b(Jfc ^.„^„j.
report that bu.iness is extremely good l of deceased grantees, amounting to 9* w||.,e ^ ^ qf ^ JH cvoriMngj
in Edmonton and all through the  dis-  MS. as   compared   with 13 in   1903. ; ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^
tict, anil  that the  prospects for  .he; limn, were stx arphcaf.on for probate , „,,„ mi ,u ,,ttVU ^ ^^ ,,wki
domina spring are even brighter i or administration amounting to »54,-i    „..,.■■< ,   ,,      .
m I 000 in 11103, as Compared with eight !     Can aovice be very valuable ^wlien
}|Hm> man who invented o>.uw.le show ! i„ %W1.    Duringll»03 theru were 132 i *» »"">>[ Peu»,,e are willing y> gifro  it
tie, how hard it is to llguro out a girl's  suprême court actXui in  which #020,. i ftU<1 »° *L'W tlk **ko il ?
her of old friends and acquaintances. | court actions tried in Nelson for an
All are old timers in the Edmonton U»greg*to of <ï5,2e7.42. In 1002
country, having been there since the there were 21« simil'ir suits, the total
riO's.   They are making atrip through
the Kooleiiav and Boundary  country,
involved amounting to 431,490.84. In
1903 there wore  three  county court
pliera was ttapovr.  the twraf at ithl«
nd swollen
leg ««e-snment wm* on a eopy ol the
Argosy. Did he hear her yellF Could he
near a steam Colliop« at 6'J yards? Ho
sprang, leaped or lion oted to an up
right position, hit the trail, plunged
into the water sud manfully breasted
the turbulent waves. He reached the
lent and with a couple of chunks of
gold-impregnated quarts slew the monsters." It is worth recording that these
were the only quilled silyer-tips ever
killed in British (» jlumbla.
I'll write to ye agin next week.
Wilh the complaints of the saison,
Lakky Fimw.
Ktlway's method of warning ships
by wireless signals from lighthouses
at the same lime as the soun I warning
during fogs enable« the ship to nsiimite
its distance from the lighthouses by
luting the Interval between the wire-
less ami the sound signals, as one calculates the diilsnoe of lightning by noting the time between the flash and the
thunderclap. The wireless signal travel* wilh the speetl of light, and Is,
therefor«, instantaneous. Hound o»'jf
covers about one thousand feet a mhi-
oud. If there is a difference of five)
seconds between the wireless und sound
signala, the distance of Hie vessel front
the lighthouse will be about a mile. ]u
order to get the position )of Hie lighthouse the ship may continu.» on ii.tr
course a few miles and Uku an itlur
observation of her distance from it.
She bas all the data for ealcubttiu^ l w
position of the light-house hy trigone-
Judge Drake has refused the appllci'
lion wad«, by Mrs. Joan Duusiiiuir,
intervener (in the Hoppef-Dunsmulr
will case, for an examination, ol the
books of the Esquimau A Nan lituo
Bsllwav ouuipauy of H Duusiiiuir,, j
Sous <b Co. The ju Ige said II) it
would be I Im« enough to ask for an >'\
amliialioti of the book« whu« flie/>vil]
case had iieen won.  ,
•«lething about human ua   2
i  •"•lunnaticM,
7 wasinvoly'etl, iiscomiiaied with I     Hessen  unfortunnte
actions in 19(13 with «198,040,79. ' only clever enough to •
W9.Ö7 v
■\H act»
Ifin" ihousamls of people ir, the *•■
working class #f the United Siut \
this is to be a d iswal V>i id ay x*a»,r i J
rii^UsiiH^»;ile|sMs!/ii iwVs reachol
point isi, wbkiW^urk«lieu. in ceitsn»]
nniuufai;lnrfn»f1i«^'a*V"l*ii'g diseharg
ctiln larg» numK'K* whiW«A|ieiS ura.
having their wages Mf^i&rlfiyii.
rfhedettt 1« are ni^^y-rajpiirgk(-tf}'.s^<i
OBWspapi rs, hut etmujr.li nyMr^uti
dicateithn actual |hh*<«bM(Ii yfdst^'
,tiimm MiHjfJBk^«,MM>'   K? M
An Ad. in
J is  a  Salesman calling at all tho J
• home«  and mines   in the district '
• •
»every week and being gi\en court •
• •
2 o us consideration. "
last smyiving member of that party of
anarchists who threw the tea into
Boston harbor a century and a quarter
ago, a memorial stone was erected las)
week in Chicago. How true it is that
tho mobs of one aenerution become
the heroes of another—provided the
purpose they did the mobbing for
" wins nut."
I'iiIiIIInIikiI i'virv Sninriliiy nml mulli'il to»ny
«ililn-iR, nr JvllVBreil by eiirrtur la town.
SiftVorlpllon« 1900 per annum, pnyalilu In »d.
A.lviTtlilni! mlim, II.Ml pur mull  piir niunth.
No public «iituriHlunii'iit hi whloh hu admis*
non lin. in obumed, will Im noiioud In l'a« Mut
una unie» hiIvitUkuiJ in Im colniniiH.
Only arllisli!« or iiwrlt will Im admrllanil in
tin,«« colnirtns, ami Uu. Iii'.iti'si» ,>r render« will
Im uuriirnllyiruarilii'l airulnat ;irre»ponsible jw-
Tut Minium sau Im hui rriim all bailing
liinvsilmilur« Ili thu illstrlat, or «an Im olita lied
dirent rroiu tin, oUlc*-.
Coiiiui'irijiiil printing or every description
d'un, on thu premises at standard prions,
C. Dkm. Smith. Bditob.
/^NOTHER  year   has  dawned   on
i     tin: Ymir camp, and from   present upppiirai, is it will be one  of the
most prosperous in   its   history.    The
mine that made the camp (the Dundee)
is starting up again   with   the assurance that it will prove a source nf pio
lit tn the fortunate ones who   have relieved the bank  of a  debt that slmuld
never have been incurved.    Then there
i.s  the Wilcox,   turning  nut   its  gold
brick   with   due   regularity ;  the  Fug
Horn paymg u substantial  dividend'
the Cold Cup looming  up, the   Xuiir
mine turning out beyond  nil  expectations; the Purin Rico yielding pruHu
that will ensure it as a  constant shipper ;  the   Hunter   V  an   accredited
mine, installing a tramway and  every
prospect in the camp showing up well.
Ymir is nil right and   will be a  | ins
pcrous community if that envy, hatred
■»■.Stllll pimiie» „Slbjell .J^j^jiL '.!,:.   r» .i
the past year will but disappear.    Thu
natural wealth uf the district is undisputed,   but there  are   unt'ni tuuately a
lut of fellows here who  cannot get   mi
themselves and who hate to see utiutlier
get  on—dentures    who   présume   to
think that the  best   way   lo  promote
the interests of a town   is lo  " buck '
it everlastingly, to make everything
they can here und to spend every coin
they can out of town.   We cuuld name
them by the «cure.   A town depending
on such   uu element must  go to  the
dogs.    There are men  and women   in
Ymir who make an honest living here,
who   will denounce  the   rascal  who
does not leave them   their every   cent
but whose names constantly appear uu
the shipping tags at tho railway
Station. " I*.) unto others us yuu
would be dune by." Tins would lie
the must prosperous community in the
country if its inhabitants were but
Infill one to the other Wo ure be«
ginning a new year, und fur God's
sake let us turn over a new leaf, and
lung ere the dawn uf 1UU0 Ymir will
be prosperous.
Thin is the season of good résolu,
lions, many of which are made to be
broken. Hut it is good for the world
that resolutions made on New Years'
Day are always guud ones. A mural
wave set* in us the old year dies nut
which curiiiut fail lo prove beneficial
to humanity, However, this wave
has beaten on the shores nf time fur
countless ages, and yet man is vile.
There are a lot of good resolutions
which the peuple nf Ymir might make
which would make them happier and
inure prosperous for the year upon
which we have just entered. Let us
dope that they will make them—and
keep them
A meeting of the executive of the
Provincial Conservative party was
held at, Vancouver the other day, at
which what is termed "the mutinous
disposition of John Houston," was
discussed in not very complimentary
terms for John, As president of the
Liberal - Conservative Association,
Houston has called a meeting of the
party in this district to nominate a
candidate fur the Dominion house, so
that it will be very unfortunate if any
disloyalty manifests itself.
Edward Boycr, at one time con,
sid.'red a leading Socialist, und who
served many years as president of the
Western Federal inn nf Miners, has
t'lnleieil his resignation as one of the
members of the executive board of the
American Labor Union, The resignation comes as a surprise. The reason
given for Mr. Iloyce's action is that he
has business interests which take up
his entire time and will not be able tu
devote the necessary attention to
'abor affairs,
Chicago nppears to bo having her
full share of trouble just now.      Willi
rutin 'ions strikes, epidemics,   hospitals
ivercrnwded, jails full   and the   worst
TI weather cuiue Tletiiils of a catastrophe in which nearly six hundred people
Inst their live«.       The details are up
paling—a  lire  In u crowded  theatre,
panic and death.
TllH Detroit BYee Press regards the
receut occurrences in Chicago as a curious continent un American government
und  American civilization.   "In the
Second largest city Of tho United Stales
the living dure not bury their (leal
publicly, because a labor union bus
disugtccd with an employers' associa*
tion abinii. thu rate uf wages. The
bodies of loved onus must lie left in
private morgues, ur curried silently Iu
the cemetery at night, least the funeral
cortege bo itltacked by strikers and
thu milliners injured in labor riots,
Think nf it ! " The Free Press says
, that (lie responsibility dues not rust
«uilirely with llie strikers, but largely
Wim the   municipal   government   of
Clliv.ig,), which imghl tu lie able In pro-
> I cut funerals against mob violence.
Thu drivers huvu a perfect right lo
gel the biggest «ages they can, but
then light n with their i,« n emplnyurs,
not, with the innocent families in which
*tietulliH o, nur ; and in interfering with
funeral* they put themselves as dis.
liiiclly it: the wrung ... the owners of
lli'if4.'umt»ylvuniin coal mines were
It Links as if the price nf wund will
take a swift advance in Ymir. Here
lnfoi'0 anybody cuuld cut and haul
wund fluni the surrounding hills, ail
of which, of course are claimed by the
railway cuiiiiiany.      An order recently
issued, however, prevents the removal
uf wood unless the land  Upon which it
grows is purchased from thu  big cor«
p until m. This is yet anutlier illustra
linn nf the fully of giving away the
whole country to railway companies
who in turn treat the public us trespassers nil I heir own lands—or what
OUIflll tu be their own  hinds.
> ;>u<
"'•"»Uwul u sewings*
}« n i n.'ay of  David Kcniiison, the
Melville Church, the lending Pres
byteriun place nf worship in West-
mount, the fashionable residential sub
nil) nf Munt real, was without the ser
vices nf a choir mi Sunday last. In
his s u mnn mi Christmas morning Rev,
T. W. Wililiell, pastor uf the church,
severely criticised the members of the
ohoir (or eating candy during the pro
grOSI nf that portion nf the service iu
which they did not play a leading
purl. Ah a result nf the criticism a
deputation from the uholr waited upon
the reverend gontlemon on Saturday
and teipiesle.l a retraction, This lie
refused In make, and as a result the
choir, without liny oxcoption, went
iititiiii strike. It is either candy in
IllUsiCi     Which .shall il he ,'
Ymir Citizens
Regular  monthly  meeting
last Tuesday of the month
gaggg —ji ^^m^^^mmmmm
I'. W. Ross,
Dem, S JliTH,
Ymir Transfer Company
Teaming & Express
All orders promptly attended to
and the greatest enro exorcised in the
handling of goods.
Hot, Cold and Vapor
W.   M.   COFFEY.    Prop.
SAM   niLLER, Prop.
Headquarters for Mining and Traveling
Men. ' Neat Hample Rooms for ComraerS
eial Travelers. The bar is supplied with
the very best brands of Wines, Liquor«
and Cigars, Give us a eall and we will
guarantee satisfaction,
First Avenue,
YMIli, B C
Draymen & Teamsters
YMIR,   B.    C.
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended to
Drink our Beer, and you wil
agree that yon want nothin
A. CHU I EST, Prop.
Hol iday
Do not send away for anything.     Everything
ean bo had right in town.
Finlay McLeod, Proprietor.
Re=built, Re=fitted, Re=furnished.
rjMlK MoLEOO HOTEL is a nov building, plastered throughout ant contort-
* ably furnished. It is ihe most commodious Hotel in the Y hit district—a
■>2.room house, with ever) convenience.    Apartments »ingle of ill suile.
T H E   B R R
In furnished with the choicest brands uf l.ii|iiors and Uigur«,
The McLeod Hotel is beautifully situated, and is head quiMurs for mining
men and the general travelling public.
Dry Goods,  flillinery or
Post Office Store.
The    Meat    Market,
Alfrfinas or fhM%>cTsauted'iVfeafs
rFm?^       Cop »rich
Anfono lending n iketrti m\ t rloRorlpii' n did]
Htfphlf uarortnln »ur nin.-n »iuo tr lint Ik r in
uvi'hitoii m »mhftbir nntontiitMe   (Vtumtwln
Ion u .it'U'llyr.iMililoiiliiil. liuii-.n-ifilt 0 i ralenti
<.'<it i:.">. iii'l'i .itiomy/ur r>u<'jiina | ul-tiitf
I'ntonti taken  (linniuli  Muim 4 t'u rQetl«!
iprrfal tiaUet* n n lumi idniruo. in '.Uu
Scientific Hmeriean.
A hnnflitniioly llltinfrutnrt wpohlr.    IwirffOlt mr
iulntl'in of any riflcrillllo jiiiirn.il     TonilI. ft i
ro/in i"tir tiio'ittid $i   roiobyuii npwudeflUTv
MUNN & Co.",a~-"*-HßW York
Ur»HCh OUI, il   llï. I*  W». WuHtiilii;!,,,     L-, ('
E. r.
The iiniiiiuneetneiil, of llie increase nf
17 .J per cent in ciiinmnillly rules tin
all thu trunsuoiiihienliil tiiihviiys tin
January IHth noxt nIiiick Vincouvcr
iiieivhiiiits iu a heap ul His', light and
many Inquiries wulu niiide at I he rail
way nllleiis tugltrilllljj Ihn matter. After délibérai Ion ihn j ilibers IlllVO enn
Cllld"il that they l'un do iioihiii;; bill ill
urease their Bulling prices to an extent
that will cover thu Inoruaiod cost nf
iriiuxniiriiilhiii of fn l^!,t, In cllVet the
» hnlesiib-rs «111 pgM 11,,, hurdiui of I lie
InoAMtted cnit on to thu ratifum, who
in lurn will put It on thu customers,
mill thus will tue liihinue be struck. In
inmvi r to nil Inquires nl.oiil thu Inoreimn
inilfimd   elllcbils ciihl   lint  unnouuee
llintireUn   win
e   ugl'i'i'il upiili.nl   II COM
n-ii I ion   nf   freight   '.mlll'i   ol.U'l i!n   In
i hlij;igo.,3onie weeks ago,
B. zr
8 T
Services aie hei I under Miners Hall
i<\rry Sunday morning at 11 ; evening
ai ),80. Intorosting service, familiar
hymn», cverylnuly' welciunn —It. E.
Cnllis, Mini iter.
Sunilay 'ichool nr*l Hilde Clasi fl.liU
aur,Vloe 11 a.mj »nrtw.UO pro, Krv H
Young, peetor.
The Holiday Season
Is at hand., and wean; fully prepared to
supply your every want in our line.
TURKIES, GEESE, FOWL, and the very
choicest of Beef and Mutton
Specially ordered for the Festive
Mai! Odors will receive prompt attention.
John Philbert, Proprietor.
fE aro botter prpparotl than ovbl* to supply your
Cliristiii is wants.    Knowing thatthoro would
lu* n big demand we have prepared ourselves for it
Our old customers need not bo told the class
of goods we carry, but we are after new trade, and
we aro determined (o secure it this
p; n :el I S.T,\1£ A. 3
if first-class goods and fair prices will doit,
make a Christmas présent until you have
over our seasonable specialties.
The DesBrisay Jobbing Co., Ymir.
LOOK-INTOvJHE MIRROR vmtmrnpmt^^—iw^
The New York Express nays- 'After
an animated debate the Centura) Federation Uuiou decided yesterday, in the
face of protests from a small minoril)
to father the movement in this city to
prevent the deportation of John Turner
the English labor leader and 'Philosophic Anarchist,' who was sjized by the
United Stales immigration authorities
on his arrival here und Is now in Ellis
island awaiting probable deportation
Since ibe seizure of turner was made
Ibe Anarchists sud other rudloals it 1b
rcmsrkul have been trying to force organized lubor to lake ti hand in ihe
tfght, in UuMt.ii the Turner case was
taken m the attention of the American
Federation of Labor; thai organization
decided to have nothing to do with controversy. Having failed there, the
•reds' and radicals, it is «aid, decided
if possible to jagitate amoug the central labor bodies in all the citie». 1'hc
Tho Centre! federated Labor Union
here voted to permit the use of its name
in »auction u second mass meeting 10
be held in Copper Union soon, under
the auspices of the Free Speech League
which recently held a meeting on the
Same subject "
I he prospector   lias a  nature   that is
heroic, says ihe Nugget,   He abandons
the uomfoi is and  luxuries of home and
civilization  and  wiln  a puck ou  bis
buck lie plunges into the   wilderness in
search of treasure.    He spends the best llnd »> ll'e »1*<W. to stretching of the
part of his hie  lighting the  elements
Pockets of gold occur under a great
variety of conditions in mines. Often
they are found in large and well defined veins, and again it. seams, In
nearly every instance where pockets
of gold have been found careful in»
vuatigution has shown that the packets
occur in a vein or seam at a point
where at least one Cither vein ur scam,
and often two others, intersect the
main vein or seam. Oases have beep
noted wore pockets ooour along a line
of fault which had dislocated a gold
bearing vein, says tho Mining and
Scientific Press. In sumo pocket
mines the bunches of gold occur with
noticeable regularity within a well de-
fineil zone or erca along the tissure
carrying them, forming what may be
termed a shoot, beyond the limits of
which pockets are not found. When
a mine of this character has been ex.
tonsiyely developed, a working map
shuwing the various cuttings with the
stupes where pockets were found, has
the same appearance as the stupe map
uf a mine where gold is evenly dis
tribu ted and no pockets occur. Pockets
of gold are also found in dykes or
zones of slaty or schistose rocks, within well defined walls. In such cases
there is usually a seriös of transverse
fissures, crossing from wall to wall—
in tho dykes duo possibly to shrinkage,
dudying sliver  lips,  and   bucking  the
ei il   eiltcts of  doughy bannocks  and
rock. In these transverse fissures
which usually lie in a plane approaching tho horizontal  is found crystallized
mildewed sow belly. Once in a while quart«. Usually in such fissures the
he blazes a tiail thai leads mauy a for- g0)u j„ found near one of the walls,
tune, while too often his share M the wh_ere the zone is slate or schist, it is
wealth Is dissipated swiftly against the I   ^ fuu||(,   t|mt  the|.e are Heilms or
veins of quartz running with the slates
or schists and approxituatly coinciding
three things that gild every camp with
a touch of hell, No government officer,
m city mining paper warns linn Unit he
,  ,' ...., ,        ,,    ; with them   in strike and dip
I.- taken awful chances   iigaillSt an   Uli- f
tried fiiimuii.ii.. Oh, no; ihey have thin zone, cutting both slates or schists
nothing to do win, ilie poor prospec- j anil the veins paralleling them, lire tt
lor. When in-docs discover a conn- second series of Hat, or nearly Hat,
trj ihnl shows uuinlstakuahlc signs of scann usually containing quartz, and
natural wealth, lllcy luo often decry , nt the intersections of these pockets
Ins ill ni- louants iuduuiug capital to Worm, cither along the line ot inter,
iismst.tlii -ooil won. U.ai In. hu» coin ; sculjo|1(t (),. ..bunched" at (lie point
id.    !\,-.-il>ly afraid that some fal
>' initio lor,- a  few dollars iu
llsvcli ping  a claim thai,   would pinch.
Such  ulllcial:
thai ilic pool
all tin- risks ii
l, inputig to sell i;icir property
, of  a crossing of a  third seam, called
the " gold scam."    These  guhl seams
usually contain   a pulverulent, earthy
i-.u.- ...I «...
in.I   papers  arc   willing
i   .,ii  , .l.-  mineral, which consists largely of black
pioitpecliiis shiiill'l   lake * »   i
I then lu- dnniuu.« for »i^oxUI° °' manganese and  iron oxide.
.^uiirt/. iu vcittlcts and gruuulcsis ahn
present.      Miners   often   follow   the
scum persistently in the expectation uf
cutting veins mid crossings where gold
may   be expected   to  occur, and  arc
often disappointed  when iu a  pocket
region.       1'lit:   .slates  and   schists   iu
'I he cotts'irvnlivu cunvintion for the
nomination mid election of delegates
to tue ounvotiiion whlult D to nominate
a candidate lor ihn dumir.iun house for
Kootenay will be held   in  the board ol  pocket inities  aru usually heavily  itn
truth ru uns on Saturday night,     U.i    prcgualcd with pyrite   In some mines
arsenical pyruc is u guud sign of the
proximity of a pocket of gold, though
nominating convention  will Im held in for from an infallible index.    In other
this oily on January Utli. The ennven
iter the plan   .iduplcd   there will lie live
ilnleunlus elected in each riding,   The
unties, where a dyke accompanies the
pocket bearing scums ur veins, the ap
Pcarance of light green scales of iron
silicate with tint softening of the dyke
ruck is considered a guud sign, as tins
condition is frequently observed when
pockets are  found  in  mines uf  this
lion will he in nl • up of ti delegates as
there uro nine provincial ridings in the
new dominion constituency of Kootenay,
There al'ii two candidates spoken of us
possible conservative nominees,    There
are John Houston, M P, P., fur Nelson
and ex governor  Charles II.   Mnckiu
tosh, of   Ki.sslliutl,      It   in   understood   description
that Mr.  Houston   lias   Informed  Ins
friends that lie would  under no considérai ion he an asipraut for  the. noniin-       1" a lutter received liy   Ur. MucKsy,
allouât the hands ol the conservative suuruiaiy of me Presbyterian Foteigu
e,invention I'his leaves the lid.I prac I MtMlouar} Society, C. It. Robui'ttou, a
lloally clear for Mr. M'lOkliltoSll and hu ; uiiasioniiry »utioiied al Nanking, (iuiiiu
iloiiliiless will be tin conservative eau- g'*es ruine luleresiiug lucis concerning
delate, unless there is a dark horse, who  Llll! educational system» in China,
■llOllId show I'i'iniirkiilile Mrenglh. Mr.
Mackintosh S'iould m ik.< as good a run
im liny mini iu tue conservative party
In the ounstltuuiiuy,—Nelson Daily
The storlti (rem Vancouver B, 0,
thai President .1. J. Hill has offered to
build >i railroad from the Kootenay s ti
Ihe coast ts ohsoltilely denied al (Ileal
Northern headquarters. His surveyor»
have spent two years Iu surveying for a ! till of Hie lirai degree, 1« of tho second
route through the British Columbia I degree and I of tue ihint degree, The
ranges that will hu low  grade enough ! huila ai Nuuking ure for second degree
the Chinese goyurntnviii does uni
support education in our way, nut per-
inns men to study when und liuw ihey
wis,i. it does al slated times and places
Uuld examinations, Where lite succesn-
Inl uuudldui.ee uru given degrees, the
lint three ot whicu correspond ruiiglily
in our bachelor, muster ami douter degrees respectively. There are iu tlhu
Clinics- empire about 17UU tuiiiricillu
lion or preliminary examination centres
to permit uf the running uf u line up
Siiuilkutneen river and thence down to
the coast, Everything was bright until the surveyors reached a puinl just
heyulld Princeton, It. I!., where the
survey came lo a standstill, license at
mis point II was found impossible to
eel h low grade. A» Ihe coal and ore
deposits there hud Iu be shipped at, low
rates, lVsidcnt Mill says lie will not
build the road unless a line can he made
nt a lower grade than the Canadian
I'm llie has al Kicking Horse pass. Engineers uf the Great [Nurthern liuve
alunit given up hopes (Jul securing a
roadway he) und Princeton.
Sleep us lung i.s you can, lull em-
I l..y your time judiciously while you
Hie snake.
When the downpour Is heavy and
lie ili,uds  ure black   people   somehow
I«,.-.- mi ure* t iu the silver lining.
examinations  and   hnld   aboui   2a.Dun
sltnli nis   ut one    lime,
Several days nre taken up tu getting
Ihe 'JU.IH'O caudiilules sullied lu titelt
respective celts, aller winch llie door»
aie seul, d up, '1 lie Inst exiiiii Cou-
sists of essays upiiii live topics, niiiiuly
concerning me pust dynasties und in»
lory „I China      1 iiey write lor -'I llOUIS
continuously—from u a.m, uuill 6 a.m.
I'lirec exams make up the whole curse.
I'ue M lain Is very severe and men tic
queully succumb.
For the Ural .esl this year there were
-'U.nun cuudidutes, lor ilit.' second lit-
OUUiiud for ihe nurd l*,lMu. '»'lie gales
mu tjuled after ihe cxaiuiuallou and
iivo exuiniuurs and eighteen assistant!
waM« nun Hie papers. After live weeks
lnu,liuuue»s|ul ones ale aiiuuticccd. tint
ut ifUJUU cuudidutes dcgiee» are given
fjlifi lu tile II) pet sous .■nn aland hiyÇti-
IU the liai,
Cash Grocery
Fresh   Fruits   and
New Goods Arriving Daily
Give us a Trial
Wo unsure yuu complete  satisfaction.
S. H. Seaney,
Cash Grocery,
Ymir, B.C.
Owns Boy un Prop.
Comfori'"!'.  Convinie i5, Gjnvorsant
Visitors tojtown, no matter what
their nationality, will find
friends and countrymen
Try   us, Trust us, and  we  will Trent
yuu Truly»
Dominion and Provincial   Land Surveyor,
Surveys of   Mineral   Claims, Lands
Tuwn Sites, etc.
Crown Granting of Mineral Claims.
Offiqr : Cor STANLEY AVI) Victohu
Sts., Nklson, 11. C
Headquarters for
Mining and Com-
mercial Men.
You just have to visit my Stovo
To see. how thoroughly well  prepared I am  Ui supply  all your
wants in Groceries and Provisions.
A Hue assortment of Candy, Nuls- Peels, etc,, for your X'naa
Jn Stationery we have everything in Staple and l.'unnv Lines
that cannot he improved tipuu anywhere, .lust take a look hi.
our assortment uf Bible«. Poems. Prayer and Hymn Hooks, and
an exquisite line of China ami Glassware suitable for Christ mus
D. Campbell,
Are now considered tho ooi'rect thing,
We have them
In endless variety ami at pi'loos to suit till pockets,
Come and See
Our .Stock of Clothing and (Tents' Furnishings, Boots,
Shoes, Rubber Goods, Fancy Slippers and gone.
Dry Goods
Don't fail to see our stock boforo you make a selection
We will supply your best desires in
Gents' Furnishings.
Choicest   Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
In the County Court of Kootenay,
holden st Furt Steele.
Cm, Il H I.'VIT. Of [MfltOVBMKtm,
Good, comfortable
rooms will bo found
in connection.
YMIR.  British Columbia
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry. Co.
WASIMN'lil'ON Äs (;. N. RY.
V. V. & K. UY. & N. CO.
'pin' only nil mil route between
pointa artet,Wont and south to Rob»
tin, Nelson, (irnii'l Pocke und Hi.
public, Conuoota at Spokuno will,
alio Great Northern, Northern Pacific
nml 0. It. ill N. Co,, for points oust,
went mill soutli ; oonneuts ut Ross-
Inud and Nelson witb the Cumul Ian
Pacific Itnihvuy.
Connects ut Nelsori with tho I', It
Al N. Co. for Kaslo und K. nml 8,
Cunnoots ut Curlew with stage for
Greenwood uutl Midway, It. 0.
Buffet cars run on trains between
Spokane und   Republic,
Effectlvo Nov. 22nd, 1902,
Leave Unity Train Arrive
8.48 u.m        Spokane (1.46 p.m
lu 4<> ». in       Bosilund 4,86 p.m
B.82 a m Ymir ;> ;i,> p.m
7,20 a m Nelson T.'iU p m
îiiiiôiiin   (Grand Forks)     H.8Ô pni
",80 n.ni Republic 6.Id p.m
General Passenger Agi.,
Spokimi', Wash.
I Hunter V'„ Il.nilili' Kinndaril. M ('Tin
Kiin'iioii, Vulgar Krauilon l'uuillu,
VOTICK is llKiil'.UY GIVEN that Silver Uulilon a.i.l Vurora Mineral
JN   ,„, ism, davol Novemtn-r, 1903  I      '""»<  Bltitate In the Nolson Mininij
It was ordered  b3   .1    A,  Porln,Bs.|..      ,)lv,8l° Wcs. Kootenay Uistriut,
Iuiiiu'  nl the snltl Court    tluu  .Jnnioe! " '"■'"'  locateil :   Five inline  s.mili .>
Feritusi'ti Annstrunj! C)lllt>l ■! H
mlnlatriitor nl lh« County nf K'. ,ti. ay
Ur Hriniintstrntor "t nil ntul >inj;ulnr l u-
estate -,f vi 11.1.1 \M J. SALMON of
Wiienx Min.., near Ynitr, miliar tie,
ceased. InlustnU.'.
Ymir, un ili" (livide ütitweuii l'orcu-
pine and Bidden Clreeks,
I nkc notiut. tli.il I. J, I). Anderson,
P I.s . ,ii I'liiil, UU, mum for William Davis,   E-i| , Fine Minor's Cerilll*
in No, li. 68,478, Intend    sixty days
Ever)   pers.m ludeliled to   Uni said   from tliu dutu hereof,   lo apply to the
iliri-iiui.il Is required lo make jinyin ■!  Mlnitij; Rouorilurtur a oerilituateof Im-
Clark's Furniture  Store.
Undei^akor nml  Kiiniituro
Vniir, B. (.',
•u'l  Order» promptly attended to.
forthwith in the undi    Iglte 1
Every   person  liavlug  i1.  possession
, 11,'l'lH ' lii'liiiiiill.U    >'•   di i*«'l   Is
required forthwith t.. n.otlfj the undersigned.
Every creditor, or ollu' person, hnv
iii^ any flaim upnii or Interest i'i n..
dislribultnu nl the person .1 estate .it il.
snid deoensed i* requlrwi. within ihlrt.
days of ilii* date», i" "tnd by mgLiere !
letter, addressBil to the iiiiderxiirii.'il,
his name and aildrpss suit inn full par
Honiara nt his claim or Interest, und n
«tntetneiit. of hi* neeniuil, Hull Ihe nnlUrii
of the security (if any) held <<\ iii'n
After tin. expltatioii ..I Ihn said thlrtj
days llie  Administrai >r »'ill   pro tl
with the distribution "f the est ate. hav-
in.; regard to thuse ulslmionly of which
he ihull hu vu
limed nt F'iri Steele this 28th day .>(
Noveinlier. I1IÜ8,
Ulllulal Administrator
Furl Steele, I), 0.
provonietits for Uih purpose nl obtain-
tug n Crown tirant of the above claims.
\tul further take iintlou thai nutloiii
i I-' r Si etliiil 117, nillst l)i'  oo'iituuiioud
iielore the is.iiinui.'e of KUCli ui'ttilienle of
Uated tins 1 lib da   of Angmt, 19U3.
.1. I). AN IER30N.
Don't owe yom- jiiuiglihor a grudge,
uatiuel the debt iii'siniee
Some females ah. lelegnled to the
iu!usler class benaiLu uf their eutDnrti,
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Surveys of Mineral chums, Mines,
Pre-emptions, Laud Purchases,
Townsltus, etc
Crown Orants of. Mineral Claims
a Specialty.
ÄOS3IL.A.ISTI3'   B-    O
P. O  Hos/iill,        Tel. 101 & IfiO
YMIR,   B.   C.
When yon want to moot iinv-
Innlv in YiniT or j^ct roliftble
iiii'oi»mtioiiabout thooamngo
to the Palace Hotel, ami while
transacting your husinesn get
it rcl'l'iîshing «Iriuk. a tirst-chts»
iiienl of a genuine smoke.
Cmi'l'lflOATK OV  hri'llnVKMHNM
New    Victor,    Royal   und   ISxcelei. r
lliueral   Claims, Mitiiatt.   in   Nelson
Mining Division of West Kootenay
Where located : On Wild Ilorsn Creek
nil').it. seven miles (rum Y nur,
Tiikc notice that I, John MuLttoliiu,
uf the city of Nelson, noting us agent
fur Fiunk Bowser, I'Vet« Miner's Certificate No. It 71,728, Intend, sixty
days from the date lier."if, to apply to
the Mining Recorder (or a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose nf
obtaining a Crown Grant of thn above
Ami farther take notico that action,
under section 37 must be commenced
before thu issuance nl' such Certilioatu
nf Improvements
Dated this 19th day o( Sept,, I'.iii.i.
(iohl, Silver or Lead, any one,. ..fl 110
Copper     I ,'>il
Uold-9llver    l'.AU
Silver .Lead     I'.iH)
These prices are slrictlj nell cash.
Prions for Other metals nu npplicatlntk
All pulps kept nun month I runt)
of assa).
Samples liy mail or expressfHOMvu
Prompt Attention.
k W. Wll>U()WS()N,
l,.,l '^sjjflÉ' '     i'1-dii'-
Thtt Palace Hotel,
M. Tuitr and J. Kudtly PiiL    jßV'ii.     * s Ktfi
"|! Watches and Jewelry.
This year our stock is larger
than eyer, and wo have added
a very fine line of Cut Glass.
Our Watches for Boys cannot be surpassed for the money
Send us $2 and we will mail
you one. It will please the
boy. We guarantee every
Patenaude Brothers,
Manufacturing Jewelers,
-X-nyEIIR,,  B. O-
TO MEKT THE DEMAND for goods suitable for
Holiday (lifts I have just opened the largest and best
assorted stock ever brought to Ymir. The following are
,i few of my specialties :
McCormick's high class Confectionery in bulk and in
Handsome Cuff,   Collar and "Glove Boxes  filled with
( 'onfectionery.
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Wristbags, Billhooks and
Purses in great variety.
Brier and Meerchaum Pipes with block ambar m >ath-
pieces ; G. B. D. specials, B. H. B. Own Makes, Peterson's
etc. Cigars in boxes of 10's to 100's, bath importe I an 1
domestic, suitable for Holiday Presents.
Choice assortment of Jewelry, Cuff Links, Chains, et.:.,
in heavy plated and solid,Gold.
Large consignment of Fruits, consisting of choioo citing
mid cooking Apples, Oranges, etc.
Full line of Fancy ami Staple Groceries at moderate
Wishing you the  Complim Mits of the Seas m, and
soliciting a continuance of your patron ige,
Yours truly,
Ymir, B. C, December.   P.IO
The Ontario government luis a
grievance, I ts friends say that it is
being accused of crimes with which it
lias nothing to do, of muddling in
things that are outside the field of its
activities. All this is the natural result of the Ontario government's abnormal thirst for power. It would
not allow the nitiuieipalities to appoint
sheriffs, registrars, or license ollicials.
Everything must be centred at
Toronto. It happens that to-day all
the important appointments connected
with the administration of justice in
Ontario are made either at Toronto or
at Ottawa, and that the same political
party is in power in both places.
When the making of laws, und the
administration of laws are entirely in
lite hands of one political putty, it is
not at all unnatural that the acts of
the dominant party shou'd be keenly
sei utini/.cd. The dominant party may
have some good intentions, So had
I »owning street in the old days, But
lite good intentions of rulers are no
compensation for the loss of aelf-
■.jovcinnient, and the people of to-day
have a growing conviction that they
uro not self governed, but ruled by an
olHoe-holding combination, strongly
entrenched by 32 years of domination,
-Toronto World.
The following is an abstract of detailed statement of all the election expenses incurred by me oil my own be
halt, as a candidate for the Ymir Riding of West Kootenay Electoral District, ut election held October 3rd,
To cash paid for Telegrams, ,$    5 43
Adv'ing ifc  Pr'ing 77 26
"        Horse Hire  8 00
"        Postage A- Stat'ery 37 95
Rents of Hulls. ... 10 00
"        Travelling and Personal Expenses  143 00
J281  63
I hereby certify above   is   a correct
Dated at  Victoria,   B.C.,   November 20th, 1903.
Ret lulling Olliccr.
His   Honor Jlitlgu    Hentloi'SOll   has
Initltlitil llown Ills decision in Nie Chinese
gnnitillng  raie« appealed from a conviction of the Vancouver police magistrate, K, Mel). Kungelt.    Tlie (Il.iuu-
men  uonl.untluil   lluil   lliey  were  only
playing a parh.r game ol "song pong'
ami not the   unlawful,   hut   fsscllinling
gftTld  of fan-tan.    His   lienor upheld
in • oonvicii in,    the  upputll   being tils
misse,I   with costs.      In   giving Ills   lie
étalon Un Jud^s ci nui mtu 1 ou tne pre
«»no» ot   a complets  gambling  nullit
et  «Imi   n   wutuliinuii   \»as
'»Wmuil   m in\j|(iur,   wlio   would, be
 '"*   ,,e«d«u   «  »•> ,Uu„,ee,,t   ,,„,|„,
Kiinie were being played.
A pencil mark in this space
i- a gentle reminder tb*t-vour
subscription   is   dui
vougU up,
Whether for immediate or future consider*
eration our prices for
Copper Plate Engraving are worthy of
For instance, we engrave a plate like this
for $i.oo.
Prom the plate we print
too choicest quality cards
for $i.on.
Tli«""tit-" will Un a lifetime.
Write for a copy of bur
new handsomely illustrated catalogue, ready Nov.
15th, On request we will
fiend it to any address
free of cost,
IIA, tit), Vit and 124
Yonfte St., Toronto
Whenn mint deseryes isfepcot he iloe:
no' need t,, look for it,   \
The flirror
To your Friends
And help to
There is no more effective means of
accomplishing this end
Wonderful   Growth   of  the   flail   Order   Business   of  The   Robert   Simpson
Company, Limited, Toronto.
Toronto ha» long been note! as the
city of fine stores. With her miles of
beautiful residential streets, her avenues of tress, splendid lake trait,
unequalled street our service and her
great department stores, such as that
n' the Robert Simpson Company, her
citizens possess advantages few other
cities can boast.
The Arm, en Mr. Simpson's death,
In 1897, became a limited company,
and no modern phenomenon of the
business world, so far as Toronto is
concerned, has occasioned more remark than the growth of the business
of the Hoben Simpson Company,
Large thouffh the building is and added to from time to time as it has been.
The Robert Simpson Company building stands in the most prominent position In .he city, viz., the southwest
corner of Queen and Tonga Stress,
where, situated In the very centre of
the city, It has long been one of the
most familiar l,ind-marks of the town.
As a specimen of modern store architecture. It stands supreme In Canada.
It extends from Queen Street on the
north clear through the block to Richmond Street on the south, with a long
series of magnificent fröret windows
on Queen, Yonge and Richmond
Htreete. Counting the basement, the
store numbers seven selling floors,
each  of  whloh would  provide
Boom for a Regiment» Drill
On these seven floors, in twenty'-
three distinct departments, praotically
everything needed In dally life, mav
be bought for the lowest economical
price for which a store can sell It.
Experienced enterprising "buyers"
ire scouring the world nearly six
months of the year securing the most
suitable merchandise where it Is produced best and cheapest. Quantity is
no drawback. The bigger quantity
bought, the lower the price. If the
goods are right the Robert Simpson
Company cannot take too much of
them.       (
The business now known an the Robert Simpson Company Limited, wnS
established awny back In 1873. by the
late Mr. Robert Simpson. An unequalled judge of dress goods and silks, nls
store soon acquired a reputatlui for
dress fabrics second to none In Canada, and that reputation has been one
of the store's most valued and most
carefully treasured assets ever since.
Soon Tonge Street rivalled King Street
in Its ettraotlveness for the ladles of
Toronto, end when after the great (Ire
In 1895, the new building was erected.
tonge Street was Indisputably maStrf
of the situation. To-day the tide of
retail business flows fullest right it
the corner of Queen and Yonge Streets,
lo less than four blocks north of where
It «entered ten years  «go.
In was still too small until a few weeks
ago to accommodate the weaithof merchandise which comprises the Robert
Simpson   Company's   "forward"   stock.
An Addition  Equal  to  One*
sixth of the Building
has Just been erränget) for, by utilizing the great reserve slock room on
the top HOor and shfftlng the reserve
stock to an outside warehouse. This
move gives room on the first tloor for
th° display of the finest stock of dress
goods and silks In Canada, and one of
the finest on the continent. The Cloak
department, where ready-to-wear garments for women two Sold now occupies the entire second flat of 'the
main building, n Brnos eilt"I to a r-'lr
sized province of Ontario (laid. The
sample furniture show-room occupies
the next entire Hour, carpets and curtains the next, while on the fifth floor
above the ground Is situated the largest and most popular restaurant !n
Toronto With n ten-mile view over the
city In thne directions. One entire
Moor of the Richmond Street wing is
given over to Men's Clothing, and II
has become the most popular place
In Toronto for men who do their own
■hopping, Rlmnsnn Clolh'ng I« famous, it being chosen from the erenm of
the production of the Canadian manufacturers In compétition.
Oh, the third floor of  the Rlchmmil
Street wing  Is  situated
The Great Modern Hail Order
which has made the name nf Robert
Simpson Company Limited, fumons
throughout the Dominion. It Is safe
to Sfly that every post-office In Canada
has done and Is doing business with
this department. Through the Mall
Order System, families miles nwny
from any considerable centre of population, may utilize the facilities nf this
great modern store with the greatest
of   convenience   and   the   most   entire
satisfaction,   The system is very sim
ple. Twice a year the firm sends 1
catalogue to every household In Die
land whose name and address they
hate. This catalogue contains a cora-
plfll revised and up-to-date lint ,if
■iboLt every article a Canadian or 1
Cfinautan household wants or require*
In everyday life. Kach Item Is nuni-
I ered. tjilly described Hid very orten
Illustrated so that the reader receives
n true and dof.nlte Iden or the goods
referred to. Lastly, the price is ituot-
ed plainly, and it In variably gi\es Hi"
mall onier customer the I'nll advantage of the big city .«lore* economical
method nf In ndling business. Seated
comfortably at Inure ;he mail ordei
customer in the wheat section of the
territories, in the mountain tonus of
the Rockies, In the thriving Hut,, set.
tlementi of New Ontario, and ovm Is
mr-oft Dawson In the Yukon, wherever he or she may be, so Ion? as til«
Canadian Mail service roaches nenr
their nlnce, that customer inav hnv
from the big Robert Simpson Store In
I oronto
As Though Distance Did Not
,- Wnen the order reaches the Mall
Order department of the Robert simp-
son Company it is at once entered as
received, and handed to cue of the
trained crop of practical buyers, who
, 0 1 thp departments where the goods
are tn sale and buy Just as he customer would heiseif wore she shopping in
person using all the Judgment and goo,l
i'« i- which comes of handl'^ir pno'-nq
of such orders every day. The go ds
are assembled in the Mall Order department, checked over and passed .111
to the partiellen, who check them
again, wrap them, end pass them to
the shipper. The Dominion Express
Company and the Canadian EJxpros*
Com'i.'inv detail six special wagons In
handle the store's express pane's, with
ihe least possible delay, while the
firm's own delivery department horses
handle the packages shipped through
the post-office, with the speedy
promptness necessary to catch the
very first train« »hvtlng 'or th" nnln'S
from whence the orders were received.
Some lime ago. as an a tvertls-'nieni.
the firm took a bunch of li'ters selected at random from orders received
and had them photographed so as to
Show the post-mark of the offices from
whence they came. The photo wn 1
reproduced and published.    Seldom. In
dee,!,    ha«   '•    n10'-"   en«.•!•,,.In-     •-   nf
a firm's wide usefulness been placed be
fore   the   public.     K111111    Vic to, mi    m
Halifax,  roughly speaking,  the  entire
Dom'nlon of Canada was représente t.
The  1003  Fall  and  Winter
of the Roheit Simpson Company s
now being mailed to the firm's friends
as fast os a large staff can address
the envelnpes and dispatch the parcels.
I' is a magazine of s nil" 2o:l pig.*,
replete with Infnrmntlm as to «tyie»,
qualities, new Ideas and prices. Tim
book Itsdf Is as attractively got.ten
up aH any magazine, with Half-tone
cuts, showing the magnificent departments where the goods are soul. Any
render of this pnper may receive on.»
of these catalogues free on s?n lln :
name and nddress plainly written to
the Robert Simpson Company Limited,
Torriitn. 3
Moreover the firm extend to ihem
the heartiest welcome to look through
the «tore should they visit Toronto,
Every modern facility at the store's
command. Such as waltlng-rooma.
writing desks, lavatories, parcel chock
office, etc., Is freely at their service,
while the largest and finest stock of
merchandise the Store ever gathered
together from the markets of the
world Is on sale at a scale of prices
mly possible to a business of such
Kootenay   Coffee   Go.
We are not general G-t'ooofs)
iind Provisioiiei's, bill we hinke
1 specialty of
Teas and Coffees.
You can always rely on gob-
ting the html, mil at right
prices. ]
Mail onle > receive |>roni|>t
atteiwtonv    •
Give us a
All work ontrtistofj to us is neatly mid promptly
executed.    ;
M nil Oi'dei'H revoive spedai^ttont-ijpn.


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