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 I '       i     !■'.■ '«■
-, \
'*"£ß »-tr   -
*■ ~*C   '■}
Vol. UT. No 30.
YMIR, B. C, SATURDAY, FEB.   20, 1904.
Prick Five Cent».
Jf^r- The boycottera who havo sent
ns notice to withdraw their ads. this
week will have their communications
dealt with next week. 'Their orders
did not reach this office until the advertising pages had been printed. We
regret keeping them in fear and treinbl
ing until Saturday next, and expressly
give this notice so that they may be
able to square themselves with the
union boycott committee.
J. W Ross J.P., who has been on
the sick list for a few weeks, was out
driving on Wednesday. '
There is not much business at the
rink these days as the snow fall is
greater than the snow shovel.
Nels Evanson is doing work on the
Black Hawk, the nearest mining property to the town.
Always smoke the Monogram or
Marguerite—the peoples' choice. W
J. McMillen Js Co., sole agent for B.C.
Vancouver. +
Several inches of snow fell during
the week, but the weathor has been
mild. '
Newitt it Co. are selling oft a big
stock of ladies' waists to make room
for spring goods. Talk of bargains !
Just see these. ■    , n
The Porto Rico Lumber Co. are preparing to establish a saw mill at Hall
Siding. There is some good timber in
the immediate neighborhood.
other candidate and he is above Par,
who on this accasion has not been nominated. The objection to one of the
candidates is that he was Miles away
when the hospital oaved in under the
snow, although it was supposed to be
subject to Daly inspection.
So far as work has proceedeel on the
Dundee mine, the results are greater
than were expected. Some splendid
ore has been' mined, running high in
values A big force will be put on as
soon as the season opens.
A snow stiele from the roof of the
Ymir saloon the other day broke down
the elevated walk leading . into the
''ladies" side enteranoe.
Men who aro troubled with a constipation of ideas and a dirrhoea of
words, us are the agitators of Ymir,
are public nuisances, and should be
treated as such. '
It is rumored that there is another
show on the road which is arranging
for a date with Ymir. The chief feature will be a beauty content. Qet
ready with your cash suckers.
Work on the bridge spanning the
Salmon River at Ymir, will commence
us soon as the sr.ow begines to go. A
grnsl permanent structure will be up
bufore the spring Hoods set in.
The genuine Chinese of Ymir eelo-
hinted tlieir new your on Monday last
and tlieir hospitality was enjoyed by
many to whom even Sam Hnuie was a
welcome graft.
Ymir Hospital returns (that is, patients yearing lo get hack on the sick
list) are |ike the other returns—hard
lo get at. This natural condition of
hIUh-s is ihii to be wondered at.
Hurry .Wright, M.P.P., passe-el
through Ymir on Tuesday'evening on
his way Mr Jtedsem, after the close of
ihn Provincial legislature.
A letter lie«* been reeeiree) in town
from Jaiiw-s Stewart, now at Kolaiitim
Malay Peninsula. Jim expects to be
buck in. Ymir «Isiut July next, n-wl ro-
pents tlmf-Ji« he now enjoying excellent health. He (Kwires to be' rewum-
hored to uül Its» Ymir friends.
Every day a car load or two of Hun
ter V. ore passed through Ymir for
the Nelson smelter. As soon as the
snow clears away, the shipments will
be on a much larger scale, as there is
abundance of ore available, and every
focilty for handling it.
Police Constable Forrester appears
to treat boycotting as great fun—as
he does almost every other crime committed in the camp. Respectable citizens are asking what hit-- superiors are
thinking of, or if they really know how
things are in this town.
It is miel that they are not going to
M n ko-Issue secetmy of the Miners'
Union for the next term. Home want
Make-1unis, who has a strong pull oil
■attain Knights.   Billy Bcinit is the
A positive cure for chronic constipa
tion hns been discovered in Ymir, It
has been proven that a look of disapproval from a union '"boss" will aper-
ate so suddenly that in some cases por
tion of the toilet is offensively injured
Several bad cases have been thus treated during the week. It is but an illustration of the power of mind over matter.
"Boycott" as the dictionary defines
it—" To combine together to have no
dealing with one on account of his
opinions; a mode of persecution so cal-
ed from Captain Boycott, who was
Ithe first victim of it in Ireland in 1880."
The law. however, takes a more serious
view of it, as will be demonstrated
next week.
Mr. Harry Wright, the local mem
ber of the Provincial legislature,
passed through town on Tuesday on
his return from Victoria On that
evening he promised that within a
week he would have the government
engineer on. the ground to prepare
plans for the Ymir bridge. True to
his word, he arrived in town this morn
ing with Mr. Gamble the engineer,
and Mr. llenwick, the gold commis
sinner. These gentlemen examined
the bridge, and immediate steps will
lie taken to have a new structure
«reeled. This will be done before the
spring floods «et in. Mr. Wright deserves the best thanks of his constituents for his energy nnd faithfulness
to the trust reposed in him. He is
over watchful erf the interests of his
The carnival festivities have resulted
in disorder and bloodshed in southern
Italy and Sicily. Troops and police
were obliged to intervene and a score
or more person* hare been wounded
At TYani, a nomlier of niasquerntlers
started the trouble by insulting, slate
institutiem* nnd in fighting which followed several officers and soldiers »ere
wounded. A large number of arrests
were made. At Piazza Amerina, iu
Sicily, the masquerading brought /ibout
» conflict between the members of two
local political parties and an attack
was nutde on the city hull. The disorders became so- great that troops
were callee) out and fired on the people to disperse them. Fourteen of
the rioters Were wounded.
War in Ymir!
The Camp in the Hands of
the Enemy.
Storekeepers and Saloon
Men Surrender.
Tyrants Threaten  and
Timids Tremble.
► «X>T
A pencil mark in this space
is a gentle reminder that you/
swbscription h due' Please
cough up,
The long expected has oome I A
general boycott has been declared
against Tub Mm non by the tyranioul
" bosses " of the Miners' Union simply
because this paper gave publicity te
some facts and figures which these
gentry do not appear able to explain.
As long as they were dealing with
union funds they were entitled to handle them as they pleased, but when it
comes to dispensing public monies the
public have aright to know how they
are spent, and it is the duty of an independent newspaper to supply this
information—if available. In the case
of the subscriptions raised for the Ymir
Hospital we applied for information
and were supplied by the then secretary of the union (Parr) with a list of
subscribers to the building fund, with
the amounts set opposite each name
respectively. This totalled $897.65,
exclusive of several sums set opposite
the names of men who gave work in
lieu of cash. This was in July 1902.
In November 1903, what purported to
be a correct statement of receipts and
expenditure in this connection was'
published, by resolution of (he union
in a Nelson and a Butte, Moo., paper
—the intention evidently being that
the figures should not be seen by those
who subscribed the money. In this
official statement public subscriptions
are set down ot $382 1 We called attention to this matte» at tho time, but
a little discrepancy of $515.65 was too
trivial an item to call for explanation.
For daring to question the accuracy of
this ollicial return we incurred the
wrath of the union bosses. But an
hospital Was built, miserably built ; and
the snow was allowed to accumulate on
the roof Until its weight caused the
whole building to tumble down I We
had the temerity to accuse those responsible, ot mismanagement and gross
carelessness. For this piece of presumption we again incurred the wrath
ot the union bosses, Then came the
provincial elections of last fall. The
union Ismse* and their followers nominated a labor-liberal candidate!—a man
of their own heart. Once again we
failed to recognise th« wisdom of the
clique W/e vigorously opposed their
nominee, and he was igninniiiiMisly defeated at, tho polls. Hern »gain we
incurred the wrath of the union clique
and intensified their vow of vengeance.
But the worst offence of nil hod yel
to come, Another hospital wns built
to which the government contributed
812,000. Many were asking what the
cost of running it would be, and we
were requested to give the particulars
as a matter of public information, Wc
applied to Burgess, the president of
the union, and Mclssnc the secretary,
but they declined to give any portico-
bus unless authorized by tho onion so
to do. They roprestfnted the case to
tho union at the next Weekly meeting,
when it was decided to withhold the
information for reasons assigned, ami
winch we will hereufter enumerate
We then stateel the ease! tei the propnr
authorities at Victoria, and succeeded
in getting copies of the returns which
the law demands ttie hospital directors
to make every month. These wo p»b«
lished in  summary  on tin:   tith  iiMt.,
and those who perused the figures will
concede that they require a whole lot
of explanation. Because we dared to
suggest that this explanation should be
forthcoming {(the government contributed over $2,500 towards the maintenance of tho hospital for ten months
last year) the union has decreed that
we be BOYCOTTED ! Not alone are
they individually boycotting us, but
they have intimidated the following
supporters of Tub Minima to withdraw
their advertisements under threat :
Samuel Miller, saloon keeper,
DesB-isay Jobbing Co (per D Grobe
Jackson J? Leahy, teamsters,
S. H. Seaney, tobacconist
W M Coffey, barber,
D. Campbell, grocer.
All the withdrawals came in in a
batch—proof of conspiracy. They
reached the ollice after our advertising
pages had been printed, but will receive attention next week.
We have the honor of be:ng the
first newspaper boycotted in British
Tho annual meeting of the B. C.
Standard Mining Co. was held on Wednesday at Nelson, Mr James Johnstone, president of the company, presiding.
The directors report was highly satisfactory. It gave a history of the property from the time the option was
taken over from Mr. William Davis,
detailed the building of the tramway,
ore bins, railway spur, etc. to facilitate
the economic handling of ore. The
tramway will bo equipped at first with
thirty buckets of a capacity of 1,000
pounds each, and by travelling at 300
feet per minuto per hour, can deliver
10 tons erf ore per hour. The stand*
ing rope is 1 1-8x7 8, and the hauling
rope 3-4 in diameter, and 30 buckets
may therefore bo added as desired,
with a corresponding increase In tho
capacity of the tramway. Mr. A. D,
Wheeler was appointed superintendent
on 13th August, and the construction
work has been supervised by him, He
has also finished the construction of inexpensive two bucket tramways, one 1,800 feet long, connecting
the Hunter V. tunnel With the upper
terminal bin, and one 500 feet long,
connecting the Double Standard tunnel
with the same bin By this ni rangement of tramways wc will be able to
ship ore from tunnels at lower levels
than tlw present working, or from
other parts'erf the |ir(iperty tlniii those
already opened up, without disarrange
ment of the pvriifiiiiciit and espens'ne
main tramway. The subsidiary train-
ways will, like the main trsimvay, be
operated entirely lry gravity, and will
each have-, il is «stiirtatcel, a capacity
of 10 tons per hour* New buildings
have been put up to accommodate the
workmen. Arrangements have been
iilade for shipping irre to t Su- smelters
at Nelson, Trail and Northport, anil
rcgnhir shipments are inrw being made'
Tiie financial statement riipwcd the
compiiny to Ise in it nourishing condition ,
Mr. J. J, Campbell was appointed
managing director and secretary treasurer, anil Mr. Johnstertto president,
The latter announced that all the stock
issueel had been sold at par.
Th» Kill lor dot's not hold himself responsible
for th« opinion« of uQrresitotidentr., but nwervM
to himself th« right to «II ml hat* ttfoh nutter a*
to him may appear irrelevant or oitenstve.
All cotnmuQieatlont» must bo aoeurapanied Uy
the name or the author—tot ttwWMarHy for putt*
Ucatloti, hut ft» a mt»i*ns>f identity.
We Uc not uutfcriake to return rejected correspondence unless requested no to do.
To tho Editor, Miubo«
Sir—Please excuse my trespassing
en your space—especially as I understand it is now Boycotted. Your correspondent, "A Right Man," is evidently another of the disappointed one»,
who wilt not honestly and manfully
acknowledge defeat, but insteael de-
lights in throwing mud at the choice
of the people. He mixes up P J-
Oleazor, John Houston, the leader of
the opposition, and the newspaper correspondent in such a tangle that it is
difficult to comprehend what he is
driving at. Buckworth was correct in
stating that all that is appropriated
for the district is $10,000, but wrong
in casting a slur on Mr. Wright for
not securing more—the money wss not
there, and Ymir district got her full
share of appropriation when you compare this with other ridings, and take
into consideration the depleted state
of the treasury.
What is your correspondent driving
at? Does he try to defend Buckworth,
to censure Gleazer, to glorify Houston,
to immortalize the leader of the opposition, to belittle Wright, or is he merely
gratifying an insane desire to see his
composition in f rint 1
Again apologising for trespassing em
your boycotted space and assuring you
ci my practical support in your struggle against tyranny—Yours.
A WmeiiiT Man.
The war is well em between Llds-ni
and Japan, and so far things are hi
favor of the Japs, This in tiie War
news of Uu- week in a nutshell;
Official announcement was made
yesterday by the window glass workers
of America of a reduction of 14 to 18
per cent in the wage scale.
Evory year about 300 new school
sections are openeel and teachers in the
northwest are largely drawn from Ontario. First and second class coretifi-
cates valid in Ontario are recognized
at face value thero. This year then-
has been no diminution in the drain of
the liest teachers t
Thomas Duke, of Vancouver, was
elected grand master at the meeting of
tho Orange grand lodge of British Columbia at Isidiier yesterday. The 12th
of July celebration wilt be held'at
Vancouver, and Vernon was seloctoe)
as tho place for the next annual meeting.
Manitoba will take the swamp lands
case to the highest court in the empire/
The decision Went against the province
in tlio Ottawa supremo eOQtt hut at-^
toini'y-geiii'ral Campbell annoiincis
^heir appeal will be taken to the privy
It is l'epoited from Santiago that
the thorough train bearing Sir William
Van Home, heavily interested in Cuban railroads, and first président, of
the Canadian Pacific railway, eu rout
to Havana wns attack«! 1 by bandits
near Acto Cedro. 'l'Ile, windows of
the sleeper were smashed by the rob.
Iters, but all tlss passengers- escaped1
uninjured, TIlB government? is sending a detachment of th ltnrnl (iuards-
to patrol the railway in the vacinity
of llsi track. Thu bandits were fright -
oned sway try the show nf force made
by the crow and passengers, but are'
believed to \*' camped in the. neighbor-'
lioisl awaiting a fuvirrnbhf opptirttiii-
ity t<r make another attack.
Two hnudre-el old country settlers'
arrived in Winnipeg on Wednesday.
fïJ" Wenil your Job Printing to »ie*
M m u o a Orties i *
-^mmmWÊÊÊ "II.-. U..JIU.J
An Ad. in
J is  a  Salesman calling at till the «
■ -    •
• homes  and mines  in the district •
: !
t evmv week nnd being given court- •
J ' '   " '       ' !
J ous consideration, ,
• •
Published „verv SHupilay and tiiui!,!,) to »nv
a, ldruss, ur Jallverntl by ,;nrrler In town,
Sul)-(iriptinns;0S.CÛl*or annum, puyablo n\%tl-
Arlvrtisiiur rstun, ll.rii per inoh iisr month
Nu publia euti-rtrilliiilRlit to  which  au  a'iinis
lion fun is uhiirufiil, will be noticed  in 'I'm. Milt
lion unless advertised In its aolumns.
Only artistes of merit will be advertised in
these columns, and the Interests, of readers will
be carefully guarded against irresponsible persons, /
Tue Miui'.oH oan be tied from all Inadine
newsdealers In the district, or uuu b« obtained
direct from tbe office.
Commercial prlutinx or every description
done on the premises at standard prices.
C. Dell Smith, Editor.
JJTHERE is trouble on at tho Tran".
V»/ vaal in reference to the proposed
importation of Chinamen to work the
mines of that country. The seriousness of the question appears to be felt
in Old England, and vigorous stops
are being taken to preserve the new
colony. At a large and enthusiastic
meeting held in London last week—a
meeting convened by a parliamentary
committee representing both sides of
the House of Commons—the subject
was very fully discussed, and resolutions were passed denouncing the
scheme as a grave, moral evil, and
urging that tho proper solutiou of tlje
problem was the employment of British
,worknien. Tho people of the Trans-
vital object to Chinese immigration,
and they show tlieir wisdom in so doing
The self-governing colonies of Australia and New Zealand have had bitter
experience of the yellow post, but they
rid themselves of it. New South
Wales took similar action under like
circumstances. Canada—at least this
western province—discovers, rather
lute, that the Chinaman is no acquisition, und in order to make living oven
tolerable for the ordinary whiteinan
has raised the pool tax to $000 on
every Chinaman entering the country.
Tho United States has also suffered,
and will not allow any more Chinamen to come within her borders. Iu
the face of all this, however, the men
controlling tho wealth of the Transvaal
want to import Chinamen, regardless
of the ultimate ruin of the country.
Did the British empire shed its blood
and pour out its treasure that South
Africa might lie handed over to John
Chinaman 1 l.ct. us hope that South
Africa »ill be spared the infliction.
'I'll)'; Ymir Hospital financial puzzle
continues to egitalo the public mind,
while those responsible for it seem to
he gelling deeper in the mile at every
turn.    First they tried to conceal the
accounts or to give any ' cckiiuiiig as to
ihe disposition of public funds.   When
the mysterious figures   were  supplied
through the government   (copied from
the hospital returns  sent to Victoria)
mid published, the  directors preferred
to endure public odium   rather   than
invite  investigation,   hut   when   this
became too strong—when people began
to ask significant questions—what did
these gentry do!     They simply chose
u ciiiiuiiitteo of three  to  look over the
books and pronounce everything O.K.
But even  this committee,   having examined some of the accounts, refused
lo certify them  Correct,      The board
nn,   now  canvassing  for a  couple c.f
obliging fellows—a knowledge of figures
not necessary—who will give the much
newded certificate.      And they'll get
them. When the books are properly
ludited, as they will be, the true state
of affairs will be made known. We
Nope it is possible to prove the figures
right, and if this can be 'done it will
afford us pleasure to give full publicity
to the fact. ., On a former occasion,
when some. important documentary
evidence wus required by the miners'
union, it was discovered that somebody
had inisteriuiisly broken in and de-
itroyed that which was wanted. His
uu-y sometimes repeals itself. Will it
be mi in this-easel
■ England is taking up 'I'8 drink
question afresh. Leading men and
•vonien is all departments of life are
iut with a manifesto for a great reluct ion in the number of public houses,
for the extension of the principle of
local option, and for Government compensation for those persons whose
licences have been revoked, the money
so used to be -raised from the liquor
An important decision has been rendered by Mr. Justice L'uwrancs and a
special jury in the Kings Bench Division, London, An action was brought
by the Denaby and Cadeby Main CoU
lerics against the Yorkshire Miners'
Association and others to recover $750,
000 as damages for an alleged conspiracy and unlawful combination, inducing the plaintiffs' workmen to break
tlieir contracts. The jury found that
the strike was instigated for the benefit of the association and in breach of
the Workmen's Contract of Service,
and brought in a verdict against the
defendants, affirming the principle that
a trades union is a body possessing
rights and liable in obligal
TilK statement comes in the daily
press that Princess Alice had her wedding gown made by Worth. Whit an
excellent mill hand Mr. Worth would
have made, laboring as he does, quite
a few years overtime after his deatln
regardless of union rules.
MARK Twain has left for Florence,
Italy. The last time Mark traveled
through the organ-grinder's paradise,
the guides introduced him to ull the
prominent people thereabouts, but as
hey failed to appreciate his observations, he found, on close inspection,
that they had the marble heart. And
it made the guide tired when Mark
asked him if thoy were dead. Ho
wasn't a Mark to the heroes from
The Dominion elections arc now on,
and it strikes us as a good idea to see
the various candidates for M. P., und
ascertain their views as to admitting
lumber and fdllliglos free of duty from
ihe States, says the B. C. Lumberman.
A candidate for ollice, if elected, may
try to serve two or more interests.
Any ntIi,co holder may serve the Domiii
ion Government more than the people
who elect him ; ami again, he may
servo the people responsible for his ro
i urn to Ottawa iu preference to the
Government, when it conies tu a question of enacting a tin ill on lumber
from the States, The candidates before the electors of British Columbia
must either declare for or agaiiir.t protecting the must important industry
i«^ i his Province. They must nut only
declare that they will try to get justice
for the lumber and shingle men, or en.
deavor to assist in passing a Ta rill
Act, but the candidates returned from
British Columbia must pledge their
utmost efforts towards the enactment
of ft Dominion tariff, to an extent
sufficient to protect Canadians in the
Canadian market. The very least that
is expected is the enactment of a Cam.*
diuii tarill equivalent to the United
States tariff on Canadian manufactured
the -".soreheads" »ill say that Mr.
Wright is not doing well by tho camp j
Those follows would not accomplish as
iquoh iu.a lifetime as Mr. Wright has
within two months.
Thk Provincial Legislature has adjourned after a brief but productive
session, Tho assembly met under
disadvantageous circumstances — the
first elected on party lines, and hence
open (o the attack of disappointed poli
tical opponents ; and when the finances
of the province were at their lowest
ebb. Even under these conditions the
McBridè Government has mode a good
showing, straightening out the financial tangle and successfully dealing
with some 50 pieces of new legislation,
and'this despite the most persistent
and malicious opposition.
An American lady has risen to defend the national dignity by asserting
that her countrywomen do not marry
European noblemen for their titles
ulone. It seems that the European
is more skilled in the art of making
love, and tho titles become only one
of the many attractions that endear
him to the wealthy heiress There is
probably a good deal to be said in favor
of this point. In a land where a man's
social status is almost entirely governed by his bank account, the universal
grab for dollars occupies all the available leisme of the average Yankee, and
he hasn't the time to waste on a mere
girl who may refuse him after two or
three months' courting, and a sacrifice
of precious moments chat might have
been used iu besting a brother man out
of a quarter's salary.
It is safo to say the Ymir bridge
will be built beforo the spring floods
set in this year. A sum of $2000 has
been secured for the building through
the instrumentality of Mr. Wright, the
local member, and next week, it is
expected, the government engineer «ill
be hero to got data for his plans.    Ye
As illustration of the dangers of
premature burial, most people will be
greatly surprised to learn that the
home secretary has admitted that
10,000 persons aro buried unnually in
England und Wales without death
certificates. William Tebb, president of the London Association for
the Prevention of Premature Burials
has deter mined to take action to remedy this state of. things. Doctors
us is nut infrequent, differ on the
chances of premature burial, but even
if the odds were a million to one it
would still be desirable to take all possible precautious to save the unfortunate unit from so terrible a doom. The
manner in which Mr. Tebbs and his
association proposes to deal with the
danger is by the institution of public
mortuaries, where bodies can remain
until the fact of death is put beyond
the possibility of doubt. Another
practical remedy suggested against
the peril is a more general acceptance
of the priucipul of an open coffin and
a shallow grave, but there is a great
deal of prejudice to overcome beforo
this system could prevail.
Despatches received at Quoeustown
recently from Bi rondoes contain particulars of thu arrival there of tha Brit
'sh burqueiitiuo Mary Hendry, commanded by dipt. Footo, from Southern
Nigeria, lifter having spent several
weeks trading on the African coast
dipt. Poole states that during his stay-
on tho coast he cnleiliiilied at dinner
King Ogby, the ruler uf the litkriiiien
who inhabit Southern Nigeria, 'The
dusky monarch was much impressed
with the vessel, and whilst feasting on
roust pork enquiied if it wus while
mini's incut! The king has over 1,000
slaves, numerous wives and a crowd
of childeru, When King Ogby was
leaving the ship Capt Poole asked him
for a piece of tanned skin with which
lo make a pair of slippers, und the
next day a slave came to the vessel
with a parcel from the monarch It
contained the hide of it negro, from
the neck to the waist, who hud been
killed by order of King Ogby to procure Jiis «kin! Capt Footo added
that he was informed that the tribesmen cat little else than human Hush.
Large stock  of choice   eating and
cooking apples ut Seaney's. +
All work entrusted to us is neatly and promptly
Mail Orders receive special attention.
The    Meat   Market,
AU Kinds of Fresh and Salted Meats
Mail Orders will receive prompt atention.
John Philbert, Proprietor.
Kootenay   Coffee   60.
■ Nelson, B. C.
We are not general Grocers
and Provisioners, but we make
a specialty of
Teas and Coffees.
You can always rely on getting the best, and at right
Mail orders receive prompt
Give ns a trial.
Drink our Beer, and you will
agree that you want nothing
Draymen & Teamsters
YMIR,   B.    0.
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended' to
Dry Qoods, riillinery or
Post Office Store.
» »9» »»-»»»»S3 »»»»»»»»a
»   -a
Hot, Cold and Vapor
N Baths.
W.   M.  COFFEY.   Prop.
Ymir Citizens
ltugular   monthly   meeting
last Tuesday of tho month
l'. *v. Ilm,
C. Oki.i. Smith,
Ymir T.-ansfer Company
lll;îl,)l  i |j'II\ \i
Teaming & Express
All orders promptly aUondud lu
nl i,i| 1 gi'oatesi Juiu uxorolnuJ In Uu
handling of goods.
--"**»»»• ««««»»»»««ee*
YMIR, ». c:.*
When you want to meet anybody in Ymir or get reliable
information about the camp go
to tho Palace Hotel, and while
transacting your business gel,
a refreshing drink, a first-class
meal or a genuine smoke.
The Palace Hotel,
M. Tait anlJ. Rilly Prop»
Services aïe helii under Miners Hull
every Suneiay morning at 11 ; evening
it 7..'JO. Interesting service, fuiiiiliiii-
uymn», everybody wolcmi.; —U. K
Collis, Mini iter. ,
Sunday sMi >ul uu I Bllils UhUe I :
irrvicii 11 tt.uij and 7.ÎW p.m.    R'v II
i'oiiiig, pastor.
Subscribe to the Mirror and you get all the news.
i  *
;« .
>'■■ '
H'l, hi      »n     n   11 .   ii      i mn ■ i—.s
ft *
' VV%^*^.)iiV^> !|t-JMi*lM*^frMHMr4(i
Dollar wlieut is  quoted in  Toronto
fur the fii'Ht time in several years that
figure being offered   foi- No.. 1   Mani-
tuba hard.
The Japanese residents In Vancouver have already raised #35,000 ns a
contribution to the, national Red Cross
Returns in yesterday's bye-election
In east Lambton show a majority for
Armstrong, conservative, of 575. Full
returns in East Bruce give Donnelly,
conservative, a majority of 171,
Peter Reimer was killed by a snow
slide on Wednesday while engaged with
» party of surveyors surveying the Es-
tella mine near Fort Steele. His com-
panions witnessed the slide but were
unable to rescue Reimer.
A passenger train on the Western 4
Atlantic railroad has been wreoked at
a high hridge over Chattahoochee river,
eight miles from Atlanta. Many
passengers are reported hurt. A
wrecking train with dootora has gone
to the wreck.
After a long discussion in the house
of commons in London on Wednesday,
the amendment to the address in reply to the speech from the throne
against the admission of Chinese laborers into South Afrioa was defeated by
the comparatively small majority of
The issue of $25,000,000 in Russian
notes announced, from St. Petersburg
has caused all Russian securities to
weaken on the Berlin bourse. An
impression among the bankers is that
Russia designs to pay in gold
and at home with notes. The belief
is that Russia naturally will seek loans
in Berlin and in Paris within a eon
pie of months, especially if she has a
success on land.
The Payne has closed a contraot with
the Aaron Hirsh & Sohn company, of
Halderstadt, Germany, fur about '2,500
tons of zinc, says the Sandon Stand
aid. The deal was closed last Saturday by S. Hiriieh, representing L. Vog-
elstein, a Wall street broker The
ore will be shipped in bulk and will
comprise the most of the yeur's output
of the Payne. With a market for
silver, lead, zinc and iron, the Payne
should be on velvet before lung.
Send us your order for
Then notice—The promptness of delivery, the cleanliness and
freshness of gooels, the full honest measure, and the quality that
you get, You will find abundant reason- for sending us your
future orders.
Our Stationery and Confectionery department u full, and
oomplete lots of goods to olioase from j quality guaranteeel.
Our Candy is fresh, anel no better quality, can bo obtained
anywhere. .    .
The thirty-second annual repott of
the Confederation Life Association
held in the city of Toronto last week
shows that the progress of the company during tiie year 1003 was eminently satisfactory, The new business
was much larger than in any previous
year sinoe the establishment of the
company, tho income from the interest
received being sufficient to meet all
claims and leave a surplus of $112,087.
The gain was in every department, and
their accurato and clear statement
shows the increase in the assets to be
$674,867 ; in the premium incomei
$-"7,757; in the interest income, $20,-
196; in the total income $77,953; and
in the amount paid to policy-holders,
$51,213. The total values of the applications received, and of the policies
issueel exceeded those of 1902 by
$758,489 and #757,478 respectively.
Their cisli surplus above all liabilities
is $535,384.03 company's and $736,-
394.03 Governmentstandard, and their
reserve on policies and annuities is
$8,833,366 company's and $8,632,356
Government standard. The death
claims aggregated $286,870 during
1903, under 190 policies and 167 lives
Further information is given in tlieir
concise and complete balance sheet,
which is drawn up so as to bo easily
understood. To the volume of business
British Columbia contributed liberally,
(through the exertions of Mr. M. Parry
the iviile-awak district manager. Mr.
S. H. Seaney is the local agent for
the company.
A wealthy recluse, who had ono of
the most curious collections one could
imagine, was R. S. Wilson of Tux-
ford Hall.- Notts, Eng., who died
last week,-age 73 years. He had in
his grounds an 1 nferuo guarded by a
colossal eltigy of Satan hound in chains.
His "hell," as ho desoribed it
lo thoso few visitors privileged to see
his exhibition contained etiigies typi
(vlng lawyers, priestcraft, the woman
with the proud look and tho lying
tongue, and «.the tobacco devil. The
whole was iutendi-d as an allegory.
Satan Is-ing rt-prcsotitcd as the king of
this world.
Senator Dietrich, of Nebraska, nevus.
ed of the rather serious crime of selling
peistmnsteishipK for cash, has escaped
on a technicality. It appears that
there was some legal flaw in the indict,
ment, and through the loophole thus
afforded the Senator diel not scruple to
crawl. This conclusion of what prom
is«d to be a most important investigation will do Senator Dietrich more
harm than good. Unless he refuses
to accept the advantage- thus afforded
him, and insists on another trial, the
suspicion will remain that he fears the
issue. This being so, surely bis intlu
ence in national councils will vanish
no less suddenly than if he had been
•lust ai rived, a fresh shipment uf
White Stur Jellies and Jains at Sea
ney's. x
Asbestos, as a manufactured commodity, is now said to bo controlled by
the Standard Oil Co. That corporation has contracted for the entire out
put of the Ontario asbestos mines, from
which comes all hut a small per cent
of the asbestos of the world. The
material is now to be employed for a
hundred new purposs. Railroad
coaches ur« to be built from it, tunnels
are to be lined with it and fireproof fur*
iHi,uru is to be mud« from it. As ap
indication that there is no exagération
ili the outlook the corporation has pre
pared plans for asbestoes cars built
with the steel frames for the under«
ground system in tho R.ipid Transit
company of New York. It also has
the contract for lining with asbestos
the larger part of the tunnel
system. Asbestos planks, experiment,
has shown, can be shaped and Used
exactly as wood.   They inay be sawed
Gold, Silver or Lead, any one'.,.
Copper  ■	
Gold-Silver...,    -	
Silver-1 ,ead ;,',•	
. %50
■ 1.50
• These prices »ro strictly unit oasii.
Prices lor other metals,,on spplioiilion.
All pulps kept one month from date
of assay.
Samples by mail or express motive
Prompt Attention.
Miller Hotel
SAM . rULLER, Pr«p.,
headquarters for Mining, and Traveling
' Men.    Neat Sample Rooms for Commercial Travelers. ' The bar is supplied with
.   the very best brands of Wines,  Liquors
and Cigars.   Give us a oall and  we will
• •      ■ guarantee satisfaction.
First Avenue,:
SI I I "il
YMIlt, B C
I iin i Assayer to Hall Mines Smelter,
YMIlt, B. C
P*. O   Hox 11.       G N. Kxpregs.
There are a very large number of
peuple who regird smoking as a vice
and claim that smoking to any extent
is scarcely less injurious to health than
drinking, In an interview with a
representative of The Mail one of the
leading practitioners in Halifax stated:
''When it comes to a question of smoking for adults (I mean of course gooel
smoking tobacco), I do not believe
that smoking ever hurt any man. In
fact I believe that it scarcely possible
for a man of mature age to smoke too
much. I smok e as of ten and as long
as I please, and I am certain that nc
man in Halifax enjoys more perfect
health. The smokers' mouth, according
to the doctor, is the only mouth in the
world free from disease germs. I
know men who do their most brilliant
work with a cigarette in their mouths
and who cannot only do bettor work
but.more of it, under those conditions
Tobacco has wonderful antiseptic
qualities, and especially in our profession, really in my opinion fortifies
against disease." The doctor referred
to is the very picture of health, aud us
he claims to he physically an exponent
of bis view on smoking, and moreover
as be is not given to making erratic or
thoughtless statements about matters
affecting health, thoy should have
Spend your money in the camp you live in—where
you make it.
THERE is no longer any excuse for sending away from
Ymir for anything in our lino, as we carry a full
and up-to-date stock of
Clothing and Qents' Furnishings.
It has been said that we do not sell as cheap as outside
houses. Do us the justioe'of consulting our prices and ex-
aming our stock. Pleased to have you do so. Wc are offering great bargains in
Dry Goods.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Surveys of Mineral Claims, Mines,
Pre-emptions, Land Purchases,
Townsites, eto,
Crown Orants ol.Mineral Claims
• Specialty.
P. O  Box 694, Tel. 104 & 150
Luther Holbein and his wife, negroes
were burned at the stake at Doddsville
Miss., last week, a mob of over 1000
persons fur the killing of East-
land, a prominent white planter, and
John Out, a negro, at the Eastland
plantation, l'he burning of Holbert
of the i and Ills wife close* a tragedy wl>ioh
lnw cost eight live«, hits engaged 200
men and two packs of bloodhound iu
a four days' chase across four countries nii,l has stirred   that section   of
and   planed  and polished;   they wilj
hear weight and stand wear; they are] Mjssi«sip| i almost to frenzy,
much lighter than wood. The principle source of supply is in the eastern
part of Canada, where a family of five
members own the land where it is
found. They refused the Stanelard oil
company's bid of 85,000,000 fur the
property, hut made a long time contract for all of the output of the mines.
The annual meeting of the Kootenay
Lake General Hospital will bo held in.
Nolsem on March 8. All annual subscribers of the sum of ten dollars are
members of the society, eligible to take
part in the election of directors for
the ensuing term, and in case of ill
ness are entitled to free treatment in
the hospital. Id Ymir tins, fee is $12
tho subscriber has no voice .In the
management of tiie hospital, and is
practically entitled to but one month's
Commenting on a recent announcement that the Western Pulp and
Power Company was about to erect
a pulp mill in the Interior, the Inland
Sentinel considers that this refers tu
the concern which has decided to put
in a pulp mill noith of Kamk>ups,'the
firm, cost to be $50,000. The company
lias secured limits up the North Thompson river where there is some of the
best spruce in British Columbia. As
Hooii as the limits are surveyed the
work of building the mill will be started. The spruce trees aro situated nt
least one hundred and fifty miles from
the Canadian Pacific railway so the
company will have, to lloat the pulp
down tho Thompson river to the railway. The heads of the company figure
on obtaining a big market in the Orient.
Dominion and Provincial  Land Surveyor,
Surveys ot   Mineral   Claims, Lands
Town Sites, etc.
Crown Granting of Mineral Claims,
Ofi-icb : Con anii V terrains
Sts., Nelson, B: C
Headquarters for
Mining ami Commercial Men.
Choicest   Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Good,   comfortable,
rooms will be found
in connection.
With Your Next Order.
\, I and 1 Gallon Tins.
For Sale bv
"the proof of the pudding
is in tho eating."
rPHK volumo eif business dono by us
during the past year proves conclusively that we are successful caterers
iu our line, and that the reputation
which has .built up our trade is still
enjoyed by us
Tins year we will surpass all our
previous efforts in every department
Wo are solid willi our old patrons;
but wo want to secure a host uf new
customer«, and if the i*«t of goods
and the best values will do it, our end
will be accomplished.
Our stock of Groceries,  Provisions
Confections, Clothing, Gents' Furnishings, etc., are always strictly reliable,
ami our prices life right.
Yours for business,,
YMIR. British Columbia
The Kink this season is more spacious
than ever
Weather permitting,  the Ice will b
kept in tho best condition.
Comfortable dressing room on the
Tickets ('„'ood for six skates) #1,
MuuiMiY it Van DriBoeiAnT, Props.
Tn».t>e NWriK.N'.'i
• r,«< COMHlOHT n it' I
An»""« swirling »sksSrli nnrl rlOKCTtPlii'r, m.i»
,      .    ,-      ..',..,„      I..,...,.,, !>,>>> \.    »I,,.-  ,|l',       II
,!,!", M,',,/,'' «r,,,,,,,,.    ,,„ ■>'••   '" I'!..- .
aire«. OlSMt «««my krjls«iiniwi,
rurrmts lusim ihninifh Msnll A Co rrK.»l*r
r\"'.,!i.'.T MotTOiM cm» opinion trts
iltlnn (lr--»"—.......... ■
sum Irr'r». III,
... tlirr ».e
il,»,.|"i'„l ,» inn,,,,',,, ,',„>:>,,->■'.-    . .iliilljU'llr'.,.
lliinssiilclllrcoiilitlisiioiil. ll»!uit>wiS'>u I'-il'
iiiniiitlnn Is ptohnhlf *"Jl,I,i'*''v.*'
|   :,li-inil    in.vii     tsir'llllfh    1-     .-
fyrrial nuiVc. witlioiit obnrw«. in Vit»
Scientific fflnetm
AtaiHMnm«lrlllmrimwl ••»«It. I*«»«« «r
calul'iii nl my tpmuia irnirnsO, Vsm«, M 11
«•Ml tniir ninatk« St. HomIitkI »nt»s»1«s»Ih"i.
■\ -yr—   r
Watches and Jewelry.
Is Your Watch American, English or
-   Swiss?
Whatever the movement i.s,
whim it gets out of order send
it to us, Wc can repair any
damages and return it as good
as it was in the first place,
maybe better. Our work i.s
all guaranteed. Give us a
trial ; you are sure to be satisfied.
rianufacturing    Jewelers
and Opticians.
Nelson,        -        -       B. C.
rpOG.ED. C. Martin. H. W. F. Pol-
*■ LOK. or any other person to whom
ihey may have transferred their interests
hi the Goodenough Fraction mineral
•laini, situated on Wild Horse Creek,
about four miles from the town of Ymir,
*nd adjoining the Mugwump, Rockland
anil Lexington mineral claims in the
Nelson Mining Division of West Kootenay District, nnd recorded in the Re-
corder's ollice for the Nelson Mining
You and each of you are hereby noticed that I have expended thirty-four
dollars and twenty-live cents (I34.2Û)
in labor and improvements upon the
nhove mineral claim in order to hold
-ame under the provisions ul llie Mineral Act. and if within ninety days from
ihe date of this notice you fail or refuse
lo contribute your portion of expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interests in said claims will
become the property ol Ihe subscriber,
under section 4 of nn. act entitled "An
Act to Amend the Mineral Act, 11100.'*
Dated at Ymir, B C , this 17th day
of February, 1904.
Clark's Furniture  Store.
Undertaker and Furniture
Ymir, B. C.
Ma'l Orders promptly  attendedto.
Cehtikicat!: ok Improvements.
Shamrock, Rustler,   Antonio and Monday Mineral  Claims,   situate  in   the
Nelson   Mining   Division   of    West
Kootenay District.
Where located :—About one and a half
miles south west of Erie.
'Jaks  notice that I. John McLatchie,
P LS.,  of the City of Nelson,   ngonl
for  the  Gordon   Mining  and   Millinu
Company,    Fice   Miner's   Certilicate
No.   R.   «8,210.    intend,    sixty   days
from the date hereof,   to apply to the
Mining Recorder lor certificates of improvements for the purpose nf obtaining  Crown Grants of the above claims.
And flintier take notice that action,
under section 37, must be commenced
betöre the issuance of such certilicate of
Dated this 23rd da\ of January,1904
Certificate of Im imiovements.
The severe winter has driven the
wolves from north Manitoba on the
lookout for footl, and already one man
and many cattle have been eaten by
the ravenous creatures. At Fort
Francis a man lias bemi killed by
wolves and his bones picked clean by
the starving animals.
A terrible expnrienco and a narrow
escape was that of W, E. Johnston,
Inspector of the Bell Telephone com
puny, and John Amey, commercial
traveller, who were persoed by wolves
while within six miles of Wituiiijcx
They weru driving to Stonewall when
they noticed a pack of wolv s following. Tliny urged their horses to increased pace», nnel this seemed ti» be
tlio signal for the; wolves to commence
the chase in deadly earnest. For several niimi'i's there wa» a race for life
the wolves gaining every yard. Only
just in time wnnStmiey Mountain Penitentiary reaehüd. The horses were
played OUt when the pOnltewHwy settlement wus reached, The Wolves
si ink into tho brush. Many people
Saw the finish of the eseiting race.
The con lition of th« men and horses
■bowed that they had been in a terrible
chase. Many instance* IM'8 rucordod
of wolves eating -.-attle.
Sherman Parker, Thorn is Foster,
nnd W. F Davis, manatee« of the
strike in the Cripple Cree'k district,
were plaCod 0 n trial in the district
i-.iurt on Thursday on the charge (if
-having conspired tn wreck a train em
the Florence and Cripple Creek ■ railroad. Several days probably will lie
consumed in selecting a jury,
Warwick  and  Fourth  of July mineral
claims, situate in the  Nelson Mining
!>ivision of West Kootenay District.
Where located : On north side of Wild
Horse Creek and six miles from Ymir.
Take notice that I,   F, S. Clements,
acting  as agent  for   the  Broken  Hill
Mining & Development Co.,  Limited,
Free Miner's Certilicate No. B  80.041,
intend, sixly days from the date hereof,
to apply   to  th«  Mining  Recorder for
certilicate»   of   improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining Crown grants ol
the above claims.
And further take notice thnt notion,
under section 37, must be commenced
before the Issuance of such certificate!
ol improvement
Dated this luth day of February, 1904.
F. S. CLEMENTS. Nelson. B. C.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry. Co.
V. V. A E. RY. à N. CO.
Just ni rived, n fresh shipment 0
White Star jellies anel Jams at Si-af
icy'«. « " x
rIM>e  only    all   rail   route   between
,i, s eist, West andtsouth to Boss '
an i i s J'i, Grand Forks and Be
public. Connects ut Spokane with,
alio Great Northern, Northern 1'aciHc
anel O. R, A N, Oo., for points east,
west and south ; connects at Boss
land mid Nelson with the Canadian
Pacific Bail way.
Connects at Nelson with the P. H
& N. Co. for ' Kaslo and K, mid S
Connect* ut Curlew with stugi' for
Greenwood and  Midway, B.C.
Buffet cars run on trains tjetwoon
Spokane and   Republic
Klfeetivo Nov. 22 nil I 101)11,
Lnuvei Daily Train Arrive
8.4ft n m        Spokane 0.4ft p.m
10 40 a.m Boislitnii 4 3ft p.m
i)..')2 a m Vmir ft 3ft p.m
7.20 n m Nelson 7.20 p m
11:0ft a m    (Gnliid Forks;      3 3ft p m
!! 30 n.ill        ' Republic 6.1ft p. in
General Passenger Agt.,
Spokane, Wash.
tn chambers yesterday, at Nelson,
before Chief Justice Hunter, H. M-
Macdcittald, in the action of John Mc
liityro vs. the Kootenay Khihglo Com
puny, Snlmn, obtained an order expnrte
to substitute n new plaintiff. Mclntyrn
the original plaintiff, was the man who
so sodelenly died from pneumonia al
the Home hospital two week* ago
I te had been selected out of a numb! r
Of wag« earners to bring the action
and the order made will permit of thee
wage owners selecting another man to
represent them and take tho place of
the eieecusedr
The   flirror
To your Friends
And help to
Äs it is to-day-
There is no more effective msaiH of
accomplishing this end
Them to avoid the place as they would
Ymir is in the grasp of a band of demagogues who are making life intolerable.
Is their present form of persecuting those who
will not yield to their sway.
Let your friends know the true state of affaira
and send them a copy of the MlRROR.
m'wvmt sjt—l mmamnm.'m.ysl.K.m.»..t...m»3.m...\nm BBUMISIMSBSMW
All work entrusted io us is neatly and promptly
Mail Ordens receive special attention.


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