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The Ymir Mirror 1904-02-27

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Vol. II No. 'M,
YMIR, B. C, SATURDAY, FEB.  27, 1904.
Price Five Ckntb.
1 **%***S4*+'***-.'*»*'.'***+*1l **
The Ymir Hospital returns for the
week are a—elead secret-
The snow fall during the week has
lieen exceptionally heavy for this sea-
si m.
A couple of local mines are sending
samples to Hossland to be tested by
the oil process. No returns have as
vet been received.
Always smoke the Monogram or
Marguerite—the peoples' e-hoice. W,
J. MeMillen <fc Co., sole agent for B.C.
Vancouver. +
"Settled out of ccurt," is the usual
order when crimes are committed in
Ymir. "Laws are made tfl be broken,"
has become an adage here.
Commercial men visiting Ymir pro
nounce the camp "dead," Even the
whiskey agents have to give extended
time and get down to the cheap grade
of goods.
Th« tin»horn gamblers of Ymir say
that business is very dull. However,
they made enough on the suckers down
ou last pay day to koep them in af-
tluence fair a month or so
Al. Parr «hook tho dirt of Ymir off
his Trilbey's on Monday evening last,
and his "professing" friends say that
he is not likely to return to the teat
of his former supremacy.
A daughter was born to the wife of
W. M. Coffey on Tuesday morning last,-
Mother and babe are doing well, arid
have an utter contempt for Postum—
the proprietors of which fad are death
on Coffee.
People are leaving Ymir at each a
■ ate that there wilt not bo even nine
saloons left after a short time.   And
the saloon industry is the chief indus*
try of the camp.
While the merchant* of Ymir are
complaining of hard timet, the local
line of railway ie considering the od«
vantages of putting on a tpeeial train
to carry in the Timothy Eaton and
i astern departmental store orders to
the camp.
A couple of locomotives played a
front and rere part in bringing the
irain from Northport to Ymir last
night. The mow—the beautiful (look
ing) snow—that cap» these mountain
regions for si» months out of the twelve,
whs the cause of the combination of
A few mon aro sti'.l working at the
liuiulee mine, the company organised
recently to work the property having
evidently "caught on" to tho mischief
now .brewing. Uiieler the cireum-
-unices they are not disponed to inour
furtliur eapense and have arranged
soft terms with Messrs. II. Kearns,
I'. J. Gleawr and d. Falls to keep the
mine going. Isibof trembles are brew
The adjourned Meeting" (it tile Ymir
Waterworks Co. was held on Tuesday
afternoon at tire company's offic» The
following directors were electee? fis-
the coming yean Samuel Millet*/ W,
\V. Beer, e>f Nelson, tiponcer SaiieJeT-
•.oil, Dan Campbell, li W. Ross was
again elected president, whileT. H.
Atkinson will lew* after the secretary's
-Inly. A dividetiej of 10" per cent was
declared ami in addition I. W. Homs
was voted $150 for work performed
in looking after the company's property
during the post year.
At the Police court yesterday morning, before A. B. Buckworth and J.
W. Ross, Arthur Campbell was biought
up in custody charged with having, on
the night of tiie 24 th or morning of
the 25th inst., broken into the house
of Frances Leslie, in the "red-light1,
district, and stolen therefrom a revolver, some whiskey, and groceries—
valued at $38,
The prisoner pleaded nut guilty.
Frances Leslie deposed that she was
the proprietress of a sporting house in
Ymir. On the evening of 22/ld inst.,
she left on a visit to Nelson, and on
her return on the morning of the 25th
found that her house had been broken
into and the articles specified in the
summons stolen therefrom. She re
ported the matter lo Constaple Forrester. Later on she went into th e
(»bus. of the prisoner ostensibly to get
a postage stamp, and found a tin of
cream and a revolver, both of which
she indentified as her property, on the
table, Campbell was in bed at the
time, and appeared to be mure or less
uuder the influence of liquor, übe
again reported to Forrester, and swore
out a warrant for Campbell's arrest.
The prisoner was asked if he hod
any statement to make and he volun
leered the following particulars About
11 or 12 o'clock on the night of the
24th he went home to hi» cabin drank
aM quickly fell asleep. Later on Dan
McDonald and Pete Philbert came In
witli whiskey and got him to take a
drink. He did not know Where the
whiskey came from, and as to the revolver he never saw it until it was
produced in court. F rem the time he
went to bed on the night of the 24th
until the forenoon of the following
day, he bad not left his cabin. ,
U. H. Ambercrombie testified that
he lived with Campbell, the prisoner
Ob , the night of the 24th Campbell
^aaie home, drunk, und went to bed,
Later on two men—Pete Philbert and
Dan McDonald—came in and roused
them up to take a drink of whiskey.
It wa« dark when these men came in
and lie did not see whether they
brought anything with them. The
whiskey was In bottles similar to those
produced ih court Campbell did not
leave the house all night
George Harrison deposed to meet«
ing Campbell on his way home, on the
night of the 24th. Campbell was
Forrester, the potlctntnM, deposed
that on the morning of the 20th the
Leslie woman reported to him that her
honte had been broken Into and tire
artlele* stolen, He examined the
premises nnd found that a forcible en
trance had been gained by the baek
doof i 1 inter on the woman again tent
for him, and reported that the had lo-
oatee) the stolen goods at Campbell's.
He went to the cabin and seised the
goods, produced and identified, Campbell was m bed at the time
This cloned the evidence?, and th»
bench decided that there wo» nee proof
that Cninptoll hue) broken lift«/ the
bowse and stellen th? gowk.
Philbert and McDonald were ehvrg-
ed with a like offene« today, ami the
case'Wns efitmftssed, although Pnilbert
admitted having been in the IroeSo
Who «toi« tirer good* î
The Hunter V7tram#ny is closed
down for a few days to allow of tho
ropes being tightened Up.
fty Send your Job Printing to the
M i anon Office,
The Ymir War.
The war news of Ymir for the past
week is briefly summed up. A few
mare cringing creatures have surren-'
dered body and soul to the threats of
the relentness foe, and saloon and
labor agitator element claim a victory.
We «hall wee how Ion;,' they will hold
the fort. Encouraged by the apparent
success attending their efforts the instigators of the BOYCOTT against the
editor of this newspaper are now agi.
tating another "reform." They propose that no mine manager, mine
superintendent, foreman, shift bote or
any other mine ollicial be appointed
by a company before their names be
submitted to the miners' union, and
that no such appointment be inaele un'
less with the full approval of such body
Should these conditions not be
promptly complied with, the union
edict will be—Strike I BOYCOTT I
Is it arty w under that capital is giving
and has given Ymir a wide berth 1
The mineral wealth of the district is
undoubted. Why, then, is it allowed
to lie almost dormant 1 The answer is
that there is ever present a sense- of
danger at the hands of the dreaded
agitator—resident or imported, The
few merchants there a*« in town seem
to live in fear and trembling of these
demagogues, and at these gentry are
alto the business, "push!' tor the
saloons (nine, of which - mysteriously
flourish in a town of 250 inhabitants)
the position can be- understood by the
fortunate outsider. A BOYCOTT is
enforced against Tna Mihhom becauto
we dared to make public certain figure«
in connection with the Ymir General
Hospital which the miners' union, for
restions best known to itself, wished to
keep back. They get the Daily News
of Nelson to champion their cause, bnt
at usual when our contemporary undertakes to deal with Ymir mutter«, it
is on the wrong scent. It tayt that
the union it the principal contributor
to the hospital funds and that the books
of the hospital are alwnyt open for inspection. Both statements are tolly
at variance with faeti
Nor it the ltw at administered in
Ymir calculated to breed confidence.
Let «rn quote a typical case—the lost
on reeordr Three prominent members
of the minera' union were arretted on
Thursday lost mi a charge of breaking
into« whorehouse an*stealing whisky,
a revolver and some gruuorlesr The
ease wow rcpnrteel to Forrester, the
local policeman, who went erver and
inspected the premises. He appears
to hate let the matter drop there—it
was only a case eif HeriMubrenklng. Not
so with the woman, however. *Jhe at
e>nee «et to* work tueio what the policeman slionlel have done—leMMte the
stolen goods I and she stft'oeeded. Feir
the Moty see pulfae eotfft repeirt in
another CntUmn. The woman prosecuted tire case, not the policeman ; the
two Men who admittrd being in the
house were arrested, and the whole
trie» discharged os Innovent men by the
eoOrt, although it is said InO wet«
offered last lligllt to* Settle the case.
Yirtif is U grin«, place for law and
flondyiam «t the "red-light" eitiar-
tef of the town  Is  becoming  So con
spicuem* of late that even the Chinamen
afe forced to clear out.    Police  pro'
tection is sully needed.
The Boycott iu Ymir is booming
this week/
The monthly meeting of the Ymir
Citizens' Association was held on Tues
day evening last, with W. M. Coffey
in the ohair.
A letter wot read from H. B. Smith
P. L. S. requesting an early settlement
of his account for surveying the cemetery. The cost was $46.85. It was
also stated in the communication that
the land would have to be subdivided
and mapped out before the plan could
be registered.
A long discussion ensued, during
which several member» expressed contempt for what purported to be a free
gift of land from the railway company.
There were only five acres given, and
these were worth but little—not even
the cost of survey.
Finally, a committee consisting of
A. Burgess, J. McLeod and F. McLeod
was appointed to collect subscriptions
towarels the cemetery fund.
W. M. Coffey, as chief eif the fire-
brigade reported that he hod enquired
at to the cost of a sleigh for the hate
teal. It would cost from 115 to #20,
and now that the winter season was
drawing to a close, he suggested that
the matter be deferred.
This was agreed to,
Dell Smith tendered hit resignation
at secretary, which wot accepted on
motion of M. Tait.
Then followed an ansiout half hour
devoted to an effort to appoint a sue
Dr. Duncan proposed H. Kearns for
the office, but Mr. Kearns declined the
T. Newitt wot nominated, but he
also declined to act.
S. H. Seaney wot tendered the hon
or, but he would not accept.
M. Tait proposed that the offices of
secretary and treasurer be amalgamated, but to this Dr. Duncan, the treasurer, vigorously protested.
Next Andy Burgess was named «for
the position, but, like the rest, declined to accept office.
Finlay McLeod was nominated, but
would not act. " ! '
Then Dell Smith was appealed to to
attend to the bnsinett arising out of
the meeting. This he consented to do
but definitely refused to continue in
office. His reasons were obvions. Prominent among those who have conspir«
ed to Boycott him are members of the
Citizens' Association. Tlieir consistency in asking him to hold tho office
of secretary but furtliur illustrates
their ttupid conception of right.
Some routine business having been
disposée) of tine meeting adjourned.
A board of Police Commissioner*
and Licensing inspectors hue beWi ap
pointed for the Ymir district compoteel
of A. Kelly of Nelson, H, Kearns and
J. G. Dewuf, of Ymir, and W. H. But
lock-Webster, chief lleenVttg inspector,
ft m to be hoped that the!. Members of
the new board will At their duty, and
see that the Ymir policeman does Ills.
Further,- that they will se« to it that
Motels, so called, are ruïi a» stich— flot
as mere saloons, gambling elens, «nd
pawn offices in which drfliiMen Men
ça« raise money on (too often, stole«
goods in buy more bad boo»«.
Frank Crowe, one of the original
settlers in Ymir, diud at the General
hospital on Sunday evening last. Hu
was engaged at the Ynur mine os a
tiinberman, and three weeks Iprior to
death was admitted to hospital, suffering from acute lumhugo, which work»
ed up to the heart and caused death.
Deceased came to the camp in 1397
and has been a resident since, ever en»
joying tho esteem and confidence of all
He was a native of Bobcaygen and 54
years of age. The funeral took place
on Wednesday, and was one of tho
largest corteges seen iu Ymir, despite
the extreme inclemency of the weather ,
The funeral services were conducted
Rev, W. W. Baer, of Nelson, assisted
by the local Methodist preacher, Mr.
R. E- Collis, ond were very impressive.
Deceased leaves a widow, one daughter (Mrs. A. B. Buckworth) and two
sons to mourn the loss of an exemplary husband »nd a good father- a
mourning in which al! who had the
privilege of knowing the deceased
participate, and none more sincerely
than does Tna MmiioH staff. A life
worthy of emulation has been brought
to its close. Frank Crowe lias left
his mark as one of nature's genuine
The position of Russia and Japan
represents a deeply interesting study,
says the London, Bug., Mail. On the
one hand it a power whose modern
history constitutes something in the
nature of an eighth wimeier of the
work); on the other hand is a power
«hose destinies not the most far ueeiag
statesman oan f orb tel I.
Japan, the England of the K»st, eon
sists of but a handful of islands, of a
total area of 162,065 square miles, and
a population of 44.260,606 Russia's
vast empire embraces a sixth of the
whole earth, peopled by 135,000,000
souls. The disparity between the
two rivals is not lessened when their
fighting forces aro examined. Russia
stands to the world as one of the
greatest military powers, and has, on
paper at any rate, the men to justify
the position. Her army on a war
footing it capable, according to tho estimate! of its organisers, of being raised to three and one half millions of
men; and that without taking into account the last. rewrves. At a liberal
computation the land forces of Japan
in time of war would be about 393,-
000 officers anel men, With 1,100 guns
against ff,400 guns of Russia. Omisid-
eree) from every point erf view the con •
test it one) of a Daviel against a Goliath, with all the forces of might on
the siele of the big battalions, but with
thileery m t necessarily assured to thee
A [Sfficil marie in this space
is a gentle «Winder tflat your
subscription is duej Please
cough up.
It is reported that  a systematic attempt is to be made by Hie  British
Government to domestical« tin- »ibr.-i
for Use  in its South Afridan possessions.    It. Is propose*!  to eftttch lurgi'
numbers of wild sebras and allow thou!
to   breed in eaptitlty,   training   tin-
young as draught animals. No attempt
apparently, will Isa mode  to tamo aii'l
and train th« eaptareel animals them-
seltes  although litis  has often  Is-i-u
acouinpUsiied With selected individuals!
The tel/r« proper is very difficult to
Mme, but allied varieties,- such as tile"
South Afri'isn quagga are more easily
ilonteMticatM.    At the Cape, 20 years
since,   these were often seen  working
with draught hoi sc».    Still bettor success lias rewareluil a recent attempt to
cross the zebra with tin; horse ami »In»
OSA, jggWBggi »■
An Ad. in
J is  a Salesman calling at all tho „
a •
• homes and mines in the district JI
• !l
• eveiy week and being given court
J out consideration,
Published everv Saturday,»nd usllsd loan,
s/lrlress, or delivered by carrier in town.
Subscriptions tt.GO |.e? mourn, payable n'ad-
Advertising rates, tl.SO per inch per month
No public, entertainment to which au admis,
•ion tee Is ohargad, will be noticed in TiiivMir
non unless Advertised In Its oolumni,
Only artloles of merit will be advertised m
these ooluinus. sad the lu'.ercsti of readers will
be oarelully Kuardi-d asalnst »„«sponsible persons.
Tni Mirrqh oan be had from »PI leadins
newsdealers in the dlstriot, or oan be obtained
direct from the odlue. .
CominsmiM printing o' eveiy description
done on the premises at atsudard prions.
C. Dull Smith, Editor.
JJÜ^HE war in Ymir threatens to de-
v velop into a more seriout affair
than the treacherous conspirators had
nny idea of. On the opposite page is
a rough map of the encampment, the
turned advertisements being those of
the timid oreatutes who surrendered
to the enemy at the first crack of the
pop-gun. It is but right that, a monument should bo erected to their
memory, At we explained last week,
the BOYCOTT instituted against, the
editor of this paper is tho outcome of
a mean conspiracy, and so clumsily
promulgated that the victims of the
instigators have had their heads forced
into the halter by bejng made parties
to a oriminal plot. This they will discover to their cost later on. A clear
proof of conspiracy is that all the
advertisements were withdrawn at the
same time.      The reason  assigned is
terrible is this fear that some of our
former patrons have come to us and
offered to pay for their advertising
space as usual, provided their business
is not advertised I And this condi
tion of terror exists in Ymir,—in
liitmsii Columbia I
Why was the BOYCOTT instituted î
Simply because we tried to do our
honest duty. A public hospital is one
of tho ' industiies" of Ymir 'llie insti'
tution is run by the local branch of the
minera1 union, with head-quarters at
the other side of the internatinna,
boundary. The management of the
hospital is left in the hands of a little
band of local union men who, not heiug
over zealous for work in tho mines
have ample time to muddle and mismanage any other business. The
hospital hoard provided a means of
killing time and experimenting at the
public expanse, However, it was
always represented that the hospital
was maintained by the union and was
luuiita considerable loss to that or
ganixation, although the government
did, now and again, contribute " a few
dollars" The reticence evinced iu
giving any details as to the inner workings of the insl'tution at length
aroused suspicion, and inve-siigaiiou
proved thst so far from being run at a
loss, tlio hospital is a source of profit to
the union—or some one else. The
management I'OSITIVKI.V KKCCSKIi to
give any information as to liminccs or
to open their honks fur inspection. Under the circumstances, and as we wore
being pressed tor the information, wo
applied to the government at Victoria
mid secured a copy of the returns the
hospital board are obliged to make
every month so as to entitle them to
the government grant, These ligures
WO published—an extraordinary, pur.
ling compilation       Instead of trying
to explain matters, what was the
answer of the board of directors and
the miners' union to the challenge}
Simply—BOYCOTT HIM ! How
ever, this did not work with the fair
minded, honest members. They insisted that auditors be appointed to
look over the books. But w'io were
the auditors î Three men who have
joined in the boycott against this paper
for having publish eel the very figures
they were supposée) to audit—David
Grobp |manager of thu DesBrjsay Jobbing Co ), Dan Campbell, and W. M.
Coffey, the barber. Iu the case ot\
Campbell and Grobe there was good
reason for selecting them. Their Arms
supply the hospital with groceries and
provisions—the account running as
high as 41160 a month for two or three
sick men and a couple of healthy nurses
Coffey was an equally choice selection
as he does not even profess to be a
book-keeper. Yet this specially selected
trio, having examined the books, refused to certify them correct !
Every six months there is an election
of officers in the local union and a
general scramble for the secretaryship
the only office to which a salary is
attached. In consequence of the
hospital muddle Mclsaac, the present
secretary, was not nominated when the
nominations were received a couple of
weeks ago—Mclnnis and Bennet were.
However, last Wednesday they withdrew, and Mclsaacs was forced to hold
office pending an investigation of his
books, Why all this if the accounts
be correct I Would not the honest,
manly way be to court investigation,
not shirk it î Are BOYCOTT and
conspiracy the weapons of honest men ?
The Montreal Gazette—and people
in Montreal have some slight acquaintance with monetary matters—-has the
following pleasingly appreciative remarks to make anent the effect of thu
financial policy of the Government ».
this province; The estimates submitted to the British Columbia Legisla
tu re for the year ending June 30, 1905
provide for an expenditure of $2,442-
304. The revenue is expected tn read
12,522,076. If the expectations are
realized, the government will next year
show that rare thing in British Cnluin
bin, a surplus of revenue over cxpendi
ture. The end will be reached by t
double process. Fur years tho succession of weird aelministtations in the
provice sought to gain public support
by spending, To spenel they had to
borrow. The debt has in consequence
gone up, till the charge now amounts'
to $668,979 a year, a large figure when
the. revenue is only two and a half
millions. The McBriele government
could not bring the exponeliture down
to the level uf tho revenue with such
an interest slice taken from it; so it
took means to bring the revenue up to
the demands of the expenditure. Between the increase of taxation and the
growth of incarne from established
sources, the receipts ure expected to
be increased by 1838,000. Then there
are large reductions in the expenditure
on the Hrvioes, aside from the public
debt; and as a coiiseemcnce it is cal
ciliated that at the end of thu twelve
months there will bu a balance on hand
of 825,000. A short term loan, interest on which is provided for iu the
estimates, will ulear'off tloating liabili-
l ies and meet certain charges created
by past legislation. The new govern«
meiii. has in fact applied business ideas
to a business situation. So long as it
sticks lo its present policy it will deserve the approval of all the business
men in the province.
It seems the Ministers of the federal
government'are beginning to realize
that private cars, the uso of which they
so loudly condemned when they wero
in Opposition, are nice vehicles to travel in, For comfort and convenience
the members of the Cabinet uio agreed
that a private railway car is the very
acme of enjoyment, that a Pullman or
a Wagner car is simply not in it contrasted witli the'. »30,000 traveling
homes which a beneficent Canadian
people-, has provided for them. Hence
(bereis a great and-growing demand1
for private cars by Ministers. Mr,
Fielding and members of his family
have just returned from Florida, whit«
her they traveled in a private car,
Mr. Emmerson is now en route to
Ottawa from St. John, on his private
car, and 'tween times moralizing on
the fickleness of the electorate. Sir
William Mulook and the members of
his family are meandering homeward
from Mexico, in a private car of course.
With such illustrious examples it is
little to be wondered at that Mr. Sif-
ton should also get the private car
mania, and to day, therefore, he is off
to Texas in a private cir, in the company of his wife and some lady friends.
He will be absent two weeks.
A melancholy interest attache« to
the plan of the Russian campaign at
outlined from Vladivostok as long ago
as Jan. 8. A despatch from that point
on the date named intimated that Admiral Alexieff intended to spin out the
diplomatic negotiations until late in
March, when he would be ready to
fight.. Then would come the destruction of the greater part of the Japanese navy before the Japanese could
land troops. This coup was to be effected by the torpedo boats, which
wore reporteel to be very effective as
destroyers. If, the torpedoes should
prove less useful than expected and
the Japs should attempt to lund, the
warships would obstruct the movement.
Thus at Chemulpo there would'be a
Heel that would stop any Japanese
advance, All these plans seem to
have been thwarted by the speedy ac»
tion of the enemy. The Japs did not
wait for them to mature.
Draymen & Teamsters
YMIR,   B.    C.
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended to
Denmark suffers from a quite medieval paucity of surnames, and so inconvenient is ibis fact becoming that the
Government has announced its intention of presenting a bill to the Legislature sanctioning and encouraging
the adoption of new surnames. Such
names in Hansen, Peterson, and Svev-
ensen are overwhelmingly frequent
It is even said that'there are towns of
30.000 inhabitants among whom there
will not be found more than twenty
different surnames as many us a thousand different -peuple having the same
Dissection has no place in tha Chinese study of anatomy. The Chinese
look upon the skull and the pelvis each
us one bone. They think that the
small intestine communicates with the
cavity of the heart while the colon
terminales in the lungs; that the liver
is tho habitat of the soul! that the gall
bladder is the receptacle of ciuragu;
that iu its ultimate structure the body
is composed of tire, water, earth, wood
und metal, Truly this is fearful and
We fear that The Sun's war corrca
pondent must have been on one of the
Hussiau war vettell that went to the
hoi turn of the sua ut Port Arthur.
We madu a mistake in sending him
tu the front. Wn should have kept
him penned up, and compelled him to
write his dispatches in the office. This
great family journal is entitled to print
as much guesswork about the stupendous coullici as the daily papers.—
Grand Forks Sun.
People who wish to be posted on the
progress of thu Japanese-llussiai'i War
should subscribe tor the Toronto Mail
and Empire, which will cover the field
with the same thoroughness that witnessed its handling of the Spanish-
American and Boer Wars, Not only
will the Mail and Empire be served by
the Lallan Bureau and tho Associated
Press, but it will publish the cables
of the special correspondents of the
Loudon Times, London Daily Mail
and the Paris edition of the New York
The value of the estate left by the
late Marcus A, Hunna is valued from
seven to eight million dollars. It is
stated that he owned at least 15 per
cent, of the stock of the Cleveland
Electric Railway, capitalised at *:'■'),•
500,000.    .-
Gold, Silver'or Lead, any one,.. $1.00
Copper  ...... 1 ,S0
Gold-Silver     l.oO
Silver-Lead     1.50
These prices are strictly nett cash.
Prioes (or other metals,,on application.
All pulps kept one month from date
of assay.
Samples by mail or express reetivc
Prompt Attention.
Lull Assayur to Hall Mines Smelter,
YMIll, B. C
P. O. »ox 11.      G N. Express.
Drink our Beer, anil you will
agree that you want nothing
A. CHKIEST, Prop.   ;
Dry Goods, nillinery or
Post Office Store.
9   m
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry. Oo.
NELSON & KT. SHKI'l'AllI) Itï. OO.
red mountain Railway <jo
V. V. & K. RY. & N. OU.
'The only all rail route between
' i.s eut,Wast au I s mill to Hum
an T i s i:i, (J.'in I PWki uni H-
public. Connecta at Spokane with
aim Great Northern, Northern Pacific
and O. H. At N. Co., for points east,
west and south ; connects ut Hots-
land and Nelson with the Canadian
Pacific Railway.
Connects at Nelson with the P, H
it N. Co. for Kaslo and K. and S,
Connects at Curlew with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, 11. C.
Buffet cars run on trains between
Spokane and  Republic,
Effective Nov. Äir.ii, 1902,
Leave Daily Train Arrive
8.40 a.m Spokane 6.4A
10 40 a.m        Kosslaml 4,86
0,32 a.m Ymir A 8a p.m
7.20 a.m Nelson   '       7.20 p m
lhiiö a.m    (Grand Forks)     .1 ,'iä pm
9.80 u.iii Republic o.l.'i p.m
General Passenger Agi.
Spokane, Wash.
CERTirievri! of Ix provbubnts.
Shamrock, Rustler,   Antonio and Monday Mineral Claim*,  situate in the
Nelson   Mining   Division   ol   West
Kootena'v District.
Where located :— About one and a ball
miles south west ol Erie.
Take notice that I. John McLatchie,
P.I/.S..  ot the Oily of Nelsou,  agent
(or the  Gordon   Mining  and   Milling
Compati;-,    Flee   Miner's   Certilicate
No.   B.   58,210.   intend,    sixty  dajt
from the date hereof,  to apply to the
Mining Recorder tor certificates of improvements for the purpose nf obtaining  Crown Grants of the above claims.
And further take notice that actior.
under section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance of such, certilicate ot
Dated this 23rd dai of January.1904.
Ckktwcate or Improvements.
Warwick and Fourth of July mineral
. claims, situate in the Nelson Mining
Division of West Kootenay District.
Where located : On north side of Wild
Horse Creek aud six miles from Ymir.
Take notice that I, F. S. Clements,
acting as agent for the Broken Hill
Mining A Development Co., Limited,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B 80.641,
intend, sixty days from the date hereof,
to apply to the Mining Recorder (or
ourtilieatet of improvements, fur the
purpose of obtaining Crowu grants of
the above claims.
.And further lake notice that action,
under section 87, must be oorumenued
before the Issuanoe of such
ol improvement.
Dated this 15th day of February, 1904.
F. S. CLEMEN TS. Nelson, B. C.
TO G Ed. C. M aktin. H. W. F. Pol-
Lok or any other pers-m to whom
they may have translerrud tlieir interests
in the Goodeqough Fraction mineral
claim, situated on Wild Horse Creek,
shout four miles from the town of Ymir,
and adjoining the Mugwump, Rockland
and Lexington mineral claims in the
Nelson Mining Division of West Knotens) District, Biid recorded in the Re- '
coniei's office for the Nelson Mining
You and each of yon are hereby notified that I have expended thirty-four
dollars and twenty-live cents (484.25)
in labor und improvements upou the
above mineral claim in order to hold
same under the. provisions ol the Mineral Act, and if within ninety days from
the date/of this notice you fail or refuse
to contribute your portion of expenditure, together with all costs of advertising, your interests iu said claims will
become the property of the subscriber,
under section 4 of nn act entitled "An
Act to Amend the Mineral Act, 1900."'
Dated at Ymir,  B.C., this 17th day
of February, 1904.
With Your Next Order,
j,  J and 1 Gallon Tins.
For Sale bv
D. CAMPBELL,  Ymir.  ,
Ymir Citizens
Regular monthly meeting
last Tuesday of the mouth    '
I". vV. H »ss,
0   Dki.i. Smith.
Clark's Furniture Store.
will[am"clark,   ' '
Undertaker and Furniture
Ymir, B. C.
Ma'l Orders promptly: attendedto. *T
TTffl  'i Ji'Wi'.,..T.*»llH>'^"f|
,,.   .1   *..   .i   ; u j -u-   »wr
3  U 'HIWÄ
âdo.ij ÎÇppn^ -f pub iiiïx-'M
•pion 93BIBd »MX
'onpius oumiiriji u ,to piom
SKI![0-:|S.ll( 1! \>[1H.I|> .ïilllllSO.lJO.1 1!
jdS   HSOllISUej   .Illll .nlI|l,H!Sini.!'l
o|U[av pin; '[030JJ .).n:|i<,[ ,n\\ 04
03dunwsii|i .)U()i(iimi;iimuopu
.)|qui[0.i '}«)# .10 .nui \   in A'peiq
All«   }9ÖUf, 0} 110À" UdI[AA
.;)   u 'iiiiyx,
"I3AQH   3SK1Kd
B* 'S
? I
t-f    et
«*    Or
0 *>
CO   «
> ^
H !0.
{?) «rr»
tel »
M        3
bd 1 s
g. a
Û 7)
x B^outiag 1« 'i|«n|g uaptiijç -lf,1"!AV
put iiiAippig 'iio^Sri|ipfK^ os|« ! uo|d
■dy flnuaojf) piii!|K'j »poi|}i puv.Cdg
îi.uijpj i^j   'uvavuviiQ 30 %0\ BDJ0l|3
B   O
•c   t;
1   ?
o   t,
V 5'
r-r,   cb
S     .*•
i 3
■   s
y 1.
J.     7  3
s    2. o
ï il
0 s S-
c rf
"i  -S ê-
1 il
t ^ s
g- s *•
o   o   y
c   o
i»,   CT ,_,
S- S,S
B ci- O
»J &
i   c     •
S a 2
?B "-*
11   o. Sr
*■ BÜ
1,5 s i '
'aiiKSAV J-saiff i
•iieiiptijsi^is ooimi.umS
[[IA\    ,1A\    pmi   1[1!D   1! Sil 0Aj[)     'Satlji'; > pun
s.iemhrj 'saujÀV 10 spuijat[ ^eöq a.ioa ôi\%
H'ii.w. poipldiiK si ,me( àur *BJ9|3A'U.iji feio
-.lOiUUiOQ .10,} sxnooij «'[tlinitç^ iuoîhJ uo]\[
iiiiilOAUix puu Simili^ joj 8.lo^amiI>puojj
•dojd   *A3ddOD  "W   'M
aodBA P«b P10D l\o\\
'asnoH ssoM 01 xooci ixasi
•dOHS rj3aava
of  the
D   KP   A   R   T   f   P      *   P   '   B   l   '''
O   P
Y M I R      « U S I >' E S S      M K N
h y   t h e
B o y c O ï T      C 0 M M l T T  E K
F K M 11 U A H Y ,     A.D.,     I 9 0 4    ,
Requiescàt    in
P i c e
Dogs ate notified that the lost popper-box in not here,   ('..nines
moistening this memorial will be impounded.
0? DNJiaaor Assiaasao
'►Ki)Ulsnt| .lOJ|s.lll(l,\
'lHuia am B30l,id aim (run
'd|lllll[,l.l ,C|1.1I.I1S   «An* pi ,1.1«   ''.IIO 'sSlll
-tlKiujOj] .niu-io 'Suii\^0(0 'suoipajuoQ
stlViniAo.lj   'souoaeup   jo jpo)s ,ni( i
'pat|8fidmoo9V oq ■■
pup ,ino '11 op i[|m jeanpi.i inoq 011^
K[H10S    JO    1*M\   01(1 Jl     pilll    .'n.UlllOlsl|.l
Man jo ^koi( v ajnaati oq wma\ o.v, jihj
! suojivd p[o .1110 i|iu\ pipih Ojii ii \\
qusùiqaïdap àjqab hi K)jono trtojAaad
jpo [pi tsvdaiis   H|.w   o.n  .iuua" «ii|,|,
Uli .{(( |),l.\olu.l
ipis nl alio dn q[inq sv\[ ipiqw
uoiimndna a\[) qmyx [mn 'eui| ano 111
Kjajujtio ipjssianniin ;iai: um |«l|5 Â|0aimi|.'
-U03 KiiAO.ul av.ii" iKiid ,m|i »ni.iiip
en X11 otinp KKpuiBpq jo ouiii|oa [JJJili
8ajppt\d ui'i jo joo.uI oijx,.
00 DNiaaor Avsmasaa
'uoi^oauuoo ui
punoj oq |pAV 8U100.1
8|q^jojuioo   'pooA)
•64b3|5 pu«
sjonbn 'wuiav  1S33J01I3
*U9H M010111
-moQ pui? Sniuipj
joj     «j9^amibpuo][
+ s/auuusjiii '«-»I -khI 08 I* '^"H1"»1!
pejviioti   jo   V.>\   ponod uauiusAay
K k,A'ju
VBR in Kiliflp pirn s»!||»|'   ails otl'lAV
11  '4U.IUld;l[N   IjK.l.lJ   li    'p,)A 1.111/   ikiij>
+ 's/nunaK V> «•H<,rl11 8°H|oO?
|iut flm}iia   aojmp yt  Jjeifl,t oiliu'l
uj Hiinoimq )V0jBsilj
-.loyo od» .)j\^ 'on op llOiC OAiiij ol ponuo|,[ ->|ooir» jno Suiunt
-XO plllî BQOJjd JttO iîllJlplHUOO jo ooi^«ti|' otj, Bti oq '898tloq
OpiB^tlO  Kit (Itioqo   Bl) l[OK 1011   Op OAV ^iiqi pnm uoiiei Biiq %i
•ipooH |o 9u|jpunq
nl|1 in pOt|OJOX0 Ul«?  |«i|U.i.i<l  ,n|i |noe
01  pepUuVi«   Xjideuoad  Ijspao \\y
•sguiqsmjn j tsTuao Pu« *«W»0IO «wdxa v Bmw»»x
f^f^s^P^P^,^,^,^^^^^^^^^     jo }(0<)iH O'pip-o|dn pun
p,nj u Xj.iiio oa\ s« '.)tii[ alio ui HunpXin! joj .uui^     I
U10.1J XiiAv« SnipuoK iioj obtioxii Aim joJiuoj ou 8| [,{}]\\ ] \ J,.
•;! 3>|ttiu noi(
S43i|M--u| 3Ai| noX duiv? 3i)i u| /Cauoiu jncA" punds
3H018 oiwIÖlO !§
•«.1011,1  'AHVTI Ï1 KOKHDVr
•XUBdUlO^ 40JSUU4J,  4JIUA ?mmgmmmpmmmnmm>*<maJmmm\wrm
m u uu1i ,mmw. !!,.|i *"bwwh '
f !□'■*«•*.■'*
* i i
Is Your Watch Amerl*
can, English or
Whatever the movement is,
when it gets out of order send
it to u.s, We can repair any
damages and return it as good
as it was in the first place,
maybe better. Our work is
all guaranteed. Give us a
trial ; you are sure to be satisfied,
Hanufacturing   Jewelers
and Opticians,
Nelson,        -       •       B. C.
2, The Douk honors are preparing.for
Another pilgrimage. Thoy startud on
Christmas day but tlio oold drove them
Mr. A. O. Long, a mounted policeman, passed through Vancouver lust
week en route to the Yukon. He was
oue of those who mounted guard over
these religious fanatic*, and who wns
through the lust Uoukhulioi- excitement, north af Hogina,
He say» that seven mounted policemen aro now watohins eight hundred
Ooukliobors at Yorkton, 150 miles
north of Hegina, but iu spite of thin
nnd in spite of the facts that P Virgin
their leader, in the pilgrimage is doing time iu Hegiiia ami three other
loaders are in thev lunatiu asylum at
llrandon other leaders have sprung up
mid ure constantly firing the imagination of tho people to start on another
mad march. Mr. Long does not believe that all the police in the country can stop thorn whon they throw
oil restraint next spring.
In recalling thé last pilgrimage, Mr.
l/uig said he saw the Ooukliobors turn
i heir cuttle loose, as unfit for human
food and not intended by Qod to pei-
I'orin labor. Instead of horses, he saw
fourteen women hitched to a plow, a
man on the side with a whip and an
other man at the handles. The women
wero nut yoked but etch strained
Hgaiiiwt a slick attached to ropes until the Perspiration rolled from them
in great drops. The men made the
women beasts of burden and rofused
to do manual work themselves. In
the Wound s'lign of llirir frenzy, they
jumped ami shouted und tore their
hair und ripped their clothes from
their bodies,
Iu the third hinge, the men com
iiuiiided the women to remove their
clothing, und alum; they marched, singing, shouting, und.working themselves
into afiiroo frenzy. One. enterprising policeman took u photograph of u
section uf '.ho procession, und was imprisoned six mouths for, improper eon
duct, The pictures arc scattered broad
i ait, however, ninny copies of ihe photo,
graph having reached Vancouver.
Mr. Long says' that ut present the
Doukhoburs are to all external appear-
auces quiet and peaceful, the men work
ing as little us possible und making
the women wink us much as they can.
The religions frenzy is smouldering,
I io wovor, und rcudy lu break mit al
any time. Mr. Long duct not believe
they will ever make good Canadian
citizen*, these eight hundred Oouk
lu ils« », although their descendants may
hecome tractable when removed from
the influences surrounding tho first
hcttlert. g,.
The   flirror
To your Friends
And help to
As it is to*day.
There is no more effective means of
accomplishing this end
Them to avoid the place as they would
Ymir is in the grasp of a band of demagogues who are making life intolerable.
Is their present form of persecuting those who
will not yield to their sway,
Let your friends know the true state of affairs
i        and send them a copy of the Mnuton.
All work entrusted to us is neatly and promptly
ail Ordcs receive special attention.
s*~——» me.. j..ohw~—*   ■   .»*
A meeting was held in the parlors
of the Madden house on Wednesday
evening for the purpose of organizing
an Irish nationalist society. The
chair was occupied by W. A. Galliher,
M. P., and T. J, Scanlan acted as se^
eretary. '
On motion of John Nolan, seconded
by Fred Smith, it wus decided that an
organization to be known us. the St,
Patrick Society be formed,
A canvass of the number of Irish»
men in Nelson and their descendants,
revealed that an association numbering lf'O can be formed.
The question of the formation of the
organization wag debated at length and
•t committee was appointed to arrange
for a meeting to be held in the board
of trade rooms on Saturday evening
at 8,30, when petmaiient organization
will probably be affected and perman.
ent officers elected, AH natives of the
Qreen Isle and their sous und grandson» are invited to be present, Fol.
lowing is a list of those present at il e
meeting: W, A, Galliher, Judge J. A,
Forin, J. J. McMullin, R. J. Clark,
John Nolan, Alderman Smith, Dan
McLaughlin, Thomas McAstocker,
David M. Carley, Joseph Mäher, Gee.
Hennessey, W, H. Loe.T, J. Scanlan,
Thomas Madden, Michael Scully, J,
A. Irving, 'Albert Sullivan, A. H.
Kelly.,     _______
Some Yankee toughs havo been
making things lively in London, Ont.
Last Monday the police arrested F.
Moseley on a charge uf robbery. Two
detectives went to Moseley'a house for
the purpose of making a search for
goods believed to have been stolen. As
they entered the h mse, they were attacked by a man named Vance, who
is known as "Texas." Without a
word of warning he opened lire on the
two detectives, and a tierce fight ensued
for possession of the revolver, during
which Vance called fur assistance,
From a back shed rushed in u man
known as "Shorty" Wilton, who tired
as he entered the room, the shot going
through detective Egelton's hat Both
Bgelton and Nickle then drew revolvers and flro.1. Wilson fell dead ut
the first fire. One bullet wunt through
the heart and the other through the
head. Vance was then arrested. The
police are ot th» opinion that they
have broken up the worst gang that
has infected Ontario in years. They
are held responsible for numerous r-jb-
berios recently committed in this vicin
Tho most sacred image in liussiu
hat been sent to St. Petersburg und
will bo later taken to the far east with
the army. This image is a representation of the virgin appearing to St. Ser,
gius and is always kept at the Truit-
zke monastery. It is about one foot
square and is covered with precious
stones. The image has a rciiiurka'oli*
history. It accompanied Alexis, Peter
tho Great und Alexander the I. on all
their campaigns. A silver tablet attached to it gives thocUtes with which
the image was present.
l1iu sailing of the steamer China
from San Krisen for the orient lu k
been postponed. On board the steamer
men ire ut work removing l,000,0CO
pounds of beef, sold to the llu<siitn
government. Three million pounds
of beef had Imjoii contracted for by
Russia, and the lirsl, two instalments
were shipped on the steamers Coptic
and .Korea The beef wns seized by
Japanese ollicial-, and it is believed
the sellers received'ordert at almost
thu last moment to remove the third
shipment fruui the China.
A pencil murk in this space
is a gentle reminder that your
subscription is due] PIcumj
cough up,
C?" He""" your Job Print in ; 6u thu
MiKituit Ollice,


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