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You Ill No r.4.
YMIR, B. C„ SATXJBDAt, MARCH 19, 1904.
Published  in  the Boycotting camp   of  British  Columbia.
Price FrVE Cents,
Ymir Citizens
Uegiriar . monthly   meeting
lust Tuesday of tho month
J. W. Rum, President,
An Ad. in
the'    •
is u Salesman calling at all the
homes and mines in the district
eveiv week and being given court-
nus consideration.
l*ublllsherl «vorv 8 itunlny Ktnl malM lo any
■ 'Itlrcss, or dellv<-r*i<l liy ciurii-r In town.
Subscriptions CBiiO |.iT annum, payable n|s,d-
Advertising rains, 91.n0 pur muh pur month
Ni, pulilic, «iitiTlHtiiiiii'iii to whloh au admission Iu« Is elmrut'il, will bu notluud Id Tub;Mir
kiik unless advertised .In lis columns.
Only articles or merit ivill be advertised id
these columns, and thu In'-erests of readers will
be oamfully iiuarded »uaiust Irresponsible persons
Tils Minima oan tw hud from all tiadios
newsdealers In the district, or can be obtained
tlreot from the offlae.
t.'om n.iriiial printing ot every dusurlptlpn
'tune on thu premises at standard prions.
C. Smith,   Publisher.
BOYCOTTING is »till the order of
the day in Ymir. A feeling of
distrust and uneasiness pervades the
camp, and no business is being done.
l-'very man looks upon another with
suspicion, while all shrug their shoul,
der» and declare "not me." The con <
«pirator« are saying that there are
traitors in their ranks because a few
members of the union refuse to sanction
dirty work, and are,giving away certain little supposée] secrets which are
calculated to frustrate; what has been
considered a well laid plot. Wholesale
houses are pressing for settlements and
curtailing credit, while a couple of big
minimi deals have been declared off,
The lessee*on the Dundee have thrown
up tlieir bond : under existing circum
stances, there is no probability of that
mine being worked. The atmosphere
breathes uf gloom and elistrust ; even
die saloon keeper« are iu a melancholy
m nid. Ymir is it lluyuult i.-uinp—-und
.Villus* meeting was held in üland
Im ks on the 115th Illst, " lo discuss the
_, uiiling and other vice ipiestioiis
which are now the absorbing topics of
tlieiUy." They must lie blessed with
u polier- force' there us active as nur
tivvlii otherwise n mass moeting would
not be necessary to suppress vice. For
years Ymir has lieen run a wide open
cniiipi with its population of HU and
ils nine saloons. Hut our constable
appear* to sew nnthing, do nothing, and
I; niiiv nothing, When crimes are eoin'-
uiitteel ibe CUM is invariably settled
• ml of court for a monetary considéra-
limit When the constable himself assault* a mini nml tear.« his clothing to
shrouds he «btllV* the case by promising
in mulee gm si ibe damage Whim a
house in broken into mgl goods stolen
llie oUcupaul! is supposiil in mice tl.e
missltig property, mid even when this
is done the clue is not sluing enough
tor llie ci/nst«! In. Pshaw I You
Im/«u regular simp iu (Jrand Folk«,
li' yuu doubt il ciini',' ovvr mid spend u
few ils j- in Vmir,
Tim conditions, «W* the H, C. Min
ing Record, under which it is proposed Chinese shall lie permitted to work
in Smith African mines, namely a fixed
term of service, pi redetermination of
thu class of woik at which they shall
be employed, stipuliitpil hours of labour
a prchibitioii against Chinese engage
ing in trade or acepiiriiig land or vest
ed property, anel their compulsory return to China at the expiration of the
term of service, are sufficiently arduous, but not too arduous if it is desired to guard against evils which other
countries have experienced from an
unrestricted Chinese coolie immigration. While cheap labour may be necessary for the successful working of
tho South African mines, the mongolian should be regarded as a machine
merely, and in no way bo given an
opportunity of becoming a social factor. If in Canada some such siring»
unt regulations as those proposed for
South Africa had been imposed instead
of tho head tax alterr.ative of restrict
ing Chinese immigration the former
would have proved a far more effective
. An order in council has been passed
placing petroleum .oil on the free list
when imported by mining companies
for use in the concern triition of ores.
This is s concession to the Kootenay
mining industry.
The Canadian government has formally accepted the invitation to be re
presented at the American congress
on tuberculosis, which will be held in
connection with the St. I,ouis exposition in October, 1904, and the Canadian parliament will be asked to provide for the expenses of such representation.
The striking minors in the Delaware
and Hudson company coal mine at
Lion mountain, about 250 in number
have agreed to return to work pending a conference and the* ndjiistuiont
of tlieir grievances.
About ten thousand building operatives, it is claimee] by official« of the
union, are now idle in New York,
on account of the strike of thejaborera
protective union society, the calling
out of all the lalnirers last week having effected not only Ihe bricklayers
but also some of the iron workers,
The opinion of the supreme court of
the United States in the case ot the
Northern. Securities Co. vs, the United State«, involving the merging of
the Northern Pacific and Great Northern railways, has born handed down
in favor of th« govern ment. The
effect ia to sustain the contention thai
the Sherman iiuti trust law applies lo
luihuild combines of the character in
At Erie on Tuesday a easy under
the Kellie Truck Ae)t was trie«] before
J. R. Hunnex and A. B. Duckworth
.1. P.'s, Three informations wore laid
by men lately employe«! at tho Knot«
einiv Shingle company's mill of Saimo
to the effect that they wel'e discharged
over their refusal to board lit the mill
company's boarding bouse at Malum
B iih sides wore I'epresi'iltud by UoUil-
s.il. The mill company pleaded guilty
to one charge ami was fined 9Jf mid
coals, while thee oilier two charges wele
not pressed.
. A pencil mark in this spacv
is a gentle reminder ihatyour
subscription is elite I'lcnstl
e'oilgh up.
The Japs continue 11 piny havoc
with the Russians on sea and  lanih
Tiik Minium has evet labored honestly to fulfill its mission by faithfully
reflecting the lifo of the elistrict in
which it. is published. This we on-
tlca.'orcd to do regardless of party or
cliipie, Hildas a consequence have made
many friends anel some foes—bitter
foes Last year we fell foul of the
bosses of the miners' union. They
collected by public subscription (the
subscription list was published in Tiik
Mirrok) 'a sum of $897 65 for the
building of an hospital which, through
gross carelessness, was allowed to tumble down under an accumulation of
snow. Hnwever, what purported to
he an official statement nf account« in
connection with the hospital fund appeared, by resolution of the miners'
union, in a Nelson paper. In this the
public-subscriptions were set down at
$,'162, instead of 9897.65. We called
attention to the discrepancy, but a
little item of 9515.65 was loo trivial
to call fur an explanation, nor ho« it
since been satisfactorily explained. It
was, of course (according to the union
bosses) nobody's business what was
done with the missing money.
Then came the provincial elections
of last fall. The union nominated Al.
Parr as the strongest liberal-labor man
in the electoral district. We again
fell foal of the union be'iases by daring
to oppose their nominee. However,
the electorate) agreed with us and very
pronouncedly turned down Parr and
the union bosses. , We believed Parr
to boa dangerous man to be entrusted
with power—so die] the free nnd ins
dependent electois of the Ymir district
despite the union bosses. Hut the ides
of opposing these fellows, so long accustomed to rule the roost, was really
too outrageously outrageous ; und they
vowed vengeance against us.
Then another hospital was built, lo
which the gnrertiiiirnt contributed
9ï',000 and in aid nf which several
public entertainments were held, A
iKiarel of directors was appointée!— by
the union ; but these gentle-men positively declined lo give any information
as to the receipts or expenditure of
the institution. When told that the
public desired such detail«, these gentlemen consigned the public to regions
where ihey don't «hovul snow, and
practically avowee!, " Wk are the peo.
pie." Wn were obliged to send to
Victoria for n copy of the report« which
the hospital Imnnl, furtuimrely for the
public, in obliged to furnish Ihe government monthly or ipiurteilyi To
these figures we gave publicity, and
for so lining again inclined the wrath
of the union IxMKM. And what a compilation uf iiiynieiy these figures are !
Yet no explanation is vouchsafed for
the tangle, although for eivw two
months the accuracy of the returns
have bcell pUblicI) challenged They
need a lot eif explanation. Fur instance
the Inquisitive would like to know how
li) patients were ui-coiumiHlated in I
cot« } how a gt eaten number of case«
CUII be cured than the number treated;
why two month*' rent at918,60should
Intal (UHll ) whi'ii thut epidemic si ruck
the camp durir.g which IMJ patients
were tiililiittcil tu hospital in one month
Mud all aci'OiiiinotlMtcil In the before
mentioned four cot« '. Thesu are a few
of the points subscribers lo the hospital
would like to have explained, and lie-
cause, em behalf of the public, we called
for  uu explanation^ »he decree worn
«v " *
► ft* #>*; S,** HHJ, |,M), (,* .H* S.-*,* »I +** S>
forth from the union bosses' "Bovewri' |       	
him !      Run   him out  of the camp : J . LQCAL  ITEMS
That, fellow wants to know too inuoli
for our purpose." And the decree, su
far as the BOYCOTT is concerned,
has been enforced. Local storekeepers
who were constant advertisers of our«
(and who in every instance received
more of our money than we did theiis)
have been induced, under tin eat, to
withdraw their advertisements—till in
onk wkkk. Those men are mado t
tremble at the presence of any one of
the labor agitators and cannot call their
soul their own.
Let us illustrate. The other day
Manager Fletcher, of the Rosslaud
World—a paper in which tho local
union claim to have a financial interest
—was in town at the solicitation of
the Ymir agitators looking over the
ground with the view of establishing n
newspaper here. How he summed up
the position wo know not. A few of
the agitators undertook to canvass the
town for'advertisements. One of those
approached a storekeeper and told him
he would have to advertise in a union
paper about to be established. The
man bohind the counter pleaded hard
times, etc., hut the delegate gave him
u look,  and   thus  delivered  himself :
" You G el son of a b ,
you'll have to, or we'll   boycoit you as
we boycott Smith ''      And the store
keeper gave his consent, and forthwith
proceeded    uneasily   homeward   and
changée! his pants !
The reign of terror prevailing in
this camp cannot be well und"rstood
on the outside There can lie no doubt
that in this immédiate elistrict there
are some of the richest mineral proportion in the province, It takes capital to work them, but capital givey
Ymir a wide berth. Why ? Simply
becauso there is the ever present danger of labor trouble*. It breaks nut
every now and then in the forn| of a
strike, ajboycott, or other mischief. At
tho present moment there is mischief
brewing which will make; the coming
season a decidedly "hot" one in this
camp unless the mischief' inuser's be;
cowed before their plan matures,
A carload of ore from the Dundee
was shipped to the Nelson smelter on
The Porto Rico Lumber Co. started
their Ymir saw mill agoing on Wednesday. The mill is not running full
Big Frank Hawtl ne, of the  Ko-i-
teiiay Cignr Co. was in town duriug
the week placing orders furl lie famous
Iloyal Seuls.
At the mining recorder's ollice on
Wednesday, ceretilicates of work wero
granted to N. Cliisholm on the O. K.
mineral claim for work- done by T.
Flynn, agent, since' 19th March, li'O.'t.
The Wilcox mine is temporarily
closed down, owing to the breaking ot
the main tramway iine. The break
will be repaired in a few days but it
is doubtful if work will b? rosu med
then as owing to heavy snow drifts it,
is difficult to get in supplies.
The Hawthorne Bros, are »peninga
store at Goldhill, near Poplar. A.
large stock of choice merchandise w-ent
up from Nelson during the week, and
the new store will be ready for business
before the season opens. The'big and
the httlo of the Hawthorne« are there
and they make u strong tea n.
mti      ■ —
St.  Patrick's Day was vor}'  quietly
observed   in Ymir.    There   were only
a few visitors in town, and a bill given
under the auspices of the Miner s Un
ion, proved a great failure iu point uf
number« and spirit.   There was a boycotting gloom  over the camp   which
even   the memorv  of the  guud  sain:
COtlld not dissipate.
On tlio eight of   March   it   Was soin I
people say,
That St. Patrick at  midnight he Hint
saw the day;
While either« declare 'twos the  ninth
lie was born,
Anil 'twas nil a mistake', between mid«
 ^^^Bnight ll,,,l morn:
A  court of revision   wa«   held   in i F„r mistakes will oocitr inn hurry mul
Ymir on Thursday;  presided   over by i shnek,
Mr, W. A. Jowelt.    Mr.   Rolit, Hen-  .\iul some hlumcd the  baby and some
wick, tho assessor,   wu« present   with [ blamed the olook—
his assessment, roll, against the figures j Till with all tlieir eross-ipicstinns, «ur«
of which there) were hut a few appeals
no mie would know,
The railway company took the assess- j rf the child wà« too fast—or the c
mont nn their town, lots as   rallies! by WIIH t,„, m\l}Wi
the iiMPHneir, This  year,   for the  first I .. ,      ,     	
,   . . ., I Now the Ihnt fnclion light Hi ould In"
time, thi'ir   property   is   amenable  to
taxation and   the immun',   sums ur tsi ,  .   .
'      'Was all mi account  of Ml.
»JUl.'.iJi ui   nun  per cent, j personal |
property tax is em a  total of 980,700,
and properties rented or loused  by the
company 9;<l,47'i.
J. W. Ross of the'Ymir Waterworks
('o,, iippcil»il nguiii-t an iissiisniliein
of M0O0 on the plant,   Evidence dis.
lind, they say,
^^^^^^ l'llltM'k's
Siiiiii'   fought, for1 llie  cighlli - fur the
ninth innre would die.
And   who   «'oiiliiu't   see   right— «un"
Ihi-y blackened hi« Oyi'i
At   last both the   fuel inn« «n  puiltlvn,
closed that stock to the value of $'),*40 i „„   ,        „,.
,   , , ,     ,   ,  .   ,      .   , i » nut »Wh ki!i i u birthday, sei Pat
hud   Men issued and   that tile  «t's.'k     ^^^^^^^^m*mm*mm^mm**m^^m'
was paying 10 per ecu! dividend. This
iMsmsimint   was therefoiti  oldeivd  to |
stand, us was also  that, uf  Hing Heu i
erf I8Ö0 em Ills house and lot.
Other appeal« dealt with wpi'el Mary
Kccfe, *1 J00, reel I  l,o r?M(i|)| ,|. {\, j
limine«, of Eric, 91300 em hi« irai
piiipi'ily, reduced in 9000, personal
propwty re-elticcd from 91000 to 92000 '
had  I wo!
Till Falber Mnb-nliv, who ilidrVrltllCill
i heil- sill«,
HiiIiJi "No one could   have two   'jiith-
day« hut twins,1'
lighting l'or
ie, "Hoys don't In
eight or for niiii'i
Don'! bo always dividing—'ml some*
.       limes combina
while hi« hotel   assessment, WIM résine    üülllbll («lit with   II I no, lllld SOVun«
ed from tfiiOO to 9)4*00) llialmer .lohn- l,,('" I"« 'h'' murk,
sou  of Erie,   reducisl   fre Iin 91000   lu  ft» I«!   tllftt Ihi  his  birthday" \inen,
9700 Uli III« real estate;   Alice Amlrl' ' V'»'1 t-1"' c'"'^<
«m her Ymir pti/pürty rodtuieel hum ' ""' '"' wasn't a twin« sut ur hUtorj»
»»1000 to #HU0i (Jen   Fil.ifl, of Wiinctu »ill «how,
l?l"00 allowed to stund. That lit least he's worth any two «a tit«
—       umi    J— that WH knowl"
Always   smokes /the   Monogram or Tuen Ihey all got blind drunk— Which
Marguerite—the peoples' choice,    \V, completed their hli-s,
.1, McMilleu A Co., sole agent for ll.C, ' And we keep up the practice front lb 11
Viitiuoavei', 4- ! day to thlsi -NË^fei.^;'*
Is Your Watch Hmeri=
can, English or
Whatever the movement is,
when it gets out of order send
it to us. We can repair any
damages anel return it as good
as it was in the first place,
maybe better. Our work is
all guaranteed) (live us a
trial ; you are. sure to be satisfied.
.flanufacturing    Jewelers
and Opticians.
Nelson,        - B, C.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry. Oo.
NELSON A 11   HHKPl' \lii' i!Y  <'e»
V   V   ,v E,  KV   \- N   CO
TMie only all rail mule? between
i .' lsi 'V-., ..'i ! uu ii to Ross
an ' ,ii, I î; ii 1 • irks ah I It"
public. Cnnnoptu 'if Spolcano witl.
ahe Great Noil hunt, Northern' Pacific
and O. li. 'V Y < • ., for point« east,
west and south; connecte Ut lioss
land nml Nelson v.iil> the Canadian
Pacifto Railwri)
Coiini'itii il Nf-] ion wilh tho P. It
k N. Co foi Kaslo aii I K. and .S.
Connects hi Curlew with stagofot
Greenwood mid Midway, B.C.
Buffet cur« run uu trains between
Spokane and   Republic,
Kii • ■ ivei Nov. 2inil, lèo8,
Leave Hi,.  I'riilti Arrive
8,4,'i n m Spiikaim H. 16 p.m
10.40 ;im        liosslnud 1.8Ô p.m
9.8«1 a ni Vmir â 36 p.in
7.21) n in Nelson 7 20 p m
11:06 u in    ((ll'iuul Fork»)      R S6 p-in
9.80 ».in Republic A In p.m
H   A   .1 ',< KSij.N
tSi-ii"'i';il;l',i.>' >unger Ai(t.
.Hpokiinu, Wiish.
Draymen & Teamsters
Y M IK,   B.   ti.
Handling heavy freight a
Corri'Hpondeneo promptly
attended to!
This space is let by
Contract to
E. W. Widdowson,
Assayer & Chemist,
Ymir, B. C.
•>ry Goods, niUinery or
oo to Till.
Post Office Store.
To your Friends.
And help to
Hs it is tO'day.
There is no more effective means of
accomplishing this end.
Them to avoid the place as they would
Ymir is in the grasp of a hand of demagogues who are making life intolerable.
Is their present form of persecuting those who
will not yield to their sway.   '
Let your friends know the true state of affairs
and send them a copy of the Mirror.
All work entrusted to us is neatly and promptly
ail Orders receive special attention.
"EtiTiKicvrit ok Improvements.
lamroek, .Rustler,   Antonio anel Mon-
•1 'V Mineral, Claim»,  situate in  Ihe
Nelson   Minir.g   Division   of    West
Kuoti'iinv llistriel,.
'•ii'iii located : _Annul, ono anel a half
'V'i'i'i s'inih west of Erie
Take notice that I. -lohn Mebatchic,
• l,.S.. of the. City of Nelson, nzent
if the Gordon Mining anil Milling
'•••mnmiy. Fine Miner's Certliioatn
to, it. 68.-210. Intend. sixty days
I'orn Hie date hereof, to apply to the
lininr/ Ueeordertor cenilieates of im •
rnvenients fnn the purpose of .obtaining  Crown (Irknts of the above claims.
And further take notice that action,
inder section 37, roust he commenced
leföre the issuance uf such certificate nf
Dated this 'JSrd da\ of Janiiary.lftOl.
Warwick  and fourth' nf .luly mineral
claim*, situate in the Nelson Mining
division of West Knutiinny District.
IVhersi located : On north side of Wild
Horse Creek and six mjles from Ymir.
Take notice that I,   P.  S. Clements,
soling as agent fur the  Broken Hill
Mininsr & Development Co.,  Limited,
l-'ree Miner's Certilicate No  B  80.041,
intend, sixty days from Ihe date hereof,
to apply   to  the   Minini» Recorder tor
ceiitilieates   of   Improvement«, fur the
purpose of obtaining Crown tirants of
ihe above claims. ,
And further lake notice that action,
under section 87, must be commenced
before the Issuance of such certificate*
of improvement.
Dated this 15th day of February  1004.
F. S CLEMENTS. Nelson  B.C.
npOO.Eb. Q. Martin H vv F Poi,-
-*- i.'OK. or any other p'-rs in to whom
they may have transferred tlieir Interest»
in the Gbortflnniigh Fraction mineral
claim, situai nd on Wild Horte Creek,
about four milt's frum the town of Ymir,
and adjoin inn 'lie Mugwump, Rockland
nnrt Lexington mineral claims in the
Nelson Mining Division nf West Kuo-
tenny District, end recorded In the Rn.
(•order's olHce fjir the Nelson Mining
You and I'nebnf you are hereby nnti.
Heil that I have expended tliiiivfour
dollars and twenty live coils (f'-'llUô)
In labor and improvements upon tlio
above mini-nil claim in order tn hold
same under the Provision« of thu .Mineral Act. anel if within ninety diiyafroni
the date of this notice von fail nr r. fusn
to contribute voiir portion of expenditure, lojjetl'.er with «II costs of advertising, your Interests in said claims will
become the property of ihn subscriber»'
under section -I of,m net entitled "An
Act to Amend Ihe Mineral Act, 1900."
Dated at Ymir. Il C , this 17th dar
of Fenrimrv, 1004.
With Your Next Order.
J,  J ami 1 Gallon Tina.
•0  YEARS'
TftAoe Mauris
Corvnioina &ts.
AiiTrme «nein« a skalrli u»,l MserfMlatl miiv
|iil,'lilr usr-M-tiilir rmr riiiinin» fry, * lir-i ii<., all
iiviiiitinn is|irnlMM|rr,iit«iiUWi), <-i,n,miru,',,■.
luiisMtricilf fiHitlilirnUal, Hiiri<:ikMii( im Phu-his
1'iit Ire«, lll'lesl 111(111117 tor nei-aihiv prilnns.
nti'iiis taken Ihreuidi Muun & C9. ravMVf
rprrlal witUe, wlllt-iut rjlinrflo, In the
Scientific Hnertcm.
K hnnrlsiimrlr Illustrai (St wr>,'kl*
■illlslliill uf SUIT si'llil.UII.' ),,in lull
««ar: lour luontli« »i
1 „rpr.st dr.
„    I'liniis, |U n
rolil uy all nnwsrliialm.
»rarcli omr«. l»t I». Washermen. L, ".'.
Alwuye Hinnke tlio MonofJl'iUn or
Marguerite—tho iiRoploe' nhoicu, W.
.1. MoMlllon A Co., solii ngaiit I'm- I) &
Vmi«ouvoi'.      • +


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