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V.u.. III. No. ;i2.
Price Fivf Cents.
Published  in the Boycotting camp   of British  Columbia.
Nelson Assessmnt District
Court of Revision & Appeal
Take notice that I shall hold nCouit
of Hevision and Appeal for the Nelson
Assessment District for hearing and
determining any appeals against the
assessment made for the year 1904, at
ihe places and at the times undermentioned:—
At the office of the  Provincial Assessor  & Collector,   Nelson, on  Wed
neselay, tlio 9th day of March,   1904,
ut  the hour of 10 o'clock'in the fore
noon. .
At the office of the Provincial Constable, at Ymir, on Monday, tho 14th
day of March, 190(4 at the hour of '1
o'clock in the afternoon.
Nelson, B C, January 29th, 1904
Judge of the court,  of Hevision ami
Appeal, Nelson Assessment District.
Ymir Citizens
Regular monthly meeting
last Tuesday of the month
I. W. Uoss,
Clark's Furniture  Store.
william" Clark.
Undertaker and  Furnituw!
Ymir, B. C
Ma'l Orders promptly attende,! to.
:    An Ad. in
• is a Salesman culling at nil tha ,
• .    .    •
• Imnios  and mines  in the district J
■ ;
? eveiv week and lining given court- •
• *
J nus consideration, • a
« •
I*ulill|.hml "i-i'rv s-,iur'l,iy ioi,l iimlli-'i lota)
< Y.r-... r,r .li'llvi'ri'il liy riiirl«! In tnwn,
lilAeriptlnii« 69.00 |ri>r sniinta. psystils njtfl«
Aty^riUliis rats», n.nu jn-r nun i«r isomh,
S<> publtU i',it,'rl:lllillM'lll  In  Wlllltll   1*1   Mlnil--
• inn Ira In ftlmrin-il. »Ill Im notlneil In TS«,Hill
nun nnii'Ss Nilvi-rll-i',! In Us OOlttlnllS
,iiilv nrtli-|,'4 ni nu-ru «v111 1," s'lVHrlls.tl  n,
ill... rjnliutllis, nn,l lb» Iii',t,.u -u n-iuh-r. will
',» ,'.r,'tnit\ iniitf,i,"i rtifniii-t kirrtf|niiiilbla ptr<
l'un Mmiiuiu  mn Its In,I   from  .11  lassllini
■ir,v.,l„iil,.r« In tit.,-li.irl-n.,ur nnsi li. »hlo/SHil
lir-nt Iroin Mi" nilli',' 1
L'mn.nniulal  prlntiilû »'   «»"ry   il,'-nrl|itlnn
i,,n,-,,n iin- iirtiirtliiM »i si-iiulnt'l urlsns.
(,'. Smith.   PVui.imiikii.
p?0-i"<AY this once great organ of
*J public opinion appear* Uhr the
Kr*t thnt- us a two page newspaper1
Mur respectnhli» (mirons who hiivn been
'rntisliiut readers of Tiik Minium for
die ppsl fi'w years will undi-i stund tho
dlmlntltlon and agree with us when we
• uv that even in its présent form the
paper is too good for a villnge of Isiy-
intlcTS, The population of Yiuk is-
ÏÎIS all Isild, audi its industrie» nre ns
tiillows :
'.l saloons,
I brewery,
t whore houses (one colored),
28 labor agitators (professionals),
\l> rosident tin-horn gamblers,
1 policeman (a captain ?)
1 blacksmith, 1 white Smith, anil 1
1 silent sawmill,
1 hoycolted newspaper,
I hospital,
1 ji.il,
3 Chinese laundries,
1 railway station,
1 sehoolhouse,
1^ seasons (winter and summer)
100 prospectors, living on hope, and
the majority remaining subsisting on the prospectors..
A few little stores are kept open in
Ymir, but the inhabitants send away
for everything they can fay for and
do their long credit trade in the flourishing buigof their adoption.
Such is lifo in Ymir—the dead town
of the Wild and Woolly West,
The Boycott
A dispatch from Ottawa says that
the officers of the Department of Cus
tools are keeping a vigilant look out
just now upon importations from the
United States, in view of the allegation that surplus stocks of that country are being sent into Canada at
slaughter prices. It may be accepted
as a settleel fact that no matter what
the figure may he at which any class
uf American goods is sold in the Dominion, the Customs duty is levied
upon the fair market value at which
the article is sold in the country of
production, The Outturns Department
has special officers on tlio rond all the
time, and if there he any doubt as to
the proper values of the goods in the
American market, a mun is tolie sent
to the hi-uelqunrters of tha firm and a
déniant! made le see the Isioks.
To  the uninitiated this may  wem j
in extraordinary thing to do but it i»|
a common practice, and no firm, having half an eye to the  development of
its own trade in   foreign countries cui»
well irfnse- to place tue fulliwt inform« ]
ation at the  disposal  of the  Cu-looi*
With respect to Homo goods which
it is stated are bring slaughtered in
Canada by Americans it is quite clear
that there «in I«' no defrauding of the
Ctstoma, For instance, steel rails
are at jtesent free, cement is dutiable
at \2!j cent* porhundred pounds, n»
matter what the cost may he, while |
in regard to pork there is a specific
duty of three benui per pound, «o thai
there can he no fraud upon this scon-.
Canadian!, may however, fur some time.
expect to seen considerable slaughtering of American goods in  CiMjiidu.
l/icks have been known to onme Intel
this country at .'),ri per cent. U-ss lhati
they could he bought for in the Unit
ed States, while American made pencils huvy been sold here at 50 per
cent, less than the home price, Kn order lo successfully compute with Germany in this market.
The laut cabled returns from ihe
Ymir mine cove-red January opérations us follows: Twenty-five stamps
rim '27 days and crushed 11)00 tons
(3000 pounds) of ore, producing 010
ounces bullion. The estimated realizable value (gross) of the« proAttt ie>-
§0000; 182 Ions concentrates shipped-,
estimates] value $ö2öü. Cyanid.- plant
treated 1330 tons (2000 pounds) of
tailing", producing bullion having es
t.iinatcd gross Value of JftiliOO, Sundry
revenue    $3*"i—!?l |,"'2ö.      Working
expenses $15,630, Lent $806, Tlwro
has been expended during month on
development $3114.
The BOYCOTT established against
The M union still continues, and the
miserable creatures who inaugurated it
are endeavoring to shield themselves
by throwing the responsibility on to
their contemptible dupes. Their plots
und intrigues to escape the conséquences of thiir acts are of the low,
cunning order invariably characteristic
of tho mischievous, ignorant agitator,
but so clumsily pursued as to reveal a
natural criminality. These fellows are
boasting that they court investigation
of the.hospital accounts, tho exposure
of which is said to have hcen the chief
cause of the Boycott. The statement
in on a par with the rest of their crude
"bluff,"—they dread investigation i
not even eran they attempt to explain
many of the extraordinary figures on
the strength of which they got u government grant of close on $3000 per
year. The latest excuse for the mud
die is that tho books are all right, but
the hooking is faulty ! Why faulty !
They pay a secretary a salary ample to
secure the services of a competent man
It certainly looks clever Ixioking to put
13 patients into I cots ; to charge $100
for provisioning a couple of sick men
und two nur» s ; le admit '21 patients
in one month but eure 26 : to twi<!
the salaries of 'a standing stall' from
$200 to 1348.70 |»er month All this
muy be merely faulty book-keeping,
but subscribers have u right to knew
where the fault lies. And they shall
The machinery of the law has been
sel iu motion, and a verdict founded on
fact will be obtained.
Tin- Hlitnr '!•"> mn liohl lilmsi-l. r.--|«n-iliW
Mr (lui oisillon- -if i',ir-."|!im l"lil'.. lull runrVili
I,, lilins"lf Hi" r, il,', t.i mHuiIDHC" S'llh iiMii-r Si
tn lilin iii(i)'ii|,;,'iir ltr,'luvnnt|ir nlfMlilya,
Ml oonnnuti 'Irin- iini-i In' ui'.,-,i:iii 'inl"'l liy
tho iisnlooj Hi" "nn ir—urn n ----•--•-• i■ -- for nu'i
Iftiiitlnn, lint .i-  i ni"itn. of ullilltily.
Wo Or um mi'l'riJiU ■ in rut'itu ynjmjtui «w»«,
piHMlusttn nul''-' r.-|ii,-Hii-.l -,,.iii,l,».
Percy ,).'lli-azei-has some, licnuli-
Wsiimpliw of lisial ores on exhibition
in his util "ii—all of them fivsh and
l.iii'Al, TlllHJIILIiS.
'In IM.- [Saltor, Minimis.
'Sir—1 sympathise with you in your
fight again-! the boycotting organization, nn,I ii'-ure you that you two Hot
friendless In this uump), in support of
which I forward II praulienl pnuif of
what wi-iiiiin to do. Kecrl up the
Bulll ainl \ou will down an element
who are killing tins coup, and who
won ill inrii elown any coiinnunity.
Pieuse field li-Hbr cheque' eliclo-eel.
Fllll Pl.AV.
Ymir Ik ,C, March I, 100*
Although th« wiivu of pessimistic
punie which a week ago swept over
the finuiii-ial circles of continental liar
ope has largely spent itself ths- sinn
tion is still ono of luiute sensitiveness.
This is Aggravated by the process of
liquidation, which is now following
upon the violent llueluiitious of the
recent markets, hut whirl, may be
completed without furtliur compiles-
lions sli mid the Will' continue limited
to the tWO powoiVilhvc'.ly engitgeil.
Miitp r« in tlio Balkans liwi! taken
a iiioi-T : aveirablo turn in euiisei|Ueuuu
of the distinct warning privately but
nsw Pn! hiss otneieilly conveyed to the
sultan that turkey would under no
ciicumMa'iices lie permitted to alter
lo her own udyiinlage politicul Iniuiul
uries in the' near cast,.     Mis own tem
per has considerably cooled down, but
no doubt he, will take advantage of the
position to delay the initiation of the
Macedonian reforms and be ready to
gratify his grudge against the Bulgarians should the chance occur.
European statesmen and publicists
are meantime deeply engrossed with
the possible readjustment of the international relations consequent on recent political developments. What
ever doubts ascribed as to the strength
and genuineness of the new Franco-
British entente cordiale must be taken
as to a large extent dispelled. In all
probability the respective governments
are much more closely in accord and
pending negotiations much furtliur
advanced than has yet been allowed
officially to appear. French puhlio
opinion naturally inclines to the Russian side, but it is really sentimental
and does not mean that the intervention of France ut her own hand would
be popular. The governments of Britain and France are sincerely striving
10 keep outside the present war, and
a frank and clear exchange of views
nnd full co-operation will do much to
prevent any accidental or designed
diplomatic move from exercising a tie-
leteriouL1 effect on their joint neutrality.
Expert opinion iu tho continent favors Japan's chancers on land as it is
now known Russia is much weaker in
Manchuria than was supposed, und
that her repiiued massing iif troop»
was largely a feint for diplomatic purposes. A large force, if it were there,
could not be victualled, and it is re-
cogni/erl hy Ihe Russian« themselves
that with spring Ihe condition of the
tians-Siheriaii railway will become
more desperate than it. is. lliissiu indeed is reaping the reward of her
course of duplicity and her diplomats
refused to recognized the determination of the Japanese gDvommont It is
admitted, thnt hostilities would not
have been initiated liy Russia und indeed were not seriously contemplated
They came us nn unpleasant surprise
from which she has not yet recovered
m * **■* 4 +« <t i a ■* -i; •; 4 * ï -i I *. » * * ■«• -■ *
<K Sr
!-(*,*'**.-;'..*»■$•<•<*' *r$"i'!!>1riM'1 I'M:
The following officers were eleoted
by the Ymir Minors' union last Wednesday evening for the ensuing six
months-. President Andrew Burgess;
vice-presioeiit, Joseph Lahey; financial secretary, W. B Mclsauc, record»
ing secretary, M vies Midlines.
Ore to the value of $116,073 wo»
»hipped into the United States via the
port of Waneta last mtnth, while the
collections on dutiable guud» coming
iu amounted to $830.97.
Spencer Sanderson has returned to
Ymir ufter ai^ extended trip to Sc it,
The convention of the Provincial
Mining Association, held ut Victoria
during the week, suy- the Vancouver
News-Advertiser, wns successful ill
every particular, The difficulties
which the Association encountered in
ils early days have llofln overcome and
I", has shaken off th" elements  which
seriously prejudice«! its punition wilh
Ihn pvblic, The cnveiiti.nl was cnii-
ducted throughout in a buWnesilIku
milliner, nnd Ihe work Which vt accomplished »ill he benoflolal to the mining
industry and Strengthen the Association. The suspicion held in some
quarters   (hat tK-  Associai ion   would
dabble In polities bus been disproved.
N'.ir was there nny iMiiuiosily displayed towards the present Provincial
(loverninent. On the contrary, the
convention took pains to convey tOthe
Government its desive'to aid in every
way in Its potter any notion o' the
aelmfointriMlpii designed' to foster or
advance the mining industry. There
is no doubt I hat an association like
this, competed) as it now is, almost entirely of men actively ougugi d iu either
lode or planer milling, or industries
subsidury to mining, can often make
useful suggestion* or recuniini'iiilutions
iu respect to lugislutl/e 01' other act ion
that a government may lake.
The, local brewer, Andy Chriest, is
thelate-st lo be iemu iswd by the local
Boycott committee, who threaten that
they will drink no more of his lieir if
lie dews not withdraw his munificent
contribution of $1 per month from Tiiii
The boycott against TilK MlltllOU
continues. C'rim-iuil proceedings
have been instituted against a number of the hoy-cotters. Just wutel»
them clearing uut of towji for the It-lie
lit of their health.
The ways anil means adopted by
some of the local saloons to bleed their
unfortunate victims have become so
notorious of late that steps ure being
taken to protest the renewal ni tlieir
A Chinaman was broughl up to Nil.
sun this evening to put in a couple, of
months iu jail on a charge of assault,   ,
The  implement used wus t.n nx,   anel'
I ho victim was a Cbiiuumn.
It is reported that the Boycott Brigade are figlu)ing among tlieinselvt«
just now, and accusing one another of
instituting the criminal proceeding-.
•Birds nf.a feather," etc. The-c fellows will stand a good deal of looking
Since the local post office has been
altered llie mail mailer to and front
the eastern departmental stores can be
more expeditiously handled, and local
"merchants'' are wondering why there
is no home trade. They uro getting
.large   do«H   of   their    own   n lUseiiU»
med leine.
E. W. Widdowton goes over to Nelson tomorrow evening to look afte"
the sampling of a cur ul Whitewater
ore being treated al the tineller.     •
The eirly Mrd catches the worm.
ICvery io isier in the camp'and every
cackling hen »ere busy this morning
at daybreak—it wns Cht fust springlike eluv of llif year.
The retiline officers of the Minors-
Union were nil re elected on  Wednee
day  lust.     No  one else  would  take
office pending the straightening out ol
the hospital accounts an,I other   inu-
d entail,
Ü. S. t, Boss has pwclltuod ih •
hardware business of Sanderson rSi Co.,-
nnd being a practical mechanic uni a
goisl man of IlllsltrWl is bound lo ('rr
a big trade- provided he is nit i:oy-
l'uul V. l/iiith, of ihe Active Mining Co.-is hack in I'liinp ngiiiii, and it,
is «niil he has iniulesatisfni.toi-y arrange
incuts for the (MspoKlll of llie vmt',
Iioibei'supply oiithec iinpany'- grounds
ut Ymir.
Tlu'prevailimj heavy ruins have done,
much to dear the, wintor'n hem y siiuiv
fall.     Were  It hot toi  the tenor  ol
Boycottait  the.   robins   might be  ex-'
pecti-'l to make- their sppo*rancu ii»
camp any day,-
1 Js Yaur Watch Hmer\
can, English or
Whatever the movement is.
when it gets out of qrder Hem.
it to us. We can repair an\
damages and return it as gooi
as it was in the first place
maybe better. Our work i:
all guaranteed. Give us i
trial ; ypu are sure Co be satisfied.
nanufacturing   Jewelers
anö Opticians.
Nelson,        -        -       B. C.
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry. Oo.
V. V. & E, RY, & N. CO.
only all rail route between
is eist, west ami south, to Ross
iin r sou, Grand Porks and Re
public, ' Qaqneots at Spokane witi
lihe Great Northern, Northorii Pacific
line] O. R. i N. Co., for points east,
west and south ; connects ut Ross
land and Nelson with the C'lniuliiin
Vacific Railway.
Connects nt Nelson with the P. H
it N, Ca for Kaslo and K. and S.
Connects at Curlew with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, R. C.
Bullet cars run on trains between
Spokane and Bjepubliu
Kffeotiyo Nov. 22ud. 19Ü2,
Daily Train
s.lA a.iu
6*46 p.m
Jo. in u. m
4'A'> p.n:
Mil u.m
ö 80 p.m
(.'.Ml u.ni
7.20 p m
IliOft u.m
(Grand Forks)
:i :iô p.m
!».:!() u.iii
6.16 p.m
H. A.
Uenerul^Pussenger Agi.
, Wash.
Draymen Ss Teamsters
YMIR,   B.    C.
U'indling heavy freight a
Correspondence promiitly
attended to'
Hohl, Silverjor |,uiul, nny olid., . $1.00
Copper  1.60
ki.olil-Slher ;,',.,    I.6Ö
Silvio -liOtUl     1.60
These priées nue airietlyfmai v»s,li.
Punies inr oUiiir iiU'tsls,,on uppllciillon
,\ii pulps kept one mouth tt-mu ihîTi
u( Mi-iiy.
Samples by muil or express rvceiivii
I'rompt AtieiiiMiu'.
ft. W. WID DO W.SOX,
tut; Assu.ycr to Hall Mines Suiullci.
!' <•  lion ti.     t'r N. Express.
Dry Goods, rtltlinery or
ÖO TO Till.
Post Office Store.
To your Friends
And help to
Äs it is to« day.
There is no more effective means of
accomplishing this end
Them to avoid the place as they would
Ymir is in the grasp of a hand of demago
.unies who are making life intolerable.
ts their present form of persecuting those wh»
will not yield to their swaw
Let your friends know the true state of Airs*
, and send them a copy of the MiKitoK.
All work entrusted to us is neatly and pärpmptty
ail Orders rxHjeîvê special atrent-ion.
Slismroek, Rustler,   Antonio nml Monthly Mineral  Chiims,  situate in  tin«
.Nelson   Mining   llivision   of   West
Koeiti-nav Dlstriét.
Where located :—IbOUl nnu nie! ti hall
ini'es smith west of Erie.
Take notice that I, .lohn McLatchie.
F.L.S., of the City ol Nelson.  agent
for the Gordon   Mining  an'el   Milling
Company,     l'"iee   Miner's   Cértilloain
NO,   II.   68,21«.    intend,     sixty   days
from the date hereof,   to apply to thu
Mining Recorder tor em-iideates of improvements for the purpose nf obtaining Crown (î rants of the Above Claims,
And further take optica that, action,
under section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance of -iiläh ceiti'licatt* of
Uutt-tt this 23rd d.u'ot January,19Q4,
JÖttN MclATCHli:.
Warwick  and Fourth of .Inly mineral
claims, sii.uale in ihe N«ls:m Mining
Division of West K. iutenay Dlstttrt
Where local ed : tin noilli side of Wild
Bursu Creek and six miles from Ymir.
Take'notieo that I,   F. S. Glemenls,
acting  as agent   for   the   Broken  Hill
Mining & Development eio., Limited,
Free Miner'-, (Jt-rtilii-:tt« No. II. S0.6H,
intend, sixty days from ibe data hereo'f,
tn apply  to  the  Miuina  Reoordur for
eerlilicates   of   improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining Crown  (•runts ul
the above claims.
And further  lake notiee tuat ae.tion
under section 37, mu-t he e'ommenottel
before the issuance of  such eertiliiaies
ol improvement.
Dated this 15th day of February, 19UI
F. S. CLEMEN TS. Nelson, B. 0.
rpO G. Ed. 0. Mautih H. W. F. Piii.-
1 LOK or any other person to whotu
tuny may have transferred their interests,
in the Goodenough Fraction nilnnrul
claim, situated on Wild Horse Creek
about four miles from the town of Ymirv
and adjoining the Mugwump, riockhiml
an« Lexington mineral claims in th«
Nelson Mining Division ol West lino-
tenay District, and recorded in the Ke.
corder's Office lor the Nelson Mining
You and eachol you are here-liy notified that I havo expended thlrty-fnuc
dollars and twenty tive ««nls (rJS4.ïùl
iu labor and improvements upon tho
above mineral claim in order lo holet
same nmler the provisions of the Mineral Act. and if within ninety days from
the date of this notice you fail or refuse
to contribute your portion of expenditure, together with all e-oat« of advertising, your interest»iu said claims will
become the property of the suliseriii.-r,.
under section 4 of an act entitled "Au,
Act io Amend the Mineral Act,  lllOO."
Dated ut Ymir.   B. C.,  this 17th day
of February, 1904.
With Your Noxt Oe-elcr.
|,  I anil 1 (inllesi 'L'ius,.
TnAOt MhRss
CopvmOMTH ii'.:.
Ain-mis^riiUiiit n nSfiii'li sn,l dosorlnr.1,^, i,.-,.
-iiiW:kl,T iu>o,os,ilii wir oi>iiiii,ii Ire»-vti-il,i<r in:,
llifiiiitlim, is iiroliiiMjr I'ftO'iih.h',!,   I' iimii.I- s .
lliiilSHlrll;M1il,rillHrlmil.[ul, IWiil,ll,,,',k ,.i> I'tilciitsi
si»i,t rn-ss.Illrtt'St'sunrii'r fnc-oriu-iMir i,.,i, tn».
I'ali'MI v tukri'   t'linnlwh   sttlini A i,,. ,.„r.|«i ■
ij-, Inl »i„fl«i. wiiti,ml qtiHU/u in via
Scientific Mtfm,
A ImTifliinTncljr iiiiiftmt •'I wornl*.*. |',(if>«M ^tn.
cillltloil nf uu» K'tifltiUH.: Ji.iiniHli Titiiip), t i u
voiiri finir riKinih'i t*   bOMtbyull nflWifHMlvWÄs
MüNNÄCo.88'3'"^ New York
Brurch onir:» <iU I «... W-islilimnii,. 1. i-.
Always   imolre   thu   Monogram or
.Mitrgui'iiti,--lhe pe;op|es' rlmice,    W.
J. MoJfillen it Cis, softi- «gout for l!.t;,
Vausotwet'.' ~
,-nr. ■'■       "L'"-l';HH'ifi'i''     'iiT"'*f^i


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