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The Ymir Mirror 1904-01-23

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Voi* HI. No -2d
YMIR, B. C, SATURDAY, JAN. Ü3,   1004.
PmoR Fivk Cents,
****** Hi »>* fr fr S ** *** **** *+ t*
bilge stock iif ohuioe eating und
cooking apples at Seaney's. +
Seventeen pound kit of Holland
herrings, $1 3"i per keg, at Seaney's +
•lust nt rived, a fresh shipment of
White Star Jellies and Jams at Sea
ney's. x
Supt. Arthur was down f«om the
Wilcox during the week, and reports
that everything is looking its beat at
llie mine.
Always smoke the Monogram ur
Marguerite—the peoples' choice. VV
J. McMillen ifc Co., solo agent for B.C.
Vancouver. +
The gospel of Jesus Christ accord •
ing to St. Mark, will he the subject at
Ihe Methodist Church next Sunday at
Ti'iO p. m.    Everylmdy welcome.
Choioe lot of Okiinagim, Northern
.Spy and Rhode Island Greening Apples ; also Washington, Baldwin and
Winter Maiden Blush, at Seaney's. x
The wife of A. C. O'Neill presented
him with a beautiful little baby
daughter un Monday Inst. Mother
and little une are doing well.
Why send to Nelson or East fni
IfliiN or coffees when 1 make» standing
offer to refund you your money if 1
cannot give you as good if not better
value for thesame price—S, H. Sonne)'
When Ih» registrar's quarterly report appears Ymir will got credit for
ihr«*» marriage* for the week ending
I'ebruary 36th. ' Aw« then» are three
inure to come.
The snow plough want in evidence
mi the railway linn during the WecV,
Tue snow fall was not more than 10
i.r I'J inches, hut it made running over
llie rail» unpleasant.
Among those registered at llie Boss
House during the week were : A.
Harris, Ymir Mine ; M. Van de Bogart,
Dundee Mine: J. Kelly, Ymir Mine;
W. J. Breiuner, Dundee Mine; J
l'osgrovoy Ymir Mill.
There »re twelve men at work at
the Dundeti, and the minis which
has tx'.jii completely pumped out,
is now fulfilling expectations. There
is still u lot to be done in the
way of clearing before a big staff will
be put on, but this will be accomplish-
<-'d in the course of a few weeks.
Bulletin No. 18, from the bureau
of provincial information, is a very
comprehensive review of the industrial
conditions iu British Columbia for
1903, It deals with the various industries of the province, and gives
statistics which indicate undoubted
pi ogress.
Miss Smith, one of the nurses at
the Ymir Hospital, left on the evening
train yesterday and was married at
Nelson to Mr. Boy Biblet, of tramway
building fame. The happy couple
were passengers on this morning's
south bound train on their honeymoon.
The monthly meeting of tho Ymir
Citlwiw' Association will be held on
Tuesday evening next, and as there is
business of public importance to be
iniiisuctcii, a full ntwiiilaiicc üs re
All tin» rope has now lieeu strung
fur the Hunter V., and all that has to
Lie done is to splice the cable and
.1 retch it. As soon as this is done,
active mining operation* will begin,
and luv mine will be a regular shipper.
.Moat favorable reports come in from
the (ii ih I Cup mine. The shaft from
the tunnel station has been sunk to a
depth of forty feet, anJl shows, a big
bisly or rich ore at l'ut bottom, Tho
uro is siiid to concentrate I iu 50, and
tiie mill is running smoothly.
A special meeting is! the Ymir
kjbvriil Conservative Association is
«ailed fur this evening, at M p.m in
the r-'oresters' Hall, lo ur point »delegate to attend the CuiiH»>cvativs> Union
uncling to, be held at Victoria on
If'nb. tat.
Miss Moore Ihm entered upon her
duties as teaches at lise Ymir public
sehnull, will has already established
herself in the eatcem of the pupils.
Sim is a good,, practical teacher, in
whoso curriculum affection has no
y lace.
Some wag, evidently one of the Ross
House Savages, got at the regester the
other day and made the following entries : John H. Youtitf, Porto Rico,
lady <iller ; Sandy McDougall, hobo ;
Tom Watt, chief Savage ; Chas. Arohi
bold, booze slinger ; Jeff Davis, do ;
Julius Kolhnar, lutnberger cheese mer
chaut ; Pete Corrigan, gentat leasure ;
Dave Murphy dog catcher ; J. N
McDonald, night hawk.
Mr. Joseph Leahy, one of the principals in the Ymir Transfer Co., was,
un Tuesday lust, united iu marriage to
Misa Maud Carson, eldest daughter uf
Mrs. McLeod of the Mcl/eui) lintel.
The marriage took place in the Roman
CulhoJic Church, Nelson, Rev. Father
Al tho!)' otuviating. The young couple
are great favorites in Ymir, und all
join iu wishing them n long, happy and
prosperous life, Air. and Mrs. Lnahy
will make their home in Ymir, and
are expected back tomorrow.
The Bal Masque on Thursday Evg ,
January 28th, promises to be a big
success From present indications the
competition for the prizes will be keen.
The award will be grunted to the most
realistic assumed character-. There
aro no stipulations as tu costumes, except that you must be masked, Impartial judges will tie selected in the
bal) room, an.) you ur» cautioned not
to reveal your identity except to them
fier being announced. A splendid
assortment of gentlemen's costumes
at—The  Fair. x
Tiiere was a public opening of the
Cosmopolitan Hotel last night, and a
very successful function it John
Breau, the now proprietor, is omi of
he old timers in this district and an
experienced hotelman, who is bound to
do a good business, The proceedings
opened with a dance at the Union
Hall which wis kept up until midnight, when all wer»'invited to. supper
at the Cosiiio|H>litiin. A very recherche
affair it was—proof of what the dining
room will provide under the new
management. After supper the guests
returned to the hall and dancing was
renewed and continued until cock
Hurry Alien, up to within two
months ago express messenger on the
Nelson and Fort Shnppard betwuii
Nelson and Northport, and lately employed on the- Spokonu Fulls and
Northern as a brakesman between
Spokane and Northport was killed on
Tuesday morning at lluckeye. a point
about 20 miles out of Spokane. Allen
was on tho running board of the engine
whiki the train was taking u siding in
to the lluckeye Lumber Company's
plain, uiul  finding, that some  lumber
was projecting which would catch him,-
be jumped, but too lato. He was
killed almost instantly Another
brakesman who tried to escape the obstacle was seriously injured.
At tho Roman Catholic Church,
Nelson, on Wednesday morning Rev.
Father Althoff' united in marriage J.
McDonald and Miss Rosalind Blanch
ard, both of Sajuio. The bride, who
formerly resided at Pilot Hay, and
who is, well known in the Kooteniiysi
was attired iu a go« u of white silk and
Duchess lace, her lung white silk veil
being fastened with a diamond pin the
gift of the groom. The . bridesmaid
was Miss O. Blanchard, sister of the
bride, and the beet man was D. S.
.McDonald, a brother uf the groom.
The church was specially decorated for
the occasion and Miss McDonald who
presided uvsr the urgan rendered the
the wedding march as the newly
married couple and their friends passed
out of the building The newly married couple will make Sal mo their
home. Thoy have.the best wishes of
all their Ymir friends.
Mrs. J. T. Muffelt, whu committed
suicide iu Spokane on Wednesday
night by hanging herself in the collai
of the family residence, was, well
known iu this district. Her husband
wiis foreman, uf the properties owned
by the Hastings syndicate of London
at I'll -ie, ami. for a time worked the
property under lease, making gisai
money. , Lisi summer the family
moved to Spokane, Mrs. Mullet being
iu bad health. , The change did nut
improve her health. The deceased
was an English waman and had been
married for 30 years. Mrs. Muffet
was the mother uf Ave children, three
suns and tw't» daughters. Juin,
Muffet is a merchant ut Fernie, B. C
and is the eldest sun. William H.
Muffet is U0 years uf age and Benjamin
is 18. The two daughters aro married
and are Mf's. Luur Deville, residing in
South Dukotu, mid Aim. Maud Pen
ning of Lamar.s, Iowa..
Word  was received in town a few
days ago of the death at the Uli Men's
Home, Kamloops, of William Herein
one of the real old timers of British
Columbia. "Old Bill," as he has been
known fur some )ears past, was 73
year» of age. He was one of the first
engaged in tho steamboat business on
th« Fraser river, and during the
Cariboo gold excitement he was one of
the pioneers. There-were times in his
cmcer when Bill could sign his cbcipie
for a few ll unwind dollars luit a
generous, big-bearteii fellow as he always was, he could not keep money
while any uf his friends—mil they
were legion -were in want, Bill nu-ver
let the lefl hand know what the right
band did—Ills bounty was iinosteutnti-
nus For years lie noted as waifengei
al Victoria, but one big "dupe * dual
by whiah he was tu pockol $5,000, induced him to resign. He the* acted
as porter at the Oriental Hotel, a
position he held for many years. Bill
was always a "sport," and filthy lucre
in tho shape of coin had m> charms fur
him, except in the spending thereof.
Some eight years ago he moved up to
Nelson, and took the jauiturah ip uf al
must every office ami building there.
As he adyuueed in years and grew
feeble he wns obliged tu give up many
uf his engagements and was ultimately
obliged to accept a cut in the Old
Man's Home.     Poor old Bile!
A (lencil mark in this spice
is a gentie reminder that your
subscription   is   duo     Pliaie
cough up
In the local legislature yesterday
the debate on the estimates was begun
the opposition distinguishing themselves as faultfinders,
Two or three interesting announcements were made by the premier during tho afternoon. One was that the
government has at least completed its
bill relating tu mineral taxation The
contents of the bill were not disclosed
as the first minister said he wanted it
to go before the mining committer.
Another announcement from the
premier was that night sittings would
be held next week. This, suggestion
was opposed by Oliver, un the ground
that it would interfere with the work
if committees.
A promise was made by the premier
that the idea would be abandoned if
such proved to be the case.
McBride's bill to "remove doubt as
to thu validity of the election uf the
member for J.illooet" was rend a first
lime but the opposition would not permit it to advance another stage.
McDonald, the member affected,
states iu an interview that he was el-
eoted by acclamation on September
19th, and that be accepted a cheque
for his services as road boss for the remainder of that month. He did su
on the advice of the government agent,
whu advised him that there cuuld be
no objection tu hi» doing so as. long as
lie had nut been swum in us a member.
Although he continued tu discharge
ois duties Us mad boss for llie nCxi
two months, he did not accept pay
for it.
As an instance of lite way secret societies like the Mafia a organized in
.Southern llaly, it irt worth reporting
that the Italian police have arrested
71 persons, all members uf a secret
organization called the "Malavita," in
the City of Fuggia. It was discovered
that the society was organized to coin-
m.t all sorts uf crimes, friim highway
robbery tu kidnapping. Two schools
Were found, ouu tu teach tin- way to
use the knife and the other fur pickpockets. An admission fee of a few
francs was c'uirged, and the members
wcro di» ided Into three classes, ami
promoted fium one to the oilier hy a
-ort uf supreme court, with luMiliiuar-
turs at Bartlette. The distinctive uniforms, uf the members cons!» cd of a
red scirf .to bu Wuvuas a belt and a
lung curl Ibinginc down the foicliead,
ur a gris'ii scarf for those of a lower
degree-in society. If any one of the
members was arretted oilier members
volunteered tugivu perjured testimony
in his behalf, while a few mure tisik
charge uf tlm witnesses, fi»' the pruaccu.
tion, whom thoy scared by threats into
refusing to testify. A special recruit-
ug dcpiirtiiLjnt »'.is a'.so a fc it are ut'
the suoicty.
* ■ -*
Mt**|r*;|r*:|i*** Wh** Hi ********
Deer Tim —The last week I wrot.o
to ye the cat ran away wid me pen
cutting off the me.vs th..t was wid me.
I was just starting a pume beginning
Lives uv great man all roiinind us
We can stur things here below,
If we only use the shovel
E'er the footprints pock the snow,
whin up bonnet Maryann, the cat, an
runs off wid the pen. Thut's a bur)
huait he's getting, that oat ov moine.
You'll be sorry to beer that oui-
uuld trend, Billy Herrin, is dead at
theOwld Men's Home, Kamloops. Ho
was a true ould fiend, was Bill, an"
now that he's gone they're all saying
the good things about him that they
should uv said when he was aloive.
Tf you've any bouquets to  throw at i,
Let e'm fly while he's still on earth,
For kind words said
Ov a man whin he's dead
I'o him are ov little worth.
The Ross House Savages is——
There's that dam oat of) wid the pen
agin. Larry Finn.
The Canadian Limiter and Sawmill
Company, with headquarters at Trout
Like, li. C, has let. a contract for
100,000-000 foci uf logs, involving an
expenditure of half a million dollars,
to Mr. Iv L. Kllinon. English capital is backing the enterprise, and the
contract is the laigvst su far let in thu
interior of the Province. Manager J>.
B. Henderson state» that the mill will
give employment tu 100 men, and will
have a capacity uf 00,000 foot per dav.
The company owns from four to six
hundred million f jet uf timber along
hu lake  front.
Jerry Ryan, who bails fro.u Spokane
whs up before magistrates Duckworth
and Hoes this afterno in charged wit It
a theft uf a shirt from the DesBrisay
Juhbing Co and a pair of rubber»
from Newitt and Co. He trie I to sell
the goods after stealing them, and wa»
arrested. The prisoner, who has been
employed at the M isterson saloon cutting wood, pleaded «uilty, and wu'i
sentenced to two months imprisonment
fia- cid» offenes, the sjuteines to run
Phe l"ruvinolal OoVoruwent has loa',
nu time in bringing in th« amendments»,
iu ihe Provincial Election Act, to remedy the ileliicls that haro been found,
loexisl in Hie present /till. Attorney
-general hu» shown good ijuilgmntil in
deciiling to repeal the present law and
substitute an entirely new act. Although
the changes are lew an«! eonliuad t»
only a small number ofiMiiU it will
be much more convenient f.u- returning
oflicer» and oilier person* lo have the-
Act complete in lls-df than to have >►
refeir to two seiMirat« aot* and see in
what manner llie earlier law is change I
liy th» new Ael, in would lie tin ca«e
were the Hill now before I lie Hum»
ui-re'.v framed tu amend oerialt» see-
lions in the existing StatuW.
A diipiteh to the Pall Mall Oizilte-
from Iterliu dbolarOM tliat tlm corres
pondent is in a position to iii»notinci>
positively that it lias boeo decided at
St. IVtcrsburg that Japan's wiaht-*
shall lie met in such a way us tosueun-
[the imiittonaiwo uf peauui llm dis-
piitib milk that tin»only njtieatiuii in
win-tiler Russia **nJuill ileduru her deci-
sioti tu Japan all MIO I a to all the power
interested in tho solution »f the 611*
(.astern question.''
To determine the ui hi it» I pl.t ii th i
responsibility for til I w.-j i; o' th i s. n-
mer rialUm, ll.iitil S.atM inirliM ii-
tpeeiers   Whitney   and Turnet    i • ■
gau an   investigation   in   M nil,',   l>.
is likely the Inuring will last til I fi'il". i'4
pari uf the weak, as Hie  ollijers uf I i i
vessel   mil many uf   Hi i survivors   wil
give testimony.
Arthur N*. II ill, I lal'ir of t'l I Ir.i-
tpjols M■■inorial Ass uiiition, aim ,.i i • •-
that he will offen thé Mite of the Ir i
ipiois theatre fur the érection ul u
ineiiturial tu the victims, uf the lire at
The board   of governors uf    M:liill
university has at  preicil under   ciii-
siileration   the   propiHll  to   found   a.
schuul   of   railway   e.igincciii»;   nil
triinspurtatiuii in general iu i uai Utlulh
with the university
V -vfvmmF-w*
ling at all  the J
An Ad. in
J is  a  SaUiKiiiai
homes and mines' in the district J
cveiy week and being given uourt. •
otu consideration. •
I'liblll-lu'tl  ever'v S-'lur liiy nml rtiull,"!  to iiu>
ii lilrosN, ur .lulivi'lji'il hv i'.iirriiT in t.,i\vn,
•illli-iiriitliiiii- «50 |^ir  iiniiniil,  ii'i.valil" in nil-
A'lvi'rtl-lie_' r:ii''-. Il.n0,|iur Utah piir iimnit,
'. So liilllllli i',il.i'Pl.nll'ilil";il tn wliliiti in iiilml.
mini ft,,' I* chilriiHil. ivill In- lloUnn 1 in 'I'm: M lit
unit ml lues uilvepll«, I in ft- ".nl II 111 II-.
Only nrt.i,'.lii- nf munit ivill lut iiilvi-rtUnil in
llirmn nnliuiuiii, nii<l tin« lii'."i','-is if reiirleni will
In' fiiri'tiiliy L'i,iir,l,i,| Htiiilimt ïlrriiniiôiiitllili! pur
Irnitl   nil   1,-ii'llni'
cull   lie   nlila'llHil
'I'lIB Miliaria nun Im tt:i,I
nnivsiliiftlitrs in tti'1 ill-trial,hi
iliri'i'.t Irniii the olllnn.
l.'nnlin.'ri'.lill    |irintiiu-   nf    ,'V,'rr     ili'-erlptini
S> un* mi tic pri'ini-i'-i hi. Ht'iiiiliir,! prluits.
C. Dhi.i, Smith. Editor.
INTIMATES for the ensuing year
V^ have been submitted in the
Local Legislature, and it is pleasing to
find that the wants of the newly .created electoral district of Ymir have been
duly recognin.ed and provided for.
Ymir gels 8H000 for roads, trails and
bridges, and an extra $2000 for a
bridge over the Salmon Hiver at Ymir.
Tho amount secured by our locu]
representative; Mr Ilirry Wright, is
hut a trille lower than was asked for
at a public meeting convened for the
purpose, shortly before the legislature
met. At this meeting Dell Smith
moved that $2,000 be asked for, tu
build a suitable bridge over the Salmon liiver, and strengtbened his
motion by showing   that   the   revenue
, from at the ulber side uf the
stream would justify the expenditure
Tho   motion   was   opposed   by "mine.
'owner" Paddy Daly. Poddy had
evidently been "towld " tu oppose any-
thin" and everything that Dell   would
fs ■ - , J o .       f
propose, and with due subserviency ,b0
obeyed orders, irrespective of con
sequences, Needless to say tho re
solution was carried. We have time
and again called attention tu the
iliiilgernus Condition of tlio Ymir
bridge, und the loss that would accrue
fo tho town as well »s to the public
exchequer were tlieMvrotulted structure
to he   swept away by   Hoods.     It   has
, had already several harrow escapes,
and will probably go this spring except .something be dune in the interval
; Iu prevent, such a calamity. However
wo have a business government] in
power  iu British   Columbia   now, and
, a representative whuwill see to it that
his district is properly provided for.
In Ihe mal 1er of appropriations Ymir
fairly heads the list, and yet we urn
not gelling all we are entitled to, con,
sideling the contributions from the
district lo the public exchequer.
[Tmier a better finiinulifl condition we
would get all we are entitled tu, but
the big majority. of the people, who
supported Harry Wright, are satisfied
that Ihe, an,mint appropriated is all
that cuuld be reasonably .expected
under existing circumstances 1,'n-
fortunately, a couple uf the appropria
lions risked fur at the public meeting
alluded to wen- for private ronds Iu
private mini's ; but llie 'government
engineer' will  be ai'ouiul, and draw the
• line between ' put »ale iniuiopuly and
public Utility:' It is tn be hoped that
ihn money appropriated fur the Ymir
district— piii'tioii'i'irly thtj slim set
iiparl   fur   tbe.Yiuir   bridge—will   be
. li-i'il at mice, so. that the ad vantages
limy be pi ml icul Iv appreciublii at lint
i»»lii>i pussibu- iiiiuiieiii. Vou have
'loin- wen, Hurry,
will carry some men ' to terrible extremes, and' the;-.only   practical cure i>
o touch tjieir pockets, i It • brings
.'elhws of this class lo their senses  in
line cases out of ten.       Wo are uboul
0 apply the cure in this camp; Tin
Ollicial Gazette, published under goy
•ruinent auspices at Victoria, contains
ipplications for crown grants in the
Ymir district, of which nobody but
the applicants are supposed tu know
myth ing—and for reasons which
itliers know as well as they. To
ibtain a crown grant for a claim, the
iiitiing reuorder must bo satisfied (ac
lording to the wording of tho Mineral
•Vet chap. ,1-1, sec. 30,. sub. soc. ■)) that
ibe applicant,  has :
'Inserted a copy of such notice in
r.lic. British Columbia Gazette and in
i-newspaper l'um.lsiiKtiand
UU ill the division in which the claim
s situated, Or in the absence of such
Local paper, in the one nearest therein," etc. • ■- '■
Al least four of the applicants for
irnrfn g-iinU in-the Ymir district have
not »implied with tlio law in this par-
icular, and these four applications we
lave been advised tu protest, by the
ii-st legal authorities in the province.
vVe »hull certainly adopt .the advice
uid put these fellows tu tho expense
if advertising over   again   ur acknow-
1 'ilging some crooki'dne.-s.       The spite
hi the part of two of the parties alluded
11 is probably due lu the fact that we
nail ihe temerity to cut tboili off our
list as delinquent subscribers. In the
other instances tiie sting carries a
political virus. The spirit of the Act
clearly is that those living in the district, in which the cruwn grant is applied fur should know thai such uppli
cation is being made. The LOCAL
papers in which these applications arc
advertised are nut i'.hi.isiikii or ciu-
'ixcitin:; scene in the house. Let it
sause the exciting scene. Lynch fought
igainst his.own countrymen in the
iioer War, and sneak that lie is, sought
;.he protection uf Britain when he
aune back from, France, whither ho
;led in his cowardice. Traitors of the
Lynch typo deservo nri compassion, In
he United States ho would be lynched.
At the cabinet mooting held in
)ttawa on Tuesday afternoon it was
lecided to call thehouse on, March 10th
The nominations for the bye-elections
m Westmoreland and Uouville, necessary owing to the culling of Messrs
iOininerson and Brodeur, to thu cabinet
■lill ba held on January ;t0th, polling,
February 6th, if necessary. It is evi
lent 1 y the intenliuu of the Government
to press, if possible, the Grand Trunk
Paciliu deal. What a liberal campaign
fund that will pruvide !
The    Meat    Market,
YMIR   B     O
AH Kinds of Fresh and Salted Meats
Mai! Orders will receive prompt, attention.
John Philbert, Proprietor.
Tun record us a dividend paying
»pid mine is probably h"|d by tho
Champion Reef company in the Kola
,'old field ill India. During ten years
this company has paid dividends
amounting to 1,02'J] per cent on its
capital stock, which bus a par value of
£200,000. or 151,300,000. Tho lowest
rate in any one year uf that period was
07A per cent; the highest was 10Û per
cent, paid for the last, fiscal year.
OULATKD   ill   this   district.        It lo
very suspicious.      We .shall see wi
the prescribed twenty days.
TllK Dominion Exhibition Commissioner has received from the
Skennii Hiver mining division, B, C,
several samples of ore taken from the
deposits along the Portland Jana!,
near the boundary line, as'settled by
the Alaskan Boundary Tribunal The
ure is taken from the Canadian side,
and the report of the recorder at Port
Simpson says that 1-lM tons of unshipped recently netted 81,'IU per Ion.
Anotiicr sample of ore which thoy have
received from llie same district shows
•*II0 per ton gold, i?(J0 copper and ?:tt
Is anticipation of a Hood of death
claims and personal injury suits, amuut.
ing to upwards uf $0,000,000, the linuii-
cial interests behind the Iroquois
Theatre Company have commenced a
light to prevent the coroner's jury disclosing the identity uf the killed.
tinder instructions of attorney Pyne
Uie managers will refuse to answer
questions touching the financial bucking uf tiiu play house,
It is now alinost don ii Italy decided
that the .Socialists of .Kou'enay will put
up a candidate at the coming Dominion
elections. The Socialists are growing
in strength in tins province, and have
already two représentatives in ihe local
legislature. It is very doubtful if the
party could carry the constituency, but
it would be interesting tii know its
strength in the Kuutouays.
All work entrusted to us is neatly and promptly
Mail Ordens receive special attention.
Kootenay   Coffee   6o.j YMIR BREWERY.
nkiisux, b. c;       . i   .
■ i Drink our Beer, ainl you will
We are not general Grocers ! agree that yon want nothing
ami Provisioned, but we make \ better
a specialty of j A. CHUIEST, Prop.    •
Teas and Coffees.    j"
You can always rely on get-
ting tho best, and at right
Mail Orders receive prompt
(Jive us a trial.
Dry Goods, nillinery or
Post Office Störs.*
The London Standard's Berlin correspondent .siiyn the deadluck existing
regarding the removal uf llie dispute
between Canada and Germany in due
to the fact that the London Govern;
ment has referred Germany to Ottawa
es independent in commercial matters,
while Ottawa referred her back to Lou
don on grounds thai Caua l.t wis part,
nf tho Empire, Germany is sincere iu
the mutter. Since the lust nutiliculiun
by the German Federal Cotiilcil, prolonging preliminary commercial treaty
wilh llrslain and her colonics, Canada
is nut inenliouetl in tho hope uf a
friendly agreement on this question ai
an early date,
The Italian engineer, Higuur (liiiscpr
di Teli, already noted for several inventions, has made a new discovery in
llie Held of aerostation, and bus constructed a Hying 'machine which, it is
reported, will surpass and oVeii eclipse I
the dirigible balloon uf ,\1 .Santos He.
mont, The airship, which, .Signes
Tcti calls an aercorilitiainu, is said tu
be able to make headway even against
it hurricane.
l'liWiini!K mal low, mean  vc
S'lHUMi'niN ellurtsnre being made
tu obtain the release uf Colonel Lynch
who fought forthe liners against (Ileal
Britain and whom the electors uf (Jul.
way chose to represent them in the
house uf commons, • It is hupetl that
a pardon may he obtained fur Colonel
Lynch before king Edward pa) h his
second visit, to Ireland1/. Some uf the
iniiionalists say that, if he is nut released before, parliament, inputs, tho Alius«
liuu ol' bis imprisonment, will   cause an
."We have a certain parson," Dean
Hart of Denver writes, giving his name
"whom we keep on the frontier. He
is a rough diamond, and has a knack
with the , miners Not Long ago he
went to the camp culled Llico, burrow
ed the dance hull over the saloon for
his service, 'rounded up llie boys' and
ti,e. ball Wait filled., ', After tlio Sermon
came the collection—a very important feature, The pi cacher ran his eye
uv'èr his audience, and seeinga certain
gambler known as 'Hilly the Kid.'
'Hilly,' he said, ftirkotu)the collection.'
Very much honored, Hill took his big
sombrero hat, and with an ini| ortnul
and dignified ail, as Was filling for the
occasion, he made his way to the I'.ulit,
and held his liai for a young man un
the fuieiiiust chair m donate, Tho
young miner dropped in a quarter.
Hilly looked at H then pulling his hand
under Ills coat tail« drew his revolver
and said, with the Utmost gravity,
'Young min take that back: this here's
n        In.       / ,'    I
a dollar show.' Then with his ha*, and
revolver moving around .the hall, he
got as many tlullura us there were peuple "
Sumo of t'.e   must   profitable  forms
of advertising require time; seedtiinn
lilid   harvest, is (.ho law: hero us   else-
1  ,■ .■ ■ ."■    j «. ;,o ■ '','•;.<,,'>
"hi re,      ,.   .. -. ,,    .
Dnn't deceive >yourself. , A.trolley
caj wjil bilijk (liiwil tyin hill if ihe cur-
tAn.t i*,onf,;.|rtl'^>iTj will your' business
if .llie iulverli|ii«g,iscut',iittii.
;    t . ''l'i'"'  ' .  '■ .' ■»
.,   J'h.e sentiment onco prévalent that a
.mail should not blow his  own horn   is
obsi'lete.     Wow your own   horn, good
und hard, by advertising,',
fj gillie h>u»in«'Hs inen'V|fjiuld-,niit swat
low a progressiv«, iiotiun if yuu   gave
if tu titeln with' a"sjl!'ei'.,spi|iin, but
|   Ï   1'lr>  I        /   .-. i   •■''   .'5    l   '''l'"'rU
M.lnrt makes' it all   eh« ;bi'liior for   the
Draymen & Teamsters
Y Mill,   B.   C.
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended to
■9 ii»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»««««!]
Hot, Cold and Vapor
W.   M.   COFFEY,    Prop.
Ymir Citizens
A3503iaTi©tf. ,
lii j;;i! ir  mmtlilyv m Kiting
last Ttiesihy <>!' bh'J in.nitli
-il 9 3
5 |        '    S
B. =• S
"*■*" «Di»*«««« »»ie»«««« *®
•V.  H HI,  ■
0   !)•:
.-,   sM;ri.
Yitiir TfdxsUr C).in i iy
JACKSON Ai I.I'-AIIY," I'lioi'H.
Teaming ä %preös
All dfilers prompilv li'iedlliiH lo
ami the irri'iilisl ciirC',elii'ri'ise.| In llie
liaiiilllng ul guoils,       , |,„,
Prnviiieial iSei'ielary's UlRoo,
28th December, 11)0:1'
I I I.S HONOR the   l.ieiilenatit.Onv*
ornor in Couneil has been pleased
lu m ike the following appointai Un :
Punay Jambs'Gi.B.tzBli, of Ymir
Knpiii'i'i .I.F., to be a Deputy Mining
It murder for that portion uf the Xfilsiui
Alining DlvlstOtl known as the Ymir
District, with sub-rooordiiig nihee at
Y Uli,!', vii'O i^i(   ,\.  II.  llUi:|(iyiii;lli,
SlfifHÖDist ciniusil; Vvfrii.
Services aie held Under Miners II. ill
every .Sunday morning at I I ; evening
iiti.''.)),    Iiitcreiting servire, t'.i.n,
y, „ weld ml ■
by,mis,   every bo
C'nllis,  .'ditiiiler.
. o ■■   : i .' it ,
i, I'ltivSinri'ii'tiA < ,t;iUi,t,;.i.
■■•H lb IrlV Saillit Hl>.l  ÜWlo UrllMill   I 'I
soviel!, I..l.«„in  audit?.ttü.ip.Wi   K"< II
Vuinig, p.isi.n.
"i ,':iiii.i(.
One uf the must ominous features of
the depression which is settling over
the Australian Commonwealth is the
rapid dépopulation of that country, In
the past couple of years the exodus
from the island continent hns assumed
alarming pro) ni tions, and the emigrants are almost invariably from those
classes of society on which the prosperity of tho community chiefly depends. It is a significant fact that
the decrease in the growth of popu-
1 itiou is coincident with the extension
of those Socialistic principles which
have attracted so much attention to
Australia. In the thirity years pro
eeeding 1891 the population had increased by 800,000. Since then the
growth has been only about 5,000. It
has actually decreased in the past year
or two. In Victoria where labor leg-
islation has made the greatest advan-1
eos, the loss of population has been
1'25 000 in a decade. In the past six
months 16,000 persons have left New
South Wales, and a recent issue of the
Australian Globe says that the entire
outward-bound passenger accomodation
of steamship lines in secured months
in advance. Nu wonder this paper
expresses alarm at the situation. Commenting nn the subject it says:—
"Well may it be said that these
facts afford a scathing commentary on
the Sucialistie labor policy of tho ex
isting State Government. Here is a
country whnse industrial institutions
are run solely in the interests of the
worker, whose politicians leave no
stone unturned to meet his every demand, in which of all countries of the
world it might be thought that labor
has found its Elysium, and yet the
workingman, as well as hi.' employer,
finds that he cannot make a living in
The ex Australians are «aid to be
"mostly of a class born or long settled
jn the country, tradesmen and muster
erat tsinun, sheep raisers, and farmers."
Many of thcni icturn to England,
others gu tu South Afrioa, and many
mure come tu Canada.
Send us your order fur
Then notice—The promptness uf delivery, the cleanliness and
freshness of goods, the full hur,est measure, and the quality that
you get. Yuu will find abundant reason for sending us vour
future orders.
Our Stationery and Confectionery department is full, and
complete lots uf goods lo choose from ; quality guaranteed.
Our Candy is fresh, and no better quality can bo obtained
d. Campbell.
At tho last meeting   uf the Law
Society uf British   Columbia, held    in
Victoria un  January  8th,   Frank L.
Christie, a barrister and solicitor uf the
supreme eourt uf British   Columbia,
was disbarred from practice as a  barrister, and struck off the roll of solici
tors.     The   complaints   against   Mr.
Christie were  laid by George H. Ed
wards   and Herman Clever, both    of
the Kootenay district, and were to the
effect, that Christie hid acted fur them
in certain  legal matters  and had   col
lected   mofrey, which he should   have
paid over.    However   the money   was
never paid,   and though it   had been
asked for repeatedly, is still said to be
dne.    Letters  and  documents in   the
original matters were  attached tu the
affidavits with which   the   complaints |
were suppnrted.    Though < 'hristio was
advised of tho charges against him, he
did nul appear at the   meeting uf   the
benchers called tu consider them
The  resolution of disbarment   was ;
passed by the benchers and ordered to I
be   printed in th e British   Columbia
Gazette      The local supremo court re- !
gistry office in also in receipt uf notice
uf Mr.   Christie's disbarment.    G. II.
Edwards alluded to, was foreinerly engineer at the Ymir Mill
The Rink this season is more spacious
than ever
Weather  permitting,   the  Ice will la-
kept in the best condition.
Comfortable dressing room on the
Tickets (good for six skates) .?1,
Murphy it Van DkBooaut, Props.
Dominion and Provincial   Land Surveyor,
Surveys of   Mineral   Claims, Lands
Town Sites, etc.
Crown Granting of Mineral Claims.
Office : Con Stani.kv anii Victoria
Sts., Nbi.son, II. O
At   the   Conservative    convention
held   at   Kamloops  on  Thursday,  M
Hurrill of Grand   Forks, was chosen as
candidate at the forthcoming dominion
There were eighty nine delegates
present, one delegato being allnwed fur
each twenty votes cast at the provincial
elections. The tutal voting strength
including proxies was three hundred
and nine.
Ex-premier Semlin was chairman of
the oonvention and J. T. Robinson,
Three nominations were received.
M. Hurrill uf Grand Forks, was pro
posed by J. P. Gray of Greenwood)
seconded by Isaac Crawford uf Grand
W. I. Shut ford of Vernon, proposed
by Price Ellison, seconded by W. A.
Johnsan of Quosnel Porks,
.1. T. Robinson of Kamloops, proposed by Mayor Michel, seconded by
James Gill of Kmiiloops.
Each uf 'b'' three candidates addressed the convention nnd their
qualifications were freely discussed in
their  absence   before  tho   vute   was
The first ballot, resulted in Shatford
receiving 144 votes ; Hurrill 110, and
Robinson, 54. Robinson was dropped
and a second ballot gave Hurrill 167
nod Shatford 138.
Bun-ill's nomination was made uiuiie.
mous on motion of Shatford, seconded
by Robinson.
Barrister L P. Duff is now being
spoken of as liberal candidate for Victoria. John Macuiillan has already
announced hie candidature and intends
to stay in the field. George Biley, the
sitting member , may want renomioa-
tion, and in that event he is pretty
sure to get it. Ex-mayor McCandlesa
is a favorite with many liberals, but
hin biisinoHS engagements will not pert
not of Ilia entering dominion polities.   \
At the meeting of the Mackenzie
Liberal Club, held the other night in
Prospect Hall, Toronto, Stapleton Cal
decott spoke un the policy of Joseph
Chambi rlnin, and put in a vary strung
plea against the present protective sys'
tem of taxation, saying that it was
not the government that was taxing
the country, hut rather tho manufacturers, who were making the poor farmer pay 20 and 30 per "cent, taxes on
his machinery, and instead of this tax
going to the government, it went into
the hands of a select few. "It is a remarkable fact," said Mr. Caldecott,
"that the manufacturers uf this conn-
Iry aie all rich men as a class, but
still when spoken tu about free trade
they iaise a row just because thoy
w.uld nut be able tu make a prufit
from the tax which the government
wuuld place un importations. They
turn around and sing "God Save the
King" with as much fervor as ihe must
ot us, and still they can du this thing
I don t call this luyality; rather it is
loynlity of the "lip tu   mouth''  kind '
Never in the hottest days of Aui/ust
have there been so many dug-bite cases
in hospitals as during thu last throe
weeks in Now York, Thirty six casts
have been treated. Lack of warmth
and tho difficulty of obtaining food,
when .oven refuse is frozen, has driven
stray dogs tu a condition uf wolfish
irritability similar to that produced by
the heat of mid summer. Several of
the mure dangerously injuieil ure still
in the hospital.
The rumor of the death of the pope
which was circulât>d in Madrid, liai*
ing come to tho cars of the pontiff, his
holiueas exclaimed to a friend: ' What
already? Ixio was loft in peace for five
yours after his election, while with me
these rumors have begun at only the
end of a few months. It maybe a
good thing to look at this from a sup»
erstitious standpoint, but I am nut inclined that way and think it may even
prolong my life."
Miss Mary Van Horn", youngest
sister uf Sir William Van Home, died
at Montreal on Monday.
Headquarters for
Mining and Commercial Men.
        _ "  ' "■ ■  "■*■ '■ ■        ■■■■'      . i i •mmwemmmmm      ni i ——»^M^l^—^^
Miller Hotel
SAM   niLLER, Pr-p.
Headquarters for Mining ami Traveling
Men. Neat .Sample Rooms for Coinmoi'g
cial Travelers. The bar i.s supplied with
the very liest brands ol* Wines, Liquors
and Cigars. Give us a call and we will
guarantee satisfaction.
First Avenue,
YMIlt, B C
Spend your money in the camp you live in--where
you make it.
THERE is no longer any excuse for sending away from
Ymir for anything in our line,  as we carry a full
and up-to-date stock of
Clothing and Gents' Furnishings.
It has been said that we do not sell as cheap in outsidei
houses. Do us the justice of consulting our prices and ex-
amingour stock. Pleased to have you do so. We are ottering great bargains in
Dry Goods.
Choicest   Wines, Liquors
and Cigars.
Good, comfortable
rooms will be found
in connection.
YMIR. British Columbia
Gold, Sllvaror Limit, any un«.. ,  fl.INI
Copper  1.80
Cold-Silver      I.fio
Silver-Lend,.           |,JO
These prices am strictly nel I cash.
Prieei for other mutali,,on application.
All pulp» kiipl nun  month from tliiTi
nf iMsiiy.
Samples liy mail or express receive
Prompt Attention.
I .uu Assaycr 11 II ill.Mi'iH S n liter,
l> o Mux li.      <r N. Kxpren.
Tnaoc Mark«
Corvr.ioHT« Ar.
AnriTO« «inning ft »hvtr'ti mul drsrrliitlr.n iwi
ili-lilr usi'iTltiln ouf ti|,|iil,,n fri'i, hIh'Hiit ii
ivi'iitl,"! |l liriittnfilr Jtrllenlrthlo. ("tiiiiiiinti"!
li„i»»iii''ll"i'"iillrl«lltol. îfliti'thnoirin I'mi'iif
•I'litniTi. Olitcm „ui'liry fur imtsinnir lihlimt..
I'limnl. i iki'ti tlirniiffli Murin ft tu. r«celvr
ilirrlal ti'if.iir. wiiti.nit churn, lo the
A Imnrlimtnoir iiitmfrstmt w.»lilr. ,r>ffMtjHf
dilation i'l unr «rl.litldo liitirnitl, 'I'rirnil, it I
run Imir nn,nth. »i   km IrfftU n.w.a««l«r).
In the County Court of Kootenay,
holden at Fort Steele.
uu luth day of November, 11103
it wa» ordered by J. A. ForiII, Eli]'.,
Indue nf ihn su id (,'ourt, that .lami'S
Ferguson Armstrong, Official Administrator "t the County of Knotcnay
hi' administrator of all ami sinirular the
«-statu of WILLIAM J. SALMON, of
Wilcox Mini', near Ymir, miner, de-
ceased, Intestate".
Every person Indebted to the said
deceased is required to make payment
forthwith to Hie undersigned,
Every person having in possession
effect a belonging to the deceased is
required forthwith tn notify the under-
Every creditor, or other person, hav.
ing any claim upon or interest in the
distribution of the personal estate of the
said deceased is required, within tblrtv
days of this date, tosend by registered
letter, addressed to the undersigned,
his name and address and me full par
tieulars of his claim or interest, and a
statement of his account, and the nature
of the security (if any) hehl liy him.
After the expiration of thu said thirly
days the Administrâ will proceed
with the distribution of the estate, hnv.
inK regard tu ihn«« claims only of which
lie shall     have had inline
Dated at Kurt Stce'ii this 28lh day of
November. 1908,
O llolal Administrator
Fort Steele, U. C.
Ckbtificatb OF  ImI'HOVF.MKNTS
Mew    Victor,    Royal   and    Excelsior
M'noral   Claims, situate  in Nelson
Milling D; vision of West Kootenay
Where located : On Wild Horse Greek
abuut seven miles from Ymir.
Take notice that I, Joint McLatoliie,
of the city of Nelson, acting as   agent
for Frank Dowser,   Free  Miner's Certificate  No. H  7,1,728,   intend, sixty
days from the date hereof, to apply to
the Mining Recorder fur a Certificate
of Improvements, for the purpose of
obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
And fuither take notice that action,
under section ,17 must be cninmeiiced
before the issuance of such Certificate
uf Improvements
Dated this I Oth day of Hept., 1903
Provincial I-and Surveyor,
Surveys of Minenl Claims, Mines,
Pre-emptions, Lind Purchases,
Towniltof, «tc,
Crown (Irants of.Mlneral Claims
a Specialty.
1E1033TjA.2ZID    B-    O
P. O  Box 694.        Tel. 104 & 150
Ymir Waterworks Co.
VOTICE is hereby given that the
annual meeting of the Ymir
Waterworks Co. will be held at Ihe
company's office, Ymir, on Ihe Hih
day of February, 1904, at '1 o'clock
in., to receive tho annual report and
statement of accounts, and for the
transaction of such other business as
may come before the meet fug,
I!y order,
Ken«! your Job Printing U> tin
MIH ho n Ollio«.
•' Tho proof of the pudding
is in the eating."
'IMIE volume of business done by us
during the past year proves con-
ilusively thai *« ara successful caterers
in our line, and that the reputation
"hich has built up our trade is still
enjoyed by us
This year we will surpass all our
previous efforts in every department.
Wo a'« solid willi our old patrons ;
but we wi.ut t i secure a bust uf new
customers, and if the bett, uf goods
and the liest values will do it, our Bild
will be accomplished.
Our (took of Grauerle«,  P/ovM ins
Confections, Clothing, Genta1 Furnish*
itigs, etc.,  are always Stl'lotly reliable,
and our pi ices arc right.
Yours fur business,
YMIR,   II.    üi
When yon want to meet iiny-
»ody in Vmir or get reliable
information alttnit the camp go
o the Palace Hotel, and while
transacting your businens get
i refreshing drink, a ftwttfüliWH
meal or a genuine smoke,
The Palace Hotel,
M. Tait and 3, Ruddy Prop*
I Watches and Jewelry.
Is Your Watch American, English or
Whatever the movement is,
when it gets out of order send
it to us. We can repair any
damages and return it as good
as it was iu tho first place,
maybe better. Our work is
all guaranteed. Give us a
trial ; you are. sure to be satisfied.
rianitfacturing    Jewelers
and Opticians.
Nelson,        -       -       li. C.
The estimates uf expenditure for llie
Hscal year ending June 30, 19UÔ, were
submitted in the Local Legislature on
Monday last I'liay, show a decrease
in expenditure of about 150,000 frum
Ihe estimates uf 1908,.be!ng*2 442 SAISI. There is an advance under llie
bend uf pnlili« debt from lus', year fur
wliioh public.wut'ks wn»! others depart-
lilfiils llnvu to Mlllel'
Under tills head Hi" •,stimuli' is Iffl68-
9711,81 as against $817.820.81 liutyeur,
Civil government salaries are reduced
Bitiiif $20,000. udniinistiatiiiii uf justice
ah,,ul $11,000 while legislation goes ii|i
$i (mo, partly on account of the Increas
til mcmbcrsllip of ihe legislature.
Maintenance ol public Institutions
uilvaucvs uf nhniii. $1S,(HMI mul uhui'ilies
ami hospitals about $0,000. Suinu
f0,000 is saved under llieiiiiuiiiiistraliuii
uf justice oilier than salaries Edil-
iiiliun «nés U|i*HOO(l. transportation
$1,000 mu' miscellaneous. $7 000
I ubliit works ilcorcasu Iruin $0(i8,2JO I
last peur to|303,200 Ulis jear.
t; mi bun and  Ltllouet eauh get #10-
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry. Oo.
V.  V.  & E.  RY, & N. CO.   .
'Plie only all rail route between
points cist,west ami south to lioss
an Nelson, (»rand Korks and He
publie. Connects at Spokane with
ahe Great Northern, Northern Pauidc
and (>. H. iV N. Co., for points oast,
west anil south ; connects at Itoss
land and Nelson with the Canadian
Pacific Railway.
Connects at Nelson with tho P. H
it N. Co. fur Kaslo and K. and S
Connects nt Curlew with stage for
Greenwood and Midway, IB, C
Haltet cars run on trains between
Spokane mid   Republic
Effective Nov. 22nd. 1902,
Daily Train
H.l.i u
6.4Ô p. m
|0 III a
4.8fl p.u:
11.82 u
,j :)•") p. m
7.20 u
7 20 p in
11:0.i a
((iraiul Korks)
■i 85 p in
11.80 a
5. IS p m
•lierai Passenger
■ rt.,
(100, although He
re in  also
u provision
of 120.000 for ihn
m u n i rn
nk   loa 1 in
...* 'i.oilO
lilliul .Hips           ...
Oka uigaii     ....
Siiuilk Hinten
Qrdenwii'od   ....
Oraml Korks
    Ô ,000
...    8,000
Clark's  Furniture  btore.
Undertaker and Furniture
Vmir, B. C
Ma'l Orders promptly   attended to.
Il Is probable Hint thu (Jhloagu inly
council next Monday iilglit will again
eonsiiler and revise tim new theatre ordinance      A  meeting between the Hien-
Sliiciiii   fi ooo  ire niaiiaifers an I a spcuiul  ei tnniittec
Yuur           8.000   of the aldermen will he held later in till
Kaslo 8.000  week at which managers w.lU  announoe
<'uliiiniiiii •   .        .       ,'6.000  what is physlcallv possible for them to
Ciiiiiiifiiuk   ...    .    •    .   .   6,000 accomplish In   making  their  theatres
Fliinle    .   .    ' 0,000  aifu,  I re-open for  Hie balnlioj ol tho
In addition to Hie above thoro is pro-   season.   It is said there will be   u Blrpng
vision fora bridge over the Klk river ul   light In the eounuil  before the  notion
Muirlssey,  $7,000, and  one over  the  luuKlng to furilntr relief of the theatroi
l.iinlt'iiu ni Poplar creek,   $2,600 and I is made
one over the   Salmon river   ut   Ymir,,     Al llie request of a St. Louis Urn, of
$.',000 : undertakers, four  police i were dc-
I'bi'ie is no provision In the estimate's  tailed hi pallbearers at Hie  funeral' if
for Nelson ami ttosslailil, they HOW   be-   l-'niiili Magill, which   look pltioe )oiter
iug city ciiiisiiioi-neies. j Ony.     .Vagin   was a member   uf   Ihe
I Wilburs' union and hi* friends were all
members of thu union Tim family
iiiol lindert akers guuglll pallbearers from
among ibusu men, but they  met witu
refusal because non-union drivers weic
io br employed on thu ourrluges
Th« Newcistlii Presbytery hat deold«
c,| to. try    thu, Rev! It   A.   Klivoul.,   ol
iVibuiiigiou. Del, on charge« In con-
I m poil ii ni ili'veliipnienli tire expect'
ed in Clllgar) during Hie next day or
I wn in eiiiiiii'i'lioii will Um |iitukagn
containing $10.000 Hank if Hamilton
bills, lust six weeks huh iu ir,iii«il be-
live.'ii Winnipeg nnd  thu Coast,   ,lolm
(I, (illllllllllll lias been ill CalgSTj quit'lll
working oil Hie   t'llli'   for OVlVK' week.
A sens.illonal m iliiceu I   is looked   "™"»» witil "'" l'l'«'a".'iii,g of a »e.ulon
fur now.    Dfleciives b'.ve  ,  In con    ."«Juno,   «nil.led: "Should Ihe   mur
slant cunlrncl will, „mil el. rU. mining  «•"« »« Uolen Hi.«l,n,i b. lymme.l.'' 1,1 is
belwilen Calgary,   Mouse  .law and  tin
Coast,   The dclmtllvc« hiive   SOIIiillt Ihe
illeged ElwsWd  d-liveivl  tu«  se mou
ul Wiluiliigl in which s»  worked up ih
c.opers.ion of the Mounted Police »nil : l'""l'lc ll"lt U,J »«« "'*l11 * "',:' l""k
the latter ready  to proceed   with  ««urge White and bu.nellil.nio .haill
nny arrest when the proper time com««, ]    J""" K' l)iuk' "' K"-">'  ^"':'"""'
| asks for special Information concerning
' loin Evans, one of   tint victim* uf   the
Aplani f, r  milking silk from  wo. d L sl)lü'giOIJ ,a*Mluliu1:  Mr. Dick will
,'1'"t '"■   8»<ln«r»i •  bu   |H)( tu hm. fl.vm (i V())lu  )vl|iM,]i|i
at prt.i nt. turning Out lifiy pbu.ids of |  -|Vu |||m 1||(. ^i,^ ,„„iic.',,r»,
h lein silk a Hay, Willi h  pi'oiliict rim be j "
increas tl   iu ipl.iiiliiy to 2,.'00 poiiuils.
The Cilk Is s dt hi   le.xl.ire. mill ereamv ,,
. iiuciilis  $6oo lo Presbytdriaii   Home
nude up   ul :  ' ....      ..  ,       , ,
missions in llriiisii Columbia.
th«  will if   the laie .John   li.'imi.'i'ou
> f liiujilois village, iJuudiis county, bs
iu color. Each llu'ead is lllilile up
Is single sii'iiiuls. A single strand is
hardly pveecpllble in the nuked eye,
In sirunglll it Is I ul one third Kai ut
real silk. I'll« p lip u nlurgous u che
inieal process mul is pressed llirollgh
very Hue iiiiti's by   hydraulic   pressure.
I. .ruling the sillule hi rim.'s wbicli  go in
m, ke up llie thread,
Il it safe lo say that for every Ultimi is saved ihfougu tho uurailve el
facts of end ilvef oil a lothei* is löst lu
i'iilebiiig llie 11-h
I-' A. Nii!«elis, of Salin i Is appointed
e jutllutf of ihe peace, for thu cu.iuly of
The   flirror
To your Friends
And help to
Tlicro iK no more elïoctive means of
accomplishing this end       ,
/  ,	
Wonderful   Growth  of  the  Hail  Order   Business  of The  Robert  .Simpson
Company, Limited, Toronto.
Toronto has long been noted an the
c|ty of Ann stores. With hsr miles of
beautiful residential streets, lier avenues of tree», splendid lake fro-|t,
unequnlled street car service and her
great department stores, such as that
o' the Ttnbert Simpson Company, her
citizens pn«se*s advantages few other
allies can boast.
The Arm, en Mr. Simpson'« death.
In 1897, became a limited company,
und no modern phenomenon of the
business world, so far a« Toronto is
concerned, has occasioned more remark than the growth of the business
of the Robert Slmiwon Company.
Large though thé building In nnd'ndd-
ed to from time to time es It has been,
The Hobert Simpson Company building stands In the most prominent position In .he city, vis., the southwest
corner nf Queen nnd Tons« Stri.-rl»,
where, sltiinled In the very centre of
Ihe city, It has long hnon nno of the
most familiar land-marks of the town.
As u specimen of modern store architecture, It stands supreme In Canada.
II extends from Queen Street on ih<-
north clonr throtiuh the block to Rlcfh-
mond (street on the south, with n long
series of magnificent frnnl window»
on Queen, Ynnge nnd lllchinond
Ptreets. Cnutitlng tho basement, the
store numbers seven selling floors,
each   of whloh   would   provide
Room for a Regiments Drill
On these seven floors, In twenty-
three distinct departments, practically
»very-thing needed In'dally life, mnv
be bought for. the lowost economical
price for which a »tore oan sell It.
Experienced, enterprising "buyers"
are scouring the world nearly six
months of the year securing the mont
suitable merchandise where It Is produced bent and cheapest. Quantity Is
no drawback. The bigger quantity
bought, the lowej>*h'e price. If the
good« are right' the Robert Simpson
Company cannot take too much ,of
them,       (
The bUkSMsl now known as the Robert Si;iiiwiin Company Limited, wns
established away back In 1873, by the
late Mr. Robert Simpson. An unequalled judge of dress goods and silks, nls
store soon acquired a reputation for
dress fabrics second to none In Canada, and that reputation has been one
of the store's most valued and most
carefully trensured assets ever since.
Soon Tonge Street rivalled King Street
In Its attractiveness for the ladles of
Toronto, and when after tho great fire
In 18%. the new building wns erected.
Tonge Street was Indisputably master
pf tho situation, To-day the tide of
retail business flows fullest right at
the corner of Queen and Tonge Streets,
•o less than four blocks north of where
ft MDterod ten years ago.
k was »till too small until n few week»
ago to accommodate the weiilthof mér-
clionillse which comprise! Hie Roben
Simpson   Company's   "forward"   stock.
An Addition  Equal  to  One-
sixth of tho Building
hns just been arranged for, by utilizing the. great reSi-rvo stock room otl
llie top Hour and sliffllhg the reserve
stock to uu iiinsidi- warehouse, This
move gives room on the lirsl Moor for
th» display of llie finest slock nf lires«
gonds und silk» >i Canada, and one nf
the nncst 01) the Continent. The Cloak
ilepiirlment, where gin-
menls for women are sold now nreu-
plcs the entire second flat of -tin-
main building, u since equal fn a f"lr
sized province of Ontario (1 lid, Tho
sample furniture »how-room occupies
the next entire fluor, carpet» and cur-
ta'nk the next, while nn the fifth flnnr
above Ihe ground Is situated the largest nnd mo«i popular restaurant In
Toronto with a- len-mlle view over the
city In thn e direction». One entire
Moor of the Richmond Street w'ng i»
given qver to Men's Clothing, and II
hns become the mosl popular place
In Toronto for men who do their own
shopping, Rlmnsnti ninth'*1»; I« fa"--
ou», It being phosen from the cream of
the production of the i'uniiiMiiii itiiinu
facturer» In compellllnn.
On  the third  floor of the Rlchmmd
Street   wing  Is   situated
The Great Modern Mail Order
which hns made the name of Robert
Slmpsfm Company Limited, famous
throughout the Dominion. It Is safe
to sny that every pnst-ofllce In Canada
hns done nnd Is doing business with
this department. Through the Mull
Order System, families miles nwuy
from nny considerable centre of population, mny utilize the facilities of this
great modern store wilh the greatest
of convenience nnd the most entire
satisfaction.   The syslem Is very sim
ple. Twice a. year the Urin sen* i
catalogue to every household In Ihe
land whose name and- address they
have. This catalogue contains a coin- '
plete revised and upito-date Us! of
ilbout every article a Canadian or .
Canadian household wauls or require»
in everyday life. Each Item I» mini -
liered. fully described and v.ery orien
Illustrated ko that the reader receive»
a true and defnlte Idea or Ihe goods
referred to. Lastly, tro price Is quo!-
cd plainly, and It Invnil.iltly gives lie-
malj order customer li;; full advjin-
tnge of the big city »lores ectinonncn!
method nf hr Od 11 rig business. Seated
eruiifoi'talily nt hoirie, the mall order
customer In tile wheat section nf th»
territories;.In rhe mountain towns of
Hie Rockies, in the" thriving little set-
tlolVtenti »f Xew iintnrlo and even Is
fal'-ofl Dawson Jn the Yukon, wherever he or »he may be, so long as th»
Canadian Mall service louches iienr
their place, thai customer m-iv b-iv
ficm the big Robert Slmpmm Store in
As Though Distance Did Not
When the order reaches Iha .Mull
Order department of the Robert Simpson Company it is nt mice entered ii*
received, and handed lo n-e.of-'the
trained crop of practical buyers, wilio
ii ■ ,rije tfe-ini-tments whore thv,goods
are rn sale and buy just as lie cu»'.(»n-
eriiiiulil I ein-f ueie she shopping III •
Person using all the'jud'."ir.ent an 1 iron I
i   si«   "hli h   it ie.•<  of  hnnrt'           ,v
of such order» every day. Te to d«
Ilia   as-elllllerf   In    th«   Mill)   "il"i     ,,,"
iinrttnauf rherlied over, un'-l passed in
to Ih» | an eller.», who cheek ihen
iiRlilll, IVI'ap UlClil. i.iid pass lllein in.
the shipper. The liimilnlim I'lvjie-'"
Company and the <'un idlan^VlMirei •
t'liin'ianv iletull six »"e-lal Wngnneri'ii
linnille the store'» SXPTOS« pnri.-e» Willi
thai leasi piisqi» e ,le'. y. while f1i-<
liliu's Hl'i delivery il-pi i Inn-lit Inns,.«
baiiille the packages nlilpt,'l ilirO'i-''
II.»      inut-nillee.      w Irti      Ih*      «  PS ly
promptness   nensssnry   tn   pniHi   tii-
l-sry lirel  irnle» »"• ■■■ •<■   "■       rj'ii-s
froni whence Ih'   o da:- wo e tec lied
Home noie ago    is   in   ,   •■ in ' ■ n ■ ,
the fl'm tcrk n bnnah n' ! ■ " '	
ed    at    rafldom   from   iidi»   io il'.'ed
nnd  had  thum  phoragrnphed  »i    is   "•'
"how the tuml-miiik of Hie office« fen •
whence   Ihey   citiie.     ThS   nho*o   wu-i
ri-iiroitiiced und plfhllsVisrl,    Meliln-n, Ins
ileiid.   ha«  •■   in	
n firm's wide usefulness been plnci d ' d
fore   the   public,     i	
Malirnx. I'ocgbiy inonklng. Hi • »nil ■
rinni'i.lnn nf Ciinadn   wns l'apre»ent<»1
Iho  1003 Fall   an î  Winter
of the Robert Simpson Company «
now being mitl'ed to Ih» finir« ft-lonilS
as fuel as a large staff can ad f ■»«»
the envelopes and dlspnleli Hie parte«
i' is a magasine or sen- 2>> tn--i
replete with Informantn us to jtylci
qunlltles. new Ideas nnd prices, The
hook Its'If Is us nttrncllvMy gorteu
Up as any mngazlii», with lialf-liine
cut», siiHiviiii'. the magnificent deport'
ni'nts where the goods nre so.n! Anv
reader of this pifper may receive* on»
of the». oatnloTUa* 'rn ' 0.1 siilli-
name und Address plainly written Ir
the Robert Simpson Company Limited,
Moreover    Ih"  firm   BXtCVl   t"   fh	
the henrtle'ii welcoro ti looli through
the store «hull,I ih'.' I'lsll 'loi no
Mvery modern facility at the store'*
command, such as wall In ;-rooiii"
writing desk" Invnlnrles, na'-eel cheek
office, etc., Is frio'y al Ihtlr sfvlci-,
while   Ihe   largeil   ml   llii"st   «ok    if
merohnndlse  th»  store  »ver  gat'iare-l
| together   from   tie   pin''lists   of   im»
WOfld   I«  on  sr'e   it    i   sells  it'  •"'* »a,
mly   possible   lo   a   buslnus.'   of   smJl.
' ■.«■»- „,


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