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h r
Vol.   II No. 3a
Published m the Boycotting camp   of  British  Columbia.
/ YMIlt, K C. SATUUDAY, APIIJU«,., 1004.
a* mn mm i
Spokane Falls &
Northern Ry.
'I'l nly   «II  rail   route   between
point* east, west and south to Ross-
land. Kelson, Grand Fork* and He
public. Buffet cars mn between Spokane and Northport.
Rffeelive dune Milt. 1!W3,
Is Your Watch  Amer.«
can, English or
Whatever the movement is,
when it gets out ol' order send
it to us. Wo can repair any
damages and return it as good
.is it was in the first place,
maybe better. Our work is
all guaranteed. Give us a
n trial ; you are sure to be satisfied.
rianufacturing   {Jewelers
and Opticians.
Nelson,        - li. C.
I "i~  "îiîïlTia-î
8.4A s.m
10 40 a.m
».82 a.m
7.ÜD s m
: 1185 a m
8.30 s.m
Daily Train
Itoss I sud
Grand Korks
In connection with
0.1 A p.m
4 :lô p m
A 96 ji'in
7 80 p'lll
4 t><> p m
6.1/1 p m
Draymen St Teamsters
YMIR,   ».    C.        *
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended to.
UkKAT      MOR'JHKRN       FlY.
Tickets to all Points.
Sit. Paul, Dnlutli. Minneapolis, Chicago
sod all point* Ivi-t,
Seattle,   Tacnma.   Victoria,  Portlnud
and all Pacific Coast points.
Through Prtlae« and   l'ourist Sleepers
Dining awl Muffet Smoking Library ear
FAST   TRA.1N9   lUIbY
For rates, folder* snel full information
regarding trips, call on or ne'drest an
agent ol the K. F. A N. Railway oi-
II. a; JACKSON.      n. nitANDr.
G V. A P A.. 0. I* s% T. A.
Spokuue.       710 W. Riverside Av.
OmtT'dO.VTn or iMritOVKMKNTS.
Warwick  ami   KoUl'tli of July mineral
claim«, sitrmie iu tho Nelson Mniing
'»ivi-ion ot West Kootenay District
VVheru located : Oil noith side of Wild
fill'au Creek nnd six mile» from Ymir.
Take notice that I,   V. S. Clenimil*,
soling  us »gent  for  lite   Broken Ulli
Mining A Development Co.,   l.iillilC'l.
1'ieit Miner's Certiticnte No. U 80,041,
Intenet sixty day* frain,III« dut« lièrent,
Ip apply  to rhit  Mining Recorder (or
viiittlicate»   of   improvements, for the
purpose of ol tabling I'uiovn   grunts of
the »hove c-laiuts.
And further take notice Hint ant ion
under section 117, inii't he oommi-uued
I,' tore the Issuance nf such cel'liticates
nl Improvement«
Haled this lAi.li ihiv il Fi'brutiry. 1 (104
F S (îl.KMHVI'8, kelson. I» 0.
TtfOTICEls hereby piyen that I «hall.
■*•" on Monday,   lite 2nd day eif  May
A.D., 1904,  at tho   hour  of   eleven
o'clock in t|ie forenoon,   at  Foresters'
Hall, Ymir. R C, hold a Court of lie
vision   foi th« |»irp is« of   hearing and
determining    any   or    till   olnVctious
against the re'enlion   of  any  uame or
urines on the ItegUter of Vvter* of the
aliovi! iimiiicI ilistriet.
Dated at Ymir. It. C.  the "lb day
of March, 1904.
Ki-gfrlrnr of Votes.
to expose ami correct evil* of th»
nature referees! to in its own town, and
the coiiseepience ia it has •lmoat tieen
driven out of business, »ml is now only
ahle to get out a aniall one-page paper.1'
However, Tun Muntern has the satisfaction e,f knowing that it has elone
it« duty, and that its little apple tree,
although planteel in very inferior %o\\
will bear liooe) fruit. A community is
correctly judged by its newspaper. The
Boycotted sheet we are now •ending
out 1« truly representative eif Vmir. It
«hows that the butines» men of the
town are too timid to advertise j when
the union boasts tell them not to, and
wholesale houses no longer compete for
Vmir trude as a conaei|uence : in fact
they are just now wisely pressing for
overdue accounts. Those holding
mortgages are demanding payments on
th» principal, no longer safe in merely
accepting interoat and giving extensions. Some half dozen families—all
who can cet out—are at present packing up preparatory to bidding aelioit to
Vmir. The mines of which so much
was expected this year aro closing
down pending a more settled condition
of things, and all is misery and gloom
in the eamp Tiie Vmir Mino continues temperate successfully ; so eines
the Hunter V. A few men are em-
ployeel at the VViluox, and this about
sums up the mining activity in the
camp. The throe properties mentioned
are fortunately situated a sufficient
distances from thn town not lo be influenced by the mischief makers, and
are ejuite independent of thorn Such
is Ymir under thetyranical rule of the
labor agitators and th» temerity of her
business (I) men.    '
William Nicholson mot with a painful accident at tho Hunter V. Mine a
couple of days ago. by which he nearly
lost an eye. A piece of falling rock
struck him in tho left m b He is now
looking through a pair of colored
glasses, and says things look blue
Work commenced on the new bridge
which is to span tho Salmon River at
Ymir on Monday last, under the super
vision of D. A. Cameron. Some heavy
timbers ar«/expected from the coast
which may cause a delay. Tho pile
driver it now in position.
For some elays past the ore teams
have not been plying between the Vmir
Mine anil town, in consequence of the
bod state of the roads. A teach end
of the journey tho road is open lo
waggons but midway the snow is still
l'iiUUi*h»<l fttfflfv Netuf'Uy mid intllaJ to my
»d'ir-Mi. or .tol.vehttt11»y iMfrtyr in idwu,
•»llll-Cflpliolltl'illÜLfr   sUlttUtU,   pAVAllU   U*J
Adv*»rtliifi/ ftV"H< W'W |r**T if'dt j>*r month<
Ho |Hj..||i!t*titj<rtftitiiiifi(i ui vfhluh an wlinii*
• ton fM I* ülltfiiwt, will li-ii'.n-'.'d  m Trii Mir»;
■i*.» MU I'M •-IfvTtinf.l Ml illD'lltlllMl«.
Only .rtjauti nl (n-rlt will Lw ».iv»rt,-.p.| in
hp.*» «oliimtu. »juel in» lii>r<*«ti if mi.tiri will
i*.t5.trefullY tfu«r»l»*l Absinkt Irf-LM'inll»..* p*p.
Tan Mirtrvin iiAii li<« ..ft from .11 1-klin«
H«(flRil*>i|flrJI in ttit llUlrlfMftlf HAM h« o.'Uvn-'l
HMo4 fMin (III »fflis«*.
'VfitiMVf'iul prlii'ni* or Mr m tlt'iurl^tU«
Jem« mi the pfviiin.'* 41 ittiii UM »f\i*ê.
10 DKJ.fSQCKN I' 1 :♦>.!)iVNKaW.
C. Smith,   Puiiuhiirk,
•IV) (I Kl), Q. Maiitim  II. W. F. Pur.
1 L»>K. or nny other pcrani lo whom
ihey may hnve triinsferred their Internals
iu the iloinleiiough Fraelmn ruiuersi
i luii» sllusied till Wild .Horse Creek
at.oiit four miles from the town o( Ymir.
und ad joining the Mugwump. Itnckland
mul Lexington' mineral claims Iu the
Nelson Mining Division ol West Kno«
It'tlrty District, und recorded in the Re.
cnrile'V ollice (or the Nelson Mining
Y nu and eaohof ypll »re lierehy notl.
lied that I have expended thirty-four
dollars and twenty Uv« cent» (134 26)
hi lahnr and improvements Npoa. attest
shove nitiiiinl claim in order to heilet
Wime) under the provision» of Ik« Min
cml Act. and if within ninety days from
the dale of this notice you fail or refus»
to contribute your portion ol expenditure, together with all coat» lif advertising, your Interests In unlet claims will
hi'cnnie the property of the nilianrilier,
limier lent lein 4 of an act entitled "An
Act to Amend thu Mineral Act, llmO."
Dated at Ymir, U.C., this 17th day'
ot February, l'JU4.
w an
HAT the town of Ymir it winning
unenviable reputation it much
lo lie regretted ; but there are others
drifting in the »uino direction, as will
Im inen by n clipping from the Phoenix
i'ioiieei-, publinlied in another column.
Our contemporain' Uli et conditiuns in
Vmir as a text, on whitih lo found a
sermon to tlu> riioeniciani. They are
liaiiog trouble with tlieir magistrates
and policemen, in the itoundan) city,
and the I'ioneer, with faintly eiitguiaeel
shame, uonfeases (hat it was aware of
existing evils but had not the i.-onrag,r-
to expoie them, " Had this paper,"
says our evinleenpnrary, "al »i:y time
during the receiit or prêtent dilficulrv
in folice citclet taken upon itself the
task of laying barn the true existing
condition« it would now lie mare run-
deinneel than praited." What a de.
prated Hate of public feeling is Iter»
revealed ! The «editor clearly had our
rxparitucn in view, for he proceed» I
Tn a Doycoltcrs of Ymir are just now
having dtioiig doses of their own uietli ■
cine Their avo*ed object was to
down Till Minnou—to starve out the
editor ami his family, »ml thru rule
tho roost in tlieir own suspicious ways.
The storekeepers wlw were intimidated
into joining th» cowardly crusade are
now courting pity ; they are doing no
business and the outlook it blue—very
blue. The total cash receipts of on«
concern for the ■»•'«; were $1.35,
Tiie unexpected happened.
Which proved the knives they lia-l,
The m m recovered from the bite,—
The dog it «an thai diel !
"„'Rev. F. II. Crulmiit, of St. Saviour's
Church, Nelson, pod his Ymir parish'
innert a visit during the week.
On Saturday last, the wil» of Alia»
Forrester piesfntisl him with a beauti
fill daughter, siMing more joy to th»
The »»nulh of th* past few daft
is fate.driving thesn.i« «way »ml caila
ing the river to Moll, So f.»r, no 'lain-
age Ie,« le»n done in this ion«li»i» dis.
FIihsIs rtluo^ the line of railway
have completely disorganised li allie
during the Week. Thero wa» no train
north oi »out h on Tuesday.
It. »at the arrival of a litll« babv
girl in the Cille family that mad» Jim
look to happy on Monday last, kl* is
»till wearing til* »mil», as all it going
on well
A copy of (bo auditor's report on
Yniir HnipitaV llnauret hat not ranch-
ed this ollice up to dale You may
look out for it nest week and the promised tentation,
Policeman Forrester has not yet
lern removed, despite the niimnroni
proven charges »gainai, him. The
wheel* of tin- Provincial Police machi-
The cnyuses of Ymir have taken to
the food fad. They am roaming about
in droves, nutting predigested stuil',
digested by their brethcrn last, fall
before the »mow commenced lo fly.
The prior animalseloti't appeir to thrive
on ihn food fad—.thoy looked Initier
when feeling on snowballs.
A notice in the bill-potting department of the locul post nllice announces an unwelcome innovation in the
sacred cause uf religion—tennisl Ml
Experience Social." Of this elispi
cable way ot "raising the wind," Tin:
.dinitoit will have something lo any
next week. Th« nickcl-catclicrs lmvc
got a lie I» scheme on.
At the county court sittings on Tnes
elay Isifuro judges Forin, tlm non jnry
case of the lleallrisay Jobbing company vs. the Active Cold Mining Co.,
wasoii trial all day. The action in to
recover the sum of $241 for goods
Hold anil delivered. The tlefcnce is
t'iiit the goods were not sold or purchased by the Active 0. Al. Co., but
by utiiciul.1 of tho company who hod
a private logging contract on haul.
Judgment was reservist ut th« conclusion uf the trial.
argjue, " Tli« Ymir  Minor aneJertiiok | »»ty sadly uee«l luhrici.tiou.
A couple of weeks since ir, w»% announced in The Mirror that Miss Msc-
doiiald, matron, anil Miss <iray, head
nurse, of the Ymir General Hospital,
luul tendered their résignai ion. This
week Dr. Duncan also handed in his
resignation The doctor has laren connectée! with the hospital for the pa«t.
three years nml hail a big private practice. He iias ever enjoyed t.h» entire
ejonlieleii, e nf his patienta who all bear
testimony to hit skill. There it general
regret that Ilm  hospital   is to lose tin»
•ervicea of three olllooi's, whose plane»
it, will be dillicult indeed to till.
0, O. Ituciiauau, olliciid »diniiiis-
iratsir of the Dominion lead bounty,
un Thursday disbursed the Ileal, check-
to mine owners paid Under ihu new
act. The mines receiving checks were:
Sovereign» Hig'aud, NVtidewater, Eu
(From tho PhiHsnix Pioneer.)
The town of Ymir is winning an unenviable reputation. Prom this distance it appears that it' has fallen into
the hands, of a timid and at the same
time reckless class of olllcials. It is a.
sorry day for any community when th»
law-enforcing power rests with ollicial»
of immoral character, who us." tlio authority given them by thoir fellow
citizen's not for thu good of those who
have honorée] them with temporary
power, but for tho gratification of their
own lust«. It is ono of thn curses of
British Columbia today, that so many
of her towns and oities, especially in a
judiciary sente, aro at tlio mercy of
notoriously corrupt anel immoral polie»
justices who sit in judgment over the
honourable citizen, and whose decisions, from timidity or seared moral
sensibilities, turn justice into a farce
and shock common decency (by decisions infamously unrighteous. The
Ymir Mirror undertook to expor-e and
correct evils of tho nature referred to
in its own town and the conséquence
is, it has all but lie>en driven out eif
business, and is now only able to gel
out » small one page paper. Had this,
paper (The Pioneer') at any time during ihe recent or present' etilli nilty in
police cir-les taken upon itself the task
of laying bare the true existing conditions it would now Is» more condemned than praised. The successful coun
try newspaper can only reflect public
si'iititiivnt, and public sentiment bt'tjto
niniisirntod more by the acts of public
ollicials than by journalistic or pulpit
. e-fo. mers.
Illaek Prince, Wilcox, Silver Clip, Utiia
P.ird, Itisl Fox, S'erpawa, Mercury,
Idaho,   Alamo, Vmir,   l'amie,   North
(From the Victoria Timus)
Boycotting  orgimitud    in   Ireland,
but  We must I'Mik   to til» interior  of
British Columbia  for an  example  of
the art in its most complete  develops
ment,  accord ing to Tho Ymir Mirror.
Cseir contemporary,   I,as hud some tumble with the labor unions.   We do not
know what the offence of tlm cdiut-
*a,s, but, ho appears to bu suffering the
consequences of his hardihood in defying one of the powers of the twentieth,
century.      His  advertising patronage
has disappeared from his columns al-
in»st entirely duo to th«  boycott,   he-
says,   hut  probably a   depression   in
Inisiuvss has assisted liis enemies.  The
size   uf the paper   has   decreased   by
thr»>epiart»rs.    If   the   Xtabscrlpttoti
list   has fallen correspondingly,  there
should noon Im room, for another paper
ot  the orthodox and acceptable   type.
Hut the editor is game.     He  does not
lien from the (ttOS-bf  his enemies  nor
shrink from saying the  things lie will,
lie keeps  lU'oppiug hot. shot into   the
stronghold of the enemy, which only
replies  by striving to st'ii've him »Ut,
I'll» last issu* of I'll'- M iit ir in licites
a serious State of alTlll'S.    It also   rs-
liililishe- till)   fact that the i) lyco'.l   is
a demoralising instrument of attack.
Al llie  mining  reconhir s  ollice on,
terprise,   Sullivan,    IUtnliler-Carilio.1, ,Wislnesd.iy   a notice   Wim   hied  from,
\. II. MacNeill, KC, of llosiUnl,.
staling his iivleiition as silicitor for
■lohn S ni lit oA'o"i- of uni LClttOll (rue
Star, Proviiie*. liisan, Poiitia»! and U''>'i and the lùiu« fraclioii of coiuiicn
Mnxinn. Now that I lis lit at money eilig proceedings tei have tho ctrrnli-
ha»h*eiiiliaiiurt*»lit, is tlunigbi. it will'cale of improvements granted to, the
stimulate the silver leael miners tojnwnors ol the Yukon tmtioi'al c)a:m,
largely increase their output Ali#.nly ! »ct aside, Ceriilicates of work were
the silver-lead miner» have earned i granusl to Felix I 'onoelly on the Cold
over 1100,000 (melon tlm Urins of the- |0up for work el.iuu  «in*!  20th July
linunlv act, Mr. Ilui.hanan refusisj
to »late the amount» paid to individual
milling companies,
Always tiiioke the Monogram or
Marguerite—the people»' choice. W.
J, McMillen ai Co., sole »g»nt for B ('.
Vancouver. *
1003; on the It'gan for work dotlO
22(ld July, IDOiV anil on the Donnelly
for work elone! si nor BOtll July, 1008;
to llice Kellogg, as »guilt for H. 11,.
Sin.iani on ihn Al'iina, for work done
since 14th ;\f-il, l'.»'.):i. C. E Desio
-iei recorded, tho Nuinlsu' t>ne iniiiei»|
claim, at the liead 'if Wild II irse creek


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