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The Ymir Mirror 1904-04-09

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To F
Vol. Il f No. 37.
Published  in  the Boycotting camp   of  British  Columbia.
Price Five Obsts
Is Your Watch Hmeri»
ran, English or
Whatever the movement is,
when it gets out of orçler send
it to us. We can repair any
damages and return it as good
as it was in tho first place,
maybe better. Our work is
all guaranteed. Give us a
trial ; you aro sure to be satisfied.
Jlanufacturing   (Jewelers
and Opticians.
Nelson,       - B. C.
Draymen & Teamsters
YMIR,   B.    C.
Handling heavy freight a
Correspondence promptly
attended to
Warwick   and Fourth of July mineral
claim*, situate in the  Nelson Mining
'»Ivision ol West Kootenay District.
Where loo ul nl : On north siele of Wild
llnree Creek ami nix miles from Ymir
I'tikii notioe Unit I,   r\ S. Clements
inillug ss sgenl lor the  Broken  Hill
Mining &  Development Co.,   Limited,
IViv Miner's Certilicate No il  He» 041.
iii' I. sixty du) s from tin- elate hereof.
i ' apply to the Mttilna Ktionniw for
iielilllOHltl ol improvements, for the
i ur|i,me of ol taming (.'town grn»t» ol
Ibe s hole claims
Ami further lake nulteiH Hint, anion
inuler Mellon .17, mu >l he uummeMOeil
i' tore the Issuance nl melt certificate»
"I improvement.
I'titcd this Kith ilny •>( l-'i'lirnnry. I'.M.M
V. ». I LKMKNIS. N'uUon, B.C.
Spokane Palls &
Northern Hy.
rPlie only all rail route between
points esst, west anil south to Ross
land. Nelson, Grand Forks anil Re
public. Buffet oars run between Spokane and Northport.
Effective June 11th. 19US,
Leave Daily Train Arrive
8.46 a.m Spoknnu 6.15 p.m
10 40 a.m        Kosslnnd 4.35 pm
9.112 am Ymir 5.15 p'm
7.20 a m Nelson 7.20 p- m
' 1:35 n m      Orand Korks       4 00 p m
8.80 a.m Republic C.15 p.m
In connection with
Ureat    'Northern    II y
Tickets to all Points.
St. Paul, Dulntli, Minneapolis, Chicago
and all pointu East.
Seattle,   Tnconni.   Victoria, Portland
and all Pacific (iosst points.
Through Palace and  I'ouriit Sleepers.
Dining and Hüllet Smoking Library car
For rates, folders and full information
regarding trips call on or ai'dres» an
agent ol thu S. F. & N. Railway or
H. A. JACKSON.        li. BRANDT.
G. F. & P A.. C. P * I". A.
Spokane.       710 W. Riverside At.
I'ublllslisil ev,irv Siturlav ami mailed to any
vl'.rMi. or Jnlivrri',1 liy carrier in town.
ISIisoriptlons tl.lj0 |.i-r annum, uayalil* u ad
Alvcrtlslim ratas, ll.isi |,er imili i„-r miMiih.
No pulillu i-utirrtnlioiii-nt if* wbiob au admis-
•loa r«, Is liliariit-.i, »ill l>r iiouoml in ïm Mi»
««a uiiissR advrrllscd in lis isiluiiius.
i ml; articles or ini-rii a ill On ailvnrtlaail is
(base «nluians, and ilia lu'*r*si» ol lebdi-ra will
n« narrlull.v iniardinl airains! Irnisuonslut« (
Tn« Miswia dan n« bad From all Ir-a-lia»
'iMivM.lualsrs in tlri ,ltsis|,ii.or can ijs otaalu-il
llfaot from tbr ottlec
OoiRiiieroiial proinn* er avary duturlptloD
4uns mi tie- i>ruini««'s al siaiiilarl mis»«.
C. Smith,   Publisher.
'P< » ii. Kn. 0, Maktim H. W. F. Pol-
* mh or any other pcrsm to whom
'hey may tune transferred their Interests
In Ihe (ionili'imuuh Irselioti initiei'al
I'lillm, sllmred on Wild Hors« Creek
»'«ml fnnr miles Irom the tuwn of Ynilr.
a -nl adjolnlsg the Mugwump. Rnnklaiid
nul Lex I Hg Mill mlneiiil elaiins In the
Ni-Imui Mining Division of West (Cno-
iiiui) llir-t liii. ami tveordril In the Re.
• "iiiei'V oll'ice for the Nelson  Mining
Von aiul each of mil are hereby riofl
llntl thnt. I Imvii expeiiileil thirty.four
'Inllurs ami twenty live cents (ifiHU.'i)
111 lalior ami improvement* upon the
m hove tninersl elnlin In order to hold
<atne under Ibe provisions of the Mill
't.il Ant. and if ivllhln flhic'.y days from
the dale of this mn lee you fail or refuse
m contribute yoiW portion nl «xpendl-
lure, together with all e-oi-ta of aelvefr-
Using. )°«r Interests In said eltilniswlll
I nine the property of Ihn suliseritier,
im,1er section -I of nn   act entitled oAli
»ci to Amend the Mineral Act.   11100."
ÜHIeel at Ymir,   II. ('.,  this 17th day
v( trVoruxry, lllill.
jjJjHAT a pity that Ymir, one of
tiie riebest districts in the rich
Kootenay«, should be to-day practically dead while nil other sections aie
active anil prosperous ( There must,
of course, be aomo reason for this, and
it in not for to seek. A« long as Ymir
ia known as the City of Saloon* anil
the Camp of Contention no change for
the better van be looked lor. One of
the first (questions nn observant visitor
auks, having been confronted by big
licensee! premises ut «very turn, is
Do tho people elf Ymir live on drink ?
Ho is told they do not, and then lie
asks, How elo the saloon men live I—
niiMi saloon* in » community uf .'(00
p.siple ! This ijuoslion is invariably a
"poser." It would take too long to
explain, and explanation* are not nt
•II times pleasant. However, a new
board of licensing commissioners lias
been ar pointed and the present police
constable is to Imi removed. There
will i l,oii be a marked change—botter
late than never. As to Yinir's notoi.
iety as the Cwmp of Contention, it is
dillicult Iu say when llie stigma will bo
removed ; certainly not as long ns tlio
present miners' union bosses exercise
their pernicious power. To hold their
jobs these follows miui koup uu an
agitation, and the greater ihn agitation the liettrr for them individually.
In tlieir own particular line of business
—they are not, of Course, practical
miners, although running a millers'
union—they manage to keep out all
competition, and have the few remaining "business" men so terrorised that
thuy mo afraid of their uwn shadows.
Ymir is a beautiful place (to keep
uwuy from) just at present,    it is th»
Boycotting camp of British Columbia,
the only place in the province where
law and order are held in contempt.
Ymir enjoys the unenviable distinction of being the fiist place in British
Columbia to adopt the treacherous and
cowardly Boycott plan to down one
who will not submit to the tyranny of
agitators who run the affairs of honest
working men. The Boycott was here
put in force against the editor of this
paper and his family because Tn«
Mibkor s icjessfully opp> a -d the election to the Provincial Legislature of
the union's nominee, and also called
for nn accounting of public monies
entrüste«! to the union for hospital
purposes. Of course, it was a righteous
act for the Ymir Miners' Union to
order a Boycott, but when the Employers' Association of Vancouver adopt
means to protect themselves, the shoe
ia ou the other foot, »nd the members
are charged with having adopted a
resolution, "which resolution amounted
to a Boycott of various members of
tlio Boilermakers' and lion Shipbuilders' Union No 182 " How beautifully consistent these labor agitators
are I' The Boycott has been permitted
to take root in Ymir. Watch the
noxious weeel spread.
One of tlio unfortunate Women over
the bridge was brought before-magistrates Buckworth and Ross on Wednesday charged with keeping a disorderly
bouse. The charge, of course, was not
preferreel by Police Constable Forrester, but by an individual named Karle.
The case «ra* eerily proved, and a fine
of 320 and cent* imposed. It was no
high moral principle which induced
Karle to prefer tire charge, bnt n feeling of revenge for some real or iraog
inary wrong deine him by the woman.
His is the spirit whioh pervades the
community. However, the case in
question differs from the ordinary, in
asinuch as it was not settled out of
court. This was not the fault of the
parties concerned, as the magistrate
liy whom tha summons was issued was
appniached and offeree] 925 to let it
drop, and that it could not be thus
disposed nf was a big surprise to the
man as well as tho woman. Hue) the
summons not issued Francis Leslie
might have continued to conduct her
house as usual anil the high moral
sense of Karle would not suffer an unbearable shook, lint action had been
Ulken nnd the magistrate insisted that
the law should take its course. It is
an accepted ruin iu Ymir that any
criminal offence can he settleel fir a
eiisb consideration, hence) lawlessness
i*   rampant in the camp.
Tint business men of Nelson are
nrmnging for a tourist campaign. In
tho Kootenays there are many attractions for the tourist, lint if success is
to attend- the efforts of the Tourist
Association thnt other Mister, W. A.
Jowett, should not 1st s Mowed tn have
anything whatever to do with the en.
terprise, Oive him a wide berth,
gentlemen, if rod wish to have success.
Nkxt werk wn hope to publish the
report of the government auditor on
the Ymir Hospital accounts submitted
to him.    fioeik out for a sensation
A large party of emigrants passed
through Ymir on Wednesday evening
from the western states, en route for
various points in Alberta. There were
about seventy persons in all, mostly of
thu farming'class «ml they were evi
dently carrying a lot of effects judging
from the long train of freight cars.
The new settlers were iu charge of J,
N. Oi-ieve, Canadian (loreriurTentegent
at SpoktM.e.
(From the Grand Forks Sun,
Ymir is gaining an unenviable notoriety for lawlessness. A short time
ago tho citizens of that town instituted a boycott against their local, paper
because it hail the temerity to charge
that the money subscribed by the pub-
lis to the hospital hod not been honestly expended, and subsequent events
appear to subtar.iate this charge. Last
week a cold-blooded murder was com
milted in the same camp. This it but
tho natural sequence of things. A
community whose citizens resort to
the barbarous boycott against the press
for telling the truth should not be expected to hesitate at the taking of human life.
(From the Nelson  Economist)
The death at Ymir, of Ales. McDermid from a blow or blows, said to
have been delivered by Murdock Camp
bell throws some light on the lawless
state of affairs prevailing in that town.
Without attempting to in any way
prejudice the case for or against Campbell, it may be said that the evidence
given at the inquest seems to prove
that the averngo Ymirite has very little respect for the rights of his neighbor. And wlie» a newspaper presumes to criticize tlio conduct of the
citizens it is boycotted. The only
wonder is that the apparently ungovernable tempers of the people did not
culminate iu tragedy long before now.
An investigation into existing condi •
tions in the town of Ymir cannot come
any too soon for the sake of law and
order in British Columbia.
(From the Toronto World)
The World recently noticed a cur.
ious state of affairs prevailing in the
mining camp of Ymir, British Columbia, anil the outspoken deliverances of
the boycotted editor of The Ymir Mirror, who was under subjection to that
drastic proues» on occounr of his plain
speaking and pointed criticism on the
conduct of the union bosses who ran
the camp. Mr. Smith, the Ymir edi -
tor, is continuing to carry the war into the enemy's camp with unabated
vigor and to enlist the sympathies of
his brethren all over the North American continent and maybe elsewhere.
His enterprise ha» been successful in
eliciting a sympathetic editoral from
Tho New York Sun, whioh enters with
evident gusto into the current news
of Ymir and quote» copiously from Mr
Smith's graphic und fascinating sheet.
Ymir, finally remark» The Sun, "lias
a bokl and entertaining newspaper.
May its' subscribers, union ami nonunion, 'cough up' regularly and abun
ilaiitly that .dr. Smith may continue
lo improve their condition* by |niiiit,-
ing out tlmir liritish (JohunUan faults
plainly and bluntly.''
Ore t-> tire value of $170,000 was
ihippeel to the United State» via the
Port of Waneta during March,
At the mining recorder's other ot»
Wednesday, ceretilioaies of work were
granted to O. A. Lovell on the Squadron for work done since Ckl» April,
1903, and on llie Cornish sinvu »Olli
April, 11)0».
The l>r Uni mine suspended shipment* of ore Wednesday, pending culll
plenum of «»rangement* for resumption of work ut the »inciting würbe» in
Northport, now closed down. Onx-
hundred ami eighty mon woro laid oil'
ut the mine out of a total of four hundred'
Work on t'ie now bridge crossing
the Salmon Hiver at Ymir will commence On Monday morning under the
»uporvisiou oi JL>. A. Ciniii.-roii.
The secretary of the Ymir Gold
Mine compnny issues tlio following circular: ''On account oHheelisappo-'nt«
ing results of the operation* it the
mine, the directors decieleil ir, Doodm-
ber last to request Mr. Hooper, tho
consulting engineer to visit the property »nd investigate tho .position.
This Mr. Hooper did and lie. furnished
a report to the directors, a cop',' of
which, togethor with the »«port, ol' the
lite manager, Mr. R M. Atwator.
dealing with the operations at the pro
perty for the year ending 31st Pecem
ber, 1903, is issued to shareholders.
Before issuing Mr. Hooper's report, it
was thought desirable to await the re
port of Mr Atwater, which has only
just been received. Any discrepancy
between tho figures contained in Mr.
Hooper's reptyt and that of the mine
manager, is accounted for by the faut
that the former was prepared prior to
the final figures for December 1903,
being known. Mr. R. M. Atwater
has resigned his position as manager
and Mr. Q. H. Barnhart has been appointed in hi» place. The new methods introduced by Mr. Hooper have
not yet had time to affect the returns;
but it is hopeel thut future operation*
will prove imite satisfactory." Mr.
Hooper's report concludes as follows;
"The estimated amount of eue blocked
out at the end of 1903 is given in the
manager's report as 92.880 tons, having an approximate net value of $3.50
per ton. Owing, however, to the new
method of mining adopted, this amount
may be approximately stated as 45,000
tons, which should yield $7.75 per ton.
At level No. 3 pay ore has only been
found for a distance of about 70 feet
east of the Ymir »haft; but the supposed pitching of the ore shoot in depth
to the east ha* been proved by level»
New. 4 and 5, where payable erre exista more or less continuously for th«
respective distances of 317 feet and)
330 feet east of the shaft. Level
No. 0 has only been driven 190 feet
east of the abaft exposing payable ore
up to within 15 feet of the face, anel
the stone» above this level are now
producing ore of a higher grade than
any other part of the mine, 'llie driving of level No. 1 wn» restarted nt th«
end of December with most encouraging result». In conclusion the ore»
now exposed can be profitably worked
anil there are goesl reason* for believ
ing that the ealensiow of level» Nos.
6 and 7 furtliur to the eastward will
prove the cemtinwatioti nf the»' main
ore »hoot in tha* direction,"
Say» the Cmnln-imh Herald: "It
grinds n newspaper men 1st have a
merchant suggest n roust on eastern department bouse» who guts hi» printing
done nasi where printer* receive tf\t
a week, instead of #'_'<) as paid by the
Herald," Comssteiii-y is a jewel. The-
merchant who dors not support titer
local press «mi scaicely gruiirUe at the-
people who do not support the local
me vch an ts.
iu 1850 there were only t we» mil linn-
aires in tho I'nilisl Stales and no-
tramps. 'IV-elay there are 30,001/
millionaires,and nvcf' 0(0(10,000 trsmps.
Three-fifths- of the' entire wealth of the»
United State* is »rwireil by .'11,OOO
A »(Mian write* in Nee» York sUte.»
tViat nine out of ten of her sex «re either Isiwlegged, knock-1;need in pigoir
loed, We don't lielilivq it, and yet wir
citnnnt prove tmr itusertii n.
Always «nsike the Monogram or
Marguerite—the pe'iph«' choice.     \\\.
J. M.. Mill t Co., sole agent for I! C,
Vancouver. -:
The Ymir I'nloii bonnes ure sighing
Inu.'iiu.se they cannot Hoyiiotl spring.


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